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Jerry Remy speaks up again, calls in to D&C

Mar 28, 2014|

We talk about the latest developments in the Jared Remy case, as his father called in to Dennis and Callahan this morning to answer a lot of the questions that were raised by last weekend's expose in the Boston Globe.

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Our number two Michael Holley Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold I'm here as well Greg Dickerson is over at the other end of the table were broadcasting live. From the Charley horse west central street and West Bridgewater c'mon down the nice folks at Sam Adams. Rebel IPA of -- get to some nice giveaways for the folks here all the TVs have all the sports up. Yet some eat some to drink. The bison burger is really good Michael Holly's recommendation was actually -- Whenever you come to the Charley horse. I have to tell you to a senator street was senator I apology I want -- and a tank hitting an orchard commie jerk did you know -- Done all day and Garland started last night and they you know your phone calls -- 1 o'clock in the morning at 2 o'clock -- and look at that but that's fine. Westerners street -- in the area you have got to your -- but the burger getting the bison burger and the kind of sort of burgers. I'm telling you it's in my top. -- And I -- to agree actually. I will say this I was a little surprised when I was listening to Dennis and Callahan this morning as I do every morning. And I heard the Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy called him I was a little surprised. Not because he talked to the -- talk to him January 20 as well but. I think on didn't he he made a phone call in in and wanted to talk about some things and address some things. And as even Kirk many handset at the end of the whole thing you got to give him credit he answered all the questions. He didn't duck anything you know there were some things. Conversations with -- Sonny said he'd like to keep private understand that not but he answered all the questions. He answered all the questions and I wonder if you ever talk radio purposes is good. That he called in in the in he was willing to and engage with those guys in and talk about some of that. -- some of the mistakes that he's made and some of his that his views on what's happening here. Those Gifford talk radio is good for him. You said this morning on a conference call might not come off yet he said that in. Our -- and again but the transcripts again listen to again I thought he came off gut. What what she liked what it was like this there's a lack of contrition. It was a lack of there was an -- there. Did you hear the edge now -- no the only into generating it. I didn't I didn't I have all rights. Dole that would rival right to make a living and go wanna do my job what are we guilty he's -- He's right well that party's right to make a. -- that's -- right to make a living you don't have a right to make is coming right. Do Red Sox games that is natural that's right that's it didn't say OK quick opening -- it's -- that that's historical error though it that's part of it. He could he could do something he could do something else write something he would probably like. A lot -- -- does -- stop talking about what you look like he does hit the ability to do something no I don't think so. Don't think you have to get bill don't do anything else outside of being called a broadcaster. Horse -- the guys are AJ it it looking when -- and onto meanwhile as well. I'm not sure how much of the day to day operation of -- -- these restaurants Jerry Remy has much to do with his name is on the marquee. I don't think he's in there you know every day. Making all the operational decisions and and on how to run the thing. He he went from being a baseball player to being a baseball broadcaster he's been a broadcaster the last last -- -- six years. I would suggest no I don't think he's trained nor qualified to do much of anything else give them more credit than that and we haven't not that I'm sure you can go to the local. -- -- re instill suits if you wanna do think he wants it that he wants to be a Major -- broadcaster what's wrong with what's wrong with him. What he wants to do they're as good. There is nothing wrong with him doing that but that my my problem is not -- right to do this this is a privilege. It's a pretty he's not yours it would not direct -- let's let's not forget -- stuck on that because I have I have a bigger problem. What what he said. It sounds like it's about -- hear a lot about him. I hear a lot about his spam. And trying to do what's best for my family. -- your family is not the only one involved here. Your son was not the only one involved and you know you're if you're paying for your son's legal fees right now trying to do what's best for -- -- Well. There's there's Thursday in a young woman who lost her life. Because of your son. There were other women out there and other families with a look at your daughter's. With the black guys and broken noses because of your sons are there other Europe rambling is not the only one out there that really bothers me it gets to yet to be honest here. And the more he talks. The more. I just think. Are are you are are you thinking about other people. Or you picky about protecting yourself when -- Let our ally at the reception here at the risk here of of making anatomy. I'm not gonna that we -- that's the thing wouldn't signature is here's here's the point. I don't think