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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday -- Preview Opening Day and the Upcoming Red Sox Season (Hour 3)

Mar 30, 2014|

Butch and Buck continue talking baseball and previewing opening day tomorrow as well as the rest of the season for the Sox.

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Right here calls on -- sports Sunday in the 11 o'clock hour Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley. On WEEI sports Sunday com. Four we had backed the calls -- just a quick prediction for you at the end of this year does that Grady Sizemore story had a happy ending. I mean -- -- Rocco Baldelli for example a guy that everybody wanted to work out with a -- text and portal to present circumstances. No but it's a good example and you know what I don't know. -- -- is no way to. Statistic size this and I mean you I guess -- -- degree -- -- able. Players don't take to put shears off and back and play up to their former selves. Think we are old. His career ended I think it's 71. With the angels but he was though three and a half years. Try to come back at the Red Sox -- 75 had a great spring training. Made the team is the opening date DH and fail with the easiest -- he's reflexes his his skills eroded to the degree that they sent him back on the -- it -- shortly there after retired. I don't I don't have a list of players who made comebacks after that long a time being out of baseball so in that respect. Histories against him. But. We've seen to have a great spring and he's not just -- if I can agree I was at the DH I believe an -- just just batting. So what we have now is -- guys expected to play at a high level on the field and we saw him make some great catches so. I don't doubt that he can play. What I question is can he stay help of the two different things replay yet hasn't that he stay healthy. To be determined man. I mean it's a story you can't you can't. You can get all the greatest baseball mines and in the city you know demise is Silberman -- record now two years you know the whole crowd can also. They can't predict -- this -- I'll be helping. Right and neither can you especially when you consider the way he plays mean plays -- game with reckless abandon plays it almost like a with a football player mentality. Which is part of what made him the player that he was. Before we all want it to work I think you can -- the arrow references a good -- even though Tony circumstances obviously. We're different you know because of the hit -- -- and everything else but still significant injuries two years off it was 75 by the way he ended up there's thirty years old. 75 ended up playing. And 21 you know I know semifinals there was opening day against the broad yet -- saying he had played some -- one OK yeah so be it for years off. And it has half the size and the Sizemore is uninteresting that comparison to again I'm just curious how it's gonna work out we all want it to work out. I mean if you're Red Sox fan why would you not want Grady Sizemore the guy that finished in the top ten for MVP a couple of news in your line. Go to the files or Craig Mansfield -- Craig. More generally. How -- -- Respond. To revive. Go back to our. Pick your Bruins road trip we're leaving tomorrow right side up and we're going to Detroit and Toronto. He's 27 years old I'm 56. You know it's all about -- between seven year old son my compliments. Well thank you. And or other bit of an argument you can sit there are wearing his ruined church. You won't have a problem in Detroit. Where now you want Detroit gets a bad rap hockey fans in Detroit are unbelievable. And it's I'd -- you know knobs. -- on to beat up you'll become American blaming me I think the reds the Bruins Maple Leafs rivalry. And you know I would just say this you need to be ready to handle the hecklers that are gonna come match. So many that you need to decide whether it's worth it or not -- Well I I truly hope people assuming this morning because -- you know what -- -- -- -- fifty. But it sequential. We want to look for trouble. I mean I've I've been the Bruins game and yeah Montreal. Aren't even in Pittsburgh in the line. -- finishing the year that. That Detroit won't have a problem. -- October. Yeah I think you'll have a problem in Detroit just because of the reputation of the city is that what you -- -- Say again I spent two years at the Joseph went to most of the games. And the biggest rival for the red wings and when I was there in the ninety's were the Blackhawks. And chelios -- -- and and the biggest rival was the Maple Leafs next they have storied history legendary. Games between the two of them. Put the they had many rivals because the Redlands was so good back then. And so the Bruins on arrival it's so new I don't think you're gonna you know there an original six team. I just I don't know