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What are the Tigers thinking?

Mar 28, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the absurd signing by Detroit giving Miguel Cabrera 10 years and 300 million bucks.

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Today the theme. News. Always left up to me I'll do it you ready now we look at it I -- I I think it was better. I think we should all be excited to Shelby we should celebrate exceptionally exceptionally excited because I I didn't have much -- and read the papers were quick -- Red Sox extended David Ortiz for ten years and 209 obviously not a bargain that is -- bargain. I mean he earned runs yes I mean he's special he's gonna hit 688. In the world singer I read to my c.'s story and I thought that's strange even that much we looked at except he's 51 -- Yes yes. -- -- -- -- -- that and even if he's not you know I wouldn't shock you to your core. If you walked in the -- office this morning and said. You know what based on Cabrera I don't. And yes that was shot I think gave away at least three more days are a good mind modern day you're going to grant tweeted last night said. This Cabrera deal proves that you were -- view. Made sense for the go there can't help it there is related is lobbying Qaeda but -- it. -- -- I've just not so we all agree we haven't talked about this but I think I know if you end the island. You're in lumpy and every cent -- -- -- knows this is the dumb contract in sports history right yeah because it came after the -- so that means. It proves -- -- Sox got a good deal yet these same logic -- this as well Curt -- eight million dollars for doing that and that's a good people like -- -- candidate chuck Sullivan gave Michael Jackson thirty million dollars of that war. This makes it exactly I I I gave all my life savings to Bernie Madoff took -- yeah that's right. Actually so -- commencement of this program how to do Kirk. -- it's partly -- which will -- a good joke. Grade him would be for a debate on this a deeper right we're talking right big deal with immigrants yeah it looks like he's ever -- he's going to be the spokesperson for dignity -- to in this people like -- you're doing -- look. Made a real man -- Jack Callahan. And yeah. I think almost one item I've searched like when you -- ideas and -- almost -- we will look like Collins. It's the color of the collar. The light blue light powder -- oh Carolina Carolina Carolina -- almost warned that all right this is -- need to really did. But you made that up and fall like Abraham utilized. Apparently did. This proves parameters of Cabrera deal would suggest Red Sox did pretty well with -- suggestion and -- go after -- and he's such -- means in a -- I hated him I do I really -- he's a jerk you hate him more than nursed back at hates that. Yeah -- and sort of now. Viscerally -- and almost like. You made it coming our intellectual and yet has such -- -- such ads just not a good guy everybody at eight and will be paid meets its early guys in this building that you chose. Here on other station to everybody. Hates freedoms hates what the got a hall yes everybody hates -- like that to everybody hates that guy in such a -- -- block people will be -- of people and twittered you know the stuff but Abraham in reality she gets by by his charming good looks and how does he just got a disarm issue. Yeah policy think he has -- fresh breath it. I think it's -- like I guess a cesspool forgetting that. He's talking about is OPF that and how compares stacks up notes were teases opiates you must understand -- -- and. As somebody -- and you could just list them every beat even the beat them because as the baseball guys. And who generally give team owners GMs the benefit of the hour a friendly with them and they probably know Dave Dombrowski -- -- probably respect Mike Lynch and our anymore and they ago why. What you do what if you if you missed it did you do this trending. No it did not -- -- you're here. -- already read some Oregon are the whole thing. But you'd -- to find the Detroit Tigers with two years left on Miguel Cabrera his contract at 44 million do the math that's 22 million this year. And 22 million next year decided to extend him eight years actually -- to. Make it a ten year 300 million dollars. Deal that would pay him until he is a life and limber and the end and productive third baseman at the age of 41 right forty. I want to be DH and as someone pointed out they were to -- the highest paid DH he'll make twice twice much. What was little bitch Claybrook believes that it has that after everything he's the best DH ever. And they wanna -- Cabrera twice as much but the good news is. It ease the body type and the personality you gotta think you'll be in tip top chino for a -- for the long balls -- it -- no demons there's no. Oh no alcohol no -- I want. What the priority list look like it and -- -- the Brodsky business. Did you see all my Gillick doesn't. -- -- it can be speaking into the actual the likes of the public he estimates that -- do it he's always done that and I'm gonna die in about ten minutes how does that make any sense that the owner is 85 projects sealed eighty war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You would probably gonna head for