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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday -- Preview Opening Day and the Upcoming Red Sox Season (Hour 2)

Mar 30, 2014|

Butch and Buck continue talking Red Sox and previewing the upcoming season. They are psyched for opening day!

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Final Sunday in March it's a sports Sunday on WEEI kicking off your morning just after 10 o'clock care. Rainy rainy Sunday thank goodness the Red Sox don't open at home on a day like today. There wouldn't play baseball today Steve Buckley is here from the Boston Harold. I'm what Stearns and number to join us on a Sunday morning the same as it is all the time during the week 6177797937. Techsters you can text and on the PAT and T. Text line at 37937. Baseball as the main topic today with the season kicking off tomorrow. Texture says of Daniel -- is going to be your leadoff hitter victory -- was hampered by hamstring troubles. Good luck finishing higher than third place and when more than 85 wins we all know Lackey will come back to earth and you can't count on Buchholz the state helpfully. Sincerely Jacoby Ellsbury. -- the extra -- heart. Daniel -- I mean I Shane Victorino who Ellsbury was hurt your -- who is -- So the Red Sox are you looking ahead this recap Tuesday off they're gonna go to the White House he missed that they've invited. The two mayors yes -- and you know when Marty Walsh -- White House. And join them in me and you are you gonna be up but why wasn't invited kind of comical logged on Ellis says they they -- it -- -- -- is it that you record as a media bus. Is immediate bus going from. The hotel in Baltimore to the White House cool and world ago it. I got to go in 08 when they they won -- -- seven different ways that they flew up from spring training and try and then turn right around the back of what Myers. Irene -- my spring training stuff and I was in Boston flight flew down from Boston DC and if you get to in the White House briefing rooms so political analysts I don't know if you would mean that the -- it's a lot of fun with the start with a Boston sports -- I'll be right there with the president. 01 -- away bilateral. Suspicious character that -- holiday -- what to do is -- dual mode and if if they do as they did before they'll come out on the South Lawn on the support gold there. And they'll be seated by the president the president will make remarks and the B receptions that that we won't be privy to will be. Will be on the side watching. It ends up owning that moment is -- Jonny Gomes is David Ortiz nuts that that's that's -- rookies. He's he's a means of the president will -- you may remember in 08. And again I was there when President Bush you know meeting didn't show up right and and bush made a very funny comment -- -- -- story that -- Mary's couldn't be here today another grandmother died. Very funny lie and obviously was handed to home by hand. By day speechwriter Nader's -- But I'll give George Bush to patch on that because he's credentials as a baseball -- -- established that he's not. EE ease that he's a much you know my politics to mourn with that left them there at the right. But I would definitely. Picked George Bush as a better baseball President Obama. Who announced the name street -- -- could even name it. That picture any device like -- juppe regrets I. A growing up well I had a lot of them yeah there was that you know Google bunch of really good players and and he the so Greg goodness Red Sox would Jon Lester on the mound tomorrow so -- go to the white house on Tuesday there in Baltimore Wednesday and Thursday -- they go John Lackey. On Wednesday they go with com. With Felix to brought on Thursday they go with Jake Peavy in the home opener against Milwaukee Brewers by the prime -- coming to town. A six -- -- when Gorman Thomas apparently will be in the lineup to but the brewers are here at Fenway. And then -- -- has not pitch until Saturday. He opens the season as the fifth starter why. All that's easy heat he's delicate. And people got it all wrong what those people I've heard people in the real a couple weeks on a different stations different shows. Saying -- here we go like Dan they don't trust buck coats is already hurt. He he's he's fragile. So the best thing to do is build your rotation in such a way. The goal here is to get 25 to thirty starts at a buckle and point nine starts beyond -- well guess why and most of the time -- was invited two years he had 33 starts. -- -- got -- -- but 49 starts was always the optimum for Pedro. Because when Jimmie was manager at -- he had the good sense to build the rotation around Pedro because Pedro was fragile. Eight Pedro would you may remember would always -- is the annual vacation on the table and that