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Alex Speier of WEEI.COM joins Mut, Lou, and Christian with a Grady Sizemore Update

Mar 28, 2014|

Grady Sizemore has officially been named the Red Sox starting Center Fielder, Alex Speier joins Mut, Lou, and Christian to react from Spring Training

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Alex spears in Fort Myers responding to what John -- announced today that the Grady Sizemore. Is a Red Sox opening day center fielder Jackie Bradley junior headed back -- -- -- Alex of course WEEI dot com Alex -- Christian. And lieutenant how're you. I'm just an hour hour. It might reach sixty today though things are looking up Alex let's let's. Let's get your reaction. Not a huge surprise that based on it. The last couple of days and weeks but I would say a major surprise based on the expectations. Going into spring training Grady Sizemore your opening day Satterfield. Absolutely when you're talking about a former superstar who signed -- 750000. Dollar guarantee contract. You're talking about a guy about whom there is a tremendous degree -- -- -- -- complete indicates a cyborg -- starts. -- beside them but there were one of preaching -- to happen. There that you may never be able to play at a high level and he may be able to touch her reached a a pretty good level again. After. After I meet even more time in the minors after spring training. Working to blow their stock shot and be ready to be and every -- big leaguer again but say they couldn't -- the likelihood of any bit -- -- -- So ever would have been surprised that can -- In film or -- his own. Expectations because there is expectation necessarily at the measure after spending two and a half years of the game. Eat the way in which he described it was. It feels so good to get some positive news right now in the a long long time that's happened some really quite clear it. He wasn't -- benefited more from you know spend time in the minors you're ready to compete individually or in the in all likelihood Jackie Bradley looked like a player who could benefit him. Yeah I was gonna say Quayle won eighty -- -- you know kind of burst on the scene and stole that job last year in spring training -- they -- lawyer you know he played well. This year cover it as the starting job and then loses it's -- pretty sizable complete 180 -- take the news. He took -- you know. There also itself -- that -- sort -- about it as you want and there's disappointment because. -- you feel like is ready to be to be a good Major League player but at the same time Jackie Bradley and talking to -- a you guys didn't see Jack knowing Jackie -- -- the real peppy junior playing this -- He struggled deeply US his swing got longer it is like you know he was did approach instead of eating. That kind of steady Lou retton when you first got to -- -- You know you saw that kind of you know -- front side that ability to go line the line. And really just straight line drives all over the all of them apart in the gaps in the -- -- guy who look like you're kind of getting paid trying to swing too hard during too much. And you didn't look like you're comfortable with. Which -- swing this spring in your defense is amazing. He has the tools. To be a good offensive player as well content but you know this is there's an organizational decision that. He benefits from time combined effort in the minors not go to what he did last year when he was shuttled around at the start of the -- who switched their tent set motion. And a difficult start -- the airport. Alex was the lineup address at all today. The batting it. Her opening day or were not worked for the -- -- big guy commissioner's cup game get the wind today. Not today for opening day. Circuit let the let it was not further order but I think that we are pretty good sense. Exactly what's going on they've made the decision that or is going to be batting in that index kind of up middle third of the lineup number five numbers that place where. Including about when the the guy who's starting Q for the Red Sox against -- the right into -- mount. Alex great stuff what forty or full reaction full stories laurel at WEEI dot com and look for the opening day on Monday thanks Alex. But it encroach on Alex beard joining us covers the Red Sox on the beat at WEEI. Dot com.

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