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Mut and Lou with Christian Fauria. Patriots Offseason Grades

Mar 28, 2014|

Mut, Lou, and Christian Fauria react to Vince Wilfork restructuring his contract and evaluate the Patriots off-season so far.

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Definitely -- Hey hey keep it. -- -- He's to a strong. Proud to surprise me. -- -- -- -- Good exclusive audio -- idiotic talking to bits. Well they didn't quite do that think that the extension chance to make. Some money this year and maybe some more next year with the patriots. Still trying to effort details final later on today tomorrow. But -- ID 37 WE got a question because out of Vince is back in the fold. That affect how you guys look at the patriots offseason I'll start to -- for meat does couple weeks ago late last week we did this exercise. And I gave the patriots a B plus it's added that the reason why is because Vince Wilfork probably not going to be year. And I think they still lead eight a big outside receiver. It Christian 48 terminology a bull elephant on the outside. They side -- of fellow wouldn't say would fit that void but they didn't get Vince Wilfork back so for me and out might be nit picky. This has been a legit a modest offseason -- if between now that's -- good opening day. They signed an Oreo Alexander. One of these big a lot of receivers to one year deal that help their big physical guy magazine would help. But the idea of having that player out there if -- sonic team Nixon's at a -- of fell I would give them an AA. Because they're missing that piece in the outside. Probably be a tough grader I give an a minus what they've done Revis -- brought back cattlemen figured out Wilfork fell. That is an a minus almost everything you want of the patriot news -- -- B plus or minus in the range you mentioned. On the fell he wanted to wide receiver I wanted to be a veteran situation pass rush. I get to that's that's what I wanted to saga it's a -- B plus because that in. But was necessarily an agreement -- plus that was the -- Vince Wilfork wasn't going to be on this team when news. Obviously that if they lost its Wilfork policy with a try to replace him with -- -- to drop them down so that B plus was bids on on this team. I still think that there I still think their -- area means that -- Bigger wide receiver any outside but the club felt would be okay it would mean it's more not deposition it's more situation passed for a. Yeah it is in good point because Mike -- I think Europe's armor I'm going to credit him with this and I'm maybe it shouldn't but came with an article about. How much Chandler Jones and rob Dick -- field point six -- and yeah now guests. Absurd. That those guys to be spelled every now that -- you need one more guy. To play both sides to -- left side and the right side and -- which is also a guy who. -- -- adaptable enough to play linebacker position that is done and a cup years ago guys got hurt so yeah well another one of those guys I don't know about the receiver -- because the receiver situation. Lou is one of those things where they got those big receivers they got dobbs and they got Boise got speed got size. We still have top horses and a big. Dobson. -- a big receiver poison got the speed but he's gonna miss two to three months of the foot injury after surgery last week two weeks ago OK so my point is that still signal. Good until we got -- I don't say it's not a gear is -- helping -- and everyone that boys they did that last made that last draft they got speed and got size. Okay and they got an X-Factor with Hopkins who ended up. I think they still like him think they still want him out there. All got to -- up and down seasons but. They're not gonna throw him out yet -- these filthy -- there's a lot of upside with those guys so. And they have the fell in every sign element and I have Hammond also static rocks coming back so. They have a exotic they have they have a lot of weapons and the operator right on -- -- Apollo Louise day is the question. Ironically -- largest -- proposition -- ahead ahead at when the patriots get knocked out I had you know I I I lost my mind. And it couldn't take it anymore. And I say that's it I can't take it Q watch stomped toward these guys I wanna get all wide receivers of one assigned six wide receivers in the offseason and I would absolutely not right. It is sort of settles in and get back to where I've always spends about defense. And I think a Calif value brought back get me up at the big key the elephant you gotta give kids an opportune year -- to have their growth. But there were certain spots that I wanted. Free agency not to draft -- the veteran guy -- they make water not defensive and they don't want a veteran guy that even at wide receiver. And I guess -- in the -- I'll I'll put -- in at somewhat of veteran and that but that the -- of -- -- -- messed with his eleventh I admit they do you find only. Or a couple million dollar salary cap patent. Bring this guy AM Mark Anderson. Not tight. You know it's still out there I guess is a chance. Yet bus again yet you know guys are going to get cut during camp. At the end of camp guys will not make rosters will be cap casualties -- -- At least some young got out overplay. And -- -- got it has a big number the deal lot of money -- will be free and all snatch him up they do it every year. So I'm not a word about that I think the biggest concerns. I think most people had have been addressed. Corner. To leave Revis Browner good. -- four on settlement done. Another receiver not quite the veteran -- before but. Okay young enough to he maybe he can become that -- you know maybe he will be maybe he's. Maybe he will be can become a bowl of -- maybe he'll be the talkative. Camaraderie. You know mentor that young guys need cattlemen's I don't see him in that role. We don't ever doled out rule book just wondered like who took -- -- day -- to meet you anatomy comes back and signs his contract. And I look at him as a veterans group went public opinion and Dolan Agile and elements like eight. It believe me it's a combination of off the field on the field I I at a hundred catches. I'd almost 12100 yards or whatever and I'm Tom reasonable one option -- return kicks. This is what I do on the leader of this what receiving -- golf welcomes ethic ethic to an element is the leader -- present below for you look at full I think yes. Well because I know and brought it personality wise I just don't know if he's that vocal guy what he is is okay look at what settlement is doing. If you wanna be successful in this league today. Pattern your your working career offer him. Work out guy it take you to in his book always goes where is supposed to go. -- -- Dax that is that rule. On raw -- guy a mentor guy I don't know if that's really what he does and I know that's not what Abdullah does just don't have enough. It has been around long enough and has been successful as you say so. But there's room for other -- we'll see but I think they they have the numbers and they have been used may have this don't have enough experience. If they need -- able fell or water to the younger guys to step folded big guy immediately voiced Dobson those you -- -- -- -- games. And we can forget about drugs like he's not here but. He will be back off so capped fifteen says your wrong on the fell mile or Welker numbers before Miami in Miami where got a New England -- is overrated. Had a shot on a contract due to differences Miami wanted Welker back if you screwed up a lot leveled a put the restricted -- on -- on there is well. Let's tell Carol us that we're all set Ted -- jump in funny you in the depth chart Ted Ginn was -- -- after the well the fell out of the public he's got -- -- -- came through agents Alex said he can't tell a great gaming -- the patriots.

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