it was set amount but ten -- fifteen days to get Armstrong the second half of the season. -- -- A little guy -- long fingers the had a great break in the by the pro Al lot of it but at the end of the day was fragile. So what -- hoping to do is to. Very carefully monitor how they -- buckled to try to get a full season -- him to get 29 starts -- they can get 29 starts at a buckled. He -- pitch the way he did I mean it's easy math. Was he thirteen and one month you're welcome whatever it was that one -- point 740 area whatever he could you imagine the game get a whole season out of him with those kind of numbers yikes I don't know six or 777979237. To join us gyms in Quincy -- Jim. And hey guys so they can radio -- I T I just want a crushing -- like call last week and a I think we're calling Schilling. A port that can lighted why would they stat sheet peculiar one the in its leadership in -- needs you a couple of weeks so closely get all the state Hillary. Interest you lose a little time without him because I don't I don't think I can -- -- -- season who bought the -- season. Well. A couple things first of arts it's disabled list on injured reserve cuts for Paltrow on but in an if you put of government injured reserve suffered sees. You know it's -- but second of all even bring up -- speed up the call while you were you bring up a good point it at the your point is that here's a guy. Who played a 122 -- gotten remarkably durable as greatest season as you mentioned about the he had last year he still only played a 122 games he missed. Most of the games because of a hamstring problem here's a couple of facts though. It was his left hamstring last year and it's his right hamstring now it also that tweaked just yesterday. My guess is they are gonna put him on the DL to start the season just to be overly cautious. I mean -- again it's the same team that being overly cautious with Buchholz that's being overly cautious and Grady Sizemore. Why. In cold weather in the northeast would you take Shane Victorino just because he says I'm fine and he's telling reporters I'll be ready. I think you're right Jim I think they are gonna put him on the DL to start the season. And maybe you -- Surgical whether that security. You know I mean I can see get ready for the war what and that would give Jackie Bradley changed. About a whole number -- but use said before his one -- I disagree with you why didn't they do dislike earlier. The injury just happened yesterday. You have but inside I heard like a week or so called date says that he would have an aggravation to Islam. It was given some. So -- heard that I know that he's coming back from that. He had thumb surgery. His own. Skittish about it you know spring training a couple of days since. Now they've they've just taken their time bringing him back but he had hamstring problems this spring has he -- -- your knowledge not my knowledge no but I was only here for. Few weeks so yeah I don't know anything during the would you be surprised if they put him on the DL tomorrow. -- the way it away your vote. Going to call. The other guys so important to achieve -- -- one you know listen. He's an asset you know enemies list in -- you know last year. It's a great feel. I foresee in the field all right I like that by guys. Thanks for the call yeah I mean look. You know we we -- talk about the lineup -- we talk about all the things for opening the season but if you take Shane Victorino out of this lineup. For to start the season for whatever period of time. Jackie Bradley junior has to come president I would. I would I would think so. I'm trying to think now if you want him playing out of position and on the -- played a lot and the look it up. Right yeah oh yeah it's interesting I don't think he has the operate field so I think you'd be using maybe Gomes and left enough we're in right last Sunday. Very Victor -- was in right -- she's -- side mores and centering Jackie Bradley junior was in right. So no one game that I watched that he played in right field and he looked fine in right field but if Victor Reno is out. And you don't bring Jackie Bradley junior -- starting the season with Sizemore -- -- Now and left and Hoosier right fielder. From there it's going to be situational lefty right type stuff. So is it colts week -- is enough. So was Gomes or not we're gonna play right field you know that before. It's not a long term solution defensively. Whenever it is when someone's hurt you never nothing's wrong term to throw levers available -- -- that's why they're called depth charts I mean it's like -- are gonna have. You know gonna go -- bench and put Willie Mays in center field and that's just the way it is. And I mean to play around not -- a few which I think is just an awful thing to do but that that's. In a perfect