that's my impression anyway. Buck when it comes to wearing a Jersey at an opposing stadium. What's your advice to Craig and it's not exact. He sure is just exercise prudence and measure the plus this is some -- how important is that you -- -- that your. And you know I'm not one of these old sports credit types of things that people shouldn't be wearing team apparently is that the world we live in now at the culture and sports. That that didn't exist in the seventies him in the seventies and I was a kid 6070s. You may wanna cat. But you didn't -- like a year I assure you didn't go by and correct me if I'm wrong but. Did I don't I don't I never bought a anything other than a Red Sox cap as a kid. And you know like today I mean what today if you eat if you especially patriots games god more than I wanna say. 60%. Of the fans that -- patriots game. Have a patriots weren't and are sure or something with a logo and out of the fact infect you can look straight down from the press box and see the backs. Of all the -- they always marvel. Obviously -- Tennessee have. Preponderance of Brady. -- you know big stars. And then you go down the food chains to the that the former patriots who is still held in high esteem but Bruschi and -- around lawyer and well. -- but because -- my thought it every once in all you'll see -- Terry Glenn and there. And go wow you know. And Bobby Hamilton and -- going -- to guys that could help in the shooting -- Terry clincher wise is at him when I have and I don't you know. I'm not by Ana -- though are there weren't very. MER I just it was a bull you know a well liked patriot I concede that but. It is to say you know I hate by the way not to go off the rails here I don't like Red Sox shirt -- names in the back home sure with the name in the back. If you know what if you got them by a red -- number eight. Don't -- yes on the bad restaurants it and and with -- that -- that it it doesn't look right what about your own name on hundreds auction it if well again I haven't had this argument comic out of once and he he has this like magical cut off after a certain need to Keyon. You -- not in he was roasting because -- a fifth of 45 year old guy is walking by. With the showing 38 year end and power. He can't Wear it after a certain agent looks stupid vote. And I said what -- that little boy it would at that guys saudis won't -- saved a ball is Nickels and dimes. In bought his dad the -- bought the data Schilling certain -- both fathers day you'll. Is it probably is that okay. And it's not yeah I guess so what -- that you don't know each person's individual story. So it -- -- -- one wish it all the way -- at the Hampshire it's Craig what do you I don't we're for a -- shirt what are you wearing a -- shirt. -- -- I would I wouldn't think -- wearing a broad picture of the bigger what is your -- gonna. Well I mean yeah it is no are our last name and end. He's wearing one of those customers are -- You know I'm totally ball you know -- in the -- spoke. Like this. There aren't back yet he would do it. Well have you have you bid to Detroit before you've gone to red wings don't so I would encourage you seriously to go early and go there's a couple of bars down around -- -- -- hockey bars. -- -- and we'll see nobody Tommy -- -- on my goodness what's the name of his bar. The skies at Texas that I cannot use the words that it's the size BS now have fun Craig BCA coal use and Edwards the oh. Six on 777 -- -- in the -- and sentences dissent especially since he'd be easily -- towards the pisses right especially when he. When he locked in not to go to Stephen Fall River hasty. Why. I think they're pretty -- -- -- that -- -- -- thought about that. I. It happened Arab. Involved all of that ought to be the editing. And if you got an injury that argued. That -- I've and -- -- Now I did you adopt a -- so Korea. Despite playing here but -- old. -- -- -- -- and that apple had made him have a thought disputed that but. I think fact that I want your nineteenth 2008 up. Played at the painted with yet they like to play at all. And -- played well oh if you don't have the the limitation. Didn't know he did it you can't be that they play and I could I want you know he's not ready. -- he is -- accommodated if you're right it is a good point I think the war analogies an interest in one and it it -- your point. However that it think about Grady Little -- that he again. Grady Sizemore. Is not the only one who's done that well 2011. Was out -- but I'm still calling Daniel -- Josh Bard who played all like twenty games of the right sides as the backup catcher I don't know why here's and here's another fact for you Steve or another thing to consider. While he last season that he played was 98 was 2011. Point 71 games the year before that we played 33. In 2009 he would put a 106. To open in helping you all why don't you and why -- yeah. You're