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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Saturday: LB calls the show to talk Jerry Remy

Mar 29, 2014|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the world of Jerry Remy. They talk pose the question, should Jerry be allowed to continue broadcasting? Lyndon Byers makes a surprise call into the show to give his input on the Jerry Remy situation.

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And it's mustard and Johnson 52 hours away if you're keeping score at home Red Sox and Orioles first game of the 2014. Season. Don't sense a lot of anticipation Larry about Jon Lester on the mound there. The Red Sox defending their crown -- Grady Sizemore. Improbably almost miraculously playing for the first time in over two years this time at a Red Sox uniform great -- by the way in the Harold. On the sports page side that is. On on Sizemore scumbag Johnson -- interesting piece Alex spear also -- Portland WEEI upside down and almost unprecedented if you think about it. A guy that pretty much. We fought his best seasons were behind him that still may be the case and may be aware letting our emotions get the best of us here as far as Grady Sizemore is concerned but he had a terrific spring. And against a lot deeply Rick Francona didn't. Indians in the -- here now know he job he was with the Indians. When they when they faced off of the red Sussman -- that 31 lead in the ALCS in 07. And Josh Beckett. -- to the mound in in game number five lights out -- just the bludgeoned them. In the two games at Fenway Park went on win the World Series against the Rockies he was a member of the Indians at that time. Or Francona only with their last year going all out and either in the Sizemore might have been still. We have the Indians he hasn't played since since September 2011. If -- 2011 at Francona was part of the Red Sox that you -- are another I think rec autos associated. Where that particular myopia makes it any number reason that the current art for him make it because I think he's got a good that I think he and to a great job on the field and and I do think they need that need him for Adam Bradley appealed and a Borough but listen that's the way it is competition -- -- beat out again and I am concerned wrote at Bradley's Haiti now he's just has not progressed at all. Since last. That's why it is so difficult. Particularly I think in Major League Baseball to figure out who's going to. Be that jam at the Major League level who's gonna end up being essentially a -- a player of the rest of his life and who knows maybe Jackie Bradley junior his fate is as that for ray players shuttling back and forth. Between the pocket and Boston for the rest of his career I don't think that's gonna be the case I think eventually. He will get that starting job but for now what would you want to hitting from him to keep him up about 27. Well -- well. You think about is that you think about the three most important defensive positions. As far as regular position players it's catcher. It shortstop and center fielder in that order right up the middle -- of the guys. Is the most important offensive players if you get any hitting out of those players. That's all gravy it's I don't know where they will benefit. NBA able to afford to -- Bradley -- Is they should get better production from the shortstop position. In middle works looks like he's off to a much better stock again I'm not gonna put any stock in what happens in spring training because last year Jackie Bradley. At 415 spring training. And I'm -- invoke at a -- heart start sewing and we got that by the way I haven't been paying attention the last time we were realized we checked in on Ortiz is a spring training stats he was two for 32 as you through -- -- -- up I guess old. -- Ivan checked out his numbers but apparently Red Sox. And I and I -- I got -- -- contract but would you agree without. The contract one year I don't know why they added on in the game or raise I don't I don't get all I do you think it was a Smart move. Again and I am not at it -- youth and when people on this station. Come on here and say what about right here it's not my money -- and give them Cabrera money then you have to coach your discussion with the fact that if you were my money. I would have paid him one year. If the money he got out the past fifteen that's what I would have done that would have been the end of that let's get back to the follows 617 you agree. You know what I think he is -- an opinion on some I don't want to. Rob is they have no I I I I'd tell I'd I'd I'd say in the Jerry -- should not return after missing I would but I I've just rattle about events in other news to take aside I guess you like winter Islamabad adamant opinions only depend massacre. Assets and seven. 