freeing it you know absolutely that is that you -- six years at a 100000006. For 144. -- and scherzer. Not Roland sugars turns out what we get this relief from proved right for Prince Fielder you have to sign a contract relief in which -- do with this group. Still don't you you've just got to break until I get out of my little. Guy's contract right and you're gonna give it away. Oh really Red Sox after the trade sending somebody to some ridiculous absurd -- assurances. You know parents Ayers wife for you they say you weird we're gonna kill you we're allies telephone. Europe's he offered you six and one -- for -- you do the math that's 24 million yen a year yet. 24 million a year for six years for Mac. Max -- not for Clayton -- she even if you're arm falls off tomorrow and you say no no why. You know why don't help me out here -- they -- you play a match or I -- that that thing that your your hero political but the man talk like that thank although on -- Japan. Macro picture -- pictures. Of you here I don't want -- two different color pence. Okay. He too different colored pen and ego are drop picture Max while you do that. My. Up portrait. Not physical Portland my portrayal a scherzer is going to surprise you. Journalists and -- how the conversation go between the tigers. And Cy Young winner Max Scherzer will be offered at 1464666. Years. Was that math in my 2444. Your report part it was -- you think you know what Max is gonna say you're going to be surprised are you ready go Jerry got a skull. Art takes time you know across -- scale. -- -- -- One big guy one -- -- as -- Max you know it's about -- that you think you'll all. -- -- I bet I'll be uncle Gerri what can -- uncle Gerri and CU a you know Easter you know we'll get together -- yes. How much shares is Jewish is an. I would know I think is. -- later. Right where it passover dinner after -- at uncle Jerry's house and to Max. Written a paper that the tigers offered you six years a 144 million now I'm no math whiz. Think it's 24 million a year Max. Uncle -- You want to take the money. Dave Dombrowski I wanna take the money I told mr. which I wanna take the money. I'm afraid my arm and a ball -- who wouldn't want 24 million dollars guaranteed the next six years. The depth about. More and say it means that I at all he works for you Max now now now I wanted to say well it was my arm -- -- -- to grab my dog -- that. So popular -- apparently if you take note that tigers were going to go to create a lot of money uncle -- but Boris may. He say no and then -- my uncle Jim and -- prize -- there was a little bit of that there there's a lot of it Max Scherzer said to Boris. I hate we'd probably do better that need to when -- -- -- risk that you ever think. You'd need more than hundred I don't it's all scorecard and all that votes for Jerry we lectures is going to be thirty years old right he he knows good pitcher but he's not Kershaw. And he never thought it was -- point four million a year never in his life right. And always a chance to push those signs he says no I wanna make point six right 47 cowboys is public abortion because Jerry Weaver said no we're gone. Yet bourses clients of the -- fine we can do it yet scherzer I'm pretty sure it's an abortion let's sign this deal with 144 for six. How much you make -- open market more than that. 7 million dollars total ten million dollars total which you would never be the Jefferson let's just do outlets outlets as -- to beat as a one time all star he's thrown 200 innings once the B thirty in July. And he thinks that 24 million for six years to pick up the age of 36 is not enough. And what it if it's your -- contrary that he went along with this or in fact if you were the driving force between saying no. I wouldn't shed a tear in his arm fell off the season and now I would get a two year but I think there was some push back if I think there was some. No Scott I really think we should take this and -- being that you armor that he is. Got -- to say okay all right fine fine fine I'm fine you colossal along with you Scott ports then I'd feel a little bit sorry for him but if he's that guy. That that unilaterally said of the tiger are not enough I'm gonna take a chance gets hurt. You know be funny if Cabrera turns out none I've become a wait and edit exhibit bad press packet to better than thirty million a year until I'm 41 years old. But don't just feel like there has to be oppressing need -- hundred GM log on to play yeah. I have to be a reason that you gotta get this done. Like some kind of timetable some kind urgency. The urgency bead of Miguel Cabrera went to -- -- two years left to go. -- he's 31 next month. So what was he unhappy was he bitch it was equally and Ortiz so let's see what -- through the -- -- agent next year don't just see how this plays out at 32 and 33. And be productive and you say okay how we sit talent -- Just -- the hurry you think there was any element of this in there. Boris and -- -- just the tigers up what insurers should they think he's a sheep following Boris around anyway. They said that that -- like 110 of 1% of their motivation for Cabrera was to say. You thought we come back to the table -- and give you more you thought we come back and and sweetened the pot. -- money just went to