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Jerry Remy on why he is returning to the NESN booth

Mar 28, 2014|

Red Sox color man jerry Remy joined the show to discuss his rationale for returning to the booth this season while his son faces first degree murder charges.

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A joining us on the AT&T hotline is the person we've been discussing here this morning on for the better part of a week Jerry Remy joins us to morning Gerri are you. I don't gut I've -- I've Marion in I should -- never have rarely seen in in all my years of of doing this somebody people. Who are interested in and have an opinion about. Your life your family situation your son and your job and perhaps that's because. Everybody can relate. Because most people have kids and they say what what I do in that. Particular. Position. We read your piece -- read your your statements in Dan Shaughnessy column today you plan on being in in Baltimore out what would dissuade you from continuing. Because I think you have every right to do this and and maybe something changes in your mind down the road. But just give us the play of your -- label and as it is in your mind right now jury because they are so many people in New England were interested in this story and your future. I mean first of all I can understand you know be. Repeat letters let you know whether I serbians. And that I expect that. I knew for a long time that there was a story that was gonna come out that was not. You know be trying to -- he probably any means. And but they're all that was taken into consideration before I mean my decision you know back in the I guess it was February than I was gonna come back so. You know I did come back to spring training at -- -- very comfortable doing -- games. IE you know Becker and that was important to meet him excuse me to be able to you know be in the boat and have some some peace. Into in the games and then it all that very question I was gonna go into the season and tonight. Can -- made a big deal about coming home for a week well two reasons that that was prearranged. And you know I'm just ready to go wanted to. Two Baltimore now and begin the season. I don't know what else could possibly come alive I have no idea -- you know you get worse than this week. -- you know what with the support of the Red Sox and Mets and you know my decision has to major troops go on it and you know hopefully in time those who. Don't like the idea -- You know come around here but -- I actually understand how people feel. We had a poll -- you know should he come back and it was 5050 and there was a lot of respondents want to. What kind of reaction are you getting I know Henry supports you know Warner does but what about that all the people out there and Red Sox Nation. Small -- Jerry you know I mean you know being around the ballpark. And Fort Myers was a very positive experience on me from the people would. You know. Majority of them will wish him well you know. -- Colombians and all that stuff from. So I mean I didn't feel good you know like. You know I understand the other side actually get that you know not what I expected so what I've made my decision of the war. And it all -- I just feel let it I have all of my life. And some some long. And and this is what I still enjoy doing look at I didn't enjoy doing what I'm I'm doing now. If I was at the end of my -- insert you know what I've got it up broadcast adamant on respect and ordered -- job that I love. I mean I still love it as much like the 26 years ago when you know when I started so. You know I I feel like I have a right to it -- make a Lebanon and and -- goal -- and and do my job in you know ultimately. As I sit in the past I would reverted very Smart people you know and it will make the ultimate decision on. You know whether it is the right. Wrong and you know I hope it turns -- be right back. And we we all have regrets and you have regrets about this this whole story in Tucson but. You specifically usher say do you generally regret the links you with the linked to win -- went. To support and enable him that's the word of the day enable him do you wish. I told you in the past the last time we -- you know the court did you know -- what are we -- the we're guilty of getting her lawyers you know when he was in trouble when do we go whoa. -- charted. The end note you know we we tried our best. -- along the way it did and as much help as he possibly could. In infrastructure seem like yeah neglect and daughter you know one and that cluster having to invent. It and you know we've felt his parents did you know that would -- yes you know we we paid lawyers you paper. Psychiatrist we paid they help that we thought he needed. You know I think a lot of families so we understand that what. -- sort of brought about the street at all. But that just -- an -- -- now you know when you look back comparable directives to -- I don't have an answer to. I really don't have an answer to that. Are you pay inferred Jerry's lawyer now Jerry. Yes. During hindsight hindsight being 22 wanting you sort of address this would you have knowing what you know now. Would you have walked away much earlier and -- you'd still have not walked away with that supports stream financial emotional support stream. Dried up and said Jerry I am done with few or was that never and even knowing what you know now not an option. Now it would it was not an option meaning he's -- was not -- on our -- and we tried it the best we