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Mut and Lou and Christian Fauria's Florida Friday

Mar 28, 2014|

Mut, Lou, and Christian take their weekly visit to the craziest state in the Union

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Friday. Featuring news from. I think the future on -- Thank you love. A couple of decades. Pictured -- While pride. With Clinton -- W. -- misdemeanor count of sexual activity involving animals now animal service invested in his. Took custody of eight large full public and the property this dude was his yard having sex with a triple what source Michael Vick or him. When we do judge I don't wanna -- jolly old guys not not record and -- scumbag. It's actually beautiful. Yard as in neighbor. Guy has been on I haven't been penetrated. Years. I care about the animals -- on the show -- -- -- 37 WEEI Florida Friday we do every single prodded this time we. -- -- -- warmup but also. We bask in the war that is the craziness of a state of Florida Christians getting its first taste of this really Oregon -- the second he says that the greatest radio segment I've ever seen in my life. Are hurt. Active listening its report. On the lead off today because I think we have an incident that I need an answer to from you guys this part of the incident. Dateline port saint Lucie Florida. And intoxicated man angered. After three vomit on his own cell phone took about his wife holding machetes to enact. Before firing a shot go round over responding officers had this according to police. They responded to -- more drive 1015 this past Saturday a woman told dispatchers. She -- apartment with their children after Trevor Campbell who's 31 a couple drunk. Vomit it on his phone. And argued with her. At one point holding machete to a neck causing minor cuts according the report. She told police he had a shotgun was threatening particular cell but at one point putting the Basel it is now. Before she pulled it away the round discharge a hole through their -- the wife and daughter escaped police building and they are com that guide down. Pretty good god I thought we had a good dialogue going with next in all the phone goes dead around -- got discharges dialogue. -- along the I get it is pocket their full ammunition be -- again into the northern hands up we spent a Campbell. Into custody nobody ended up being hurt he's being held -- -- two or 50000 dollar bond the question becomes I know. When your phone gets wet you're supposed to put it in rice. What do we do it by vomit on myself what -- groups what's the plan there it wash your office and put it -- and -- -- and that's actually it's a beautiful. If -- -- -- -- have for a look at how reliable vomiting on your phone I mean are you holding your only your talking on it. You wanna hold your hands -- played Amy I even have vomiting on -- photograph here. With the apple care if you have an -- To help apple care Apple's -- -- -- super ball ready to hit it if you rise a bit of being. Oh this -- it golden gate Florida apparently you. A man broke it. Family's house Gonzales for their sleeping with a loud noise woke them up. We -- big -- -- my husband got rid of it get through security zone. With baseball bats it and fair to a deficit to investigate those victims of bicycle outside the house it's a big piled up is very -- to -- suspect. But our laundry detergent. How. Did laundry basket. That's a look at all the finally -- -- -- finally realized it was. Thus possibly someone hiding downstairs bathroom with a little weird noise that you realized that would -- the bathroom for the whole family goes to barricade the bathroom door. So this guy apparently can't get out. I deputies arrived on an inaugural no weapons -- find anything on you they found I don't know quote -- -- little girls -- in his pocket -- Gold was monitored for every template -- course I heard that the family barricades that the war. Fuel from the. Sorry upgrade. Get over it and thoroughly dark ago with the bill that was -- -- and it's here today years but it was -- outside I think it depends on your builders. The Tibetan doors opened -- all they got to go out. Right and I -- an -- -- Americans to win and analysts that bathroom door is the only doubt I don't pay any solid every door allows. Fouls and he was hit with a hammer was drunk not just somebody had to do mine goes out. Just goes out yes. Really. I -- -- bachelor -- the. Yeah -- of this is that this is mine and this is this this always an extra lap to say in the sport but here's the headline okay. Florida woman claims police made her poop on her own lawn during meth -- who it again it happens a lot this age group they are still. So floor holder's story about who such count me at a new city and a city of news -- near the beach. After police soft for others for sort of who would have credit -- what -- back there they are under arrest. Why they checked her house for drugs so dom Brooks is -- lady's name. Says the officers who don't matter outside Suzanne cup -- that -- to go inside to go to the bathroom. The -- said no let's just go right here go right there's actually there's an actual picture of duke key in on this picture like on the web -- a big pile of seek opportunities to gory death third base make mr. brow -- then she gets even more this is a -- didn't help -- clean out. They have to -- not stressed. Then they said there are laughing your joking -- that they may or put on a plastic jumpsuit. So she's basically saying that. What is a better civil her fourth amendment rights. Were violated and the judge basically saying you know they weren't. Next time recent TP I am so. America. -- the dog -- relate to that she should read nobody wants latest. A woman -- law take an adult. Is not there than not does nothing czar if she really wants I would want to the neighbor's yards to listen I've spent a lot of money begins grassland here I'm going next to myself when I read this I thought there. A lot techsters violate your teacher excellent 37 ID 37 from apple employee will -- -- nameless remain nameless. I've seen it happen a few times and apparently vomit on the cell -- Covered by apple care. We believe that. Apple care via -- commitment is about -- everything's pretty much covered by apple care you pay that we -- here -- rhetoric extended apple -- do a lot of things. I have the the real heavy case -- mindful that it's gonna. Save me a protectorate. Coming up the waterproof case yet -- relates to vomit proof case now it's bomb proof of.

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