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Bruins look poised for what should be a long post-season run

Mar 27, 2014|

Dale, Holley and Greg Dickerson talk Bruins as they prepare to face off against the Blackhawks tonight, and as they prepare for the long, tough run that is the Stanley Cup playoffs as a top seed.

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-- got a couple of different things that we're gonna touch on throughout the course of the afternoon a -- Greg Dickerson is here were very happy to have him join us Dale Arnold Michael Holley is well. Let's start with a preview my guests tonight TD garden -- baby and the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks as much as I hate to say they are the defending Stanley Cup champion. Chicago Blackhawks. This is so different than a Bruins Canadians matchup. And you know why it's a simple word. Respect eight there's no hate these guys respect each other these two teams Greg was saying this to Michael earlier today these two teams played six. Hammering on knock down drag out Stanley Cup final games. And there was none of the shenanigans of Montreal game. As they respect each other not sure that the Bruins in Canadians respect general you're not sure auto and I am actually -- area. Yeah I think I think. That's -- that's an easy when called I'm looking forward to this one. I'm excited or -- to afford -- so spoiled. Orders well I don't know from the gulf -- not to use a lowly -- past. And so we have to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Talk you can do worse. Or that's what I federal -- you're in the media yet and you don't regret. -- what you want tickets though don't you get regular tickets I'm sure the media yup you're telling you telling me. You're willing to pay for that's right. Hell's wrong with you is that what -- now pay don't have many nights out. And then it doesn't -- kids who are going pretty. Tonight a lot of low cost capital of the globe with a guy and -- Had a big game of the day over one of the most of the bathroom -- -- right here for this did not know. -- that. It should be a lot of fun I think for everybody because it's -- first wallets very good hockey now. They've got some injury issues and other gonna have to work on some things that the bull Blackhawks and talk about Patrick Kane is still out he's a big part of their team. -- -- Reasonably healthy right now they're still missing some guys on defense we know that Adam -- is still out of a lineup. You know obviously Dennis Seidenberg is -- out of -- lineup but this is such an interesting matchup for two teams. Who play similarly in other they're great Peron and make the use defensive zone maneuvers to turn and offense and good goaltending you know with Corey Crawford on one end and Tuukka Rask on the other they should be a great match. It's a question. Changed. For for Chicago -- what would you I mean obviously they have great players find a lot of great players a lot of teams in the national hockey. For the Bruins we know what happened that historically. They were -- they've they've been good franchise. Under under Jeremy Jacobs and a lot of people don't believe that they've been good under him. Up for many years -- the knock on Jacobs was Jacobs and send and they wouldn't take the extra step. To do what was necessary they wouldn't spend every every last dollar. -- to get to the top changed it made the heat turned a franchise over to Peter to rally and him really and they became what they became. But the Chicago Blackhawks were historically. One of the most embarrassing franchises. Starting with their ownership. And the the disconnect between ownership in fans in Chicago. A couple years ago. If you wanna see games just like -- -- before you can pay to watch games on TV that was embarrassed yet so what was it. It was an executive guest Stan -- Scotty Bowman son is the general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks Scotty is actually part of their. Hockey department yet consultant consultant of the hockey department pretty Smart when. Earned -- systemic heparin last year by the way another Stanley Cup -- because Scotty needs some more. But it very similar situation here Michael where you get good management you start there ejected coaching. Joel Quenneville great coach. You know you've got a guy who knows what he's doing putting put together the franchise put together the roster. Date they had a real hard time when they won their first Stanley Cup they had salary cap issues they'd blow at all. And I mean they had to blow it turned out and they did blow up any ordinary care -- and Israel's again yeah there's. Yet they look like they're do you like their chances right now I know you you think the brought to the best human hockey. And saying that for as you know where do we when you look at when you look at the Western Conference up. Do you like Chicago and there's been a little bit of a slump lately but I still like you like Chicago over the electric bill is better Chicago. Building and I I thought the addition of Ryan Miller. Gave the blues the one thing they were like you know that that a -- caliber goaltender they didn't have that before with -- and and -- and a lock. When they made the acquisition of Miller that took them. That step above. If you asked me today which team's gonna come out of the west I'd say the Chicago black idea -- as little as. But they'll play the Blackhawks in the in the Western Conference final I was guessing what is it like Miller about a -- and I know obviously news Olympic performance from a few years ago everybody remembers that. Blocks numbers for a better. This year than Miller's in buffalo I understand there difference in the Boston I was just awful I mean isn't -- there's just such a bad. Hockey team wants Miller wants Miller got the Saint Louis. You know without a rush on defensive system and run them around with Sousa got -- -- had a great streak going until. Chicago. -- put -- -- to