world if you've got a healthy Victorino. And you open the season with size Georgia's center fielder he can't play. You wanna move victory in order sent I am I crazy -- a movie victory around he is an established right fielder Ryan was the center fielder of the Phillies when they won the World Series. But that was what a way. And here they are now. He he's he's 56 years removed from that he's an established American League right fielder who's won a gold glove it its only from there right which is why they're playing a row are using now current senate feel when Greek -- Text reminds us that Jonny Gomes was in right field yesterday and let's keep in mind that they're not at Fenway. Until Friday and if you're just tuning in folks. There -- sports -- W yard which turned to Steve Buckley Shane Victorino was not on the disabled list waiting for an update from him he tweaked his hamstring yesterday. He says told reporters I'm fine I'm ready to go -- experience historian WEEI dot com -- waiting for an update. -- Abraham's calm among others he quotes John -- is saying that. Com Jackie Bradley junior's quote on call. For the situation to start the season so we'll see when the Red Sox open up tomorrow. Who is there are right fielder and what that does little -- -- the Victor -- was out and -- the Red Sox start the season are you welcome to call it 617. 7797937. A -- Steve Buckley and myself you can text us at 37937. Dexter says hey guys victory a -- just nine spring training games due to quote a variety of injuries according to rob Bradford com. Yeah I don't think there were injuries that happened in spring training or think like. Grady Sizemore for different reasons they're being overly cautious with him and like Buchholz to start the season to get and we start the show -- and I asked why it was so hard to repeat. One of the things you mentioned right off the bat was playing into October pitchers pitching all these innings I would say that. The Red Sox understand this better than anybody they've been fortunate enough to be in this position. Three times over the last ten years as champions John Farrell was part of those other ones before he went to Ronald so he knows fully well. He seemed to hold a post season run takes on an entire team and it seems like every turn they're willing to be over cautious when they have the opportunity. To start the season. Which I think -- Smart. West white pitches -- you don't to complete games a lot April. It's like it's. Now baseball I don't know why I like driving in this morning I heard. It was yesterday they're Richard -- is -- friend mines can be Orioles. And he he was talking -- the 84. RE three Orioles has some like 45 complete games of the staff and that wanna talk in the fifties and sixties who attacked in the eighties not that long ago. And that for all the talk about what a great manager Earl Weaver was was put an open belly. Boy when you've got 45 complete games that means basically once every three games to sit there and arms folded watch the game and and that's just amazing. The team there I remember the most recently in recent years a long time but it was Billy ball number how much Matt keel when those guys -- mean he didn't pitch nine innings of one run games. And in the Oakland -- just seem to do that all the time let's go to Brent on the cape hello Brent. You don't is that the Red Sox have already submitted their roster for the season I didn't. -- well not for the season. Opening day yeah. Option I don't -- leaked out part yes they put victory you know. On big -- bring up Bradley than it already lots of options for the year. Bring them closer to you know where he can reach -- limit on option distinct point in -- would you wanna do that this would actually keep an open. That's a factor. Other reason you'd wanna do it. Is that. What I was thinking yeah you needed reliable defense -- -- outfielder. But I guess the -- choice she wouldn't you know that is a factor. I'm not you know chambers. You could see it throughout the year that he made the up and down quite a bit and you can trust those options. Yeah or -- o'clock -- work for a young guy. Doesn't have a lot of service time I mean Jackie Bradley junior has less than a year service time right so if he if if they bring it to -- point here. If they bring him up tomorrow to start the season. They used an option. Does that mean. -- economic they have the option for the year so they can set them up and down all year -- on one option. They -- yeah so it doesn't written it's insignificant that as far as but when they do that yet for now. OK my question right our thanks for the call them like the use tool options that they haven't they could they have that option against them up and down all season long. And it doesn't affect his status. Mean the clock