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A tribute to Boston's Finest

Mar 28, 2014|

Our montage to our Boston Fire Department.

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Once I had that apparently. That covers 98 beacon. -- it is I've never seen a fired travel that fast escalate to act quickly. It creates a -- -- it such shot period time. I'll yeah. Yeah. How elegant and very angry at eight -- that they've been okay -- -- Our guys would run true. A brick wall to get Brothers that -- call me and they did that yesterday they burn themselves they did everything they could to get to them. That's where the change jobs get very very -- sometimes and they had very difficult decisions to make. I'm. Very happy for him out of auto companies -- -- that's an example how many thought anyway. Always available. Two firefighters who lost their lives as a tenant in Walsh went into the break and yeah. I try to Michael Kennedy also. They were in the building -- -- -- with -- -- -- explanation -- they -- that they were -- aggressive action helped -- guys that we get aggressive and documents valuable -- When we -- someone like I told you I'll -- Michael get a Eddie was about six foot four -- like. You know big tough kids. Michael was a crossroads and I used in combat marine you know -- very very tough kids and to hear that they would just you know coast to get killed like sane anyway. Any tough. I had a firsthand view of you know all the action and it was their. Blown away by the by the bravery and and that teamwork that's. You know they really good. Do hope to get to go live to -- into the tool but it's a contact sport in it we all mold get into movies -- right here. Sometimes. Let them play to yes.

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