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Jerry Remy speaks out: he's not leaving the NESN booth anytime soon

Mar 27, 2014|

Jerry Remy spoke today for the first time since the expose on his son's jaded past came out last weekend in the Boston Globe. Remy told the Globe he has no intentions of giving up his spot in the Red Sox broadcast booth.

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We mentioned the the news from Fort Myers few minutes ago John -- talking to the median at Grady Sizemore would bat fifth or sixth in the batting order if quotation fingers up. If via makes the team. -- there was another bit of news that came out of Fort Myers today I'm looking at a column are written today post -- online by Dan Shaughnessy. The -- headline is Jerry Remy plans to remain on nests and Red Sox broadcasts. Jerry Remy made his first public comments since the article came out Sunday in the Sunday Boston Globe. -- by a written by Eric Moskowitz. Among the quotes here Remy said quote I'm planning on being in Baltimore Monday. On quote. He was asked. -- -- ought to say I really feel comfortable doing the games I felt fine doing the games it's the oft times that were tough. The games were fine I didn't feel like I was doing anything any differently than in the past. Course -- the article came out Sunday there has been up a bit of a backlash in this market I think that's fairly safe to say Shaughnessy. Tells -- about that -- admits. He said quote I'm not stupid I hear stuff. But I'd like to just pass on commenting on that I'm planning on being their Monday and that's the best I can say right now on -- So for those folks who were calling for Jerry Remy to be removed. There's a quoting here from Tom -- Red Sox chairman. Who says quote this is a tragic situation and Mike continued sympathies go out to the -- family. With regard to Jerry Remy we continued to support his decision to return to the broadcast Booth. Out of respect for both of the families involved I'm going to refrain from any further comment with you on this matter. -- quote I don't -- stepping down I see him stepping down if all wondering Henry tells him to -- that one line. You read dale. I was really comfortable doing the games it's the oft times it would top its green mile -- a guy animal. Yeah and who needs it -- tool. -- it will hurt his health we will certainly hurt his mental have. Currently you know obviously he dealt with depression I don't know if you can live without thinking to this point that point in time. Yeah he also said. Hey he he's doing talk about the depression is as good right now you never know what tomorrow is gonna bring but right now everything is fine health wise. I really don't know what to say I really don't know what the right thing the wrong thing is just say I'm planning on being there Monday it will -- there. And -- and we've talked about this throughout the year great. Shaughnessy asked him has even hurt by the latest feedback. Is afterwards quote I'd rather not -- Which means yes he has been. But if he says that says that it looks bad for you look at insensitive to -- it's only it's not exactly right. I mean he's in a situation where he can't answer that. He can't not without appearing insensitive and to his credit I think he understood that he couldn't answer that he handled that the right way. -- -- asked them if if if he's got to make it through the entire season quote if I started yeah absolutely. You grew and Utah through what I said that if if he's here on Monday him if no one tells him to step down he -- in this thing out through the end. I don't know if this is an enemy. Culture I don't I don't put on there obviously has the support of a Henry in Warner. But it. He has battled depression. In this situation. Committed this is an everyday thing yet to win the games it's fine it's. -- a respite from what the the real serious things that are that are happening. In his life. But -- That's got to be at some point I can see that becoming overwhelming. And -- Jerry's saying not Medicare bill. -- there's nothing worse than if he's facing are dealing with depression again. -- sickness house head down lights off it just gets worse and worse from there at least with this. It sounds like obviously this is something that he he loves to do with his passionate. And it also gets him out of the housing gets him. Doing things that he loves well I'll say this the settlement of the custody case earlier this week I thought made his -- nurturing them much more likely. -- as long as that custody battle was ongoing throughout the course of the summer. I thought it was it it can be difficult at times you know I would have expected more newspaper articles to come out. Natural what more could come out and in the globe broke everything is sparse I know maybe maybe there's things up there we don't know yet. While I'm assuming there are things we don't know yet it's hard to picture that there's a whole bunch more that would come out now based on the settlement of the custody cases well. What you think about it from the perspective of the people who want him there. In number one would be John Henry -- that all of Red Sox Nation supports Jerry -- which is not true. John Henry. Knew everything. He had the he had -- the opportunity to know anything he's the publisher of the globe he's made himself the publisher