Cabrera. -- units or -- -- your money goes to who have jobs last year. -- whoever's the top free agent market next year. I'm Dombrowski that's to a our target right we're moving on and share your deals a bad deal for Detroit to and -- for starting grilled him in his thirties -- What -- doing I don't know I guess that really should city's thriving and that's -- let's factor as incredulous as we are. Buster only as he has want to do. Hold all the other general managers and executives in Major League Baseball and we know how painful that can be. He said the response the reaction to what the tigers did yesterday with Miguel Cabrera it is unbelievable. Executives and other teams are appalled. By Detroit's decision to given this many years and a contract they're asking questions like hey he's got two seasons left before free agency. Given the fact that he turns 31 next month why not wait another year -- bidding against one I've given a three year extension instead of eight years. And paying a lot of money why extended that much we just saw David Ortiz. The best DH in baseball gets sixteen million dollars rival executives are saying Miguel Cabrera is going to be engaged in a few years why would you essentially given twice as much money. As investigation baseball he's getting I have heard this much complaining about a contract since Jayson Werth got his deal with a Washington national. While. This is the best player. Best hitters in the game yes. And there are upset but I can I just complete my -- likes to steal yeah. You'd like -- -- doesn't -- assistant medical whenever they stymied it's going to be an obscene amount of money in. I'll be set for life in he doesn't have. -- -- -- You don't know what they'll be allowed to sign at all in the previous offer of 300 million that we allow dubious a lot of make his own decision yeah elegant don't criticize the picture of 500 million. It's safe the next eight years it's it has eight prime years it makes sense the you know -- don't know it doesn't -- sends him go to arbitration yet all my point is unleashing a new paint thirty today or personal -- value right no he's going to be good for -- his contract. You know the tigers know. This is about country what am I always said the people around here producers sit there ago I don't think -- remains a -- I am a good guy. I shall apparently were congress. Don't give your arrears unless they have to pay in this. System of ours is on the -- tigers' free enterprise system of ours is capitalist system. Don't Pena was to have -- -- pay your good guy. Except if you play for the tigers again you know it in and we can. Easily transition of Vince Wilfork and underdog today at a complacency. In the same patriots. -- patriots. Payments before because they have to -- Wanna keep you don't want loosened wanna keep my underscore cottage -- except because he had. And so that's how would gently works much or how it works in Detroit -- that is in in just a second I would say this if. If in the world -- law and legal -- the tigers were functioning they wouldn't be very good because law. And attorneys and lawyering and cases and arguing successfully is based on precedent. The tigers looked at the pool holes deal. The look at the -- deal that into their early and mid thirties. Ridiculous amounts of money. And follow what that seem like a guy that bit about what it's like a -- that even matter. How old you show me a ten year deal an enemy it yet. That worked out that makes sense. And that was the same argument with your tasting we listed the -- Org and nick if heartless to the next Hamilton and said -- all the guys who were making more than David Ortiz just him and -- pools Prince Fielder. I mean one bad italics -- -- one bad deal after enough. And the idea that pool -- Josh and moves that should affect someone else it should be the opera is should be universe have correct rights and look. We can't give you steal because it rarely works that failed this -- that filled this failed and we're gonna go down yet they're gonna like the Red Sox believe that I think are absolutely will not seat yes even you know line I mean Pedroia got to log term deal but it was the hometown discount right NC a deal like this in Boston. As long as -- what to Mitchell. I think interest because I mean he's -- looks like he's gonna want the highest market value -- hometown discount him at that means five and 130 years six and 150 he thinks is is it assures he's probably not but he thinks he has hometown discount just means. I'm I'll listen and L a consider your -- Even though I'm not a fridge right yeah and no real way else today home counties he only team we talked to me so Wallace here's one of the guys responded Abraham onto quarter. He says he compared to Triple Crown winner to an aging one dimensional slow group in the thirty homers anymore. And this is and mouth reader mouth breather radio just pointing out the facts this attack happened at excess of that Twitter or that leader. Presented the facts right and one dimensional atlas couldn't handle the ups. Defense this well -- radio. As a manager. This. Say that John Ferrell issued a 123. Or 5610. Word sentence. That I think is significant in a very subtle. Kind of way. The discussion yesterday. And what a surprise this one's