ticks when he plays -- he's on the major -- exactly. So if he plays for you without tiger don't get don't get the rocket that is different. Service time means different things service time for like rookie of the year -- service -- arbitration. It is in the right time for options and so forth don't get bogged down to that this is not an issue Jackie Bradley do you really is it worth talking about so. Service time for arbitration for example a baseball player becomes arbitration eligible -- fourth all season. Correct well it's 66 years with the organization but they they -- you for six years with. But he becomes arbitration eligible sports writer yes so Jackie Bradley junior won't have a full year. What else until he gets that my service right yet. That's why again that this is way off the Jackie Bradley union this isn't this isn't that we should be talking about now it's just a matter of when he's gonna come up and we he's gonna play in how he's going to play and -- ice -- is going to be a very good Major League Baseball player -- do we just need to see. And god knows we've seen very good players before motto of the miners amid a great deal Coppola. Who who didn't work out I don't think he's going to be one of those at the is going to be very good Major League player. When we look at the Red Sox to start the season and you brought up the point earlier bucked that I think we both did that they all the moves he made last year seemed to. Work out Victor Reno Colmes co G me on and on and on there were guys that already were on the team. That had career years are played above and beyond expectations Lackey -- to to come to mind. When I look at this year who is poised. To play to their potential or over achieve. When you look around this lineup AJ Pierzynski. Mike Napoli. Pedroia were kind of take for granted Bogart's middle Brooke. We talked a lot about the outfield today Vick who's poised do you think. They have a good season to maybe be that guy that we looked back like Koji like victory is AJ Pierzynski. At his age gonna have a career year is the catching combination. And I don't think Pierzynski is at this point -- career going to Wallace. I think he's gonna have a Pierzynski type season. -- we don't like that better than we saw from -- salt and why you like soccer market at all. And I applauded their decision to move him. This isn't personal it's a lovely guy -- team playing with his kids on the field. He's got three little daughters and you get out of spring training he's out there. With his kids he's gracious with the -- he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. And I know he wanted to be here for a long time he truly loved being. Of a busting guys. But I I didn't like him behind the plate I didn't think he handled pitchers well. He clearly was in over his head during the post season this isn't me talking this is the Red Sox. They they clearly made a decision to get him out of there and go with rice's defense. So. To meet. I don't wanna say anybody was an upgrade but I clearly think Gusinsky's an upgrade not OK what. He's a bad guy everybody hates -- and in all that stuff that the understanding that I have is that. Generally that I know we set some fights with teammates but. Generally speaking he's one of those guys that if he doesn't play for you can't stand him and if he does play for you economy keep peace with the thumb OK with him. Is present -- world what do you think we're gonna learn. From Pierzynski as a hitter I mean this is a guy who's you know played sixteen years in the major leagues he's -- 283 career hitter. You know he he and his average season. It's sixteen home runs and 784 RBIs he's got 322 on base percentage. -- here's what -- is at this point in his career he's hit 300 a couple of times in his career he's hit as many as. 31 doubles. You see it as many as eighteen home runs in the season. He's not in as many as 77 runs and sees it sees similar or better hitter than Saltalamacchia my perception is -- Saltalamacchia was a much streaky hitter. Then AJ Pierzynski and let's face it presents is a much longer track record but Saltalamacchia does in the major -- sixteen years. For presents key compared to. Looking at Saltalamacchia he's only played seven years in the major leagues but Saltalamacchia to 46 career hitter strikes out a lot more we get it -- get a light. Pierzynski as a hitter better than Saltalamacchia in this line. I don't know I don't know I I just think that I did Saltalamacchia has more upside as a hitter at this point is treat younger. He's got more years remaining as -- Pierzynski does but I I I'm not gonna be looking for offense from Pierzynski at big -- is kind of it is. Regular at 240 to 52 woody woody it to some eighty degree with a two -- -- 173. Birdied 273 as a career but. Yeah