77979237. Ronnie in Cambridge are next on Sports Radio -- -- -- I -- Martin as much as say it's a little -- say it I -- -- let me give Moses and. You got to you got you get two hours -- moderate Thursday applauding its side where. I want to say is partly parent. I let my -- -- -- absolutely two of the most loving nurturing. On the planet I completely -- when I say we can tell by the way you -- and the -- OK. In my -- -- well -- There will be my mother find out that I would being physically and Bradley abuses that the mother of her grandchildren. Hewitt and well a lot of money. On my prosecution. Believe me if I'm just I don't why so many elements. People want to let me say this. As much about intent Jordan looked at Newcastle. Because the attempted -- that we -- to simply walk away out of this situation -- -- all -- go replace it. I'm speaking that you're not edit sort of memory. Americans want it right because we walk away Al let the litigation resolved itself and then come back I think he will be fine with. What I -- -- -- okay I'm. Probably install it sounds as if you'd think he should take at the very least at this season awfully look at -- yeah but he's not the season because that that the the the trial doesn't begin October right. Okay and that's opiate and I'm gonna say OK -- you can you yet and I'm sorry. And I am idiot I'm the government -- a lot of -- it and implement the initial quake is -- model. For example OK we think -- out and meet with one. I didn't really know what you do. I remember dominate like he didn't even really known about it and ultimately. Our our outlet does lead to blocked. Okay that I've been eight years. Like he was saying that it isn't sure all the support for it and I'll. That the -- I don't know how it went out and it -- we -- -- honestly. Been out of it. He's not the mother of the child -- that -- -- look at what. -- -- -- -- -- you know something and I can't wait yeah you know you gotta do the right. And it's probably -- but it goes into Atlanta at Iowa of the get a wake up OK when operation. -- -- -- somebody get killed. I didn't have them mentally get jobs market out there that you know -- success the number two yeah I'll give him. Individual and I have threatened all out and up to two people. -- The data out and accountable. And I really don't yell at that point on -- to make. I understand -- -- I don't know if you can legally. You can't legal I know you can't you can't legally claim that. The father is an accessory to murder that's not a a legal -- case that you can make against him I understand the analogy it doesn't hold up legally Iran. Well what -- about -- -- OK let's talk about the belly laugh at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've been extremely. Violent act. And I don't know what the Internet or in the brain but I'm -- up well basically. And people look at what went public cookie -- okay what haven't we jointly they have blocked it. Okay I look at them in an and then look at that -- body. -- -- -- -- Okay why do you think why are we so interested in cars -- rating drug offenders and drug pushers. Yet someone like -- revenue as of bioscience. I'm I don't have an active sport great I simply -- -- course. You know one article but but he couldn't you know I'm articulate but let that and completed at nab you desperately wanted to. So how are you don't run in and -- show you don't want him back on the broadcast well. I want him until now OK at the very least I would want it the and that went a little bit and go away. Yeah and that's a full season at least. Well so I say yeah. By the question and believe me okay -- -- -- a level of I would be -- described the result compact enough. But do we have to opt out which. Yet that we not. Okay what you know he can talk and don't probably know what. He challenged our. -- -- -- our imagination it was an in retrospect it was at any outrage over. Martin's personal life in his proclivities as it seems a little distorted at this point not. I'm not the I'm trying to make you write it. Is that -- -- -- -- -- got into the trial would come back at an -- -- talk. Don't forget what -- job is ours nor was it one time. I don't know anything. About it it's important. And -- being -- and I'm thinking. Oh yeah and I are and if I. Now we're back we're sobriety yeah. The people look at it and the article. OK. And upping it to be how about you how we gonna look at the -- out that I -- that this article recently that put out the guys were. -- -- -- Any event I think you have to -- -- at that time running great cry -- -- and I -- -- re reading many hands fees and course Kirk has been on DNC all week. He and I pretty much in the same camp not that we've exchanged dialogue about it but. He doesn't believe the -- should be in the NASA both either. And he wonders if more things will come -- how anything more come out there what was in that globe how much. Maybe Jerry and his wife -- contributed in enabled. The judicial system is ours is perhaps things did -- I sat down with that if you talk about not to blame intently at -- but that would be the the but the close -- -- acts or at least gallon be -- if you find out date. You know money -- issue baton after it was used on defense attorneys which you can understand trying to get the best offense Prius. But if it was used as such your way to silence. The victim's right so that his son good then yeah I'll live to. Cause mayhem another day sir I don't think and I don't think people are tolerant right. And of course that question was