making a great point it is a matter perspective we you know we see it but the last full season helped the season this guy played. Was when he was 25 years old in 2008 played -- 157 games. Since he hasn't played more than on any. I can't tell you got to play a 152 games. But it is. Help the -- But they've run into somebody -- -- -- -- that's a big goal like that happens there's no reason they think we should be able flight. -- all the -- they absorb light and play -- somewhat level of play at. It should it be that much to fight because. I probably caution that whatever they picked up bottom AB get well and expect app indeed about it but with a look at age. Well I would disagree with you I would disagree a little bit with the characterization that it shouldn't be somewhat of a surprise if he. Again my question I asked barker -- you guises at how does that play out at the end is this a feel good story at the end and I guess that would mean that he plays a hundred. What happened what your credit card with all the not biblical egg -- out of it but all. Law is eye coordination. Like what -- No I think the reds suck I think he's proven at least to the Red Sox to this point that it's something. Yeah yeah and I'm just I'm just wondering if it's gonna work and at the end of the season are we gonna say wow this was a great move. He's back you might be the player who was before. But it -- it worked out well liked Victorino worked out well like Gomes worked out well like coach work. Well your book what are all that he I think -- five point. Where he that we don't wanna rush and we -- -- -- an -- that it might act that he wondered about that. Yeah it bought it they don't break it. That he will give them what state what city walk out of amendment is -- old pop back up. And I think that might help them battle it out he would need -- -- -- -- -- about you -- their ability. And you brought up -- And he did bad things. We didn't -- alike. Human right like you. A lot that ought to block out and yeah I think they've what you're about. What he's done well what you outcome that we know that we got. -- -- you know you're getting around to it sooner or are you. Know all about our our right thanks for the you know Internet and patriots and it's the I don't I tuned Emma sorry. I was looking something up 61777979. -- 37 as a number to call Matt Loper taking your calls and take another quick break coming up. We're back -- more in Texas a 37. 937. Text -- says there's a reason Grady has inaudible miles he's always in the shop. He has been our analogy there yeah interest and I think Grady Sizemore clearly is one of the intriguing stories of the season has started out. I think there's a lot of other -- -- for guys that are already on this team a one World Series coach Mike Napoli. Coming back now assigned to a longer term deal in the year he had in and I feel like maybe this is the enemy back to what he's poised to have a really good season again. You know middle Brooks again the senate off top of the show I'm high on middle Brooks I think he's a different player I think. At bats and plate appearances he's he's garnered over a short career. I think he's learned something that you learnt something Gary geese are seen last year I saw a different hitter when he came back last year. And spring training I've seen some bad plays at third base but have also seen him be a different hitter used all fields and he's got that pop in his bat. Com. You know again the questions -- did Victor -- news that. You know he's got a hamstring problem bring up the start of the season and how -- start off and there's a lot of intriguing stories. On this team to start the season I think the biggest one as we started the show -- Is that they are defending champs and it just is hard to repeat for so many reasons. And I think. Last year they got off to an eighteen inmates start. And you sort of have to survive that first month. If you're gonna defend your championship I mean I think you need to play 500 ball at least. If you go the opposite way and play eighteen I think you're doomed from the start. Of the season so. CL a plays out it's just hard to repeat in every sport and baseball only that but it's tied. And baseball is harder than most because it's such a journey just to get to the -- sees. Are we take a break welcome back with more Steve -- the -- star sports Sunday W media. -- the best way to describe as we can and open minded we really had no preconceived notion of what point in time in the year and with the possibility if it would. That was that was one of three potential scenarios could get back to -- -- level or or two Major League readiness. You surpassed obviously that. Red Sox manager John Farrell on Grady Sizemore feel good story of the spring for the Red Sox -- one government baseball. The Red Sox will start the season predominantly middle lineup