I he's got a he's got to hit in his neighborhood he's got to hit fifteen to twenty home runs and he's gonna be a solid guy behind the plate. And he's not in a beer in three years he's a stopgap. -- and New Hampshire Europe next when we come back in sports parents Steve Buckley it's sports Sunday. On WB ER. That's right people try to put us down. Talking about our generation. -- Our Red Sox open -- season tomorrow Dayne is in New Hampshire still waiting to hear an update on Shane Victorino sometime today. This is sports. Morning guys again. I do better -- average -- shall YE ego. And that sort but to read so I think it. I think that so proved last year what type of ones I think. No matter what injuries. That this year that they experience last year at the Kerry who -- And I think that it just aren't. But this young at heart -- that didn't -- reason. I bought here. We are watching what could be what could be a -- to history. Hard to swallow that although there's no breakthrough Coker at 1232 great. You want to -- their -- to spear were short course there's. Watched -- -- at -- church route from all this started this record that no we don't vote in the history record that show. What kinda cold cold really it is there wow a lot of applause -- What perhaps it. Organizations have. I just merely in numbers grew to Israel in particular. You're one of the best possible well. I think. Everyone would echo your sentiments. And everybody deserves pats on the backs however Dana would insure Greek. But hockey more than almost any other sport there's a switch tickets flipped both good and bad once the playoff starts in other words. My point is his greatest season his greatest finisher today having it right now that when the president's trophy the season ended today that have the best record and all the league. Used only to get a -- out useless award in sports by the way what's that the president will. Because does anybody know who won it three years ago three years ago last year four years ago like when you say useless stuff that god gives you home ice advantage in every series you play and ritual in which would you prefer down the stretch resting your players. For the stretch drive to get them ready for the tournament. War going all out to on the president's trophy for the soul especially if it's well when you're putting when you put it that way and I don't -- -- I would not go. All well. Gem -- of the -- that -- the Boston Bruins make appropriate he. Israeli Portugal. While it's true -- were were circular Chara and Bergeron to programs to an absolutely. Absolutely but look at it. That they -- on the right. Reshape global and a second is I've been silent so far I appreciate this sentiment that you bring into the equation. That's -- -- the whole team epic in what they bring but to say that it's a team of nobody's. Even going beyond the three guys renamed. Did this a lot of talent on the team and he beat it chart Bergeron. Rask I mean there's some good plays here again what did it to some good craters you -- -- she -- Not a bit not a -- are -- some. Talented player. So it made my point always I liked in the sediment but the good that that's going too -- my point news. That the first round series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Is the hardest series in May be any sport even harder than a championship at times especially when you're one seed plain and eight for example of the playoffs started today. Did you reject the Bruins play the red wings. I mean you think that's going to be an easy series for the bro what's. Absolutely. So -- but. But -- -- -- that flight orders that are saying that they're gonna go I firmly believe they're gonna be in the finals gender issue here and what I'm saying you're concerned they would their last year. Two years ago or three years ago water. -- does it is here this -- that is built chatter Bashar objects that has progressed over the last year's starters turn them into one of the great. And who you can a lot of the other players have come up to their -- just. Agreed but let's take our Boston had a -- and look at the NHL in particular. And asked the question the puck and I asked of -- the show about baseball why is it's so hard to repeat again I don't disagree with anything you're saying gain. And the Bruins -- chair trying to repeat the Blackhawks -- but it's been 1996. I believe 97. Since the Detroit Red Wings 7979. Years I think since they reputed to team's repeated the NHL. And look at the teams that have like the Bruins have been consistent contenders. Over the last four years in the LA kings it's been the the Chicago Blackhawks in the Boston Bruins. -- you know have the blues issue of why it's so hard to repeat. If you again this -- goes to that that the how half the Stanley Cup play ops