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Four at Four - Rare memorabilia edition - 3/27/14

Mar 27, 2014|

We tackle four topics about rare and wanted memorabilia, all sparked by the Wu-Tang Clan's decision to press and auction off only ONE copy of a limited edition 'LOST' album.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you are regular users can get a little bit -- -- documented in Riverdale apartment if there are happy. -- -- down lie it was great I you know the sense that type in Sydney and here we've for the last couple weeks have been trying to figure out. Indies team. It's the music you're all over this. We're you know. And I'm gonna is not outstanding -- that a culture and have Dickerson I know you know. Dickerson you know so -- and -- -- tournament there. -- MC hammer that stuff and hopefully they'll include your portrait. So Walter and so the Wu tang clan recently announced they would release only want. Copy of their upcoming new -- -- their millions of fans got thirty plus songs on -- but there's only one copy and they're going to be auctioning it off I believe. There weren't copy. So that what copy of one copy of the new relief it's not the new album it's -- lost album. That album that he put out OK now let's let's play the game OK -- huge will thing. Planned thing and okay as we all off. So. Athens with -- yeah. Yeah. And it was. That's -- -- idea that and that's without that I'll let you actually. Had to bring them back we're gonna bring that back that maybe every or idle. So let's do your favorite New York we -- I don't know play the game four with me here so so I auction off one -- The most avid nobody will tang clan ban on the planet what cities bands. Ten. Which by the way cool W like if they get a million for organ -- and so you release it. What you think you'd make if you release. I helped a lot more than it yet auction off the one guy. Not about the money -- -- About the -- the collector's item and it trying to help the -- that is an important. It is important that million dollars -- one person to advocate the lights that answers -- these are just the album they just get that access. I think so that it young -- -- an allegory for by the ways brought to bay AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible young men during huge will thing. -- thing I had an idea has tried all I have trouble saying Wu -- planned I can't get the words out there won't. Be but go ahead. Thank you thank you sort of argument sports collectibles that you buy or own yourself so we'll certainly MBA if you could only one and sports collectible from the NBA doesn't Celtics can anyone. Could be bill. Ball from -- hundred point game anything. How much would you pay for and what would it be. The under shorts of Paul Pierce from game six and 2002. Capital it was good long -- you know you divide the no it wasn't as fun nothing I don't wanna. Make an -- to accept. I don't you have the the marker that the -- wants a benefit casino that they can protest governor -- off for the last nine years now -- one. The -- 76. The the -- that was used in game 676 of these got a cool -- or -- idol idol which I don't know why one. -- -- I'm at bat the ball I line. Or check this out. -- so -- -- You just love to have. That have a banner. I got a replica banner from 2008. You have to have a -- that maybe a banner for. -- in 1957. When the whole things starts cell. The banners and every years ago to sell a bunch of them. Because they put -- new I thought they put up new banners now poppy sold. That the team that was doing yes and -- a total Ford struggle forced out and execute from UConn trends or and I -- -- -- -- and he realized he would get rid of half a roster legitimate and I think as Dexter has the absolute right answer wilt Chamberlain's little black book off. It's got 20000 names and put their names are like Derek 758. Years -- -- I and that's I don't know up front I'm. Assuming every single name -- -- -- -- probably some moves that now. Absolutely not -- that read like a red. Box of cigars. That they're written every got you that improbable at best auto body got everything got -- all of them I would say there. And money's no object. -- it's a replica of him out of the real deal. I'm fascinated what is -- the bulls kind of -- we talked him. Feet -- toxin. Feet. Thirty feet after that the measured -- -- 150. Of us Steve currently two cents. -- said. Today. Epic the rich man yet this morning to accept. That the grant program -- Oh absolutely huge I got in my car. -- yes we are Michael. Hockey. What would you buy and how much would you pay for -- at one piece. Of memorabilia from the and it don't you know he got that NHL I just really -- a hockey I know where you go IRL iron and ironing out. The American flag Jim Craig at rates around a shoulder. My second choice by the way. And I didn't know even hasn't. Would be the goal Bobby -- scored that the goal with this stick that he scored the game winning goal with Stanley -- -- through the -- that stick. Those would be like -- but the American flag it was draped around Jim Craig could be. Number one from -- I -- go at -- simple. It's not it probably is expensive. But I don't I don't needed to be a heck of a big deal. I want the original photo. -- York. 1970. -- what the what the photo. I want to frame it. And I watched some. -- -- little. A note. I want him to sign that original picture but I want to know from him. But what he