posed yesterday and -- you heard the cut yet few minutes ago he categorically denies doing that. But I leave him. I think he believes he didn't do when he -- don't forget he was in Toronto. When this incident was happening so -- -- real exchanged. With Phoebe. And Christina held a neighbor in terms of in trying to get Jennifer my child will not go throwing the restraining order I -- I -- inning and Christina since she tried it. I wish -- hectic and got out of you've got to raving maniac on the loose out trying to find Keating get in the place you -- You wonder if there was any way you -- got her out of there I mean this is all speculation -- have annoyed here. Steve in California -- were hot out there in the Golden State today you're next Steve. -- -- -- -- -- Rhetoric and I hope that's not which are holding up and hopes on a credit and -- year street EP. Is he Steve grievous from California. While you got a great. I honestly I don't remember him we we spent a train ride together and McDonnell. How old -- fourteen. Almighty god and under yeah and believe me he is a teenager in every sense of the word. Well -- up at my younger or in my older you don't hear wow boy you're doing something right off. But I don't know I pass that along to guy got to cap on Obama yes obviously. Fantastic well I thought it. Let me ask you this though is just Bradley's story. Reach all the way out to California or or errors it more provincial around here. It's certainly more provincial only -- waiting online have heard. What you know just which you'll be discussing the first -- that. Let -- you actually did not hear of the story before now. -- I'm wondering if it will have. National coverage that was the other thing -- many was talking about it as -- whether or not you know. 28 when he York. 48 hours -- some of these national television programs. I might jump on this story a little bit because there is they were big whiff of scandal and of course we know how much. There's a tabloid mentality many of these a broadcast now. Are you look at -- -- -- no doubt as competitive as what I've -- that would have been a -- actually believed that. But I dumped and also -- all of it I'm like this guy so so we have another record and the media and the wind there. -- And you have to be 3000 miles away to admired -- that's all patients had a really glad that FedEx amounted he's got a lot of fans on the left -- that I like it and you know. I want to spend about -- a light just free agency period I love eating including an -- because I think you every team or every. That being. A little bit of a roadmap to -- Jolie and its economy start to think about what's coming to open a triple loop a little more oak wood and entry to be basically. And now going to -- out. Our case or repeat or else. So it looks very true crime and enjoy the period. I government expansion but you know quite -- -- I would I don't know how they could do it but I would almost encouraged these teams at the end of the season to. Leave some cap space because to meet this is as exciting is the draft. Because you don't have to wait for some play in a fall to you if you -- going get me going get up. How I would agree to a -- yeah -- I've seen of the kinda like panel beat the patriots have much pat. But obviously big men and their counsel law and -- and the players they want. I don't think they have many needs. It is still can't and a bit later in the create the other -- in which they just I'm -- -- I mean that side. -- -- Only corporate America Olympics where I can I ridiculous this I -- tie in of this winning the last time you called the -- All. Over the world go to a quick -- shall we thought it would argue that. You're good -- -- when he put a hundred better than -- 200 which. -- -- so you sound like Yankee fan now a year all your championships you'll the better winning percentage there for years superior organization I'm a boxing kind of one point. Remember that -- right away and yeah I knew it every and you know what I want to bring up a fiery it was a joke but I -- -- -- -- -- -- an -- They've number and exposure to the same way exposure Joey. Question is would you take ballot check for your coach. I hope we. Joey when he has -- And no no yeah. -- wild card check will actually in the running when they -- group. So Belichick. -- a raider coach when an event. I can't I can't I can see in Al Davis interacting. Very productive basis out there they stay thanks for one haven't. Any -- -- I -- you had to get up early yet the fact that on the charts now. Right when it's eleven points at 830 right now -- -- he's going to church right now Albany's Crockett on Saturday the Saturday service that he's a musician and Ann Richards were only and -- -- In your search doesn't want to and don't remarkably polite and well on top priority about. Our rights a all right. -- on wild and Eli down there in New Haven, Connecticut. Very impressive funny though how it works that way I act I know some people who with a green is people in the world. Indicated. That's exactly right you just don't care for the grace of god speed its first eco lie. You know why you are two great kids I -- you know and I take up to