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Done Deal: Vince Wilfork will remain a New England Patriot

Mar 27, 2014|

No more Vince vs the Patriots drama, the big fella took to twitter to announce that he's sticking around. We discuss it.

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We'll jump to a breaking our breaking news. This according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL network. Patriots source patriots and Vince Wilfork are closing in on a basic agreement. Our contract extension that will keep him in the -- How about that cooler heads for all about that a year -- that may play off the locker. He asked for his release. After they signed Darrelle Revis and now. -- Ian -- they're close to an agreement. I think that's good news here's the bad news -- -- don't the -- -- Wilfork got credit that he -- -- would -- but but but that's fine. Still the captain. -- If no children to would have million dollars what does he guarantee we knew we could get seven million dollars. Without restructuring replenish yourself -- half million dollars. So the extension Rappaport next one will force -- to -- is through 2016. Earns him the right to make eight million in 2000 port. Argument a little. Little more money 500000 dollar reward original -- all your money back. In the second. On sodomy electorate do you put that as I do this I thought at a couple of days go after. All the Bob crap all it would have been written down the main plate. I didn't feel too good about it than to three days after that. As a heard anything as an awfully quiet. -- you didn't hear anything. Bob Kraft talked about -- wolf for one of his personal favorite Bill Belichick. Always checked in the media the the ultimate editor bill Belichick's -- verified source I was great verify that. I did talk that you should probably talk events knowing that. What he just visceral the same kind of thing to worry said what it was -- Tom Carter and he texted him something to the effect on thought I will talk. First where I talk burst. When I when I talk about this for the first time to write off five exclamation points so Vince Wilfork if Kodak sold. No we've heard a lot of of conversation about that that thought it was gone when he asked for his release. Thought he was gone home with you Dickerson thought when he ripped when he ripped off the nameplate. The love his drama. If he -- wanna take a pay cut and I thought he would he would probably have to take a pay cut to stay and they work it out good for both sides it lowered his cap number which was way too are way too high for him till eleven million dollars plus worth cap numbers actual. Cash payout this year's kidnapping dollars but that that cap numbers huge. Deny you lower the cap number and you don't make some more moves -- And you get a guy albeit 32 coming off Achilles surgery you've got a guy -- use your best interior defense of one -- one thing is. The patriots needed Vince Wilfork they still need his play on the interior. There's -- there's events right here -- it's been hard remain quiet and let things take its course but -- and the best thing to do. Negotiations are never easy especially. When you have a ten year history with the team and more importantly relationships. But those who supported made a thanking him for those who have called me every name of the book. I thank you. My intentions have never changed ten years ago my goal was to retire a patriot. And as I sit here typing this I'm closer to achieving my goal. I look forward to getting back to football helping my team compete and have a chance at winning. A super -- Art so everybody those who have called every name in the book -- think that is that a large majority of people. I think if you got a large majority of people -- -- may be just. Maybe I'm just thinking -- from media people could he got it got smacked around pretty good -- meet people maybe not now. Surly fans what they work I will say this there were some fans and where we're used to Vince Wilfork just being. Holding untouchable no one ever has a bad word disable events I think that there were more than a handful financial. Take this contract it -- yourself what you -- the typical. I like all right I'll bet I'll -- -- -- get back -- what he would like to make 77 and a half million to. But that's what -- -- and it was it was Stiller restructuring. Maybe maybe there were a couple of people. Who didn't agree with them. In the media I don't I don't remember hearing a lot of people say about Vince Wilfork. Well he's you know he's not that gum and war. I I heard some of those some of the -- 32. Of promising player before last you're listening little jabs at them. But I think that's a -- I think that's factual. Think that you've got to jab not only -- did he didn't have a good start a lot of assessed here for that Atlantic game. Winners' events span he has it or -- said. Vince has not been the dominant dominating player that we don't just see okay that was going into the Atlantic. But so for the patriots. The question now is what they do. The outlook for coming back you have you have some more flexibility that's the only reason he's come back more flexibility for the patriots. So we go out in and yet he get another pass rusher. Or get a -- Russia have sent out picked up one yet Jared Allen gone there's not much left. View. It's do you view of the receiver are you waiting to see what Philadelphia doesn't and DeSean Jackson situation. I mean what's the story now. Or do you just wait and so what we've done we've made our major moves wanted to salute the solidify the secondary. With Revis and -- Browner. Feel pretty good about the signing of the felt the resigning of Julian settlement. Of this situation this situation figured out Jerod Mayo returns to health. What we're grunt coming back with. Predict