any questions were asked to them about the -- they were only asked about. Jared -- and and he and his wife and how they raise their kid and how they enable their kids all the questions that he answered. Were all about I -- manager dale I'm mad about that the question debris. Why need to bring up Jennifer -- tell you why I don't he don't he said. You know we're without Jennifer and and that's a void in our lives I'm paraphrasing here he brought it up. When he in the courts of asking questions that. I shouldn't have to ask you questions. For you to address the obvious. This is the this is a kid. Who. Destroyed. Everything in this past absolutely destroyed every. Which -- the way Jerry Remy said today. He said if you know in any went back -- they thought that they had that he had his act together Jerry said he went what eight years without. An arrest and and and they thought they finally thought that he would kind of straighten things out. And then eight years without a domestic violence right right. Without a domestic violence know that your your correct -- and I should've. Said it that way but but my point is they thought that that he straightened it out obviously he didn't. He disagreed with some things that were said in the article he says that there were some things that weren't true. I wanna go back to. He answered the questions that were asked and I'm not I'm not knocking the interview of John and -- and Kirk. Think they asked him much about Jennifer -- back I can't remember they did a single question about Jennifer Martin out. And if you're Jerry Remy. You're protecting your fan apparently you're standing up with your family. Your wife your son. Your brother kids goalie so good about everybody -- immigrant one up but right now he's trying to defend his family not on anybody else. I -- and he did defend. He is. All in his daughter in law by saying. A few things about him but he was -- the what what is that you want him to say without being asked around. Listen this is not a he's not trying to to to win a press conference and I don't want him Q there are no checkpoints. I go by what I hear. -- go by what I what I what I've read. With with Jerry -- it just doesn't -- write to me that he's going to be the broadcast and -- gonna call make a call for his job it's pointless. They're gonna happen there. John Henry in the Red Sox. Fully support them they have come out and they have stated their position on on Jerry Remy. Just like that the more he talks. -- if it doesn't sound too good to me I mean you guys that disagreed and then and and we all. With this story have disagreed. As a community we disagree right down the middle. I just think the only thing that really bothered me out of this morning's interview was -- question. When he said he used supporting him now in his lawyers now only days we did things he said yes these are a paper Jerry's lawyer now -- Yeah. What bothered you the question is not the answer the ore body in the -- the fact that he needs fuel supporting. After after all. It's been said everything that's been on what he still hasn't yet. -- well I'm I'm confused not great because you're just that he supporting its -- which you went zero for the then you have a problem with them saying that. He continues to protect the Stanley supported him what. Why wouldn't I just -- -- I -- monetarily if I don't hang up for a lawyer for doing that the entire time I I know that and I understand that night instead do you and the daily yesterday. He sort of figured it out years ago. But he shouldn't be continuing to support this -- financially but at some point in time. You -- Cottam often some point in time to go to the turn the other -- to. I think that that the difference here and and he he also he followed up on it and actually just a -- and that was it. He said he has the right to representation. He does in this country. I guess there are folks who figure if Jerry Remy pays for that representation. He somehow. Advocating or sticking up for what Jerry Remy did he couldn't be further from that when you hear him he he doesn't he doesn't stick up for anything Jerry Remy did. He doesn't understand that he I mean he's pretty outspoken about it. He just as he said he has the right to representation and Jerry Remy is paying for that lawyer. It's not he wouldn't. Advocates would like coming -- I don't I don't endorse I don't witness when I he would do that but paying for that attorney. In this in this is there a flaw in our legal system and we talked about for many years. Over many cases if you have more money. You have eat it it's it's too bad you're paying for justice. More money get you a better deal. Well. I'll say this well there is no one on the planet. No one. Given the fact that there were eyewitnesses who watched this happen who thinks there is any way on God's green earth. Jared Ramey is getting out of this -- it is exactly as best case scenario my guess is is to somehow cop a plea. From murder one to murder two -- -- but any lawyer can do that in a couple plea you don't need a high priced attorney to do that. -- can do that I don't think so. I don't think so if any lawyer can do it will be the state -- it up to lawyer any lawyer to do what what Jerry -- it's generic release lawyers doing. Then why pay him why pay extra there's something. There are some things and I think we know what that something -- in the Boston Globe on Sunday checking out that's what a high priced attorney can do for you. But this is totally different -- of eyewitnesses. Who -- team he'll want it and the guy's gonna walk out. Without doing any time. But a high priced attorney he would take care of things won't you won't take advantage of loopholes will take advantage. Flaws in the system CE OK -- OJ that any lower priced attorney cannot do on the. Know that exist here here's the only way he gets to -- play. Is it the state allows it not nothing high priced attorney if the states has no no deal. The net then there is no deal with the matter what the high priced attorney says the state -- allow look. Will spare the price of of a trial will allow you to plead guilty to this Willis sure that you stay in prison for the next thirty years without -- -- thrown out. -- I am so cynical. Of what the commonwealth will we will not do after reading that story on some very there is no. Hey there's no guarantee there is no this will never happen. Read that story I think those things would happen. And they happen over and over and there were witnesses wasn't murder that they were witnesses. There were. There were people there was a final. Their judges -- Republican to beat the papers say OK you were to hear three weeks ago and about okay. Then there was like a month ago and then there was like six months ago and then two years go on and on. And yet. He was around to do. What he did there ports there is not a from everybody judge on the planet given the publicity of this case was gonna let this guy walk his talk and walk. But but again the only way he gets the couple plea is if the state allows at a -- and say no sorry. Murder one we're going to trial and that's up to stay up the state decides. Where to go -- -- what your confidence level based on what we've we've -- In the last week which are companies that commitment to meet -- totally different situations I understand completely what you said all the failures of the Massachusetts legal system up to this point. Our our voluminous and laid out -- at peace among other things. This is different this his first -- there's a woman dead. Second of all she was killed in front of witnesses including her five year old daughter by the way Florida mall. The publicity that this case has gotten could you imagine a judge or a DA sent -- -- and we'll cut the kid a break here. Are you kidding me not even in this state would somebody go near that one hope not deal right. George on the cellphone page or -- on George -- I gotta get there we go hey George I don't. Good deal or you know thank you. Good fighters wanted to address alum Michael Ali and now all this and and Michael -- in -- around. Really makes me really feel. Jerry has done something wrong here. You're not the -- accused of any thing Jerry did -- that he could do for family. And and many people and attacking Jerry I think are really going after him guilty of something went back into etiquette and Greg at the right to make a living. That happens to be on net and happened to be a Red Sox on station station. And that's what you put in and think you have a right to work for the Red Sox threats Mexican term and that I can have a real problem with. People who -- areas that he's. Something. That brought the fact he's gone out of its way to the best I -- about -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you sure are you sure he's -- are you sure he's done. The best for his job he can say that with confidence I can't. Well in hindsight no we didn't let -- at the time they thought that's what they were doing. And I think that -- that someone may play on the early show today about how. You know if you to a lot of things your child and I happen -- have a summit at the issue not looking like -- and the cherry hit. And I locked -- to try to help him and hopefully. One to eight the net were doing to support him and helped and we will open and getting better and sort of moving past some of the issues that he has. And so when you worked that way and it worked out how politically you're not considered an enabler but on the other candidate doesn't work out you consider and so. I think it's a very confusing issue. And it's one that I don't like I get very passionate about what I hear people going after cherry went and you're right Michael. You know I can't say definitely that he did everything. But when you listen to a -- like that speech he comes across as genuine guy and they say you know. We got on a psychiatrist but obviously on a vacation and and so he's what he's done everything he's done a lot at least come across -- Appreciate call thanks George 6177797937. Is telephone number -- intrudes very had been. -- -- Time I'll put him on hold -- find them. Line got to hit the right button here I Kerry's and Ipswich take Kerry I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Bella I -- her eating out -- -- -- aren't going back and forth about his role as a parent and as a sportscaster. And you know I I have to agree with last caller -- parents he. Try to is without. -- and then now you know he's an app purchases parents. Separating that out. Doing the job he allowed to do what he wants its ill it appears that he's probably not the last thirty odd years or eight. Well I'll take it one step further carry into further Michael's point. He has a right to do what if the guys who do the hiring want him to do they want to do it as. The guys the guys who were doing that that's fine of course bodies and Jerry Remy got right to make a living. The non starter that's it's foolish of them as if I excitement out there that didn't have a right to make and of course he