actually. -- Oh yeah absolutely it's a quick. It's actually warts and gets the play doctor or a scenario. Orders are even. Our tour this year and our interpreter for -- years what I watched in years who wanted to greatest Foster who would street. That they put it never quite a while they're fun and I cope act or yeah absolutely their serial blasts. -- a -- so a lot. When it passed out all right Dana thanks for the call I mean are a few Akamai sentiment sparked but I think you know look when the Bruins want. We only team to ever -- in four games cents. To win this in the heart was. For them to do. You know and then last year. They're miracle comeback in the first round to beat Toronto winning game seven they became empowered after that he beat the Rangers four games to one they beat. Pittsburgh went home ice advantage in Easter -- final four games to none. And any had a double overtime marathon against shock wouldn't stay in the Stanley Cup finals Chicago finally -- I mean I. I don't know if we really really comprehend and understand how hard it is to get those sixteen wins. In this spring in hockey to win -- Stanley Cup and then again. My point about repeating as we start with the rats -- 9790 -- last time but hockey team. Has repeated help -- the Chicago Blackhawks right now and they. Maybe it goes the other way not only to teams that repeat and I don't haven't format wrote about it last year. Look at the record of teams after they won the Stanley Cup. Not even getting out first round. Roy has won a cup and then the next generalize that capitals the restaurant that's the norm. It. That's the norm I think B it's it's amazing if you look at teams when the Stanley Cup go to hockey reference and then look at their next season. Be amazed how many times they've they've either. Not made the playoffs. I think in one case what the first front on the second round it's it's fairly normal well an again. A more I look at statistics -- football I forget what it is but I think it's eight of the last. Have not made the playoffs the next year yet -- Three quarters. Of the Subaru what is haven't made the playoffs. The next year bark let's bring it -- full circle back to the Red Sox as you know -- baseball's a sport you cover the most. It's a battle just to get into Bill Parcells turn them into the into the post season how it's easier than ever because you can get that one game. -- often does more opportunities it would -- it's easier than ever will but. I wanted to back submissive before you seem to blanch at the president's trophy to me is system system. Not that. I didn't going -- and I -- it all the way you when they -- when they won the cup in eleven they won game seven being two over right and listen when my purpose I'd love to have them have home -- at home ice advantage throughout the plant that means. One less time yet to get on a plane flight having Covert and we ought to play having too much complaint was a great series to cover of one of the best they have recovered. But when -- -- flight of -- with a third time in twelve days. We are pretty worn down so I could understand why they would wanna get -- Advantage throughout the playoffs right the only thing but when I stat that you said was that the way you put it which you go all out to win the president's trophy now. I would -- saying I think they would happily in that over. Just to give -- some of the of the boy goes a couple of days off that's all. Well sure and when you think about who's to say that Saint Louis if they beat the Bruins by one point we're gonna make it out of the west anyway and into the Stanley Cup finals so. I'm I'm just saying it's it's if you go and actually if you went to the playoffs as the number one seed overall hockey you could make the argument that mentally. It could work against you because you're supposed to win -- -- -- you are the clear favorite going into the playoffs if you're that presidents' trophy winner. -- what you do. You know that if this is strictly as an aside and roll your -- if the Bruins play the red wings the playoffs. I think. It marked the first time a car ready Bruins Celtics Red Sox and patriots game in a city other New York. Think about that. It's expect up covered the Red Sox in each right of -- the patriots in Detroit occur over the Celtics in Detroit. I've never covet the adrenaline lost in the written off -- the rates in Boston. Well but it never -- red wings a Bruins game in Detroit have you been to the joke. -- cool place that have been spent two years I've been through the palace. Yeah but I that's where there should Joe Louis Arena is is different. Never been there it's I've seen in most you know most indoor areas don't have I -- it's not -- Fenway. But it it's not the old guard but Joe Louis Arena has history. And there's a field