him about it well rate attack. Comic element get him really -- the Bible study on the Google actually my son right now -- be very proud my eight year old is involved right now in from. Communion first communion merely that he's been studying various books in the Bible -- first -- -- -- -- -- terrorist bibles and Arafat to take him to that -- was -- movie. As a way to commemorate like them serious about it you -- that pot habit that you enjoy that a biblical fine if they have do. In him a little bit of course they're going to with that that problem -- -- ago I know you don't watch. One cable. Network that I watched but last night they had price channel you know this is MSNBC they had a professor. Bible study from pence a University of Pennsylvania on. And -- film critic David -- I'm from New York magazine talking about both the cinematic. Value and the biblical value. Of the -- they both like that. So as far as people. And percent Hollywood content of the actual from that no matter -- enjoyed forwarded by the way you know -- since we're talking about movies. I I love this movie I watched. Last night. Fantastic. Tom Hanks and Emma -- saving mr. banks the story of the making of Mary Poppins I don't like that at all host a fabrication Walt Disney was it was a racist. He was cheap he was one of the meanest people you'd ever wanna work for new life and they Pretoria -- happy guy -- McDonald doctor Mickey Mouse. It was not a nice person another legend shattered could crumble right before our very eyes thanks to Larry Jackson. Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. And it's. It is an emotional sub yeah it really and I. Mean you feel almost. Apologetic that you have to be. Have opinions in the -- In somebody's personal business but at the same time. It's that person's. Personal business by the name that has allowed them to own or restaurants by name. In in in I like this part about Jerry he comes on in the admits office he -- both and I know. You know. But the price you're gonna pay -- -- Bob's in the criticism that you're gonna get these as I understand Rocco and I was impressed at how that it came out right in and dealt with our reality. You know once questioned the Jerry is very re very good at what he's done all over the past 25 years she's not only a astute observer. Keen analysts of the game. He's also entertaining. He has grown as both an analyst and a personality. -- his repartee his rapport. The Boehner made use of French word my mother which certainly love the year between he Indio fantastic. Unfortunately I think right now it's not the appropriate time that's my feeling just a personal note that is appropriate time -- a very -- to be in the best of both got a text you're here in the for a one dollar and alum Larry says. Guys you know what the issue with the -- thing is for me I don't wanna forget what Jared -- did to Jennifer Martell. But he seems like that's what Jerry in nest and are asking me to do whenever I watch the Sox game. I'm not going to be able to watch the game without thinking of Jared Remy I just not -- that Sox. You know what that's a great. Rate point it really is you can't it. -- just set up and a Saturday after known make up the grill going and everything and you put the ball game on. And we -- like you said you don't know how Long Will this. Spot process of this story. Emerge every time we put the game one -- -- that that's one of the better point I've heard Obama tell you the truth. Terrific insight text -- out in western mass in the forward three says. You have a legal system is broken all stages from the -- deciding to approach arrest. In charge convict to jail time a black Latino is two to four times more likely than a white person to be charged. Then someone -- money the justice system is enthralled and unavoidable. Prejudice and I you know what I didn't wanna bring that up and you wanna play the race card. But not the vast majority of the incarcerated are not only for drugs but they're mostly black and Latino. It's certainly else when you have white privilege and -- -- let's face it Larry and it was difficult for you to say this I can say is I'm right that -- government and I say this all the time I'm a lucky person the world a white male. A whole our whole society is based on white male privilege. And Jared Remy certainly had was the beneficiary you have to admit of white male privilege. He skated where. Certainly if he were black and Latino or not the son of a celebrity he wouldn't have had that many breaks and that's right blame the legal system. Certainly there are many people at all for it. But we know we know statistically. That it is much more likely that African American. Or a Latino would have been charged for any one of those crimes of the. This race it could -- division resources services are configured judicial system whenever. These people have leases high -- up that's what's so complex way over it right for you get emotional a Serb blaming judges say. A much more complex saying it -- be up next with thank you. How complicated my girlfriend washes my old friend a little wife next to you a little yeah my little white. A if however. It deprive him borrow or phrase from Eddie. Having said that having said all about doctor Bryant and -- that right having said that yeah. Is busy as I am. If they name keeps popping up with it like every right. 