does. The making -- of it is the Red Sox it's. The analyst role that he -- right now. It does have a right to do that there's no right. They wanted to do it which opens up another avenue of conversation. The -- -- out on the two -- that accurate I think the Red Sox. Have really disappointed you might not even -- not even addressing the fact. That year -- worked for them at two different times one time he was he was doing steroids. That he worked with the work with the Red Sox they've moved on from -- time I got back with the Red Sox after serving time in jail. -- how do you think he got that. -- it was just a random search. And they set me up like this guy the coincidence is the same last name is our broadcaster. Wouldn't think you'd think Jerry really gotten that out. -- well. You know there you go out. And along the way I I don't like I don't like the second and third and fifteen and 25 chances. That here with -- -- that have anything that you would cheer me -- -- that he had to make the commit any crimes no commit any crimes. But did he make it possible. Any number of weight that he make it possible or shared red -- to continue his lifestyle. Let's put that a fair that it. -- the light the light on. Her little child. And children at their their -- Have and then see one maker -- on app ankle I think there. And that that and that play. And here let me is he in point an example of that and fortunately he's a very public. Play cherry Grammy. -- publicly and I am sure there at Jerry. Horrible late -- -- Erica and -- to be going through this I think it's a wonderful and that it. Settled out of court. Cut it your grandchild. You know not sit there through a very outlet. Court trials to determine. Their grandchild. And you know I think that admirable. And at that not -- rat. If he girlfriend -- went through. A horrible. Well I don't think there days -- wasn't gonna benefit them either -- always appreciate the call and there's one area where I'll agree with Michael one area in which Jerry Remy. Did yet flat out or marine. And I'll tell you what that is we'll play it for you when we come back. Human CP ever feel threatened. By Jared. No we didn't know did not know no we did not know but I gotta tell a year ago where we we always felt. Back you know it was a disaster waiting happens on the call and gotten. And that's why we you know always. Tried to get him as much possible help but you can't and I are certain people are. Sometimes it takes two to tango Orton and and a lot of times the angle it may you'd also you know like. -- I guess I really don't know what more to say about that that particular subject. But Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy who called into the Dennis and Callahan Show this morning and and talk. With John and Jerry incurred at length. About the whole situation. Michaels said earlier that he sounded. Almost or -- at times in it and it was and there was no one's place in particular where I -- -- agree with you completely. Now he didn't say the name. But if you read the newspapers every -- as we all do he's referring to a a column written by -- That -- and I believe yesterday. And and it basically decried the fact that -- at the grammys even have visitation rights with their granddaughter. And and went into chapter and verse about you know did they bring the grand -- of the house and there'd be pictures of Jared all over the house and those -- left -- -- -- Right what what will be there and and why did they want custody based on. What they do with their own children. And Jerry did it. Refer to that now by name but it was pretty obvious who he was referring to and this was the part where I thought he got just -- the slightest bit agitated. I'd rather read a column. Yesterday. -- -- 200 and answers you know about parents and we shouldn't even be allowed he had granddaughter because and so will we do have pitches broke. Our son although the hearts and what not stupid. I mean you know it's it's it's that -- I think you know him pretty. It is it is it's it's that kind of reporting patterns. Disgusting to me because what what we gonna do -- -- granddaughter and it's -- short pitches to daddy did you break. You know we're gonna outrun the phone -- come from from the camp in -- break. You know we're gonna take from presentations. Two to jail if you break. -- would not stupid -- you know so I mean it's those kind of things that. Upset me a little bit. You know bureau sought to -- them seniors but this is what it airs. But -- besides it's like -- you can call it the worst apps in the world I can accept that. You can call me yet able or I can accept that when you start talking about how we are not a treat our bread -- To order father in NC all the stupid things like that. I mean that there's -- certain. And and you know. I'm better so we would never ever schools two years so no desire when he when he calls he made sure he called art iron which he's not visiting. There's been no contact there will be no contact. And those look at exit here on the mice in a little bit you know the -- is what it is. That was the most agitated -- the audio and the entire conversation. It just -- that distinction. And Margery Eagan was write a column right so. -- direct help her get you places to report her reporting you're not really doing any. Any reporting back Moskowitz did in the glow Pete's right he's just. Putting an opinion out asking the questions and I think that the questions. -- irritated them I think it would irritate a lot of people. But on on