Olympia. I know it's a new place -- -- -- and and it has history and has modern. History went to a majority of the games for two seasons but -- out there yes dvi Yzerman. One of them -- my favor got Steve writes in the Stevie I what you and I've had this conversation before favorite sports moments you've been app right witness that you've had a lot of me when I've been fortunate enough the average fan. It did to a lot more of them but one of my favorite moments coming -- to normal habits he -- He was on the trading block before the 94 season I believe was Mike hill which was about to trade him. And Stevie why was picked -- Boston sports -- TVY in Detroit was Tom Brady David Ortiz right now. Ray Bork whatever. That the rumored trade on the table start the season was one that they should make -- a room was later in his career. There we're gonna -- to the Ottawa Senators for 21 round draft picks and I believe Radek bonk who was a top pick was going to be defense. They did the opening and don't forget this Michael is box was up at the end and he was standing -- silhouetted. You know like that like that the glorious owner and you can only see the silhouette of him in a little Caesars pizza giant. And they announced DVR is him. And the fans would not let them announce anybody else and they cheered for it seemed like forever. Advisory kept raising is -- kept stopping and everybody looked up -- village in which had his arms folded it was basically Detroit's thank you can't trade as they didn't trade him. And it went to the Stanley Cup finals the next two years because of it. I actually had a chance talked to Wayne Gretzky about it later that year and -- was -- agent was a friend of ours and we. Yeah -- got to -- out and he said to me -- Eisner has more guts. In any hockey player in hockey so. That moment at least for me was cool moment they have been able to witness Steve the Detroit fans saying no you cannot trade. -- -- It will be back -- more remote town sports. After this a utility you're -- this story would Tommy odds and OK if that's the buck wood which -- -- -- -- story though came back after this. Major League Baseball season set to get under way tonight Dodgers and Padres Red Sox 3 o'clock tomorrow. Jon Lester on the mound against the Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles. Who bring back Chris Davis. Who bring back Manny was shot -- and J. J. Hardy and -- Jones non Jones Adam Jones. On nick mark KK is still be right but they've added Nelson Cruz -- we eaters is back they've -- Ubaldo Jimenez. When they signed into can't make and some moves down there when you look at the Orioles and this division. I think their rotation pails. Too definitely the Red Sox and rays. When you look at him and as Tillman why each and Bud Norris and Gonzales. I don't think they compare price Matt Moore Alex Cobb archer and order re easy I don't think it compares to Lester Lackey buckled to run EP. The Yankees to -- are a wild card mainly because of their pitching -- -- gonna produce runs. I think -- Berrian Beltran daddy -- is going to be disaster you do yeah -- do. I think he never really good -- I really do. I just based data on us feel what it's all up ground is going to singles then in field may be. Maybe I think we all what are you gonna get what are you gonna -- -- here. Don't know really get some year. Don't know but I think it indeed it's just from Jeter OK you've just gone from my DP going to be phenomenal putted to -- again never really -- -- I think they gonna compete for the American League east. -- -- three team race with a raised Red Sox I think to knock it will be good. I think CC will have a good year. Eight CCC I have no idea and you eat if -- was ever urban before. But a big CC sabathia got a few years. Since he was a rookie with the Indians. And it. You you. You you look at theses to. Doubt you and all that weight he's lost. Well now we're talking about entirely different picture I don't know what we're gonna get out of him and light some other guys who pitched a lot of innings it happens overnight. Roy Halladay. Comes to mind who was -- There's Johan Santana. Mean he's got a lot of miles on arm book Moya and end of velocity if you look beyond the numbers and look at some of the deep stats he was not throwing as hard last year. He is. You know balls in play is Babbitt was was huge last year worst in his career. You know guys that we're getting hits off of him that he wasn't getting the swings and misses so you're right is a big question mark I think. That line up with -- grading Beltran is gonna have a good year. And that park I think Soriano is gonna hit enough home runs but his strikeouts won't matter I think that'd be run producing team again which they wore last. They did not produce runs. -- Alex Rodriguez gone as