possibly could org and now. The end. You know. Unless you go through something like this you targets like this that people had different ways of dealing with. With their own personal families and they and I was in a position where I felt that you know we could we could deal with it and a couple is airing it again in the proper help get the proper you know -- believe -- we tried everything we possibly could. And you know to stop about fine costs in this. You know you look back and say you know. Element in each you know -- Should have been things differently you know -- factors that you know he was a kid that couldn't hold on which we couldn't -- couldn't do that. And then it -- the particular market glows -- you know. We wanted to best for a -- to NAND you know he was living with a couple of -- and -- and I granddaughter it was area and we -- receiver tore out street you know let me and and begin our electric are always urged. She'll obviously it's -- will now. But you know that's just the way we felt that. That of people we it. So people can accept some people can't accept console. -- looking back I don't I would do things differently I really don't I think of the week did the best we possibly could. You know we'd -- -- go with a loving parents. Try to view. You know what what we could too -- to get this -- right product demand and you know what we fails we settlers that plane and simple -- and there's no more you know -- -- the best better way to describe it and we would successful. And that and if people don't understand that low -- you know of the but I could make your mind that supports that the prerogative that's -- Major setting aside last August when general -- lost her life the low point before that. At any point in a low point when the storms were raging the worst human Phoebe ever feel threatened. By Jared. No we didn't did not know we did not know but I got -- a year ago where we we always felt. Back you know it was a disaster awaiting acceptance of the on the corner and and that's why we you know always. But I tried to get him as much possible help that you can't and I said people are. Sometimes it takes two to tango Orton and and a lot of time with the angle -- -- you know also. You know like. I guess I'd really don't know what more to say about that that particular subject you know I. Can't say if I had to go back and to a certain things different. That I would. But. You know -- It's -- it's been awful there's been -- absolutely horrible and it and you know so it's horrible for two families. And it's not something that I it was shut anybody that would absolutely were children. Because you know what you have children then -- And you guys do you know he would not feel about him and you try to do the right thing and the right thing that's an all news. Turnout right. MB considered just shut them off their -- is considered to say and it done your on your own get a public defender. Well bigger it is the community deal with that if you do still. You can't you know of you that you got that -- we had a ton of money. And you'd that is you know TV wouldn't -- to get a public because you know he's -- able -- -- you know. So there's there's only caught between a rock and a hard place. Now so you know here's reputations of retribution that he deserves that. And you know whether it makes trying to I I don't know you know it will do it happens to admit I didn't make of the trial we'll we'll see you wouldn't notice which it has had. -- Jerious intimately as you are involved and were involved in this story and knowing the details of all the you'll understand why. A number of women in fact all the women that crossed paths with your son. Refused to testify refused to do whatever they could to accelerate the process and aid the process of getting him behind bars you understand their mindset. And I don't understand it and manner and you know -- I'll say one thing about the story you have to consider some of those losses and in this court. -- back came out without you know they've all had the options. A -- full right no holding back from the old -- and in the gambling. On anything to do with anything -- personal life -- it was not about. The end anyone of them wonders who will pull it has some bit. You know it was there was no reluctance on top ought to have been -- back. The end. You know very they had every right -- world to -- and so. You know I mean. It's it's exhausting and I don't know really well which was what -- say about it except that. You know it's been a terrible I'm a terrible tragedy. We'll navigate -- back in and you know we believe -- reflect. Not so news. As parents in in in what we could about class we do we live daily. But. You know I that we somehow find a way to move forward. And -- are trying to move forward but I do. And you know I think it's important for me to do that show my grandson. And actually my granddaughter and you know that. You've got to fight a little bit you gotta gotta continue laden and you know and then I said. Red Sox Nation will make the ultimate decision they've been able make the decision believe you know in the I I said they were eyewitness why people don't well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You say in in the in his statement in the globe story that. -- just sits on the allegations offer by the sources are blatantly false I guess and ask what specifically than that story's false. I'm not relegated to what you know into the couple's story of what's -- and what's not all what