I always wonder though how much does the public like. What is really know this thing's coming out -- get my guesses at the federal got a publisher are in a -- -- Apparently from what I've heard he's hands on guy he's -- a lot of time at the globe and he's been there on site. Hang around employees there see him all the time so he seems to be hands on publisher if you are that guy in your paper. Is writing a story like the globe wrote on Sunday. Yes especially when you only other entity that was featured in this store absolutely now the question is. He was quoted in that story. I wonder why John Henry there in the Sonics or you're on the right. I thought there was. It was something and it's very thin -- about that the Red Sox Red Sox and because I think the Red Sox are part of the story. When they hired they hired your Grammy. After. After knowing his history. So he wasn't there on Sunday story but I think he said something. On Q is that what it is dandy if you think he -- -- -- something -- and a paper or just to a channel I think you know I what was -- Sox nation stands by professional file get a vibe out of the channel five and I'm saying. And the story on Sunday the globes than the Moskowitz please. It talked about -- remain working at Fenway is security guard yes. He went to jail. After he got out of jail he worked for the Red Sox again. So I mean -- that's a part of it. There are there are a lot of there -- a lot of people wanted to perform -- a lot of people who. You wanna hear from Mike how did this happen and that's what we all wanna know how did this happen and how can we prevent it from happening again. What it would not just not just Jared really good people like Jerry -- how many -- remains are out there. Doing the things that that the immediate and before before the murder. And not being appropriately discipline. Whether action. Well the one thing I think everybody wondered since Sunday because he didn't make any public comments even -- custody hearing on. Monday or Tuesday whenever that at -- it was Tuesday he didn't say anything after that. Everybody was wondering about you know is Remy gonna come back or not is he gonna come back. A Red Sox and Tom Warner said he's welcome back and -- he said he's coming back and that he plans on being in Baltimore on Monday. Would change. What changes would be in terms of him not starting the season not finishing the everything that would change it would be. An edict from management from ownership same. We thought this thing over and maybe it's not the best idea for you to do the game I don't think anything -- with me that my gut feeling that nothing changes in the money cherry round. So the fans saying. Not so crazy about because some fans and -- and doesn't play and -- have we got right. I even said in the show on at CP -- and I'm not stupid guy I know what. People are saying out there. But he also -- I'd rather not comment again Smart on his -- He can't win anything he says short of what he said you know that the comments that he made. He can't say anything else without getting clobbered from from one -- -- another despite the fact that he's obviously Euro was obviously. And enabler of example. Bulldozed many years Monday on the one of gonna have a soft spot for Jerry -- -- -- artillery fired because I know -- -- I -- think the Mike sell their ticket here a lot of it that's what does it play out that way right that's Mike's did you think about it. He basically lost it's it's lost its on the kid who grew up. As these kids watch watched them play tee ball a Little League basketball and all that stuff. He's lost him to an extent. And the other eye is an extent he's lost this fight well I don't know if -- all -- our president noted that he still fairly Jennifer Ellis and -- that's that's obviously you know level but beat. Other thing which are ready to look at the sky and see what he's battled the last. Five years going through countless -- miles -- long to right and depression. I don't want -- I don't wanna see something bad happened -- this guy even further and I I worry. That because of the depression because of those things. And he may never be the same guy again if he doesn't have this in his back pocket for at least the next year I think he. He needs these -- team needs baseball resort mental. We have a texture here who says knowing what happened with his son there's no way I will watch the Sox game I'll catch it on the radio better coverage less comedy crap from an unfunny guy. Well wolf first -- all. I don't believe I don't either I I don't believe that you won't watch a game on TV I I believe you believe it as you as you type it here in that you feel that way. And then you'll have a chance to watch Red Sox yankees game or opening day and you'll save while it I'd like to see it but secondly. And it goes back to the point knowing what happened with his son okay. Jerry Remy is son allegedly did this despicable heinous act. And for that reason. You wouldn't watch the games because World Series -- In all fairness several. -- said yes I don't know but this is the one that let this is the one guy that brings us back. To his entire. Career. As a criminal. It's as if he's a career criminal. But who should be held more accountable. In this ritual where Jeremy notable besides -- the courts of course they are gonna say. Jerry Remy or the