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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Chris Christie speaks out

Mar 28, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Chris Christie's sit down with Diane Sawyer.

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Headlines brought to you by AT team to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible MI precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment diamond that was part of yesterday Nadal and really it it -- -- -- sneak up on that you're. I don't know when -- helmet to be -- -- look. Michelle Obama heads and realized that shall profits that those I don't know what the deal is completed 6365. Boroughs respect. Of Kingsbury trio first eight. -- Worked well balanced and I syllable about the English. So I saw her in the -- present there whether that helmet on. Went to George HW says -- only go to C journeyman pro day about a man. Chance. She likes I've seen her know what he what that is yet she likes being Barbara Bush have seen in person close we've seen you on the -- -- but sooner Kennebunkport. Call and no wonder she's at the stop watch that she thinks that your. Kraft she ran a few on the notes commission issued skinny post. But in the Brady's receivers -- Chris Christie is on the science or last Tuesday has -- a slimmed down yet. It's yeah it's this is exercising four days a week -- eating right yeah yeah has nothing to do with any Atlanta answered -- -- in in Rex looked a lot better a lot faster than Chris Christie hasn't. He's bigger Chris Christie is bigger tax. A disease -- that he had surgery. Now who talked about it but yeah quietly probably isn't yet. It's applicable does not want to go to interview he talked about abort -- -- -- it -- provide to -- when a curly was boxing commission and any kind of -- that's up to our current three is out last night and he said the idea former aides were. Real stupid and they allegedly shut down lanes of BZW bridge -- in New Jersey -- with traffic caused the death. He said he knew nothing about it cause that. Only. In in the all these dogs that had nothing to do it why should guide. My remedy this I would like. Think that Kristi strangled to death zone and that he may have -- -- honor. When did you first reported -- can't possibly be true because who do some backpackers -- told sores sometimes. People do X book will be stupid things -- play number two here this is what this Christie's going. Here's number two toughest part of my professional life -- Soon. What's the measure of that is that up at 4 in the morning. Or can sleep before the morning. That -- sleep you know -- You. And when you struggle. -- -- at a terrible leader meeting or meetings he just -- he's fine he's had it's that he's a fraud I like -- duties for an artist brings the idea of fraud. But it total total fraud by you what I'm looking forward watch and squirm they would never ever let this. This bridge -- It's fair though I call him. The problem is when you're defenses you're going about it that's not a good defense that these guys below me feel empowered decent they're telling me I would give you blew up the bridge it's nothing compared to the scandals were seeing in Washington. -- scandal so what it's the scandals the skill talent. That means. Just because of his biggest -- it was emblematic oh well if you're a new which news program whenever that was -- dinosaurs and so it. Do you allot a much time you'll want to -- a blunt much much more time to that the they have to the incredibly. Scandalous I -- story of what's your marbles. Well depends who's an actress the honored to orbit Diane Sawyer or Barack Obama the president gee I don't know -- to stick out pretty interviewed talk about. It is all so a member -- what's the main story that nobody anymore any longer almost like in a heartbeat the cut off one's. Malaysian airlines it's gone it's gone. That's true Americans don't care about surely there are the families on -- right but it's no longer this fascinating thing it -- at -- shelf life. It's been exhausted its -- let's move onto whatever that. Big thing is we should also move on from the story because a law firm retained by the Christie administration released report history exonerating Kristi. From anything you don't realize that the the birth at a higher Burger King when pat writes -- -- I think he gets a pass them. Armaments newlywed who shoved her husband from this shop operator. Buffy yeah immigration nation on national park right eight days in their marriage she got sentenced yesterday -- Cloth to know that. Was it Massachusetts. -- Neal walker is not Neil Walker knows Montana. -- on time life. Thirty years pol thirty years she pleaded. No should not. -- Is she eight days after they compared you -- -- 45 year old husband Cody Johnson up equipping Glacier National Park. Thirty years for her sits. The judge was not impressed by the prosecution -- in this regard. It's she said she was in love with a she says that it. Could if -- spent. Your way up there who knows well I was just say are there any security cameras up there at the would have captured this now but why would the defense to be very very simple. That we were standing there and taking pictures and he slipped and fell it's -- they re saying that that they were able to help the velocity. By the way he was injured by the angles which she was injured he said he could tell -- show. Who else should paint -- fresh pain if you -- This like -- you know now but there was more evidence had to be fantasy pick out a life insurance balls on an -- but there were no boyfriends -- no Texas she sent a text message public taxpayers different sanctions second thought that was the big thing. Jawad it's going as well I'll be well just if you if you have any doubts if you think you're gonna kill the person you're gonna -- had a single of the expect to be able say this as happy -- time in my life the last true -- my place and he -- thought this throughout the my point is don't -- -- -- these solid killing at least try to play practical Eric. Pure magic killing your bride eight days in -- marriage. Probably. I mean imagine. We've got married to do this thing go up you go hiking up there she gently helping out sexual book sexual parts of young but I'm sure entering. To one. Sexual relations. And management and for thirty years in mature -- -- she also pushed heavily for them -- go hiking trip that's the other. -- to -- -- easiest and wanna marry you and I think as opposed to killing or even if it's like eight days into the marriage an annulment. Divorce courts these things happen I guess by you that afraid. That's my brother my other brother I'll sit behind his wife Albany Clinton do -- he he got involved the mayor urged somebody to bow to American -- after -- divorced in the the year. -- money he told me after you think about kill him. So that you hadn't heard about alimony all right but doesn't have arsenic in it that's right exactly no arsenic this is our victory yet so -- Kenny Rogers she got a second she planned this out she could have divorced him and then there's probable. Right so she won thirty supposed