of AJ Pierzynski -- catcher with David Ross behind him. Napoli at first Pedroia at second Bogart's third. Achieving its short middle Brooks a third Jonathan a rarer will be utility infielder. And then -- field. It'll be Grady Sizemore it'll be Daniel Nava and will be Jonny Gomes it'll be Shane Victorino when he's healthy. He is giving up just tuning into sports -- on EBI some questions about his hamstring waiting for an update on an MRI that he had here in Boston after tweaking yesterday. He may not start the season. Tomorrow. In the outfield in right field Jackie Bradley junior maybe. With the Red Sox and Baltimore tomorrow no decision on that yet. And and you look at Lester Buchholz Lackey PV do brought Koji -- that is our work in -- off Andrew Miller Chris Capuano. And Brandon Workman. They released Francisco Cordero surprised at that although I would imagine in his contract of veteran like him even have to accept these. Yeah BO I I suspect that he's not a guy by the way missed all -- season right. And looked pretty good spring training when he yet you know right he's a really nice guy some very pleasant talks with him he has been around so long at the look up the exact same year. Heat and our body Gabe Kaplan. Broke in together I want to say I'll -- 51995. With the Johnstown johnnies. In the New York Penn league ball tigers rookies like eighteen years old. And and that's how long he's been around that he broke him and gave cap so. Dexter says -- needs in the -- guys Grady makes my skin crawl about great day. For general Sizemore went. That was a glass was just awful and we just kind of let it happen. Yeah that would be let me get a few bats and we've ever be organic and just kind of rise some. Acclamation for the fans. Go to Steven New Haven Steve before giving example -- like I was Steve Steve along with -- Like the pesky foul pole is kind of organic he just kind of grew and happening caught on. In the -- site because -- overdo everything aside to have a little trophy presentation Monday and named -- -- feel file pulled the that's people of this palpable left below Estonia. And would call it's stupid it's organic and it was created dom and and I'm sorry Steve go ahead. At a vet you get that -- just yells I feel much better and I thank you very. I am glad to get a couple quick things I. I go to. Little particular that. Six pack of beer and I haven't -- I can -- has signed as a number nine. And the kids that work there and haven't about fifty about some Yankee Stadium in Connecticut so or. So it's a -- of what they were effective and that let these kids what can you got it to myself let's remember nine. -- -- -- you know particularly -- to explain that subtle violence this I actually -- Ted Williams split. Really good. Quick serve and suddenly we had displaying GB it is black and white and the one and two time achievement TV was about six inches and then I went to see him first right. And he realizes they have a monster took me a little kitty six foot forward like an automatic. I just screamed out -- tepid and he actually looked over. And he gave me electoral just a little little acknowledgment. That you maybe he's gonna most lovable guys and it's like history and despite his reputation in public -- -- when they called. What I think baseball is so hard harder possibly this is possible on site to repeat. Is all of these sports are. But that usually will take if you stay healthy if he can keep -- going to get me start with much. Of attrition. The team concept of the -- situation generally have the best chance of winning. And baseball. It's so long you know also -- only sport that I know of where there really no rules whatsoever. To protect. The defense spending. Yet if you had a quarterback committee classic field capacity. A question of basketball and baseball again 1000. -- -- particular -- in the fight and didn't know. Didn't there's not yet totally game. And so everybody's kind of on their own it's every individual. In other sports maybe -- gets -- bad past and academician as a military cover up problem based organic to a you don't. Analysts -- anybody can be daycare. Around quickly. -- in -- -- -- playing and deputy catcher who was elect elect ten to twenty hitter. We got DM VP of the world 600. You have a tendency to remember Ronald Reagan was president and Reagan called them and watching these kids get Rick Dempsey Rick Dempsey -- Twenty interval -- nearly -- an end and out -- Reagan Ketchum president said. Well congratulations. -- -- field and doesn't -- equally good and I don't believe as well thank you very much Mr. President but. I have no idea because that I've never done anything -- anybody can do it that I love the game that would think about the situation factor. -- -- thanks for the call Steve. You know I think you do of attrition but again with the Red Sox the way they're set up. I think