court system to -- while long shot it's the court systems by the close. I don't hear I don't hear people saying hemming and hawing against the court systems that I'm gonna do this I'm not gonna do that but. Why are people so caught up and down market watch these games because Jerry Remy is that because the court system screwed up. -- that has a face. That's a face that is somebody you know is very easy. When you think of the court and -- that's the real big on the right note and a different but the phrase itself. The court system right right you just think of an entire network can think of so many people behind us and you're not sure. Which person to blame which court system what city what town. There's so many entries. On that on that rap -- -- -- -- -- -- is if it's easy to blame Jeremy district simplify I think there you can't with Jerry Remy is right there. Well the news is out now and Dan Shaughnessy has the piece that got post that online today he'd talked to Gerri today. And as far as I know he's the first person to publicly talked I'm sure other people talked to -- but on no one publicly that I know of it sounds as though he has the Red Sox backing. And he has set flat out he will be on Monday. So some questions that we had got answered here today. I think we'll know even without knowing all the stories behind the things. This is why I'm a little skeptical that a finish the season to finish the entire season. I don't know what he is how much of a how much of an oasis. The games will be form can hear. I wanna see how he does when they get. It's picture is picture is gonna be Jerry Remy do doing a. I think I think it's a great question you know can you be that. I I don't think you'll be seeing any air guitar being played this year 118 to two games and up on the wall yup that's the pocket or -- OK so can -- does that I'm just guessing that's so what you can't do that. If you can't if he can't be himself. Well why -- in the broadcast. Like the reason you love Jerry -- a lot of you know -- I I disagree without I had what I light. Most of what Randy brings to the table don't like all of it's sometimes okay I think it'll silly Furman as a pure baseball. Analyst. He's terrific and he can do that and still toned down the other stuff and Alec said what Reddy was great. Was telling you what's gonna happen. I'm not telling you what did happen you what I can do act you when I could failures to tag at second base Remy is great at telling you what's gonna happen. Based on the situation. Look for our -- ground ball to left side I mean he's great at that okay. Certain aspects to Jerry -- being Jeremy some of that is. Is his feel for the game. As as a player. A lot of it is. Work. Jerry Remy a lot of the things he's telling you is OK that's his instincts. Speaking a lot of it is just. A work trip. To the ballpark. Jerry Remy is -- -- I mean I like -- remembers seeing him sit in the office you'd but it opened the doors. Going to Jimy Williams office. Jeremy was sitting there already before the media got -- so whether with Williams. Whether it was Joseph Kerrigan. Whether it was was gravy. Tito John fair that guy works. So that he still feel. Working the room. But he's got to do it. I look at the same thing. If you can just watch and it's talking to scouts. Talk in the players joking around with guys. You know getting them comfortable and getting some information. And they put -- all -- there and make mental notes and that comes -- and broadcast. Is -- comfortable. Just walking around. And out and I don't audience you know talking to people up socializing. Because that is what you hear the stuff you hear from Jerry Remy that's the product that. It's put the work it is that the pocket. -- 2 o'clock 2 o'clock 230. I gotta get out here I gotta go do some hockey I'll see you at the gardens don't leave me that abruptly. On the leave you with Greg and at least. And it -- -- Maloney I see you later tonight see you at the garden tonight to use it for America's down four to one -- I think anybody out -- -- -- when -- what I said what's the overall I gonna I just hit us what happened to monitor their -- literary. We're on the air at six tonight by the way. Full sixty minute pregame show tonight with big bad Bruins live. Billy -- Barry Petersen Jameer at all and me will all be there at 6 o'clock. Not great it's great CD sales and I hope my season -- tomorrow and back Michael I'll see you with the game tonight -- man and then I'll see you tomorrow. On Greg and Michael will continue I gotta get out here and at the garden Sports Radio WE yeah. What helped me in this radio station and this radio show and -- Michael all the help me. Don't on this while letting them help -- or an old seats all. See what I can do here 6177797. -- recently -- -- will -- -- fan OKS as we all -- -- -- It won't work here at one more time -- a huge will -- Plan fan OKS as we all walked. -- -- Asked and so of his favorite moments little -- Oakland I am not a huge -- tang. Family I do enjoy their appearances. Back in the day on the shoot -- well not all but certain that. I'm not I'm not exactly the Wu -- expert. The Asian people's draft who want to them. You know what you know you know the world -- expert here it is and much much much the last person but the monthly. Any you don't think as much. -- have heard them quote quote things