I could tell you. Brett a lot of statements. A lot of things about -- it would it would not accurate. Arm. Consider -- -- I'm not blaming the right. At all and get a job to do. But there's a lot more that we know. That he knows it and so I'll just leave it there. Did you pressure. The Red Sox in any way that. Allowed charity keep his job after did the 81 days after he got Ryan McMahon was that what. It's does seem strange -- his last name were stolen you begin of that child waiting form after serving nonsense I. I have no idea that something you would have to ask you look at you look at Florida -- and I think that's a part of that I didn't even I would remember and -- you know why you'd you'd have to ask levels which you know was in charge of -- and why -- but I didn't I didn't go. And and and request a job back. It was -- only job he had his only source of income and last. -- now here remote ball but he just couldn't album now. Jerry do you wish the judges in hindsight had been tougher on Jared when they had the opportunity and few were lofts that had a back on the street. Well I you know I don't understand the legal system and well I mean I understand a little bit better Allah is in the last couple months pregnant before quick. Could some of them been probably so you know. They did spend 81 days in jail and we thought that there that was a wake up call for control while wonders. But -- You know -- -- -- decisions I'm probably come to the decision but I I really well outlets. That lawyer judge. You know. Stopped so. You know it's I'm guilty about it he would get able. In terms they're going for the process and we accept that -- whatever the result was in oh should should -- one of them were put them away from. A longer period of time you know but it only make it it. It jury what is -- state of mind is there contrition there that you can detect. Yet you are yeah I mean we you know we visit we we talk on the phone and he's obviously very concerned about as his -- You know ordinary America. Pretty much picked up a lot of the conversation. And but you know I've certainly -- the rest -- it pretty much confidential and but you know he's well aware of where it is. One of the neighbors I believe was Christina hill said on the station that you or your wife pressured. Jennifer to allow. -- back in the house. But you and your statements say that's. That not false. -- She calls -- the book report partners. If she wants but that this nonsense. We did everything about power the try to help Europe you say. We -- -- -- I believe. We offered are safe haven. You know. I think I I I I don't wanna get into the there'd been the nitty gritty of -- got some of these accusations put. I can tell you that that Phoebe and I did everything we possibly Kurds and two makers say their view encouraged -- the league to get out. Offer replaces Eric. In it just didn't work out that way. Did you ever sit with a Doctor Who made any sense of this slick was it penchant for violence against women. It was their clinical explanation given to you that made any sense. Now that was well blocked the patient privilege you know and you know no matter what. Help it Burt he you know he tried to get. What we -- -- -- You know that was never discussed what he wasn't applicable sabres but we talk about it. So -- you know he'd -- -- programs -- been through you know armed. -- obsessions with you know therapists and you know that was obviously between them. Right and I assume he's was an inpatient at some point wasn't he -- it was not know so you never went went away for a month there. In the in the store in the globe street allowance money talk about for steroids that you know we were funding him for that was that was going on -- that is part of the story that's not true. Now there's no question it was on steroids I mean you know and had not all but I mean that I see you take steroids now. I'm not I'm also not foolish but did you know you're paying for them in the way that you were sort of you know I didn't I mean there was a certain amount of money on it and live. And how he used that money you know I had no idea you know obviously to look at it. You know I'm sure some of those outlook on for steroid use so or. You know -- -- it's you know Obama among among other things you know so. But you know I'm actually an absolute certainty what reasons there are obviously the and it's companies started you know sort of -- that America high school and we you know we had many talks about it. But it could be. You know ordered what it's not bitten. Why you shouldn't be go -- and an elaborate. That was that was result elect. Cover a couple of other. Is. Her artistry you know weaknesses. That would result. Feeling like he was something special you know body -- and you know soul could you don't that I support well we gave him money to live. How do you is that -- hell I would I would imagine so that was used. For their. You said did you knew this story was common -- we heard -- too that the big story was coming around the globe. Do you think there's more to come. And there and cassettes we hear that rumor to there's more to come journalistically or in the trial you think there's a triathlon barrel. I know I you know I mean I don't have no idea what would. We're gonna -- -- day when I wake up in the morning to look at it right I really don't. I can't see where there is what am I -- that. I think the story. You know pretty much covered. Everything. I get the right credit for. -- good work. But -- I had -- mind -- had no surprises that are coming out of -- he's -- -- -- -- because. There's going to be a trial now in it and that's ridiculous story any -- goes to court abused glory. But. Hey I. I'll be -- -- like impediment in the senate now. Jury as we say good bye here I will only say this I think the only thing that everybody. Who is watching this thing unfold washing your life -- -- laid open for the for the public to dissect. Those who think you should stay at Essen and even those who don't think you should because probably they have kids and they can relate that thereby go the grace of god. They don't envy your nightmare situation going forward I think that probably. One thing that everybody can agree on and for whatever that is worth I I think that is the label land here that. They look issue and and and whether they're for you or against you won Essen I think they look Richard nightmare and say. While. That's that's a lot to be going through right now like I guess the nightmare doesn't end for quite some time Jerry. -- does it in a medal will it matter it will never go away -- -- color and anybody that has children you know have some stances. Well what we might be going through or outlook you know everybody has an opinion on what we did wrong exit -- You know I mean I'd rather read a column. Yesterday. Beckham's own record and answers you know about parents and we shouldn't even be allowed he had granddaughter because and so will we do have pitches broke. Our son although the house and -- -- I mean you know -- it's it's it's but I think you know him pretty it is is -- it's that kind of reporting patterns. Disgusting to me because. What what are we gonna do -- -- granddaughter and it's some short pitches -- daddy did you break. You know we're gonna -- -- unfold live from from from the camp in the break. You know we're gonna take from presentations. Two two jailed in your break. -- went back stooped and you you know so I mean it's those kind of things that. Upset me a little bit. You know bureau sought distract them seniors but this is what it -- But besides it's like that in nineteen you can call it the worst apps in the world I can accept that. You can call me yet able or I can accept that when you start talking about how we are not a treat our bread or. -- father in and state all the stupid things like that. I mean that is absurd and and and you know. I'm better -- would never ever exposed -- years so no desire when he when he calls he made sure he called art I'm glad she's not visiting. There's been no contact there will be no contact. And those look at exit here on the mice in a little bit you know the -- as what it. -- Jerry I'm sorry for your troubles I appreciate the phone call today and and best wishes to you and Phoebe going forward. OK guys argue Jerry Remy with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline well I guess that cleared it up the last answer yeah. Let's be Marjorie vehicle like yes yes it's that was. Margie and -- they're bad parents knew the rule of law how how we're going to -- pictures in the house right visiting and allow area and -- -- -- which I believe and those stores via the the outcome of the custody hearing wrong brightness. -- has not gone to the senior Martell. In Martell in Jennifer's parents. On to Jennifer's. Brother right now I'm not going to Virginia correct on downfall remote area in jury will hear and apparently he will never. -- visit that which is a good thing or on the phone -- anything that's good he sounds genuinely. -- which century about the trial vote. The next shoe to fall yet we're all sense something else gonna come out he sounds that I know of anything like he should be simple life will be accurately what's happening by what the next -- to ball could be Britain and -- best about the fact they did not pressure in fact just did the opposite. Offered very safe house offered her some sort of escape offered her. An escape route to get away from this guy. Yeah but then you don't know if he knew he was capable of what would you do Khamese. He said he was shocked you've been and no violent arrests in the years right. So you don't think he's capable of what he did. -- Would you say let him back in the house committees salary won't do it again well life and I think it ought to murder somebody to realize that you should allow that person next to that person -- -- breaking their noses I believe -- earlier in the -- I believe the murder was shocking even always violent guy yeah. I mean the idea that you would for your whole life for an accurate. Crazies in their alleged steroid -- Soon as you pick up that life essentially your life is over your relationship -- the daughters over. In your father's life his rule that would -- clear thinking coach and I wash our clear just a rare moment of clarity I'd like to know these elected with the lies are in the story. That I would like. And I apparently he's not gonna share of that. At least not with us well it it would look bad especially allies came from women who were injured like what and that's what I guess what he's talking exactly -- he's also but he's also losing to him. The next door -- and went in hell yeah he's a -- -- does the -- he said that that's I mean that is the real bona contention he says that did not pressure. -- -- To not to renew restraint whatsoever very steadfast about that I'd tell you the full lines are open and call but I -- their field will get to next.

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