25 -- cases. If the name keeps our Sacramento Jarrett -- you don't sit right now 22 could cases is right over seventy are now if the name keeps popping up is busy is I am at some point I have to ask the question. Why does this person's name keep popping up here right. Well here actually 21 likeness for the first time may be in his WEEI calling career is top whenever. Craig Larry Tom I forgot to explain all this to us because. We are so -- let's start right we you know. We cannot -- in a certain gentleman on the station calling accused of quote the prosecutors. And judges that I would. You know let me say it's optimistic telling him it wasn't too long ago in the distant past the prosecutor -- at the area got -- -- gang -- Good point program that up. You know -- you do just for those who don't know. Well it's again it's it's not what I do it the idea of what. All the people and -- For the sake of people and certainly today is that you can habitats and I'm -- decide okay you do well. I'm on the prosecution side and said that I think. And with what seemed to get locked in this whole thing is -- -- is something. You know people make but what if I got in big trouble I'd be the first one to wanna hire Johnnie Cochran or F. Lee Bailey. I don't know about anybody else helping -- but but that's just wait a bit. Yeah I think one case where those two guys were hired. Name one case of those two guys ride. Well again. And according to assist the people look back at BOJ case is Robinson but the bullpen. A great idea. You can get all people who agree on what time it is it's amazing. So it. To the world right now would help Africa visit tropic employees yes there's no jury trial. It would do to make that decision right. I'm in. In that system is not broken. Did Ben -- you know I'd like the subject -- we not only people that hide behind a microphone to nip and go down to court on a Monday. Good out there and seeing what's going on the net and you know. I know it's not every one of them but the majority of judges have to make it. I hate uses word but most courageous decisions. On who goes and who doesn't go win because a lot of time did you not want him to put everybody. Right and I know what -- very what was your reaction when you read the story last Sunday and you saw how many times -- Ramey. Larry you know many times you can read. I I mean I think the same bit and yeah we're losing court for what 78 sometimes that means how many times what they did not report -- another hundred. Another 200. Almost. But isn't that -- -- have a novice. Isn't that scary to think that somebody can be and that many times. I don't know it's scary the lately be walking on the street and somebody comes up it punching you know. And great kid you are what does he think the kids are doing now on out there what's the kids knock out knock out I mean are you kidding me. It didn't -- every right in the home at night on the train one -- -- next you've got done and opened IR OK but I'm trying to train not Tom. I'm hearing everything that you are saying and I'm relying on you our judicial experience I'm trying to understand. If judge Neil Walker in judge Gregory flying if you have this individual. I don't -- I guarantee you they did not have all the information before. OK I don't even know people can't why wouldn't they have that information sometimes you just human district court okay and sometimes say I don't know how -- -- it sometimes I go to court -- -- wasn't there. I mean that's what happens sometimes. That I'm I'm I'm right this just the way it and. All right an you know an an instead of using your of vitriol against Jerry we have a guy sitting right in the studio now who's very angry at the judges -- -- angry at the. There's going to be anchor Larry you can be angry at judges you can be angry prosecuted. To be angry but I'm attorneys I mean again. We have this look at this is a situation. These things unfortunately. You know. Incredible tragedy unfortunately didn't happen in -- -- and talked about I the 999. Time. The judges and prosecutors make a decision about people and think what -- Okay and am trying to I really am sincerely trying to because of your background in your -- -- every day. Explain. To me use says sometimes they don't have the paperwork and. Like not in court and I'm not a court of -- but when I go to court I have to. Too fast I go to superior court OK -- district court OK so quickly it's like to how can I ask you to district court. In the case -- Javier -- -- -- -- is now eight. -- and I think you just gave my -- are reluctant for -- having gone to take that yes. The most this might be the most political state in hip Larry. The gentleman by the name a Whitey Bulger and president and his brotherhood does speak. A anything else out -- did you work out or -- the -- and I. And that just. I understand what happened here and trust me I am not saying anything. Again you know you know in -- In favor of anything the -- -- -- me believe me that's