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Four at Four - Talkin' Baseball Edition - 03/28/14

Mar 28, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around major league baseball's opening day.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't want -- try to find quantity and I could this girl is a true artists are there report. Itself. -- All in pain. Terry Cashman yes OK it's not like the other greats on the greatness that piece of junk that he made a few years ago the rest of what this is -- this is protects involved in this spirit that. This is high watermark to it's the one that he also did for the West Bridgewater Little League and everybody did differently as they reluctantly. Now when people. Plus -- Carl Everett. -- -- popular but he said or. -- or brought to play AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. You ready so we're talking baseball. That's right now and then is that it. Is well question number one well we saw the news Miguel Cabrera has re upped the tigers -- here 300 million dollar deal is thirty years old punter in at least forty. Mike Trout one Nazi free -- -- 26. How did you right now 21. Twenty. He's got a you're Iran's failure has been -- in the -- one. He's he's -- -- year plus two years of arbitration so he's the three years working in eligibility. So we'll. So a thirty year old Miguel Cabrera nearly 300 million dollars what will it 26 year old might try out. It in free agency. 360. I don't. Or one million dollars. Every single time something like this happens say not. They're throwing at the top 200 million. Gonna top 250 million gigabytes harper you got Mike Trout. I think multiple top 375 in it and it would be courageous. It is is the easiest job going in order would -- -- really wouldn't want to be a player agent. But I'd like to be there because agent who represented one got. I -- represent. Mike Trout you are really doing anything. I told Jay z.'s got horse thing where -- -- it I was gonna get his money whether it was crazy stuff wars you can get a big contract yet. Imagine represented by my -- to get this 365 million dollars from the Red Sox by the way that's what I like and he'll get I expect your -- of -- and if your page and just sit back and the numbers go up in the collapse the next eight to ten years. And that these -- 5% or that negotiated down. If you really not to not to my work -- on I hear much you like to recruit and how to prepare for example do that upward. We always think it's a tilt point. But we never. I don't know where it is believed that these guys they got Cabrera is going to be productive throughout the -- I'll win the production stuff -- but it but -- necessarily a bad contract he's the best era in baseball leagues the 41 years old. The tigers sign him knowing knowing that. It the year 67. The beat John -- -- injured ounce up 89 in -- but I think pace in knowing that and makes him for the worst figures. Why does that the city of Detroit to go to the -- that and that's I have talked about bankruptcy. Go to the tigers put the money all the money town right there. I think this guy watching the during the closing and he wasn't himself he was banged up in the Red Sox. -- had more success against them and I thought they would. But -- yeah and he reminds me of any that he's better with guys beat him we better beat the better here. Then you were there. You -- there. Yeah yeah yeah I thought maybe it was the greatest pure theater -- like yours. And. Yes we are Michael there's a lot of fastening storyline heading into the 2014. Major League Baseball season. The Yankees acquired -- to -- and Jacoby Ellsbury Grady Sizemore will now be starting in center field David Ortiz is -- What is the most interesting story line for the 2014 season. For you. I'm fascinated. By what happens in Los Angeles. Not gas -- we not with Clayton Kershaw. Josh Beckett he's got anything left in the tank and an injured. He's talked about not being in the baseball's much -- he has been in the past. I'm interest that it Beckett turns around once. That's a good one. I think I'm I'm most fascinated to see whether tonight that is Daisuke 2.0. -- fees. A lot better than that. -- -- and I hesitated there because let's be honest. Daisuke was pretty good the first couple years here in the first year especially when a World Series you win sixty games he was a big part of -- winning the World Series. So I don't wanna not what he was early on. By the end of his career he was trying to please. But he was pretty good earlier this. Hold the ball. No control. Walking the principles sometimes on purpose and -- -- -- -- work and try to never resolved never sought public utilities to knock it. That's the big story guys and -- It changes the complexion of the elite. And have to look at the Yankees as theories serious contenders for the title. And if he is war closer to -- it. He's not bad -- indict you supposed to be Japanese Greg Maddux. That was the description. Before we solved it it's closer to Daisuke and the Yankees are are marginally better but it's not it's not a they're not a threat to the -- when it. Yu Darvish. -- cartridge yeah we got you got a little race. And. -- -- let's bring him home to the Red Sox the defending World Series champion Red Sox what is your