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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, discusses the Bruins win over the Blackhawks and the team's chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Mar 28, 2014|

Pierre McGuire joins Mut, Lou, and Christian Fauria to talk about the Bruins victory over the Blackhawks and the team's chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Friend from NBC sports joins us here on the ATP hotline AP Eric Mike -- a Christian Fauria today I don't. But great to visit with -- break apart you Christian keep touch and pass over the middle a lot of Buffalo's. Yeah our guys are -- right sweatshirt today I actually got to a -- bubbles like journal right now breakdown guys tells where that played even those Christian Colorado about. An adult or -- to some balls -- Tom Brady UB Christians or is there you go. I'll be me on another atomic. I think it's easier for let's talk about the Bruins beat the Bruins Pierre with what couple weeks ago in the regular season you wanna just come out say right now the Bruins are the best team. In the NHL is that fair. I've been saying that on both sides of the border for the last two weeks rather being -- in the United States and the deepest team right now -- -- Don't be disrespect was Saint Louis and they'll be disrespectful of Los Angeles. The only kings of -- eight games in a -- on the road which is not an easy thing to do in this league especially. When all the travel they try to put that the at a very long year. But I look at Boston for a large deep we've talked about a lot nobody got more goals scored in the third period in the Boston -- big reason why for lined up. Yeah I heard Christian pocketbook character and the ability to shut people down their size and their grinding. All true the other thing is the dominance of the third line Chris Kelly moves from center to left wing we talked about alarms in the studio last week meant. You know Chris -- moves over insult actually kernel sort of birdies elevating he's senile Lott knows dominant truck parked. And we -- on most teams in this league is the first or second line player. Does he ms. wolf bill they're built -- last are going to be a Derek plague -- apartment credit in the playoffs and they are put on the watch. UPS they last I checked booted idol -- a big game and an illicit dating game I'm looking forward to it but. -- what it -- is the hatred is that someone they were -- that you respect. The Blackhawks put the Blackhawks respect the Bruins it they're very similar. It's just too good teams are likely be what you were close up to -- what you all where there's a lot more hatred there Monday night. Billy had brought built in rivalry there's no question what it was six team league and train travel was prominent Chicago Boston -- the original sixers a lot more hatred back in most based. But that being said I think what if they ever played the Stanley Cup -- much along where we're at football games. I think to be more trick up their mosque in so little about surfaced last year are in the Stanley Cup final especially with the ration card or masters Zdeno Chara people forget that. But in the Stanley Cup final Charl was not about a percent and a big reason why it was a 100% Chicago's ability to -- case and check on -- So deliberation works with the -- but that's what they did and they attacked him and a broken down and you never before game six passes in terms of they think they have Super Tuesday. And his lecture to me was one basically work. -- -- start up trees birds are run it seem like he's just on fire. Six goals the last five games plus 38 for the year one of my goals for the season. What's he doing different. That's allowing him to score so often. Well I think having -- Lipton and Brad marsh and really helps a lot Christian the other team a truly impressive about him his face -- domination. I haven't you don't have too many bad face tough games he's got a couple but not too many. He's one of the best faceoff players and only so -- a part domination in the way the Bruins get. It is ability to sneak in doubt glorious -- the first call box score written in Florida now with a stick on the case. And I always call the -- the long range bombers because they're defenseman. One through sixty -- the pocket -- as well as any team in the league from the back cancer when airport secure Winfrey's south. Like -- -- -- and then you have people more of that lately the Bruins do and you have long range bombers like they have in the back and that's gonna lead to a lot more goals for your team. Here require BC sports is joining us she saw this team up close on Monday against Montreal the biggest thing we talked about coming out of that game peak year was. The style Montreal plays and I was curious. Did you think they went out of their way to try to get the Bruins in two those penalties do you think the patriot the Bruins responded to that and it. What do you think the overall officiating in Becky -- Monday night. -- possible danger officiating -- question will the -- beginning was very questionable toward the Bruins in fact we -- one documented case of -- Smith taking a high stick from -- -- there was never call we showed that -- on tape. And -- Smith was bleeding that except left office space -- that's got to be called that would have been a four minute power play for the -- That being so that I thought of what fault mr. -- fluctuated toward the bruins' way in the third period in particular. Decay is definitely had a formula to try to get the Bruins off their game a little -- and try to. Kept them to take penalties that I was pretty apparent when they went down two men. Because of the injury to deal weeds and the injury is Travis small. That created a little bit more of an opportunity for guard Brian Johnson played almost forty -- minutes and they -- the last time he played that close. That many minutes was when he was in New Jersey moons ago also. Is that there were more guys were playing nick developed a little bit more of an edge against the brewers try to antagonize and a little bit -- topic is that that that being said. I hope you guys agree that was very well played game by two really good teams. Yeah I think five on five I think the Bruins did controlled the play at the coming out of that lot of people civil. That's -- regular season games I don't mind seeing Johnny boy -- take -- -- bonds had -- on the ice or so but did he get the playoff scenario it's it -- what discipline. There -- times through that -- getting even more frustrated as the series goes on what you think that they will control that the splinters grind down at Montreal team if they were to meet. I think that's the one teaching point you can take out of that game and Pittsburgh does this thing called by the resort -- -- centric Pittsburgh has has very same problem whenever they place Philadelphia I can tell you right now. Philadelphia