not what I'm saying but what I'm saying is. They're grudge I would grammys walked around all over the place. And that's what we got to accept. Should Jerry Bailey have kept knowing this. Do you feel he should be back on TV -- But there right now what bothered me and I don't know if you sent that but what's troubling was almost Jerry's -- -- About regarding his right to earn a lit up honest to god I don't like you know apology every right to earn a living that's got nothing to do with yes. I agree with equality let's say. I thought right off when he had a press conference I thought the press conference is going to be. I'm picking up time until I was hoping resolved. Everything was resolved which is amazing to me is our ports and -- TV last Sunday and he was laughing and joking and that's he would come out. And I know he was in Florida but look where that story. Let me ask you both the question. Let's say he did step down for awhile with that affect his business the restaurant what do I -- it's not designed to it's. My purview of the gentlemen I said. That the great text via a -- he can't get out the head. -- -- Appreciate a lot of net and the only time -- drive by his restaurant is what I'm going to appreciate it I got back and forth. Apparently I think you'll become the my head is the -- be that -- name on not. -- -- -- -- -- They last question from me because you said sometimes you people are really busy and you have a lot to do. Has there ever been a time when you showed up to do your your job be in a refereed uniform. Yeah. Well very little I think a lot of it is dubbed you have to tell me about the as well did -- -- might not -- Money and I know I completely did have a look see the movie I don't even know what -- did you see the movie saving mr. banks. I have not it's correct that I heard -- -- -- became a crisis I certainly cannot. It's hardly is that -- yeah -- take you right now they tell thanks for the -- -- 617779793. Out and now more depressed than it was before he had some very -- -- this is this guy that's not part of the legal system act. Sometimes and right now -- the beginning. Every day and blame her for that tragedy it is so difficult we have. Very little resources. These people are overworked and underpaid and we want what these people to solve all the problems and when I said earlier we need somebody is swooping and you're looking oversight is illegal god -- I do think at some point if you don't stop the trying to fix something then it gets gets worse. I think. Them -- make this jump in comparison. It when you can pay a ball player at 292. Million dollar to play. What that statement rather well in action of course it does does it means the U lineup and you don't mind paying 200 -- for ticket. But when it comes time to spending a few extra parts to fix some of these broken systems we don't wanna spend -- -- -- teaching -- -- no -- I'm -- for -- pay -- -- -- put myself -- -- record on -- -- right -- -- -- Of the mega fortune. Six and a pocket not -- that at least in the at a W Mercedes that everything out there that's the student park off. Well I mean I don't really feel like I -- need to defend myself against Jerry rational he has the team of lawyers I have no ulterior motive. You know I'm not looking her money I am not looking at which time I didn't. One extreme you can't come out from my experience everything that I told you and that -- And other in or is it is the truth upfront from my experiences and a lot eyewitness. I. -- -- As Christina hill our good friend of the late Jennifer Martell neighbor in Waltham of course. Understood that horrible situation very well witness to the tragedy. And she's been on a number of shows including -- Maloney yesterday. Fascinating interview in Jerry was olive DNC in many hand. Our earlier in the day and NA and I said this repeatedly throughout the show I don't wanna make this. In two -- he said she said or we're not taking sides. I'm not -- blaming anybody I just think it's in the best interest of everybody. Including Jerry Remy and -- I just you know Jerry Remy V series it was busted talking about. I just think it's better for all parties concerned. That Jerry takes an indefinite leave of absence from -- and he thinks otherwise that certainly is right I'm just giving -- my honest. -- -- for the argument that text terminate at tea that that was the text of the day. When he says that. Every time he sees him he thinks of the from -- tell. Story in say what you want apartment. The the elderly the young ladies and neighbor friend them. I can't imagine. Christina -- I can imagine. Anybody going through the nightmare that she went through I I can't YouTube. I cannot imagine as the fear that terra. But somebody crashing down the door. To come in in you got. The little girl there. And she's trying to protect Jana thought and then she's tear Iraq Jeremy comes crashing into the place. With a knife in she's trying to protect. The little girl and that she's trying to protect yet it is I'm sorry that is just -- I would not want to. Getting into a debate or discussion with her because of what that woman has been my. And she must she sure all the love in all the