extensively. On ship so it -- the -- he says cream get the money dollar dollar deal at all doesn't make an expert. That does this give you a little sample is given us everything what he's capable of dual. Mostly not react. Got to get blows lewd out of time you know I I do not understand what he's saying I don't think. Louis or -- motherhood or lose morally that's all the time whose corporate cash money click yes. Go to Jim in PB Jim Europe next here on the Michael Long she'll on WB away Jim. -- I cannot elaborate on the first laws are called Michael while ago because we circled the called the Michael college with. Annapolis with typical -- show would have spent some aren't yet I didn't pay bills name on the opening salvo to show lodges -- You know one thing that could change. -- Thank you pretty regret change -- -- at at an environment that's that's my funeral her. It's my gut feeling. -- and Dartmouth stage you're up next on not WEEI. Up Michael Holley show featuring Michael could. The other Korean regarding kind of a different perspective on the situation injured running up. I went to a situation where it's on the court threw my -- was great while Purdue. And actually got high powered lawyer I was shocked at murder and found not guilty the point I'm trying to entities like father and that it. Real credit -- businesses. A lot of that the dropped off because my actions nothing he had to do that. And is likely change as well my mother dramatic or not diminishing and in to a victim in this case. Like what people understand that your -- probably want go back to work it in mind opting could be just technical no matter you know a lot of money you're a little money. He still lost the child and so didn't aunt sure loved your daughter in law. -- -- -- -- Her well and it's normal like my father would go out. Not quite literally because they're gonna -- the thing but very well known in the area and it's -- people wanted to try to home. -- would be point in my mother when it would go up very common restaurant and and it wouldn't comment about it businesses because though -- had enough money look at aboard to support -- on almost Patten a dude that's their children. No matter what they did Erica courage and you bet they're gonna try to support and the best. It's as much as I'll be the first to say and Steve thanks will be a phone call. Is much I'd be the first to say Michael that Jarrett Jeremy obviously was. An enabler with Tucson. And let this get too too far down the road before saying there was some. Judy to help I'm gonna give -- help Markovic and you give your money but. In the same breath this there's no I don't know about you one I want to the hospital some ice on board there was no manual that there was no manual for how to deal with. Things like this is as you -- life. It figured out you. We talked about -- earlier so they're planning involved parent has a lot of luck involved to. Some over our bumper. What are the jobs. What would -- what -- stunned that the oldest. -- Trying to figure it does it go to sleep. And read a book. On how to get a kid to go to sleep look at this book is really long. Yeah to -- your wording on and I looked down he's asleep look at that country. Whatever I have no idea I have no idea how it happened -- -- involved and everything out and in the in the case of Jerry Remy yeah there's no easy answer I think it's a feel thing so we can say right now to. Dan Shaughnessy ever start the season and finished disease -- feels right now. And always will he feel like everybody's watching him when he goes to depart. Will it be easier to do road games and it is all the games walking around Fenway. A lot of Boston fans out there on the road and a lot and they -- they travel -- -- is is he -- -- -- people might be looking at him is he gonna. Think that people are looking at when they're not. Sometimes. There will be people staring importing but they're not staring and pointing and saying hey you enabled -- and they're thinking. Jerry Remy. He's famous. Watch him all the time. I don't know and I don't think anybody anybody knows. How this experience is going to be for him so. That's why I say I'm skeptical I just I really don't think he's gonna finish the season. And maybe there comes a point in time. Your right there comes a point in time during the -- course of the season where he says. You know before I thought I just Easter I needed to get out and needed to go to work needed to get my mind off things weren't. Is where I was most happy in this sort of Micah -- and maybe two months from now. Leave the overall finger pointing in dealing with people costly. Maybe that gets too many and he says maybe this big this was not a good idea the best thing for me use to go home and get out of the public limelight but. -- -- -- some. Big Ole miss it but it was just so shocking. Accurate as. It was able to glide about what's happening is not lost it. Lost art is art if radio nobody can figure reached on a particular. Like we're talking all her with. No he did you get your not note. But the guy who called it. A couple of minutes ago and said when I was accused of murdered. At the idea yet. Right I think it was appropriate that point in time to get through so what happens happens god knows I kind of scheme by -- was found guilty. Was bound to stories there column battle back -- back off the. -- Michael off the air while I do. Trending now stuff ridiculous -- it would happen. Go to what dawn who's into -- dog Europe next hero Michael -- Greg Dickerson. I got -- done -- done. I love the show as a first time caller I'm more content that looks and but that's what I thought and a passionate about well I thought I'd put into the -- view. