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Big Bad Podcast: Breaking down the red-hot Bruins, Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron

Mar 28, 2014|

WEEI.com’s Mike Petraglia and DJ Bean assess the chances of the Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks getting back to the Stanley Cup final, one year after Chicago won the Cup on Boston ice in Game 6. They also discuss the best strategy for resting Zdeno Chara and how to keep Patrice Bergeron hot.

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Welcome to TD garden everybody my name is Mike Pedroia joined by Bruins expert writer for WEEI dot com DJ being. DJ another win for the Bruins on Thursday night three nothing over the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks of course the first time these two teams have met. In this building since infamous game number six were the Bruins allowed two goals in the final seventy seconds to allow them. Chicago Blackhawks to celebrate on this very -- behind us but tonight a different story in the Bruins -- certainly. Revitalized. And energized against this as Chicago Blackhawks team a first of all Tuukka Rask. He was sensational in that his seven shutout of the season. Yeah I mean you're just waiting for these guys the kind of throw clunker in this stretch I know that it's not a winning streak anymore -- because it's. Point streak at this point I suppose but I mean even against the Canadians they didn't play too poorly they've had some clunkers along the way there but really against good teams they continue to show up. Really for me this this was probably the worst Bruins -- -- scheme we've seen going back to the Stanley Cup finals last season just because. The Blackhawks had such a bad second period usually don't. C a bad periods many of these teams they played to the because it's such good hockey but yeah I mean the Bruins keep plugging along Patrice Bergeron and continues to play out of his mind to -- Rask. Today. You know. He -- -- a little some challenges early on the game but I look at tonight and it's like the hockey gods are paying him for it. He and kind of being snubbed over the last few years to present a consideration in -- like he gets like -- he's gotten some free be shut out tonight he leads the league. With seven the next guy is there there are few tied with five but his stats right now. Top three in the league and everything you think that he's maybe the doesn't favor at this point. Everything's going right for the Bruins. You're in the press room I DJ you obviously asked Claude Julian about Tuukka Rask and he provided. That insight that you just mentioned the other thing I thought interest thing from -- post game. Was the fact that the Bruins really made in game adjustments especially in the first after the first ten minutes of this game of the Blackhawks were as he would say strong on the puck the Bruins not so much and the Bruins really picked up their game. Both physically and they were able to really control the Blackhawks beat. Right in medianews also is the possession game for the Bruins and you watched. The Blackhawks in the second period once the Bruins kind of started going -- -- the -- are forcing more turnovers the Blackhawks were sloppy get the puck go to there zone. Second period especially they could get -- go to their zone they get in the neutral zone they turn over there. I don't remember how they played in the offensive zone because they were really their much until the end of the the period the end of the boats shooting the Bruins are they put up what 28 shots onto grass but. Really aside from early on that game like I who I ask clue about it after the game is you mention -- he mentioned the chances that the Blackhawks had early in the game. In word not for me -- check my notes I would have forgotten the Blackhawks had any real stretch in that game. Where they were putting much pressure on to harass the -- pretty much pushed the of their style play. On the Blackhawks and dictated tonight's game. Obviously this the Blackhawks without Patrick Kane. It's a different look team and they're used to seeing from Chicago but I mean these are two teams that. I would expect to get back to the Stanley Cup finals all goes well. You can't you. You can't account for injuries and things -- gonna happen down the road but. I mean these are the two best teams in the NHL in my mind and as I said it was probably the worst team we've seen from these two teams just because the Blackhawks and really have tonight. I ask Corey Crawford I was in their room after the game if he if this kind of game tonight made him think back to the Stanley Cup finals and he said. I'm not worried about the -- once I'm not even worried about last year's Stanley Cup finals it doesn't matter to us it's totally irrelevant do you buy that. Yes and no like I think that people that. When you're a team that's won two Stanley cups and just short time span. Your focus on the task at hand and you're good looking ahead because otherwise you -- seen the Blackhawks. Still celebrating that's Stanley Cup years later in the birds are good team also look at -- turning the page in that regard. For Crawford right I know that he's won a Stanley Cup but I think that he's a guy who still maybe might have some to prove he's on the Stanley Cup he's got. He's got his contract but I as I look at these two teams the biggest difference between the -- the Blackhawks and obviously their considered to play very similar styles. Blackhawks move the puck better on their back end in the Bruins have far superior goaltending I think of the two difference between these teams right now. All right you were in bruins' dressing room after the game -- Zdeno -- the captain of the Bruins some interesting comments about how he may or may not be used down the stretch. And whether or not he expects to be rested. You know at his age I believe it's 37 that registered -- just turned 37. Do the Bruins give him some days off some games off and and how will he except that. Well I think that they do because it's not like he has a perfect season attendance wise. Like a -- Jarome Iginla does Jarome Iginla has years and years now -- hasn't missed the game due to injury or the only game he's missed over the last 67 years or something was when he was traded. And the penguins were playing a game tonight he was traders -- got so. A guy like to get well maybe that's a tougher called. But when it comes to there are charges are you missed a couple of games due to injuries are you missed a couple of games due to going to the Olympics early. I think that with him there's an understanding on his part that if the team feels it's best for him so a couple of games then I think that. He's -- -- a team guy that. He'll be OK with that now -- probably will never be the type a guy who's gonna go to include Julian and say. You know the third period I was kind of field that Lleyton in that game and -- I think I ought to take the next couple games off. I just don't think that's you know -- you -- he's been a media who read Google's they'll -- read any story about greeted feature on and he's been a maniac training wise since he was thirteen and his father would have him run up and down apartment buildings and all you have to say is Himalayas right I -- he's. He is the ultimate. Work go warrior trader type whatever you wanna call it so he's not going to be asking to come out of games but I think he understands especially now that last year. Probably the biggest reason they lost the side from Patrice Bergeron could even say it's just has degrees and -- was that zero Chara was play to a very bad hip flexor injury late in that series game for a Jonathan Toews came on after that game and have -- go after the stack. We can expose and that was the moment that Blackhawks realized. Something's wrong with Chara and I mean even on pickles game tying goal in game six you saw just how much pain he was -- And I think the Chara appreciates. That as. Serious as he takes every single thing he does in life. A regular season game if he misses it isn't the end of the world if it gives him even a -- possible -- chance of being healthier towards the back into the post season. All right the Bruins wrap up a three nothing when -- -- over the Chicago Blackhawks. On Thursday night at TD garden they are the first team DJ as you know to fifty wins they use a pass for the time being the -- saint Louis blues. For in the president's trophy race for the most points in the NHL 1062105. Again for the time being. And the Bruins can act clinched their first Atlantic Division title with another win or a Tampa Bay bought it. Do you think they get it. I I I think it's pretty much all hunt 99.9. Percent odds we're not looking at the 2011 Red Sox college did you see that the DC the lightning in the and that's shootout against the elders they are not they were pretty convincing. I think they've got to. Yeah -- I think the Bruins have it all wrapped up. Certainly -- and also we'd be -- -- each -- an emotional night here at TD garden as the color guard of the Boston fire department perform the National Anthem of course remembering the late Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy both of whom. Perished in that tragic. Wednesday fire on beacon street to the Bruins in a tribute to them and Claude Julien also made reference to this after the game. Wore baseball caps in their pregame skate and some of the players even handed them out to the fans. A first class gesture indeed by the Boston Bruins he is DJ being. I'm Mike which rally at TD garden for WEEI. Dot com.

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