thinking it is gonna be competitive. -- really do it I think. In the division are started by talking about the Orioles pitching. I mean again there's anybody argue that the rays once again of the best pitching in the division when you start we did pretty good and Matt Moore. And then you bring in which one of these guys or receives a rocket boosters can stop. Archer were caught but to break out candidates. To do what Matt Moore is the Burlington masses don't scrub by the way. Really it's cool morning Burlington a lot of people predicting he's gonna have a huge break -- And in the raised just somehow find a way to do what would that line. You know do they go back to your yankees point. The yankees' final regular season game is aware. And here this death threats. And you have Jeter party having announced that this is is crises in the vaguely correct. Yes so you have the if you will the looming Specter. Of that great Derek Jeter ending his career. Certainly on a regular season well. Against the Red Sox at Fenway Park my prediction is that you will have a plane that series because. The Yankees are not going to the playoffs. And because of that they will be playing up the string in the last week or so of the season. Therefore you'll play -- final regular season game at Yankee Stadium and that set up the road games as Ted Williams did famously real 1960 that's. My prediction I disagree I think Derek Jeter are -- -- wrong OK okay and it -- it I think Derek Jeter understands the Red Sox Yankee rabbit maybe better than any. I think it will mean something and if the Sega buys it and I don't think they'll take a bowel I'll know give my rocking -- just play apply. And they'll be out of it yet where is there and we play OP candidate if there and he's gonna play the games are meaningful. If the games are meaningful and and he still contributing which by the way is no easy bad. But if he's if he's any kind of a key player down the stretch in there in it they're fighting for playoff spot wolf course. Another way to look at it is if there if they have already clinched a playoff spot and they can't move up or down in other words. They're not gonna win the division but the party secure a wild card spot out. What they may just rest so this is a variety of scenarios that would play out that would keep him out of that series. Dexter says. No team in baseball can match the Red Sox bullpen when you get beyond the starters I would I would agree with that. That premise -- going into the season. When you look at the Red Sox bullpen Koji on down by the way they if you missed it announced that Deborah and a Workman. Is part of the bullpen going into the regular season. Good to have Bob Stanley -- rubber on it -- also -- -- starter and he's just waiting for his moment. When you look at -- -- It kinda sad that -- quick. To give yet another example how much desperate sites have it was I remember during much Terry Francona -- tenure as manager when they needed that. Six star right up about that at the -- guy up it was always. Abe Alvarez. Devern Hansack David -- Michael Bolton. Date date it was that guy to come up to make that spot start -- news Jim Dorsey. But if you have a Workman. Who can commit nearing give -- starts and he's going to be a pretty good Major League pitcher it's just another example how much depth they have. Well and went to the tech. Just point about the bullpen. When you look at you don't know peca. Both -- 37 games so far so good from -- we don't know yet schedule in Anand. Andrew Bailey would key guys what's gone wrong last year right doesn't work we get the Ottawa where you've got Koji you've got you're set up handset for the season scored in the start disease Mika. At least you think you -- is our pitched good innings in the playoffs you've got. -- and hop. -- getting Andrew Miller your breslaw starting on the DL in a cup -- The veteran guy that so West Springfield. It's -- you go and you got Brandon Workman we've got some options open now. Six or 777979837. -- says in the eighteenth tee decks on 3797. CC can't 8088 on the gun the spring you. Will be light. You'll have like a five ERA. Text assess -- We'll see another -- -- granderson and can no loss is a downgrade. To Ellsbury and Beltran. I would seek to know what's the best player in that group. I was taking can a lot of familiar lineup does hurt. But again I'm I'm thinking Carlos Beltran batting third in that lineup Mets stadium. Her you know 81 of the games is gonna have a really good season I love when you get -- exact text that -- -- walls but totally agree followed by stupid its prediction ever. -- Beat Texas at 37937. You could call and it's 617. 779793. Cent let's take a break it's -- butch it's sports Sunday on WEEI. After this.

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