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Mustard and Johnson on Sports Saturday; Get Their Chance to Weigh In On The Jerry Remy Saga

Mar 29, 2014|

Craig and Larry finally get an opportunity to address the story in the Boston Globe about the Remy family and discuss whether or not Jerry should be on the NESN broadcasts this year.

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If it's Saturday must be sports Saturday and mustard and Johnson temperatures going up rain coming -- a little bit but that will not dampen our spirits we are exactly 54. Hours away Larry you count them down. The Major League Baseball season at least locally opens up on Monday at 305 or so right here on Sports Radio WEEI. In the Sports Radio WEEI network. Red Sox defending their crown against the Orioles and I can see. There's a certain bounce in your step there's a gleam in your guy. You are just besides yourself in anticipation of the 2014. Baseball season. I think it and it. As most of us who's that behind these microphones -- attest to is that we. We root for the story right we root for things and controversy and the like as well was as as good playing in championships. And as Boston rats are extremes certainly World Series champions of last year. Very quiet camp aside from Ortiz is contract in the battle for senate field so there's really not a lot. Different. The anticipation. Of such. Is to see how well this team can be -- From last year I think it division has gotten much stronger. I even think the Orioles team here they'll be facing now they've got a really good hitting line up. I'm looking forward to a very good competitive. Year. What does that mean that was as I know I don't know race as well. I -- not just compare at all -- I know what I mean by that is I think the Yankees have I think the the Orioles and campers are always in in the hunt when they have it they're pitching staff. I think it's -- rarely. Exciting baseball season unfortunately. There's so many other things going on right now. You know there hasn't been a lot of talk about the -- Starks in the exhibition season now like it just hasn't been. Well I mean we know we've been doing this for a long time and spring training doesn't exactly elicit all kinds of fascination. And interest unless there's some. Real controversy happening. It was a many. Controversy a bit I guess -- David Ortiz and his contract that was settled about a week or so ago so so much for that. And I think last year of course we were. Fascinated by the emergence of then. Rookie I guess still officially a rookie Jackie Bradley junior and his. Absolute need to be the starting center -- -- for the first game of the year were throughout the 2013. Season we know where that went and I guess the Grady Jackie Bradley junior. Competition of this spring. Was not not necessarily. Making anybody think wow this is really really exciting -- have to check out. A spring training Red Sox baseball who cares about the regular season I'm gonna tune in now I want to find out who wins that. I think we all kind of -- back were all a sense of complacency. And our complacency so much as this is certainly contentment that it's settled in to Red Sox Nation because. This is a team that's dominated the first thirteen seasons of the new century they've won three titles. The everything that we were concerned about over the last couple years -- all the chicken and beer stuff in September 2011. The Bobby Valentine mistake of 2012. All of that was right it last year so. I don't think anybody's concerned there's no anxiety it is no nervousness. People are ready for the baseball season but without. The real compulsion to have to go out there and prove anything or at home for any thing is no redemption. This year in 2004. I think what will happen is we'll grow into. Being more interest in the team as time goes out when they come no I don't know right now that is so many things going on in terms of repeat that the celtics' quest would be. To be it to tang games you've got the Bruins playing incredibly well. And I think the other issue that has dropped in the middle of all of this is this free agency with football I think it is. It is eaten up a lot of time in interest that probably people would be spending on other venues is just a very I didn't anticipate it I really didn't end to end corporate Revis and -- It's great. I do wanna say though aren't -- just to get our show in order properly. Left here last week it -- Driving home and I heard on the radio has a fatal our crash in Brockton. Are legion parkway about a stone's throw from the church I was attending -- -- or prior. And I won in my youth Mars -- party to. Died in the fatal ought at auto accident when a drunk driver ran a red light. And I've been Davos is front of my kids in my youth ministry and I was devastated about it all week just devastated Vietnam which you can imagine he's got three kids and I love those kids in the youth ministries of that was it was pretty sick very very sad. And then of course the other day -- am. Station 33. In two learned of two. Young. Firefighters again risking their lives and facing -- state I certainly would not want -- run into Michael. Kennedy and lieutenant Edward. So I guess I'm just starting off by just saying just just take a moment and appreciate where you have do not assume every day is given to you and it is is it just ports things improper perspective Brady was looking on from his. Patio is well and I'm sure he you know very very sensitive young man and -- the whole thing and in. It does I know we don't mix the two and thank