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When I listen to the games I noticed I'm a therapist so I'm used to hearing its own people or is that what they're relieved you know all that. And when I would listen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd be tuning him out and I know he's an expert bird that is the site but when they switched to act. Because perhaps there I couldn't believe organized different from what I really enjoyed and I think. And the other side of -- -- You know -- have to come to work and do this and or two or depression there's lots of other sources and I think you should think about the people -- -- -- you are gonna look he's going to going to be able to concentrate you know. I think I think in the yen to release at the start of this and I understand. Don -- saying. He gets he gets the word bottom -- fiesta. Understand. What. Helps him all the -- most with his life with news with his help with his mental well. And maybe that a lot of we all deal with stress differently we all feel bad situations differently. And maybe this for him as the best option -- And god you know you mentioned that I think a lot of people. Share your enthusiasm. And you're. An aberration not the right word but just the -- and entertainment factor. You look at you listen Eric I said earlier to the guys are saying you know that Dennis actor's plea is new England's version of of Charles Barkley -- money. I don't wanna hear talk about a different. Here what are your act talk about Rondo -- -- about Rondo -- your play basketball. What I hear you talk. Let the good thing for you done good things for us is. That they have both. So -- and says are here's a here's a compromise. If if we think that this is getting a live all a little hairy for you. Maybe. You don't do all of the games that you would normally do already -- addiction and back for 253035. Games and and reduce the workload of -- everything that's so I don't. I think that's a that's a great point that's a great possibility where Jerry gets. -- has taken its -- to where he goes out he gets out of a house gets away it's -- do things that he loved but also. Is forced to do do it over the course of a hundred and 4050 game. -- -- a phone call Mike. -- The evidence here Greg. Greg I I agree with you you are you are -- confident this. I was I wasn't in export is what I did it two times a week. There's executives at 1440 was -- working forty -- in the show that I used to listen to you all the time. Of the Wallach and Dickerson program. But you notice that you listen to beat Dickerson -- time in Dickerson Girardi actually got a call -- liar I've not heard not just tell me something that he -- -- didn't -- -- -- quickly. But I guess it was in the -- -- and you guys. -- Saturday. Or maybe 45 minutes. Four or maybe an hour. Or how. Long time in shame on me for listening in the entire session got him but no you know what they did -- makes it. I'm not a -- and now we're talking about Holland notes. Or door almost or Duran Duran. Some concert -- Sara smile it was unbelievable. As rich girl I did you not want to talk that long I think it was all. And that's -- these guys it's actually pretty interesting there Becky -- about that it really haven't thought about much. Margaret talk about it in just about an hour talking I don't know that -- -- your phone along with what was shown here. One -- best. One of our six hour extravaganza. On more what Michael -- Greg Dickerson here on WEEI it's coming off phone calls 617. 79779. Threesome. -- -- -- -- -- And another component listen. I still remember the show. After games. Probably it was they had fifteen years ago. Now I think I'm the end of giving details from the shoe so that's what you know what your job good job by you and I -- I think and I think right now. -- because you actually remember. Present what you don't. If if -- -- 45 minutes Hall & -- -- -- -- gotten I don't know what went too much job that smells fishy there but it doesn't sound right. It was their -- there Paula -- -- it was -- this way. You regardless legal war you had gone to a concert. The previous night it was meet everyday. I thought I noticed Jimmy Buffett -- Jimmy Buffett probably wasn't the only controversy. We'll -- it well well. I'll outlook for the tapes in my bath collection and all know we -- -- -- or well. While most things were -- on a voyage that is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up next on holly beat Michael -- extravaganza with Greg Dickerson. -- -- gentlemen are allies here at I just want to preface my remarks by saying god bless the dimly lit the fire by its. Who -- did he obviously died each service to. To humanity and I picked up -- analyst says -- operate a -- that somewhat late like for not so. I I want I want to commend them this service and and god bless -- families. Lola being -- -- -- to deal with it -- a loss. -- -- Having said that I want to preface my remarks like Jerry Grammy. By saying that the act that will reform by its thirty year 34 