to be it for evidence yet ready RS check every mob that she really hate him in -- -- -- -- point which can stay in the side of them. We should look for watching them die -- he could be either some. Ugly. -- -- Her. People can be mean to hug she's like if -- average. Of five -- -- -- Still that much yet that. That. Kenny Rogers duke Kirk like Kenny Rogers gave them. The the pitcher of the singer that yeah -- island ruby on particular items that you guys will be. But it went. -- it is. -- Gets from his hands. That the measures that -- but I'm not. Al rookie season that the dollar's value to what condition -- in addition the new a new addition to a deficit first heritage that's injure show dang that's early pressure this early edition what conditions like this issue that's against that is an excellent -- -- need another another facelift and -- classics or whatever he looks weird he's he doesn't look like an Iraqi approaching Bruce -- -- he's not far from the girl. No just in terms of your argument they're releasing his face look them up to look at -- you look at -- -- -- -- that sort of that that happy things Joan Rivers look. Lionsgate is Los Angeles. State. Is listed now for how much. It is for sale -- all -- it was I remember Delaware State 456560. Dollars. Hosts to Cochran lied to the front day. The hillside estate is being. 24000 square feet. To downsize. -- -- -- first asked for ruby I am not a repeat nine bedrooms fourteen bathrooms a saltwater swimming pool ball with a separate entrance bar and kitchen. A billiards room twelve C home theater. Refrigerate the wine room and outdoor glass elevator next to a pool provides access to tennis court -- that's the sum -- further downhill and guest wing. Adds another two bedrooms three bathrooms on nearly two acres the home is being sold fully furnished. It's not worth a dime over 6465. Million going it's. Ridiculous -- Your Brady thing -- it was a real well. I actually Roger I you have to tell me is he doing this because he's in financial dire straits or he's just sick of huge also -- -- -- -- -- that's like 2000 square feet and meet the hot seller for fifty million. -- how patient he's going to be that great and there is not. Published in 65 million dollars I want to be able walked to the notion. I want to be out to look at the bright element infinity pool looks like it goes right into the never understood though that. Yeah right 65 million volume of their ticket that your. The go to Malibu we think. And I can't really funny freaky looking picture of him. It hasn't you know not handling the aging process well so it's okay for guy to say -- in the old and in terms it's. -- a Hollywood. Really Hollywood. -- music's. Where he left. -- yeah I'd probably be purchased the home of the seventies. And your -- here extensively renovated property. Money well spent on the city spent two years of his life got away from music is hope project runner ups. More. Definite -- first edition. -- -- No opens today Russell Crowe or does reviews are mixed. Reviews of some people say it's not sticking work forward to right Bible -- via you know going to be happy. The gold Fisher not account if it the seagull -- secede try to get to square again. And it didn't board the ship and they just wouldn't -- -- -- you know it's it's the reviews -- suitable match it's long. It's a little confused on everything -- on the biography of gravity. Yes ninety's that allows it like -- dollars an hour and a half yeah it's always Nebraska which was that a hundred minutes regrets that long press at -- upper right -- their jets -- -- have -- from -- upper right -- -- -- -- strange as children -- Courses does the new addition for our vision early edition but I don't Greg. Answer these -- -- -- -- he's got a whole loosen rules and level what is it rated the button of what you guys hated the gambler so much what that's like the gam gambling it's. I gotta tell someone that knows how would -- say this real quick if I may you may. After Jeff Brown got out here the week you know all the light and we were able to show some balls and go at people and start -- -- things. It seems to me now almost what's -- 67 months later. They want it. Cut our balls off again and stuff them in wherever you're we're gonna give -- -- of this because your whole thing when you joined the show was keep your balls when when he was here and even know in the job upper right hand -- over what you operate -- now -- -- and confused by this among you see that thing on KG's desk did the east and get a matchup remain between legally in his kitchen tables will file all hang is ours and we're OK with that with a call those things with the -- balls. Dead beat Roger Els. Those are a ball we're okay now we're not okay that now now ball and got slapped around your -- opera pretty good yesterday. I didn't know I must say it was well done and the attempt was there. No you promised that this is perhaps the state today and get out aren't on this after -- was just told that this will continue though I mean by -- -- posted in the -- all right part. Part of the sure I -- to for to be in place this is given I have to take a punch and not act much. Right you know I don't like yesterday -- got away with it but I think yesterday should have been about any that -- true. Now I thought you were correct in that -- perhaps yes -- -- not today not the day afford it bites violated the -- really party forward to today yeah. Those us no one does revenge quietly Q when I was looking forward to and now we're told you can't do. Well I've brought me one good reason why because I wasn't an -- meeting YK that you do because I have an alternative bought -- not gonna do is 1 thing why am now one -- the reasons why they don't want it you know I don't day they want you to all up here that were friendly and here's this. All together on the same page -- that's not a reason -- reason. But so we're all together same page which the -- I have a solution. We'll get along great yeah. I'm a solution to plan. Of that first position so it must have been on the list. Where some. I picked I can get. The solution my friend is collide. But that's no fun I want this odious lie why it is for why I look forward to you know open again on video report report CNET. But -- just the results went on the air and our knowledge the 2 o'clock in. Play along and comic on another shows non interest went over human overly who votes but -- over your two minutes all right I still look at this edition of Tennessee Callahan money for reform Friday we're. Answer the question Kirk every other week now right correct every -- -- that this is not the week next week it's like I get a bigger which Wednesday is recycling. In every Tuesday and obviously recycling so this is not Italian neighbors function that solid -- for one out -- I'm gone. Are we will however do what's in a word -- and we will examine each -- the word mobile. Speaking to hold both -- -- -- show after who broke the -- story will discuss that when we come back. And Jerry -- has made a decision. Will he stick by between now and Halloween. Will discuss next.

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