god we don't because you we'd be you know you'd never get through a day you have to have an outlet. But we do our for a proper areas and sympathies to these to these families in these firefighters and they were just a moment that forced her to pull over to the side of the road for a minute realize that. There is a real world out there and -- of the people who participate this for a world. Help us allow -- to turn to the -- department. And discuss in a ten to the things that we do so we certainly are for a operators and of comfort and support to these brave young men and in what they did for the sake of others. It is amazing to anything we use the word elements in the elements were so very much at play they were forces of nature they leave in the modern technology. Of firefighting -- doc control there was a wind coming off the Charles River and we know how. -- constructive fire can be but also paradox we how destructive it could be and we almost take for great and we think. Because we have such a sophisticated. Approach we have all this machinery and technology. That we can fight the elements. And sometimes you cannot fight the elements the elements are out of control. And sadly. -- two firefighters lost their lives -- put Dennis and Callahan did a terrific job without. On Thursday morning in you know it doesn't happen very often about 81 firefighters. Lose their job lose their lives I should say nationally. And when it happens others close to home. It's just a reminder as you point out how dangerous this job is we take it for granted so often. But these guys really do literally put their lives on the line. Virtually every day and that was a very sober reminder. On Thursday. And then we move at it might say are starting out you know setting but I found -- about my right. Youth. Purse and a passing organic carrot that was absolutely devastated BO Richard ability. And then of course you pick up the Sunday paper -- needed it and you read about -- -- me and it details we have not. -- since then -- di -- tremendous story. By the globe about the whole Jerry -- incidents his history in our people just. Enables him not just -- and Phoebe but the judges certainly need to be accounted for. Neal walker in Gregory when you are thinking about with them I'm sure they have children. And I'm sorry if from. -- -- -- a son or daughter Gregory planned summit started -- walk up to your father at some -- they -- what the heck were you thinking. How could you keep excusing or allowing a person like this the -- go back out mystery. Yeah but -- you make it sound as if is that while family family members have discussions. About professional duties in response is selling like this comes out that that's blatantly wrong yes I would my uncle was a judge in Philadelphia are -- mean by you know where you felt something in nothing like this ever happen fortunately but. I'm just saying go -- That the story was just unbelievable. Unbelievable. How many different situations Jeremy had been involved and this -- a pot I wanna say about this day and in broke talk about it as well whether you feel Jerry should be on the air or not it's right down the middle. Here's my comment on it. Jerry -- He'd be the judges that defense attorneys have a right. It's one thing to try and help your son it's one thing to do everything possible. Or try to help you -- if financially we were in that position. We all week to -- The question. That I have been bothers me the most however. Is that if you know your son is a danger to society. I you'd not in arrests are except they answer that is true because they hide the guy twice I use not Ickes always seeing other people. To danger. Because this person is so -- stapled unstable incapable of doing that's dastardly things like I you'll trying to. Rescue him. But at the same time putting other people in danger any eventually the death of -- -- -- Parent your first responsibility. Are your children you're gonna do everything to care for and protect them. And at the same time as we've learned and Jerry has admitted both in print in on this radio station he was just on yesterday talking about it as a matter of fact. That over the course of doing what any parent would do. He has conceded that there was enabling going on just as on a much smaller scale we all engage in that we you do you do. But when do you reach a point of realizing that you're trying to NA I hope your son out. But he is a risky he is a danger to people because site says is impossible for parents to ever look at their children as you well know Larry that's for the judicial system needs to step -- then because of the -- we mostly involved well that it -- it it is so much more complex. Emotions I -- is not that complex have you been arrested I converted 22 times and you escaped every tying. Because of money and in in inexpensive defense lawyer is an eight judicial system. That allows the person to keep getting out I don't know how crop -- on al-Qaeda is. Well I mean there are other agencies. Involved there is the mental health. Profession that had to be involved in this and understood. Jerry its many problems there were chronicled. In the glow of the Jerry has talked about least peripherally. On the air and in articles. Two point the finger at Jerry ramming. -- -- -- The point the finger at a couple of judges or even lawyers is so many different places you go this is almost there's no solution to this it. Absolutely don't want when he hindsight. It by the people -- jail. Like particularly military complex while not it might socioeconomic. Crisis ideological. Complex -- the