year old that belts out -- in comparison to a firefight -- it was needless. Inexcusable. Inhumane that we don't want it on and on and use them. Probably more. Graphic descriptions of what he did -- any event it's inexcusable. However. I believe firmly that cherry red -- is being crucified in this deal. And that that's happening wrongly -- -- which job if he's not forming. -- the level that is needed. To comment on the Red Sox they're -- reliever however. You cannot blame him for what -- shot -- 34 year old but outside do you -- he would not do. We don't know for a fact what Jerry did or didn't do it but perceptible way. For a medication. He paid for adopt this. There that this kid -- you -- And wait for a moment you don't then we would be crucified -- that as well I I. See him in a position. Where he did win no matter what Eric didn't do. Oh yeah I did go to John I think I mean all of your comments is it including your comment from the top. Our Orwell's and well thought out absolutely what you said about the firefighters. And in -- we all we all are with you we all agree with you on that I think you said that the last thing you said -- -- -- -- -- on. Is it's a no win situation form it is a no win situation just so I don't differ for for Gerry -- yesterday. I think. What what we don't know and this is this is what does change -- stories on what we don't know is. What he did if anything. If he'd get something to. I'll allow Jared Grammy to have a second third fourth fifth sixth seventh chance. Then then that does and and deserve some investigation and it also deserve some investigation. When you look at the Red Sox. And their employment. Of Jeremy -- you think the Red Sox to employ them on his own on their own. Or are organized thing that it. Right -- occupied -- I'm talking about it spot. But -- but -- -- but. But it's. If there's a link there's a link in some ways. Jerry Remy doesn't have the job but the Red Sox that it's not for Jared Grammy. -- perhaps perhaps perhaps. -- -- doesn't get the all the multiple chances. If it's not for if it's not for jury room right. Let me -- question. If the court issued. 45. Ordered to stay away from people and so forth and so on. He is my opinion based on the contact that this guy he exhibited. That it would make little difference if there were any court orders or restraints. Other I hear people say that I hear people say that and I got to say. That is predicting the future. As predicting the future I don't wanna be that dismissive of a restraining order. Because as I said earlier this week great forestry getting a restraining order says to me a different mentality. For the victim. Until she gets if she get to restraining order who knows who she comes into contact with. In court. -- knows. Who senator who knows what she decides to do she gets a restraining order that a big step. Horror for a lot of women who have been abused until then the next step could it -- it could have been. You know what I'm not going back here I got this restraining order and that's not enough for me maybe Allstate somewhere else tonight. I'm not gonna just say I'll forget it that you know in the restraining order means nothing it could have meant something economy could have alerted the police. Why don't we just this flicked it away like -- just a meaningless piece of paper and the same thing would happen it could move but we don't know that. You don't know for sure but it's going to -- is the possibility that does exist why not give that possibility. A try reckon it'll -- already. Welcome to W -- And are at risk. Jump in -- if you like Paul from -- better at all what's going on. At all logic Atlantic. Michael that the that the door is expected to Greg like I answer questions for a person almost you have children -- -- Okay. That being said at age Larry. At the very. Very touchy subject when we all at republic and that very difficult subject for almost absolutely you know every now without it children and not -- said no. That would probably got a little bit easier to meet you too like yesterday -- actual whatever you may look -- you because until you have. You have Jerry Randy. Talking to you right now on the court friend and cracked up the audience. And very disheartened by the fact that. This is that I sent to the want protocol this is a very influential. Conversation very intellectual discussion. Because the mere fact you're kidding. What every guy gets one million audience right now I would go out and whatever number is I don't care greens. But the bottom line is very intellectual discussions so. The need to sit here and analysts I got out got it you'll I mean anywhere near the practice some something that you -- -- hopefully here and Arnold was but. Possibly ever get trouble wherever the case may -- 90% or 999%. Of all the parents -- air will do everything and anything they actually help to protect their child it's much that they may be still in trouble whatever. -- maybe edit it what am -- acting. Don't get all Jarrett -- -- it. Oh lord I -- the bottom line is we don't know what -- will once in this other than being paired them elsewhere for a. 35 or 38 a 32 year old side are part you know whoever it is want to test 1821. -- the agent apparently not experience RE talking to people that what they get to mr. -- -- done -- that would make it would have -- -- -- -- -- out. Bottom