a pick I went to -- its its amazing to where this team was and where people war was a goal on two weeks ago now. The opening day of free. Free agency and everybody's jumping on this guy and jump on that guy about the Broncos assigning every former pro bowler rounded listeners sent. Patriots knowing why they do what they want to this team next year is going to be. A lot worse than they should be why at the bringing employers and -- set all the all the movements that you just made. Bill look like a pretty good team right now. And here's the other thing without -- -- comment. For those who have called me every name in the book first ball. Knowing her for tenure. You always you always have critics. What it over ten years in New England. Would you guess. By any measure email. Text. Interaction with fans. At at the grocery store. Hearing from France that the gains. I would yes. That the volume up positive stuff. Accounts for maybe 97%. Of things -- Wilfork answered in the negative stuff represent about 3%. C'mon you know I know better -- it's every player content but every year they need a bit but they all -- -- -- -- the rabbit ears. It's -- they hear themselves. Or you don't of their brother's. Uncle told them their best friends 'cause it's at eight year old Michael -- said he Judy -- and shot as he wrote about your. And they got the rabbit ears not -- them more than obviously the tens of thousands of nice things of people. And I don't think they want people. I don't think Vince Wilfork would not be the same like a lot of great athletes -- would not be the same if everybody says something nice all the time Rodney Harrison. Indeed at the same thing they think give me your villain I need a pillar what are. He's too nice around here. It's like the old days in the mid debt 2000 -- it would be walking around -- -- not respect or their respective Celtic where that good well. You are eight no right now own. Now bear one and seven they've been praising you'll open up though it was still looked like the -- -- -- -- under Donald but it adds. Rodney used to like the play that game and advance to an extent the plan. All of events this this game a couple of years ago and out of Miami. And you may remember the suspect that they cut off Wilfork in traffic. An impetus to Baltimore but they had gone net. -- that they were playing a game in Miami and they weren't favored to win nor patriots football weekly all publications everybody patriot football -- -- the picture's gonna lose. So that. In game four with David. I can't believe the lack of support. Our own report. Our whole reporters. Well. Guys -- Hate us -- -- -- -- into the locker room you run away -- trainers -- -- -- weekly showing that you're going to the cafeteria until we leave now where you're reporters at a -- we don't know what to think about football about to kill them. They -- I mean they care about everything and anybody whoever says I did read it I didn't hear it I don't little -- Airlines started it. Which is basic and -- binoculars it can't play it's not it's a great bicker and bicker Colorado mountain and Michael -- it is the daily Dickerson. On gave Canada. Everybody everybody should have a daily ticker I -- everybody David Connecticut was about the Missouri. What's going on -- Too much are you gonna do it -- banks. So -- -- come back. I'm here there was an area -- whatever you know I mean he could be great. Still to come back from the injury where is that -- -- bring him back but I think -- that didn't mean. What they should have made weapons trade drug -- He this could become the hallmark of the -- he's the greatest Celtic and never polish. We're just -- and Dave Geico just doctoral quickly and all it took a what you fetish like. I can't can't go -- too long without trying to answer that are trying to rebut that what is it you think. Ranked -- worth on the open market at this point in time. It's up to stay. If you can get eighty conditional pick form you know if you get. You know a third round pick that -- up to a second round pick -- games played. Some -- that I think you take. I actually can probably get a keen to do that. I honestly cute -- Ted I would love to have that kind tell. What do you what a trip to Iraq a number of computers while you -- -- of. The computers because the Bill -- the pitcher where he's got all the talent in the world but he's never helped and the two year against yours or. Whether Saddam breaks as a back problem he's got this we've got so many injuries that just gonna continue to pile up. And acute luckiest -- missing being you know. And it's very deep draft for tighter and. Next thing you know what you do Dave did -- to pardon for protection. He drives it deep draft you don't have to draft in the first round of is that deep. You know drafted the -- in the second or third -- make sure that you have a pass catcher. On the roster if anything happens with -- That you protected yourself any if nothing happens with ground you've got a guy who. Is one of the best tight ends and football if not the best one. Players and football it despite the injuries at the last couple years. On the trade away the Rob Gronkowski just -- like I think there's. Too much to gain to keep me -- too much to lose if he goes somewhere 7797. Not this vulnerability lies and. A ball what. Is the number I can't get it like 6177797. -- original lesson of the -- all the time at all -- a life. Do you think the number I don't know this is gonna blow off the right on right way to what is it. Excellent set them and you -- tell people what you which you which you said during the break. Going to -- remember what that's what the numbers you're asking about. The felt excellent the -- line like I misspoke Michael I misspoke with no effect on here anymore.

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