was thinking at the time. And you know different. People want to stop them from Bobby your handwritten note from. Excuses Gretzky daughter I think. She's priceless but -- but I don't think she's available at war. It's simple the cup. All I want to and -- according how jurors read from his time. As a -- -- query cool night. The most expensive piece a member of the Arctic is all that stuff it's pretty accurately it pretty close that's call. -- guys. For -- and -- instances like that they have on their right. I was waiting for people who principle net -- Yes that is on. Right that brings -- the football and ecology can be rose if you want. But it -- Flutie ball how much would you pay for peace and memorabilia and what would it. The first part silly because. Analysts have the money is realistic anyway what the things were talking about what would actually. That is true don't -- at the at the hall at patriot place. Don't they have the snowplow. From the ultra Johnson dolphins -- -- actually have a little tractor. They don't but sure I think our group I think I can sit and I think they have the little you know the little tractor with a little rushed things on it what's next snow plows rush I think it's there. -- a prequel angle. Weren't put it to be Cologne. How is that again -- not at its June amateur Atlantic that they away. I wanna copy -- -- you know there's answers that the lines that. Barry Sanders. Calling him. And whatever your name up more importantly the of the reaction when they listen to a. -- got to be like. -- actually get America. It could be you know Walter Payton -- -- -- probably about mr. Walter -- enters the a little. You know to outline -- like I I was a kid and I was at the Miami BC game in 84 not want that football. On one at a -- that was. About you know some of the game plan you know it Bill Belichick and the game plan hall of -- about going back to Super Bowl one year to have Vince Lombardi. You know some item. Vince Lombardi. Whether it's his game planners note that these angry -- never. -- rolled up program maybe Tom landry's Fedora from -- critical -- -- -- says scraps ring back from the only candidate a rocket fuel additive. -- And then finally brings us to the Red Sox in Major League Baseball. One piece of memorabilia. You've got to pay for how much do you pay and what is the memorabilia. -- just in this just in this fan in this ten year span. You can come up with. You know thirty different things. That the Ortiz Grand Slam ball into the dugout. You know with the police officer and -- Torii Hunter there in the picture. Beat that ball along with a lot -- that matter I I just keep thinking of making it -- -- -- things he's got what a lot of things steroid related to blow to a wanna say and you know what needle from A-Rod. -- the ball on the its simple any big mobile that have to be from home 152. Hours 714 is one of Babe Ruth signed baseball. And those go for half 1000003 quarters of a million. Dexter says to duck boat Jake Peavy -- -- Does that mean think about it -- -- anything with him what Ted Williams. You think about. You know fist. It's got to be so there's so many so many items. And Charlie Sheen have most of them or did -- get rid of that huge eleven -- -- Babe -- -- to go back and have. When I have a favorite ball from from the Yankees and the red stuff -- time with the Red -- We get a bunch of techsters fault one right after another recently at second base that Dave roberts' full. I'd be president right one I'd be very -- you know it probably hasn't I would guess that he -- you think they would have given it to when you. Although heck they were selling everything does not cut -- wasn't tied down back -- be the best are smaller great every like three piece of the back but I out. But that's a good. Yeah that's an integrated nobody wants the police apparently. God man that was a for sale recently I know no interest in -- For one thing. Ropes -- -- love that that's -- in effect now not that it doesn't. Stanton prominent place Red Sox history about to take a shoe. One of the shoes. That he wore. In game six with a bloody so if that was the saudis sought would probably shoot without the actual sake don't want to sell. They want to do what the out what the bloody event with what what what the sure what are you look at the problem and I'm. -- Iowa. I would say. Anything from Jackie Bradley junior at the end of the season when he's a rookie of the year and MVP but I'm not sure if Michael's gonna allow any of us have any of that stuff. He's gonna have everything all tied up. I stole from Saint Louis with a -- towards yours. And yours. -- down to -- after what you do it it's in my case. Plastic case -- excellent it's. -- -- the same thing here and there. Are a bunch of dirt LaMont -- -- -- a conflict without your backyard. And scooped up a handful of -- put it in the same container put your mental what people think it was. Pretty much it would the last of the picture released any sentence and hopefully -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think. I'm -- if I go along and. And he got that from coming to America anyway so I don't center digits incidents that are available no -- deals not available guys operate on no. -- Bill -- -- As you could bury them back there aren't on the air rid of that. 6177797937. Right back to the call Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI.

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