support. And bravery. That she could. At that particular moment in she is right pro life will never be the same. You -- you're gonna wake up nights with me what would nightly news to go through something like that. Yeah and just that constant reminder and certainly other people will not be affected nearly as deeply but for her and many. It's gonna be difficult experience. Larry says the texture in the 86. It needs to be a time of healing process has not completed yet Jerry needs to go on leave from NASA and instilled that healing. Well he says you know he -- it's a Cogent point but. I thought there was going to be a time of healing women got the custody thing resolved. But I think things -- still gonna come out now and then and imminent trial comes out it's tennis it's gonna start all over again. Will it mattered at the baseball season is over or will he be able to. Escape long enough that -- quiet town during the season. I think that's what he's hoping for I think there -- a lot of things involved with this and I'm not saying -- the right reasons but. He's got bit he's got that that the restaurants he's got NASA and he's involved with he's involved with a lot. And personally I'm sure he's just saying look I don't this is the only thing on it too is the only thing I do when a. -- supposed to do. Jerry should take a year Ross has not -- at this time in the 704 let things digest with the people. Maybe after time passes the negativity will -- towards Jerry enough. Not to be the issue it appears to be at this time and finally on the other side texture of the five -- says Gerri. Should go nowhere so first one we've actually he -- them text. The other problem you have in -- -- balances. You can go. Anywhere you want you can step down. For long a period as you need to. Problem is you have to take your mind which you. So no matter where you are sure. We're all prisoners of our own mine unfortunately well YE I don't feel we wherever you go there you are in the books as the UA's now. 6177797937. Memory you're next -- -- and Johnson I Emery. -- -- -- How you do one. I think it'll make for an ill I'm glad we always welcome women I let this why -- ramming each stick out -- the ball. Albeit accurate ER Strobl spot of boredom. Equal every time that kick out -- jail if you are on he realized that it ready. He should've gotten help or more away each -- how would still be alive day. You know her -- at the paper about fuel it is. A little bit yen it at you know you've got people one guy that correctly it man. We're all OK and the wall that -- actually -- Okay. Are. -- coddling or not already -- it. Jerry me. All along our art. You're a lock up a long time ago only thanking god great in the 01. Yards. We're not not not don't let -- that. Every one of their children not only our. -- are your children at any trouble with the law and that apps though. And the content that they normally. And not black or white issue it at green -- -- like oh yeah and you'll Arnie. Are people actually are people that are it it pitched great he can step out or you're -- -- you name it well. -- -- a -- that I like did that. Richard -- on -- Why -- appeal now I'll I'll -- -- And I -- and Gary appreciate the call 6177797. And I didn't represent them -- my drives down the hallway and check out our buddy from WA AF the one of the only LB Lyndon byers good morning -- big. Hey guys how are not happy that not happen -- -- not -- out the malaria. -- -- -- -- -- there -- might squash because I spent all my life. Hitting everything and -- my act. I always do I let these guys are you OK -- you do it. -- you know I might accept accurately put 75% my different. You've done as well. Odds aren't quite that well and aware that the bass pro shops. I'm gonna kick out there one victory in huge amount. But you know are the guys burst I want -- eight EU Larry obviously -- Did I -- tell -- what what. Larry it -- acknowledge other -- on time and you knew me when I was a wild child and I wanna say thank you because. I've taken a lot of what you should. And earlier friendship and an arch. A lot of what you so tell me. Turned my life for our IE I would beautiful young boy a beautiful liked it and I have not been arrested. In 1990 self. That well thank you are per arguably your life. And and what you say Egypt Italy every week and -- I love I love you first -- great -- Well let me say this -- -- I I love you a great deal and impressed with the hockey Korea. But I'm even more impressed respect commercial reach you did. Well -- that they have editors mark for. Okay you know there is speaking of that LB you have a little bit of insight into this issue certainly when we talk about arrest not too. The terrible degree of course the -- Ramey has been involved and but what is your take on this whole scenario. Well -- Again I was someone that I -- agreement nothing went one I want to court you know I'll I drove raptors can tell you why. I got 68 mandatory. I could got you know. A third of the time opt for good behavior but I think you know what the judge wanted to send a message. I have an issue with with alcohol and driving and alcohol. And he sent me that mutual respect he days