bottom line is. In most instances and I'm talking about people were murdered in violent crimes and stuff. The hip port in jail to protect. Society from people like that walking around right that's the bottom line -- so at some point. -- -- you blaming the best is urged them blaming anybody in the very anglers out. I'm angry about a girl -- -- that we Dottie yeah I -- you'd have more emotions than you do now right now of course some -- -- you want an emotional response or do you want a viable implausible I was appalled okay I want want to know that I'm sitting next to somebody who has the polls. All right so that's when a judge boasted there was have a Paulson type of -- -- I raise my god he would have a power to look at the situation more than just appointed documents. Well we are a nation of law does not necessarily of -- sometimes can make emotional decisions and a wrongheaded direction 22. But isn't it really if you think about it Larry. Whether it would those two judges that you mentioned war. A number of the prosecutors and defense attorneys in -- com. -- into Jared. Jared grammys wife -- the parents it is a celebrity culture. Here in Boston that a -- if you really want it if you really wanna be honest about it it's it's a celebrity culture that allowed the saw him. Of a very famous person in this town. To essentially. Skate. Throughout this. These last fifteen years despite all of his problems it's a celebrity -- you know I really believe if Jared grammys last name was Smith or Jones. That -- he would have already been locked up I growers it would have. But that that the right I agree you're right under percent how -- -- -- I can understand Jerry and Phoebe being emotional I can understand. Them trying every means that they that's how do that's what I am -- -- parent wants to stop I understand that. But then there has to be somebody outside of that. Well where is not as emotionally attached it. Or can make a decision that's best for all you can't ask Jerry and Phoebe. To make a decision. It's best for everybody there involved with -- they're trying to salvage this on. OK it was comedy with a Red -- -- a judge a -- -- the judge weighed the evidence it Jerry -- hired. A very competent bear -- skillful lawyer. Ends in paid probably five or 600 dollars an hour. For the brilliance of that particular lawyer that lawyer did his job and then some that's what the legal system as he found a way. Rule legal channels 22 times OK so is the is the legal system corrupt now and yes it's broken yet -- -- get broken it's broken knowing what you're telling me even if you got a different name. They knew Whitman got past the third offense but yet vetted broke it yes it is broken right so what could we do. I think you can need to make judges accountable I think somebody needs to does that mean it's a way that I hike out of out of it's not it it could make you accountable. Mark how did you conclude and come that this after the fifteenth. Time. What did you base your decision on to release this person again. Sticking somebody have to death so they had brain damage smashing bottles over somebody's head. How many times before you finally come to a conclusion. That this person is a menace to society and. Yeah well now the last person who truly understands the sometimes is the victim because spousal abuse victims. Quite often refuse. To indict. Refused. To make any charges. Bill called the police and then upon further reflection as we well know we Jennifer Martell. They won't show up in court and follow through on a restraining order request or a charge of violence and that's what happened when Jared -- and Jennifer Martell. She was beaten the night before she was killed. Remy was arrested but she didn't follow through by appearing in court the next day. Now her friend. Claims that with the urging. Of allegedly of of grammys wife. To drop the charges that they were gonna take the keys to help you in the light that you know and as a battle going on is a great. Two great interviews on WEEI dot com if you get a chance to listen to on the Gerry called on Dennis and Callahan and and bay hill lady called. Mark Malone -- -- -- -- yes and two point passionate interviews on that right if you know what I'm not -- -- we're we're not here sides right im just saying after reading. -- story and then when Gerry called. Yesterday. It I really admire him for crawling I thought you know you can't win one where the outcome is if you call. If you don't call and you -- is no comment. Then people get on you you're evading ya if you come on the air and you and I thought they asked him the guys that are great job they asked to -- everything you can ask him. And then you know Indy answered. Tom and then people -- Arab does that rally should but come on the evade their man about that so. I don't have unity deal and I have no answers and I I don't know if I can point my finger at one person or one institution. Or one -- I say to me and if you say somebody's -- off twenty at least 22 times. In some very very violent crimes at some point you gotta say. -- is somebody independent of the family in not emotionally attached. Like these judges able to step aren't they are that are -- our our far right all right Heidi there's -- got to be I just told you. Did they -- the judges was it was late the evidence was a gross misconduct was obvious where where the judges Jack I don't know we doubt it that's the problem you make decisions and and I -- and nobody knows. What you thought process was. That's the problem -- we don't know. Well quite often and if you look at this and I