for whatever reason knows how to get under the skin of the Pittsburgh Penguins and they drive them crazy. In the book Pittsburgh Penguins player character take a lot of penalties. It's the same thing when Montreal played sponsor for whatever reason more times than not they find a way to get under their game. I think that teaching point you can come out of the game on Monday night if you're Claude Julien and the staff. You show the tape you showed retaliation we can't do this sort of play these guys and we really have to stick to it. The Bruins are mature enough team of more than enough leadership they're really walk course that they can overcome medical -- little clusters. Our prayers so it's almost awards season so there's three awards -- -- -- that but I think you know the Bruins have a legitimate chance of winning right Jack Adams best and and the presidents' trophy. So. It's so tell me what you -- who's gonna win this tell me why. Tuukka Rask would win it why clos wouldn't win it and why wouldn't get the presidents' trophy. Those are really those are really eager questions they would win the president's trophy because Saint Louis. Finish the season really strong numbers in the remember dangers on the -- -- in laws Saint Louis is really. Paltry. The next one with Jack -- going to be problematic only because. A lot of people are looking at what Patrick waters that are Colorado a lot of people are looking which -- superstar in Tampa a lot of people are looking what Mike Babcock has done. Indeed try to whip all those injuries just keeping the team in the playoffs -- -- sort think that would probably be why. According wouldn't win the coach of the year just because of some of the job being done by. Our coaches that probably have lesser perceived lesser teams -- -- a third try. It says that that talking to the metal that's -- an effort to spend for two cup. I think he got a legitimate chance to win that the only way that could get derailed this kind of report -- -- -- New York to a lot of obviously gets a lot of New York -- -- -- extremely popular around the league so I think that's somebody that people are watching. But it's I think quite frankly between Duca and in and -- and Carey Price there's a lot but I got to take. That took away and that he's got a legitimate legitimate chance to win. I'll give you one more on this list the Hart trophy. It did -- keep Christian mentioned Patrice Bergeron earlier the job he's done defensively with the goal storing -- not easy. Would be anywhere in your mix Pierre Patrice Bergeron for the heart and 2000. He's got legitimate opportunity to win -- but that being said it's going to be tough because of what Jonathan Toews is done. In Chicago because of what Sidney Crosby done. In Pittsburgh because of what Alex Ovechkin goal scoring wise has done in Washington lecturer worked hard as the most valuable player of the week. So they're going to be a lot of players around the league that'll be in contention for that. I think he's so -- pipe cinch to win this -- trophy which is for the best defense to 4140. Tall. In particular again -- court where it. Here help me -- -- school on up in Pittsburgh they've lost three straight news report I believe. Out of Pittsburgh were it was some of the veterans analytic talked to with. Feel that the guys have won in the past Stanley cup's feel that this is that this is a team that can't do that what is going on here or anything like that all right. I talk to their people all the time maybe it'll be doing a few of those games for the end of the season. -- first of all let's be very then -- everybody's talking about injury situation in Detroit they've been decimated by wintry weather would be. At different times of the year pastor of -- -- on for -- Paul Martin is there's good portions of the year Christopher look kind of weather stroked. They just thought that getting opting for two to three weeks Joseph Vitale he's been out they've been absolutely crushed -- -- hasn't been there all year he just did a three game rehab. He's coming back to play for the they've been absolutely wiped out by injury -- but on the other side of that. They got struck by the Boston brought in the Eastern Conference final question with a -- relatively healthy but that's a question marks in goal. So the question going forward is how Big -- -- beat team B when they're healthy. I think they can be good. But they're gonna have to prove we can all think we locked until they've proven Christian noses could play for coach -- say it is what it is ball for the Pittsburgh Penguins. It is what it is they have won a Stanley Cup -- being in the final since 2009. Your last one for -- -- brought it up and I'm your mystified and try to get -- -- -- you but during that the game Monday night. You gave the Bruins lot of credit -- -- exactly sedate -- -- a team that dies but I think you -- he said they don't and got a team that embellishes. The teams are the NHL do you think are the most guilty of embellished and I think besides Montreal we all know Montreal's top the list to the other items in your mind. You bet they -- all -- Of course I do think the eyebrow like crazy and Montreal the -- I have. I've gone down that road because I have to work between the benches so I. I will only report on the teams that I don't think alive and then naturally require a big boost in a lot of categories is not a diving team and you know what you guys are divorced from -- -- for a long time -- -- -- Johnny come lately I've been sold progressed. With the leadership of the group starting was that they don't Patrice Bergeron believe leadership lessons he learnt from Mark Recchi. -- to go to -- in the come to mind but the biggest thing to me -- organizational standards. They have such bystanders are starting with can't -- Peter trillion dollar -- screening Jimmy betting going down or coaching staff. Players not even you wanna play embossed with the fans and all the players want to play -- are just so impressed by the organizational standards -- team. So you know up to answer but I'll just be you don't answer we'll -- -- I'll bet a lot Montreal forum is the most diving team in the NHL. -- Lamotte is true that at a all I guess you gotta admit it. Right there and play with the out of Eric they did but it was also -- bond do what he does get another skin it was it was just. It was the big -- they're Smart they get the power play. They're not as good five on five they get it. I just I I dread a series of them Pierre bold talk about as the ultra clean it up electric golf to have a great weekend and we'll talk to you next week. Christian -- 55 what Obey the hot read I read the we -- Lamar via areas might be if you're a padlock. Pierre McGuire joined this site here on the program appearance brought the buyer France and awful power equipment and by UMass online couldn't answer but he.

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