which it straightened out my attitude straightened out my life apparently it ever happen. Now why in your name mean anything. Well -- -- I guess -- went to be honest they edited the jets it in his chambers there are sure. It was the time and be fair if you can believe it filed. It was it was it was in his chambers. Weren't shocked me to tell me that you would be huge bronze and that I will not getting a break. He did not want to get a phone call if you ever got a phone call from anyone. It it will create new company on a harsh on me and that was. Before my trial started so that's that. You know I was into the prosecutor. I understand that the system but. You know I wanna -- district one thing that you set really hit me this morning when you set. I'm not angry and you mentioned that you weren't angry angry that the court you're an angry. That Jerry you are angry you weren't accurate and and then I just heard you say that your way. Where should idiots yeah you know and that there undermanned. And that they date they're overworked and they're -- okay well. That goes hand in hand how frustrated -- -- -- how everyone. We -- -- -- -- I'm not friends I'm disappointed and -- Ramirez. -- Jerry Remy would be. Disappointed -- me. I hearing that I got it all you lie and was arrested and what and and and I can't. So yes that's that's a solid as well let me better because. Ought you know they're here that we should be angry we need to be -- read a lot when you're not angry at this system. People like Deval Patrick get all voted against that people like the ball Patrick date date date date they spent fifteen million dollars. On trees and have a press conference to announce they're spending this million dollar. -- -- this is we're gonna disagree this is not a political this is not political radar. This tragedy is not political I don't wanna make it political LB where are you right now. I'm I'm driving -- I don't like I'm not cutting up to -- I'm driving. You do that you have and have time to stop by for a minute pulled Craig shirt over his head. I thought I'd you know Craig I'm not I didn't mean to make a political but. Because -- -- wanted to make that point by point two areas that sent. That might sign murder somewhat. I would turn my back in my I would not support him I would not April lawyer I would I would hope. I would be broken hearted. I would it I would be crushed. And -- and and that's. How would be I would hope you would rot in jail for a little model I would I believe in the death penalty. I I believe that. I would have to live with the backpack and I would I would be crushed human being on my side should be put to death right there I think the system. Listen to the prosecutor I'd that the system. We should be angry the system did not work I understand that in ninety. I think there's no way that a guy goes before a judge that extra time for the same thing. It gets -- out. And an -- and you know and I don't know that I couldn't believe -- nonchalant as I don't even understand how a jury -- is going on dancing talent -- -- an -- And -- -- bluntly saying. I would never want this happened that you barely like are you. What or you'll. Howard you know on so nonchalant -- -- I would I don't know yet make a statement that I cannot talk about this situation. The statement which it -- your daughter or your granddaughter in that situation of one and one. I know our history the the public. I have to -- let me ask you this. I mean I can't pay it if I love my daughter her life I love my daughter in law I would put it crush it up I don't know -- -- -- it -- a lawyer. Ticket price. You. All right LB should -- be in the Booth on Monday well. So we have found some common ground they help me I'm property manufacture about body all right appreciate the call -- buyers such a cute little insight whenever he -- with him. Yes I have that he emphasized that podcast shaking hands with -- exactly. Exactly what I did with an -- humans as well -- I've known each other prologue. -- usually separate files in the political or am I really -- for any number -- you know I do appreciate and I appreciate that we -- LB -- -- not -- a lot of political things but I -- think you're -- -- -- I think he -- channel is a lot of his -- -- in the right direction. Well I think we all about -- out of the bright -- -- we both preface at the very beginning of the show. Overall absolutely have stated it it it the death of -- -- Al. It's a different -- subject it's one and we Marty I talk to the poll we have here I have one it's about right down the middle. It is a different -- different called painful subject -- respect everybody's opinion in that we have the even when you -- LB you have the currency to have a discussion. About it even though -- on different sides I happen to agree with LB 61777979. 3737937. Is the -- line courtesy of AT&T it's about an hour so more or less until. Final red sacks spring training games -- of Lorillard. Into the trending like you're going to you're an ounce of points. Hi everybody -- debate coming up next. It's another award winning trend right here -- boards radio and WEEI.

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