am not a lawyer Norway play when television buyout of radio. Personal understands the system would explain to you how those two judges. Allowed Jerry -- to skate all those years I can't do that when I had an -- lawyering there but I can tell you this much there's something wrong with the system. It if the person had a different name they would not have gotten -- that happen that's the problem and it goes beyond the legal profession goes beyond our jurisprudence system. We live in a celebrity culture in in this town that's celebrity culture is tied into sports. Jerry -- is a maker mega superstar. Because he's on television. And he's on about a 150 times a year broadcasting. A team that people are keenly. Interested in that makes him a big time celebrity in Boston. He may not be a big time celebrity in a place like New York or LA where you have stars everywhere. On the stage and screen. But here in Boston. -- bell at his at his peak on channel four he was the biggest star. In Boston the biggest media star made him the biggest star he was celebrity number one he was all over the all over. You know it was a page six or whatever it's called here in the herald's inside track inside track thank you. And everybody cared about Bob -- balance on of his extracurricular. Activities -- he was the biggest. Star -- in his I have no idea if there. But put Jerry Remy matters to people. And I can they matters -- -- for restaurant tonight doing very very -- I can't I I like demand personally I have -- dealings with him I know is that main. I think ideally for the -- worked on his website for awhile without and I bet you a unspecified John I I know his business partner very very well. That's -- all of this is very painful. Right but at the same time you have a duty and obligation right all I know is -- hide -- people because of things in that's right I give Jerry credit for coming out trying to talk about it. You have trouble with him still spending money -- for a defense attorney firm now. 11. It was he's posted don't just throw in the white towel and say you know. This guy has some serious issues yes he killed he is girlfriend and the mother of my granddaughter. And I'm not I've thrown up my hands I resign. I am no longer his father he's not part of my family. And just what opinion mr. Peres continues to be somebody's father Robert just say you know what they have -- eat it finally they've got to -- and I got I don't know vikings. Speak for Jeremy and we're not now. And again as parents we all do our best is such a difficult. Shalit I wrote to ask this mine is textbook for Larry are there isn't Craig but after. A period of time if my son is a danger of society. Regardless of how I might feel about him personally. Something have to beat Don the -- -- be locked up or something he he's had a racquet. It is usage is self funding any other name. Yeah I got -- and Phoebe because they were emotionally involved and I understand that but I wish someone else had to step up in in. Who was not emotionally involved in and done something differently so Jennifer much help would still be alive right engine. Area has referenced the fact that Jarrett had seek it's thought. Psychological counseling amateur to what extent how often. But you you'd think that -- even before incarceration was a factor there perhaps. Some sort of mental health solutions may be. Going to a psychiatric institute. And working out his issues. Away from society in that regard I don't know why do we agree -- one thing he can't murder anybody now. What does that mean mean he's in jail right okay and you'll be in jail probably. But the rest of his life I hope he yeah but you know what but here's the issue this is what really the issue is for -- Is should Jerry ran me. Now oh. Make a decision that may not be good for him in the moment but might be the best. Down the line that is to resign from NASA and and allow. Him the time. To think about what he asked to do as a father what his role is going to be in -- life the next few months and maybe for the next few years. And do something he really does not wanna do is resign from NASA I think that's really the discussion. Guess he resigned from nets and -- a lot of his mind he might I -- just my personal observation I think it is it it. He was an introvert to -- -- not that outgoing I saw him Monday at his restaurant -- all star -- there. He was miserable like he's the errors but that's like in Iraq to all people colonies that are cubicle -- he was miserable that article that was written. Before it was revealed that he had cancer was in the globe. With three years ago I think -- Y eighty was the author. And he spent some significant time when Jerry it was so obvious about it but he didn't know Jerry at that point. This was the ultimate introvert. In an extrovert its job. He really doesn't like. Interactive like you that -- has anybody -- by -- visit rankled by the right is that the big screen T each in its isn't it uses the man cave. In the and I think the ball park was his sanctuary to escaped from -- all. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty network through that after we take a short break redundancies yet because the producers are all upset at me for going over -- they look like their problems that kind of pressure. -- I saw the other of that and I was there anybody -- other around -- -- 777. -- and -- 3737937. Baseball season begins on Monday Jerry Remy will be in the -- and move do we feel about that. We're gonna talk about it with you right right now are pretty so.

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