Jon Lester is going to get the ball for the fourth straight season opener. No surprise there and he was talking about Jon -- And this is neither good -- bad I think what this is more than anything else is accurate out of all of Lester who reads this and is disappointed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he said -- become. A very good pitcher. At a young age. So as he approaches free agency or the hometown discount. This is what the Red Sox are dealing the Red Sox. Have to decide how much we are going to jump. Into the financial pool with this guy is day. Very good picture fair to say exactly. Not scherzer. He's not now maybe a better longer tripe that's Venezuela and urge our government is gonna scherzer was last year right that's that's completely it is arguable. He's not a Kershaw no. Gotten no out of her and her. No no no no he's John Earl hit it right on the head. Lester is a very good pitcher affiliate the last two years have been the two worst years of his career yet I mean you know you forget that I guess so -- until -- get that. You know if he -- October last year we talk 150 million dollar idea I guess right now that was Jerry's beginning. The program be zeroed in on one pinpoint little area right that was the Cabrera deal. I would start -- he allowed Americans when. Now we want to know -- I thought we have before been as Arnold we're back -- specific Ed hit it dead. Is this and he's did he die of -- mature through but I look at about like forty some program outlines. Kill honey how many of those is dead. Epstein did yes he has Travolta's careers trouble is accused yes pretty capital. That he's dead. It's -- it's about a oh Washington is moment to note that it pretty boom -- Washington's goal is a lot -- alive alive and planned. Texas hold Portland got over it does yet professional and how he's like oral oral or as yet that little dance of the picture creature economic one it seems to. Used a line Belichick you know he died with a lot -- one -- in our -- I don't portions that track had a heart attack he did you and I want. Mom who -- A body edit second career as a boy -- back I ha ha ha no really. And gala. I am and -- Coming up on anything Allen ran Lehman. You and and camp apparently planning you have to -- stress to it as if you have reduced on -- he's nearly certain that I couldn't help but will we hear me niggardly predicament. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little bit but you look at you look at the Cabrera contract these two big Newton stores that day around here at least Cabrera and -- for. One contract is insane. The other seems to make perfect sense we know the details here but Vince asked to sing for his supper you know yes -- has only three million guarantee. Vince has to play and say healthy to earn that money the money by the way that he would have earned. That he did under the old contract you'll get it was simple they said. He which have been many what you got to play a 120 seconds. To open the show before we get to the break here's how I would have done -- head -- the bully permitted -- to do. Today this free -- Friday is all about decisions. The tigers made one that is arguably the most moronic. Ill advised idiotic decision in recent baseball history was that. You're paying attention the last 24 minutes or. John Ferrell has made perhaps the easiest decision of his career. Vince and -- needed to calm down a little bit to make their decision. Jerry Remy has made a decision but it's one that may change at some point this year. And clos is pondering his decision even as we speak out. And there is one other decision and I know I'm mature a little without my show. That you have to make an hour which way and ago. In economy and yes I do it the you've been. It. Put on some risks some restrictions -- you this morning I'm not I don't know with a uniform and on and we have discussed this. Off the year I'm not sure right I estimates as to who couldn't abide by this. Is good -- on bad you know right here -- -- yeah. Yeah and bad deal as we kick in the -- the authority and hopefully Harlow is here edited it to you know is that they have one day at the site yeah but please respect and good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yup yup I was right there -- the front policy -- in my bed -- I don't I'm afraid for someone's welfare in this building. But I don't know which way you're going and you are you know you're you're Smart you don't do good. Here's what I would segment he's Smart he's every -- -- saying you know it's true he's dead he's he's brilliantly insane -- ball yet. Yes the -- I have an answer for that we can't get -- an answer for that and and this is true we did not discuss the -- no we did not know we know we did not know which way the nose -- Also -- today is today that we are going to reveal. The social event of the season. I mean this is something to you need to clear your calendar for and if -- not there when it's all said -- -- the smoke clears. -- -- You'll read you'll today that you did not get a ball out this Abraham at Denny's this happens every asset they got all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll take a look at social event as we get back.

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