our our caller of the top of the -- forget his name but -- give us for reasons why. He was bullish on the Red Sox -- one of them was the resource is that they have the because of their wealth of riches both. Financially and prospect lies. That if some things do start to go off the rails or even if they wanted to be proactive and make a move for a guy like Stanton who's that. You know one this year -- -- stand tomorrow may treat him eventually that the Red Sox could do that. Jerry I did Comcast hit cup weeks back John too mossy. And he made the point it's a good ones and the question is what's the most under reported stories spring training would we not talking about that we should be talking about. And in his view it's the fact that Ryan Dempster retirement has given him money they can invest later this season. They need a player and I have to -- that -- it was -- teaching you to talk I was in a press Mike hot button. In the others' neuroses you'd have to press how -- -- -- -- Stephen Waltham was probably pressing his cup but at home. Ice. Good morning don't want to block a port a little baseball slugger view area kudos -- for a he beginning America money raising money for a very very good cause so what do you do well. By LS. Therapy development institute thanks very much we did our 21 mile run yesterday a final the dress rehearsal of the marathon. We did yesterday how can people find out about the costs actually it is it's a long drawn out website but if you did send me an email S Buckley. At Boston Herald dot com. OK to say something could probably -- -- if -- just for once actually from -- I was supposed to raise 5000 dollars to go out but -- be developing institute. I got a call an -- no offense but it was swift deal with unity is that he would love this. I gotta call three days ago atomic V he's been assistant coach of the -- number -- -- go to the doubles jets and capitals hockey life for seventy years old isn't Portland Oregon. And if given new targets that deep voice like. He calls me abilities that book read the story about you this kid as a realist I got -- once you met I have to it would elective back at. He donated thousands dolls also and that I was right under I was like a hundred dollars away from my 5000 dollar goal. Now he puts the way over so. Cynic he said mini note as Buckley at Boston Herald dot com. Because -- thanks very much to -- I would have brought it up otherwise but thanks very much. Absolutely have -- what -- -- afraid you treaty sort so -- advocates agree. Great story. -- Pete is Pete's going to be at our baseball game if you were -- the game an August 25 as a fund raiser realized. And it's going to be to -- praised all stars all his old buddies and saint John's prep and -- and that it's NL the. Mike Gambino a whole bunch of people it's going to be fun night you know. I don't based on you know -- me you don't remember how media and the Yankees in the cauldron on the EI end up. I'm the only ones that the above the field for the Yankees I am actually building -- real reporters it's going to be enjoyable -- because it's going to be in Iraq. Three season. But I do have concerns about. Third and technical that without a Dow opens I'm not sure what they're gonna get -- the until a hole but I am here at the how in the unit and I'm curious you know that kept the the top -- the open does because. These kids that really that arms didn't have the kids that look like keep comeback for news from the surgery so he could be the -- ardent student which looks. Pretty -- right now. It'll throw talk about Grady Sizemore there's a similar story in New York isn't there -- Brian Roberts not the same. What's similar mean Brian Roberts was an impact player in the American League east for number of years who just has not been able to stay healthy. And and I would imagine as a Yankee fan and you like well that's the -- were coming on to be our second baseman however. He comes back to be shell of the player that he was pretty damn good baseball player. If he's healthy he should be here. I mean that's and that's all -- the computer right now I think that's what most -- keeps. The Red Sox won the -- put -- because they remained well we helped in the hit on all their pick up. It isn't -- help -- this year they're gonna be eaten even in the wild card back. Would you put it past Jeter. To have a Jeter like the year on the way out in other words. To 98. You know hit better with runners in scoring position. Play a 138. Games whatever forty games. -- it what are passed him. I can see numbers like that I'm about to 98 at top of that being that high but from all accounts he's moving around well it you know he's got he's got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Barca have to disagree with you about the whole -- of the year I mean -- -- dimensional in -- I mean why would you look at Q what can you -- he's got a guy. Let it be tracked down lineup actually at that climb well partly we're cars like the tactic that you Buick I would. He'll play -- -- -- -- up and back but you'd probably be the number one else's space you retire from his war and probably can't regarding -- want. Just let me counted out by -- -- -- with Ted Williams any lesser professional yep that'll run his last at bat. And I -- had the censored drama. To understand why don't wanna put by the way is a misnomer in baseball that they did Babe Ruth retired after hitting the three home runs in Pittsburgh. The brace yet to play for another week and then retired you know where he city after the game god very good place very good. And that looked as good this I got a final exam or SA -- picked it and I. We hope you can play that lapse in your device -- I am going to say that read about it's about saying -- am -- attacking its professionalism I'm I'm actually applauding it if he has a dramatic lasted that. And get all this is built around the premise that the Yankees wouldn't be in and that's just a guess on my part. If the obviously the Yankees are in it have something to play for it he can still play he's going to be in the lineup is no doubt about that well. An and it never works out this way we know it it never does and ever since they have the unbalanced schedule. They've put meaning what they hope to be meaningful series -- at the end of the year and usually. Water to turn out to decide the -- counted division Diamondbacks Dodgers or whatever right. What if why that's they get everything they want what -- Jeter's last game. Decides one of these teams getting in the playoffs how. Fitting would that be to have Jeter bat in the seventh inning with two outs the go ahead are tying run on silly. -- think great people help. Fittingly -- you'd -- year year year. Or democracy would you want that more when I I don't. Big stuff by up by right about what how are you made up what what's gonna capitol plaza in your -- -- I didn't I I agree with you rejected Al Davis Cup dot. Yes thought that was go to Steve in Hopkinton hello Steve. I guys -- I was pleased. -- you noticed wondering what do you do that got you talking about -- And upsetting yet they -- about last -- ambient light. It would be too clever these human. The Red Sox they do a little. It'll roll call -- viewed -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- That being that are being the over under is for the Red Sox this year of course I'm curious do you guys had such attacks. When more than yes. There are still gonna what would last year -- it might be seven. Other elements of the -- seriously -- cardinals. Our look at last year being. When it comes to numbers you talked about this. You know when we are likely over by under and you know all of formula you know you wanna be -- -- every month. And that -- -- -- -- September. Or do we do you know whether it be rest to make that course so when the division what I. Question what basically. Numbers why is what I consider -- C. So that I seven last year that you might be true so I -- what did -- would say well here's. We always Sparky Anderson used to say -- write to -- only two game season. The following could. Go everyone everyone went six given loses sixty's tell you when those 42 games that determines who goes -- the Walters art according to SB nation this is an article they have on baseball over under is here which team in baseball. You think has the highest over under which team is being predicted. That the most wins in baseball. National. I'm gonna say. And -- Think about this. I -- up there tiger's second at 91. Point seem -- 92 point I'm gonna may be beak than it -- probably ignorant a cursor opening in the -- political -- you are corrected the Dodgers over under is 92 and half again this is just. According to SP nation. I'm that they got an out of Vegas tigers in 91 and half cardinals and nationals at nine Indian half. The rays an 88 they have the Red Sox and reds at 87 and a half. And then on down. Gotta go over that yet they. Well the one thing when you do it over under that you gotta consider if you think that the American League east like most of us -- is the toughest division baseball. If you think the rays are going to contend. -- and the pitching staff is going to be for real if you think the Orioles are not going away. And the jays can only be better because there was so bad and the Yankees will not completely fall apart I mean. It'll ninety games may win this division she. You know Steve yeah. I let on that the other could be on the on the low side compared so all you yeah I mean we're used to say we want when Maggie side. And you know you feel pretty good about yourself that so yes I have -- Maggie went to division that would be mean there was a very competitive division. -- basically cost Steve gonna take a break -- a car