the flip side. Now he said he was not. He was -- he was never physically threatened by his side. Well we'll put yourself in the position of people who are physically threaten. By by his side and there are a lot of them. And you know really got to think about that was me what about those people would keep hearing about family family as it is only one family involved here. There -- a lot of families. That are still feeling the effects. Of of Jerry grammys actions in not just the -- family there's the most tragic. You don't have their daughter that there were other women this -- -- history a pattern of abuse. From Jerry -- and for him to keep bouncing back for him to keep hitting these these perks. Keep giving money. -- parents and I think it is -- little unsettling it's disturbing actually. So does that mean does that mean -- that they had Jerry -- should not work Red Sox -- like. Obviously his bosses aren't going there. And -- and I'm not gonna say I'm not going to be one of those -- and I'll never watch a Red Sox game of course I'll watch Red Sox and we all well. I continue to look at him a little differently now. It in the light of all of this really. Is much is IE back -- to go back into the Booth and do the game's. -- -- look at him differently everytime he opens his -- let me ask you this. Does he have to change and how much does he have to change in the course of the broadcast you'll. You you the issue why I know my time believe that I don't think there be any air guard there air guitar playing with a guy. Do the job or not you're gonna be there and that Sofia if you gonna do the job do the job the way you know how to do it. I don't think I don't think John Henry dance like John -- wants in the compromise. And felt like Tom Warner what's in the compromise this dial. They come out in instead and enthusiastically. Look important. And Gerri really being in the both. Two quick football notes before we get back to the calls the patriots gained one and they lost one. They've re signed center Ryan -- two year deal. Makes total sense to me they've lost -- Garret blunt who has signed two year deal with Pittsburgh Steelers. He sent to Pittsburgh Steelers competitor has sort of feel it as it is are back to the calls go -- -- New Hampshire hey Tom. I hate your great. -- but I think guys don't have body Jerry Remy. Colin as a preemptive. Savior Korea's behavior restaurant Davies now. Actually. -- what but but it's already been saved meaning that is -- Marty said these welcome back they Marty said he's going to be doing the games. But you know -- you know it's not like he called and every morning and then have a regular talk about how it you know anger going or whatnot I think he's just trying to. -- -- -- Ahmad -- all all of -- point out Tom all of pointing out he is that there's nothing to say. He'd already announced he was gonna be there Monday. The Red Sox both owner John Henry and principal Tom Warner have Marty said he welcomed back in essence. Chief bush on the -- authority said the statement that they. They just support Jerry Remy while they still. Express their grief for the Martell family there's nothing to -- fear there was no preemptive strike if that's all done. Don't you and to wonder what John Henry's. Logic is on this or just his feelings about it normally if this is such a statement. It's a statement culture and everybody's got a statement. They've released and you put the statement out there in the you don't have to do with any follow -- questions and we've already addressed the matter check out our statement right but don't you wanna know. What job on him Henry really thinks it was any type of is there any type of of wrestling with this. If you have any kind of reluctance. With the with the jury ripping you know bringing Jerry Remy back. Well let that wouldn't let saying no just Michael you know why it's a no because he's the publisher of the Boston Globe certainly didn't do anything to stop that. He's the he's the head of the company that owns -- and didn't do anything to stop that and he's the owner of the Boston Red Sox and didn't do anything to stop I don't. I don't know how he reaches or what he thinks just what he thinks he does he think in I don't I'm not trying to. -- -- against the wall here but. We heard a lot of different takes on a jury remained Jerry Remy is his take that hey it happens. I have killed. Feel really badly -- for Jerry Remy and and he's in this situation and it's not his fault does he feel that. I mean what what do you think I just wanna know what he why why has he been. Why is gone above and beyond. It is supported -- isn't it obvious what he thinks I wanna know what they wanna hear him say at the outset of the state. Not gonna say you know is gonna give the statement walk away you won't say. I'm Paul is an LA -- I don't. -- hi how -- -- I wanted to chime in on I I think I heard a caller. It was admirable. Ward Jerry Remy to settle on custody trial yeah that he's. I I think I think it was just a slip out of verbiage here I think what she meant was. That a long protracted custody battle doesn't do anybody any good. No I don't think you I don't -- it all and that I don't exactly. I don't I didn't really know I did not at all she was she -- vulnerable. Yet that this Nottingham but let's say it pre teen got together and that. If you hit a good public that if. I think you're trying to get guardianship not not this particular Utley he hired a private investigator. To to get Dirk. Guardianship of the child that your son -- A vacuum -- restaurant forget about that. I am I will say that and I've heard the same things I've heard people say the same things you do Paul. I've also heard other people say that he knew full well that they weren't gonna get guardianship of this child. And that at their age and stage of life they really didn't want guardianship what they were trying to ensure with visitation rights. And that by doing what they were doing they were at least gonna was sure that they were going to be able to see this this granddaughter. And yet their fear was that. Whether the mark tells got custody or at the the uncle. Bet you if that was did and they and they -- their voice wasn't heard they were never gonna see this this granddaughter again. -- Can you continue to get cocktail like I I can -- But this is going to be ongoing and his team it could. Very well be invited to call into DNC. Because just because he's their money doesn't mean there in July. They'll see I don't I I I mean sure it's absolutely -- possible look I've I've said all along I don't know how he does it just on an ongoing basis. It if I try to god forbid put myself in his shoes I don't know how I can go to work every day in. And do. His job without waiting you you think he's gone by you by June that what you said yesterday did you think is on par with the season. It's going to be tough I I know it's going to be tough I just think if he's there on Monday in Baltimore he's there for the rest of the season. But again -- yesterday I think he needs it for himself he has to do that job. Or else who knows what's gonna happen if you're running the needs that job herself. I Johns on the truck -- job. -- -- guys. I got a couple that you need 45 seconds. All in Gloucester. Not yet but I got quite a -- for me I don't look here -- only a week now -- it but. He Jerry Remy that it that. Eric Baldwin. Make sure recalls when you when -- it will when not when the baby not visiting. Yeah by the way that indicates to me they're already visiting with the child now I heard that same thing. I don't think I don't know that drew a lot of what I don't think that. Who you might -- anywhere leave them alone now when. -- and whether it so your -- saying that that you think that when when area on his visiting with Jerry and BB. Jared -- is calling their at that time so that he can talk to the daughter. No I don't think I don't think -- being. On the baby yet. I don't think that the remnick does seem to -- that the murder and what Jerry does that put -- make sure he called when they're not visiting is it is not you know it it's also because they come visiting. So why I I didn't understand your there it looked like it was your other point that -- you went according to -- program. But -- -- Michael I agree with your voters aren't really keeping his job Garland keep his job. The what what really gets me though is the whole thing with the airports aren't you know he says he didn't have any report on a restraining order up. Christina billed as the day he did it. I I believe that they did have some kind of influence. I believe could be until 2000 you know you know very honest there and with that interview. You'll go a little bit realm of things she said and and you don't know me you tell me what you don't what you don't believe she's that I kind of -- ball. I I I I don't know it well that you asked me question I'll say this John I heard the -- -- no let me finish you asked a question. I I heard her conversation today there was only one thing she said that. Didn't set quite right with what was that she was expecting the grammys to apologize to express condolences to her. For Jennifer mark tells she she admitted that the remedies and express those condolences to the -- family right but she was upset that they haven't expressed those sentiments to her. While doing other clip. Well I know and put you on the spot but we have we'll we'll we'll have a -- and gamble will pull -- I wanna I wanna hear. When they hear what you said exactly because if he sees it that way I'm with you. Now not in Latin it is the meat -- out. Still hanging you know I am I I chuckle at that -- and I think that's. At -- another instance where letters in the East Asia. Are on -- -- -- are my feeling. You know I don't know how they ran it back carrying IIIR. Every day and and I can't I can't tell you that there's very insulting and it legally Palin and I couldn't imagine by. You know it as well I don't think you're any accountability and again like -- mentioned it again I don't know decency at all given little. You know -- -- It would have been right after the murder has it reached out and that at all and it and offered until it is our our apologized to. Further on the behavior you know on -- -- or whatever -- are offered some sort of and at the end and and about it and that's about it and it was a -- And enhances imminent and that interview. Well it's instead I think you're stuck. She's a much decency right -- are about to her to -- -- that decency overall empathy. Accountability. Right yup so but I think you're talking about overall to the no no team that we -- we are hurtful yes but I heard that clip there accused he said a couple of things you've -- pretty bad yet we will we had two clips that we. That we -- there and and the first when she was talking about. How they have not reached out to her. Or her family and I and as I was thinking about it and looked -- as a horrific thing she witnessed I understand them. But why should they express condolences to horror. The -- family not yes. You probably can't express it enough -- wide her. And and when did it become about. Her well I don't think they really necessarily have to express condolences to her show empathy toward her. But. -- point if you maker point larger and this is when I was in at this at the top. There are many families. Who have been affected. By Jerry Remy is not just the mark tells them let's talk about that looks at. I wanna hear that I don't hear that. 110. Your son. Did monstrous things. For twenty years. It was just one incidents. That has to be address. 