prediction for them how many wins they get. And where will they finish in the AL east. Michael. -- yeah. -- -- It's let's -- last year Adam around 92. Weird things got 97. This year you're closer to most public debt of around 99. United -- -- that they have so much respect for the American League east. You know the the very pretentious but productive Joseph Maddon and his team. There always in the -- by the Yankees. I have to have made some moves and have to knock as we get to -- it turned out to be pretty good. -- look out for the Yankees and Baltimore Baltimore made some really intelligent signing in the offseason. They finished second. In the American League east they are a wildcard. I'm with you I think they win ninety games. They don't get the division title because camp. Things don't go as well for them this coming year as they went -- year -- material that -- felt -- a lucky lucky lucky they'll. -- come from behind me and Saturday -- you aren't your house care to just -- -- -- the I'm like Tampa I think to take the division and I think the Yankees. This year I think -- last year is probably. Make all these signings during the offseason big money. I'll bet you. That let's go to an event like curable in there that I would from the -- the -- I'm I'm revealed a little more optimistic that you guys. Because I don't agree with the idea that everything -- the Red Sox went last year I think they overcame a lot of stuff last year. And and I think he gets some guys just coming back to it informs. That they're going to be OK so I'm guessing 94 wins and I think they they when the American League east. I know that if we keep predicting if he's gonna win the division -- -- will be right. But it seems like we've been -- on that calling for them. For and I hate these give him credit I just hate the idea would hit the hole and then that's another round of of Tampa stories and oh my goodness -- what -- do that shoestring budget and they just -- -- cure all imagined. I would Joseph Maddon came up with the idea -- -- -- this idea of putting -- nine guys in the lineup. That's -- important that lineup and too little Teddy invented the -- didn't -- diamonds. This is happen. Andy. Are you to pick and -- team and NL team who will represent the each week in the World Series and who will be. The 2014. World Series champions. I noticed -- -- Mike Tampa in the American League. Also the blue -- not the wind out of the blue jays BO raids -- win the division politics and what they go to the World Series and police lose faith they're gonna lose I'll they're gonna lose this. As the Michael Ryder burn explode. They will lose the Stephen Strasburg and the bounce back Washington national. -- that -- big upset. But there are a lot of folks -- and I mean I'm hearing. Blowback -- some of the nationals young talent and guys saying nasty things about the -- I. I am going to be the homer also the Red Sox get back to the World Series and give back there they're gonna get back there gonna win and I think they're gonna play the Dodgers. Which would be so much fun that's always that that's easy eagle this guy to pick Greg thank you -- I'm not gonna pick the nationals just like some people live at I'm gonna say the Dodgers. What they -- Red Sox beat the Dodgers -- -- how many did seven. That game Josh Beckett gives up a three run bomb in the eighth inning off Red Sox went from your mouth that I dinner this. It. We're about to have it be for those of you love the whole grown stories in the analytic. Favorite metrics. That doomed war with last. -- this is your World Series. Is one of the team's last. The St. Louis Cardinals would give back to the world homegrown terror. I don't wait a tremendous he -- moments so he's got to represent the they're gonna -- of the nationally. Numerically yes Tampa Bay Rays. -- ago. And thank the lord they're gonna be swept. Parents. I don't know how it goes so that they're not gonna score Iran. In four games it's going to be like the last meeting they'll bring you went there I -- out of there what Michael did -- to rule winners because when I don't -- and they made it all the way to the World Series. With nothing to help fan base for you Joseph -- so gracious in defeat colleagues had a wonderful glass of Chardonnay while he's up there on the interview table -- him where he used. I'm gonna -- that one up. Well there's four -- four we'll get back to calls -- you in just a couple of minutes 6177797937. Red Sox have made most of their moves the the roster is pretty much sat. I know that for the Jackie Bradley junior fans out there it's disappointing to know that. He will begin the season and attack it I don't particularly in the season and Pataki and I don't mean just the September call thing I think he'll be here in a part of this roster before the season is out. I think I think they made the only move they could have made a and as spring training went on. It became so clear that while the job according to John Ferrell was Jackie Bradley juniors at the start of spring training. Grady Sizemore just the right out of his hands they had to 6177797937. AT&T -- line is 37937. Broadcasting live from the Charley horse in West Bridgewater. Dale Michael and -- Sports Radio W media.

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