Stephen a car you guys an XT Buckley is along side. I'm what Stearns Matt Loper is taking your calls to Sunday morning in March the last Sunday morning march go outside enjoy the B I'll start. But we're back -- more after this. Back on sports Sunday on WEEI butch earned Steve -- map Loper taking your calls. Pats in a car thanks running and on pat. Create a problem in the morning editorial. Good. That's getting him back. I gotta say those -- great story and -- -- incorporating Europe treason or I'll thank you. And thoroughly enjoyed it and you know you want to cancel lookup to a hero. You couldn't pick three better guys -- you know about ideas that we as adults should look up to them to wonder what they're doing their city to our cities world. I like Norton I don't and what's that like you more I guess I just like the fact that it weakened speaking in the -- companies to such a know on star such a Wharton climbing Ortiz. Is an iconic reflect player Brady is the perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. -- poet is a guy to this day it's amazing use deal. Played more games -- -- he's played in a while if you can believe that are hard to -- -- now. I looked it up to make sure but it that was the case lies to what he may have gone over the show look it up the go ahead I'm sorry. That's OK I mean there are drastic article I mean it's normal light thing. You know three blocks and athletic stars who really care about this city and you know I just thought it was -- thank you very much appreciated. They'll have a good day guys thanks that. Appreciated let's go to Steve in a car hello Steve. Bailout. I am I would adopt. But hey what is it what the future of this guy in the red -- or impatient. In the -- clearly. Guys that they are on you he -- I'm SARS outbreak and said Ryan would -- the -- I got sent -- of the miners. Paid back and reminders. They clearly have a few other catching prospect that -- higher on right on you know I know they're you know he's he's trying not to -- being. He clearly hasn't had any power only been up year -- I think -- hit you hit one home run -- year to the year before. You know some. -- to copy -- Major League level. I think I hate you I know he's got a little bit powered down to triple -- system but what what the future this guy he'd get it to be at peace that they. All the odd Q and -- Down the road like we did it up. I can't remember and now David Murphy. And -- with David Murphy was that Africa first under a theory that Ers beat him that the reception I've got a -- -- patent -- Lars Anderson. Yeah that never really can't. Allows -- is out of baseball -- -- -- -- -- stations and while you listen the hard way. I think he's pretty much everything he said he is the heat he's a I don't think he's the top tier prospect I think they -- -- ceiling. But Vazquez in and Butler some of those other guys is probably higher than it is the LeBron way. He's he's what it -- Major League debut at the end of the 2011 season he's opening this season in the minors that it's I think. A brand new they did not win when when they recognized. Ammunition -- all you need to know. When they recognized that it was time to make a change behind the plate and they let Saltalamacchia ago. And -- Kaczynski is there was no thought given to handing that job to a Broadway. Right none at all I'm wondering if he's the guy who at least. You know has enough. You know the name right now that they couldn't move -- -- -- -- You know I don't know for bullpen depth tour blurt anything. Steve let me ask you -- -- -- into -- different question. So when I look at guys like Josh Redick in Brandon Moss. And David Murphy to a lesser degree and others guys that are fringe. Major leaguers don't disrespect. That they traded away they have him in their system now do you think if they do get rid of like eight -- it sounds like you're you're fine if they trade Bryant -- way. And and let's face it we don't know what he is yet. Right right so so is it is that does that characterized Holyfield or how do you feel about. Yeah I think I think I yeah I feel that you're at peace that you could move at this point and get something out of a value like him. And without losing a whole lot in its Cuba that we lot guys that credit can keep it -- it -- -- repeated that he needed the time although it didn't work out with Redick. Retreated created daily. Who you know really never -- anything here but you know Lou I can't forget who they treated murky war. Usually our -- that was the guy -- trade yeah. -- -- an elegant exactly you know I was disasters without yeah exactly so those -- go to ball bad moves you know but this is now under new leadership. You know what he argued. GM but I think he's -- guy who. Who's gonna it was going to be one of those you know like Anderson guys and it never really been accomplished pulpit that might be right could -- -- style but -- might yet. And thought about I'm right here. Yep but I mean it's it's it's it's -- -- in a similar I think and it's in the first baseman I don't think first baseman or diamond doesn't use power hitting first baseman are defined. But catching is always a good look at guy look at Ross Ross was he before. He's carved out a very nice career as a backup -- somebody mentioned Rick Dempsey awhile ago Dempsey was a starting catcher for most of his career hotline out of four years as a back up catcher as he wanted to keep playing I think with the dodges and Mona -- brewers. In May come back the Orioles at the end for cameo but he retool themselves to back -- catcher which is something. -- being very tech considered but he decided to do is quit. Is is flourish. OPEC goes on time I'm trying to remember I believe. He was. The shop shop -- I believe it was like a second round third round pick. And so he he was a prospect that one point didn't quite pan out with the Red -- he gets sent to Cleveland but I mean he hung around for a 91011 years as a as a with it was a starting catcher David back up catcher with the Mets came back the Red Sox for a year to Seattle. And -- -- -- if he doesn't stick with the -- is no shame in being a Korea back up -- you can play. 1011 years the big leagues is a backup catcher and that it what's his name by the -- is a no yup guitarist who made himself a nice career as a back up. -- to -- point nine years in the major leagues Boston Cleveland Tampa. Boston Mets Seattle Cleveland. With the second round pick. He was drafted. Whereas in baseball reference. -- be at the top. Serves to drop the mother at such -- second round yeah on the of one amateur draft so that will put over the boulevard a comparison as interest -- because he was. If you remember it -- called Crawford made the error in that final game in Baltimore. He was catching up he he isn't one of the most important games of the year he became flavor of the month and all of a sudden. On their depth chart as far prospects -- you've got the two guys in the pocket Vasquez in -- and -- That Butler. Is it but the two guys in to talk at or ahead of them up Blake sweetheart who their really high on and the -- organization he's done. He's sort of an afterthought it and luckiest Eads plane first now he's not be considered the catcher real. About what you're what you're -- trying to first just to give them. Just to keep him in different position -- -- justice he would LT can do doesn't it sort of smack is creating more value form he starts hitting and authors based. And doing that. Scorer but he -- Gloucester -- hello frank. Obama mind at all but I'm not that different true. -- grant outright and at the world made my number one guide -- sports cultural whole. The booklet. -- yes and I don't know I'm build great believe. I'm not up before I get a microwave point to elect is there one big. I protector might WEEI old book. And not a 100% of but their football days back and what about TrueCrypt your fault. Sort out. And trying to -- -- in congress not to me backward and what doesn't count. Altered could -- account outside mall are taught and it just. Kind of -- the -- of the old days. That's our plan to save my double wide open it -- debate. Give the frank if you call back into W yeah I know pull it doesn't change whether it's Red Sox yankees or whatever. If I did so fifty authorities only get his work in. All OK -- Sloan. -- is it our government quite. Well I'm not I'm saying that they are getting crowded. And that -- oh but I'd also like qualities. I didn't governor Biden opens in -- bought him. But I thought to be talking about it flanked by. I don't MI the Barbara Barbara Barbara you'll want that we are. All I know that I want sort of ball might view the Yankees. Now at historic. And yet estimated minding your greens existed but definitely a technical one of the department and second one individual -- Second album make certain -- -- -- And I would -- out of room and order problem want to. Forty bit what are you basing these give one quick answer frank. Like anyone answer the Yankees win the division and wanna answer why the Red Sox. All we all -- the border to the Yankees about the bread and dollars in got to talk to them but I'm not probably ability to put in the lineup it. That -- one of -- stay healthy and they get the bus stop by the big ball stopped by the but it -- not you've got to go to bed and read. Like you know metal blade again got out of that shop they've been good at their command and all morning once again -- -- all electric human moments you know my. Hit 84 in the Kanye is wearing it and go. Out -- Oh at. Number. One ranked frank immigrants on -- -- mark and camera view from. I've heard the break we're back -- board Sunday Butch Stearns the -- W the Arctic Kara.

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