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Kristina Hill, Friend of Jennifer Martel, reacts to Jerry Remy's interview with Dennis and Callahan

Mar 28, 2014|

Kristina Hill, a friend of Jennifer Martel, joins Mut, Lou, and Christian to react to Jerry Remy's interview with Dennis and Callahan

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One of the neighbors I believe was Christina hill said on the station that you or your wife pressured. Jennifer to allow. -- back in the house. But you and your statements say that's. That not false. -- She calls it a book report partners. If you want to put this nonsense. We did everything about power the try to help Jennifer you say. We are cowards are believed. We offered receive David. You know aren't so I think I did I I don't wanna get -- the -- of the nitty gritty of of some of these accusations put. I can tell you that that Phoebe and I did everything we possibly -- to to makers save -- -- truthfully to get out. Offer replaces Eric. And -- -- work out that way. As Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy earlier today with Dennis and Callahan it's -- and -- Christian Fauria 93 point seven. On WEEI near heard Gerry Callahan asked the question the end of that conversation today. What about Christina -- comments will Christina was on our show earlier this week in. And -- tailed which she thought had happened there it's of things that she saw as a neighbor to Jennifer Martell. Christine hill -- joining us on the ATP outline give her chance to respond with Jerry had to say today Christine it's Michael -- Christian are you. All -- good we appreciate taken a few minutes I guess oldest he's -- -- -- -- interviewed -- this morning but again. For couple minutes there listening on hole what was your reaction to with Jerry had to say today with Dennis Kelly. I get a bit of disappointment. Let's look -- if that's the description I would is. Specifically at the end when he called your claims nonsense you came on the -- with -- us. And said that he saw some text messages from the ready family asking. Could Jennifer not to place a restraining order on Jared -- And he called those claims nonsense what was your reaction to the end of that what he had said. Well I mean I don't really feel like I hate need to defend myself against Jerry Randall he -- the local area I have no ulterior motive. You know I'm not looking -- money I am not looking at which time I didn't want the truth. You can't come out from my experience everything that I told you in the that at. And other and it is it is that you -- from from my period and and a lot eyewitness. I. With Jennifer and rule out Iranian -- that. Almost everything away and me that I. They took away my best friend I don't let anyone who wish upon their work and the rule has been a lot of watched -- past and I in front of them. And the screening 911 on an island one call culprit in her blood -- that I. I don't think that will be manually on merit network and me and and and that's what -- to -- and that night ER. He took -- my best -- -- escalate. Somebody who I would call it surrogate daughter to the way our mind and my husband's life like we can't go back -- Libyan early -- for. EE I I -- I suffer from like here -- week and I am you know I I can't I was my life because I. Luckily it witness at a trial. You know -- my whole life has been turned upside down and well. Lately and I. At no ulterior that in any event and I unfortunately there let -- -- taxpayers just kind of some authority and he's given me -- America. You know the the the nonsense -- -- -- that dole is influencing with a Jennifer will back or not is. And you still stand by that. Absolutely I I. Has not said anything except. After what I what I witnessed -- that you're saying their own records and text records that would prove my point -- I don't I don't think that. You know that's not the area I. Does that but my guess there's the -- the question would be that do you feel that as we Douglas before Ehrlich say there was a restraining order injured Rami do you. You feel that what kept -- kept this from happening anyway -- -- as a restraining order he just breaks restraining order and still gets into the -- even without the key. Anyway no matter what whether it was persuade her not. You know I made between Tony and I have no idea I have no idea that would contain him considering what he's done in the past. And you know and I I sat there after -- and diet and the point that a lot of voters because ballot freebie. Angry at what has happened again and how -- and locked in how it affected me and and all my life sentence and you know I sat there and looked at -- -- is that it looked at share and it was that the court. I mean I can get. It's like a perfect storm a combination of things but Michael now is take the positives from that. And to continue and like -- he issued -- completely out. Help for -- and and I looked leak little other out as hurt that. That's going to be more than. -- -- and the Iran near or or or anything out so Michael is it. It is to tell the truth so that other people in our particular whether my position at the brand new position or order and and know how to get out of he. -- -- like that they know how to get out safely though doesn't he come to the same and it. I'm not I'm going to do the rest of my life without heat and learn and don't don't let the saying that -- it -- Hopefully no one else and at one point one ever have to deal like anyone else. And I mean and -- in the previous night before. Before that and so I started memorial fund -- there are well and ultimately members and other patents competent for America memorial fund. On the -- the apartment and again. Domestic violence at eighteen and creating awareness and domestic violence and offering scholarships the single mom and that. I'm a bit. You know by ancient and and my mileage sport I'm moving forward I think I expect what I need to say -- -- -- nights previous Q -- Is it true that the murder and about the red means and going for -- at that Michael is to make it out and -- legacy. The Jennifer -- memorial fund up and ask you people can can get it more formation on that go back to your first dancer saying it's disappointing listening to Jerry. This morning what was the most disappointing Christine as you heard him speak about. What he had to say today without a voice in the morning. I again I I. You know I don't know how they ran it back out green and I I I everyday and I and I can't I can't tell you that there. An Italian island and I couldn't imagine. I as well I don't think you're any accountability and again like I mentioned -- I -- I don't know decency at all given little. You know -- -- It would have been right after the murder and it reached out and at all and it and offer condolences are are apologize to. Whether I'm behavior you know I'll be out him or whatever or profit from that me and and I about it. About it and -- -- -- it and and that it ended in the interview. You know. But giving given to you correct condolences and -- -- with a mark tells. Now -- Latin. The -- well. Kill me you know I I I I chuckle at that and and I think that. That's another instance where where it in the east as he showed are -- towards me or our -- my feeling. So that Affleck. But I can say to the point. -- that he Jennifer -- memorial fund is there any web access data you. Don't they get involved with this. Absolutely it can -- how memorial fund that content -- -- until he -- the pictures that isn't there. Jennifer we're currently in the process of looking -- pro Bono lawyer -- help but add it -- as -- nonprofit organizations sell at that time or not to lean on -- -- on I until that happens. Honestly can't help facilitate people and aching knees and it as a head tax rebate and whatnot. -- me. Well liked and consequently it out I am getting involved I don't mean you know I'm. -- is a -- on the site. Jennifer -- memorial fund dot com Christine hill neighbor to Jennifer -- we appreciate you. Taken a few minutes giving a chance to respond to it -- which Jerry had to say today. Will talkies. Of course have a great. Christina help joining us now on the eighteenth the -- will react to what Christiana say what Jerry had to say this morning. -- target you guys thoughts on on Jerry talk with the NC he's going to be back in the Booth. Monday afternoon for Red Sox in or Il 617779. 79370. AT&T -- line their -- all day at 37937. Right back. And it Sports Radio WE yeah.

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