6177797937. AT&T -- line -- 37937. Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson at Charley horse in West Bridgewater Sports Radio WEEI. Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson here at Charley horse in West Bridgewater the nice folks at Sam Adams -- IPA have. Put together our little group of parents down here a lot of folks combine and sitting watching the sports on TV analyst into the show and have a bite to eat we're happy to have the mall here we hope by you guys come on down as well and join us. -- -- I. Am I'm right here the great. Would you listen. I got nothing right now but we'll. Let everything into it and I got a third wheel okaying a foot of a dinner. -- between you and dale I don't get in the way of this romance we're gonna go home. What do you play on the governor maybe -- -- they are -- how hot spot and outages at my old man. -- you know we we had I think you have is that enough you'll -- about. Your rug on the Huckabee now I'm talking I can't understand. What your end game is with Jerry ramming. There's only game. I'm not trying to get them off to broadcast. The what I try to do. I'm trying to understand. That connection I'm trying to understand the connection between. -- and chipped it Jerry Remy the broadcaster. And -- are really what it what are some of the things that Jerry Jerry Remy did that allowed Jarrett led me to become. -- kind of became kind of admitted to -- was he was an enabler and he's that guy admit to that -- was a bad parent promptly you'd admitted to that. And who knows what jury was like during the kids' upbringing. You know you look at. Traveling as a as a baseball player traveling as an announcer. Was he always there for everything for his kid it was what was right. Talked about a fact something did that affect the the upbringing of Jim Remy did that affect what what happens in late -- light. I'll tell you this great there's not an end game but this is something I'm Republican outboard. If there is any clues if there's any -- Christina hill with telling the truth. There's any hint that he. Or his wife discouraged Jennifer -- From. Pursuing things further going to of course going to the cops. Anything. He will never you never broadcast another game. I agree with that -- him -- be it to me that's the straw that breaks the camel's back. I would stop defending him. If I found that out. Tweeter Malcolm says dale you peaceably. God willing this doesn't happen to your daughter stop but you're better than that kind of wondering. What Malcolm is hearing here like I'm somehow defending Jerry -- please I couldn't come for me I couldn't be further from that. I wish they'd put this animal behind bars twenty years ago and I bet Jerry wishes they had to. If I'm defending Jerry Remy and Roger I don't think jury which is that but anyway well I'm not sure now well I mean in hindsight -- -- hindsight sure -- and hindsight -- probably wishes that he had been in jail does this woman would be alive right now. I might be defending if that's the right word Jerry Remy is right to. To do the games if -- employer wants him to. Eight indicate if the -- actually thinks I'm somehow defending. Giguere did ramming you just couldn't be released from the truth and that's. That's fair but when you look at when you look at Jerry Jerry Remy listen to him do these pre season games. Spring training games. Did you look at do you look at him differently does that affect the broadcast. You know what for me at the first time first time I saw him and after that. I'm watching baseball. I'll watch a baseball. And to me if he's still on the broadcast. Do you think he's gone in June if he's still the broadcast in July and it's a hot night down in Arlington Texas in the play in the rangers'. I'm thinking about baseball -- thinking about what's gonna say what's the team not gonna say what's going on back home in Boston with a I'm watching him for baseball. And I don't believe the people who say I'm not locked in another game on NASA not watching Jerry Remy. If he comes back with this brought -- I don't -- -- -- the -- You can't not I think sometimes the emotion takes over when they seize upon that and they probably even mean when they say it. But realistic they don't come through their parochial opening games on Monday and you don't watch because Gary's on the telecast I just don't think that happens in real life do you. I think some people the idea that the happens for them. It will happen but I think he's -- classic moment or don't watch it you can still watch you watch -- that it or not I don't know what other games. And watch the game and they have. You have to dig in and move and they -- writer and game one Monday from no no I think Lewis artistic and -- you listen to them. 6177797937. We'll get right back to the call to -- dale. Michael Greg broadcasting live from the Charley horse and West Bridgewater Sports Radio WEEI.

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