line -- you'll do whatever and protect ticket so I might think about what you're talking about earlier and I'm listening. Is that we're at it like to air out there. You know it -- should have -- -- -- part of the job not the art etc. -- commentator. On the bulk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try to persuade. Its leadership -- -- -- -- all the Michael Ali. I got -- ball but annoyed and here's the great thing about. About talk radio -- Google talk radio you have. You -- -- the influence. Greg Dickerson. Michael -- this conversation you know they influence also was they urge you ball. So it if it's it's a public conversation. So if there are some flaws in the argument or is there is. There's a difference of opinion we get to flush that out here on a year I don't know. What should happen. I don't know what should happen at said earlier I'm skeptical if I'm skeptical of -- claim that he he'll be able to finish the season. I think there's there's so many things going on with him. What shall report before this happened what did you expect -- to say that to Dan Shaughnessy yeah whoever else is I'm guessing that a bomb if I'm in his position. I'm probably in the same thing to Vietnam here. I'll go through all upon you were here until game 162. It may feel that way now and I think also. Greg. I have heard a hundred times was apparent you do this you do that. The conversation. Pit stop there you guys are right to those of you have said it you do anything to support your child anything. And no matter what you gonna support. Are right that's part of it now that's now the next part. Is that the right thing to -- Is it the right thing to do OK yes the parental thing to do your parental instinct if it right. And how do you feel about yourself if you were doing these things. To make it easier for -- child and had to -- and in general not turn -- to every situation and in general if your child is. If your child is a murderer if your child. It is is an abuser. And is beating women and you know it in that that is just something that they do when they're not doing enough. To rehabilitate rehabilitate themselves or that taking advantage of the resources that are available to them how you feel about that as a parent. We say I'm just gonna support matchup can't -- that's -- start of the conversations and support your child no matter -- that's the end of. That's why I sit here in the same time I say that. Jerry Remy deserves to go back to work tonight and I support -- support him with that on the same time I said earlier. He is in enabler and in some ways. I wonder whether he could've helped. Diffuse this situation if anything could have changed that if two years ago and I don't know I. Hope we don't all the facts which is basing it on what we known now for all we know Jerry Remy. Said Jared I'm I'm done with you on bon -- at the legal fees and campaign for this campaign for that but at some point in time you would hope that as a parent. It's much as you wanna protect your son or your daughter. You have to say. They're beyond protecting their beyond helping we have to figure out another way around with a figure another path to get them back on the straighten. What that is yeah -- -- No -- we talked today at one of the callers earlier it's a few minutes ago talked about. The tragedy that happened in Boston yesterday. And and really. Saluting. Those who who gave their lives. And service to. It was ultimately surfaced in the city the service to country. They're distorted very very important job. A thankless job most of the time a job that a lot of us. Are not brave enough to -- -- -- -- About what they did. This wasn't about. Themselves as was greater was greater. Than their last -- greater than their circle of friends. I didn't know what was in those buildings. -- know what the situation -- all -- it it's just something. Bad is happening in the city. It is mind it is my responsibility to make it better. I think what we call these people heroes you -- follow the example of a hero. Heroes don't just say well it's my case. In I'm just gonna protect him no matter what. Despite what's better for the greater good ball but I -- I -- it but that's not the first things that the first class because I'm very confident that -- yet but what we want to aspire to greatness. Got a long way to go. For an upstart long ago aspire to greatness. The mentality. Is just uncomfortable -- -- well -- decades ago hey what are you gonna do. That rap sheet. Just a danger to the -- a danger to the entire community. And you can't be comfortable. In good conscience when it's happening. I mean. It is hard single I sit here at the top of the show. You know when that when the baby comes out. There's no manual that then there's no manual their blocks but there's no manual or tell you what to do win the this situation arises -- that situation and need H seventeen you're just natural first instinct is you think about your child and you help your child. Well at that point in time. You know you'd like to believe that we all would say. I can't do this anymore can't. Handle it this way I have to handle it another way because affecting the family summary of the people 617. 7797937. -- talk to basketball coming back I do OK we'll talk some hopes come -- back. Here on WEEI.

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