put four on three or four -- -- got pulled that game. That big game that it was a mercy pulling out that taught -- about acknowledged talking about -- in that situation. Of course. If you think I would bet. On a hockey game. In Chicago and street Louis you've -- reduce our -- There's an out we aren't up to probably I don't I don't mentioned it was just. Getting a little bit I lost some money and when. I gotta I gotta feeling by the way I just came back from Vegas. You do have two teams that are pretty similar in other built and other you and other rosters set up and and how they wanna play the game. And and as many people would tell you I I said you go back to what turned things around the Blackhawks and I don't mean this as disrespectfully as it's gonna sound. It goes back to the -- the bill ports. You know when bill work it's owned and operated the team they were and operate a certain way. And it wasn't gonna change. And it was the depth of bill works and in moving the franchise and it. More forward thinking ownership and then management the terrible thing around I think. While in Greg you were mentioning you know how they had to pay TV system there at Texas is what didn't ask him do that. That that was up for that zone for game if I remember what you do the situation surrounding what they they try to do. Their goal was if you wanna watch certain games it's like paper view and a fight. You gonna spend 1995 to watch that one game. I don't remember exact particulars are notes it was a terrible situation out there and you know I was out there for play badly I can't ask. I'm not paying twenty bucks to watch and he city's hockey in -- downside I got out and actually. I used to be able to go and in what's it it wasn't a great atmosphere now when I was there. With you know one of them they're like a thousand solders the one album was the -- that was. Was here yet another -- her brother -- who was. Who was here in ninety. He who got fired ninety or 95. Brian. I think Brian was there so they Brian was that think Brian was a coach. And you know they had and I have some talent. But not like this team now that's going to be. There's going to be a great game rabbit -- a tangent but ultimately because on any and think about this. He did help me on it don't ask me for batting advice again for tonight what what you think army -- that was my question but. If you were the betting type and I cannot and I am not either clearly gamblers out there a definite that's not a -- you later what would you would you think the. I think this is. I think the Bruins bounced back. Technically the twelve game winning streak was snapped they did -- thirteen straight games getting at least point with the shootout loss. But it sticks in their crawl a little bit I think they'll I think they'll bounce back to a record that we want stopped with a -- that actually would like to -- -- already edible -- de -- what's the -- out there and addict just your thoughts at UCLA and I. -- It's amazing what what good management. Can do for a friend or something -- everything. Obviously and we really believe we don't start to believe it until. You know you look at the Chicago Blackhawks you look at the Boston Bruins you look at any any pick any franchise. In the NFL. While any of the franchises in this city. You know good stable ownership. Good management. And -- a good field general. I mean the patriots certainly have that the Red Sox certainly have that the Bruins certainly have that. I don't mean that the Celtics don't mean Brad Stevens has only had you know part of a year under his belt we think that he is that mean I think he has I really do. And I like their ownership and management as well unfortunately in the NBA you kind of got to go to the bottom to be able to make the trip back to the top then and they're stuck in that and mess right now but the thing that. -- new ownership and went -- off -- took over the team we're prospecting company took over the Celtics and things changed around Red Sox. Henry and company came in the Bruins transform themselves. On the same ownership and which we were telling great carriers. Great point absolutely you think when you have the same owner. And endure once things are said he with the Blackhawks bill -- outside rocky worked at a goal for how many how many Bruins fans over the years just think about it. That came up to you dale either pay a two person when he saw you at the garden. War on the radio. And ace ward you. At the Bruins will never win anything. -- all that Jeremy Jacobs is -- -- Greg -- is well taken you know you think. You convinced you yourself -- that -- the fan and hate majesty too much gas pocket change and have a reason to change he's making all this money. What's gonna be -- impetus for him to just. Suddenly reversed course. And I I don't know what was it maybe you can tell us what impetus was -- for Jeremy Jacobs hit Dick Cheney it was the salary can. Not talking about in terms of. I don't -- but I'm saying it it was the salary cap the minute the salary cap was implemented. And this was couple management's ago the Bruins immediately started spending to the candidate wasn't spending -- but. Well it it wasn't spending the right way but but -- they spent as much as you could spend. They didn't have the right people spending at that point they had to get to the right that's what I was later. That's what I mean how do you how do you go from. He had in the entire. Run with -- and there and Harrison and left I'm gonna take your air quotes using. Ericsson and left turns it over to Michael Connell Michael Connell Harry sinden disciple. I was a mentor -- work. He went in the complete. Different direction. Brought in Peter surely worth it to me because he sought that it now we got to get away from that. And -- estimates he kind of ran from Harry sinden herein are not afford a gimme credit report is that I didn't think honestly didn't think he has added an amendment that you would happen. -- -- I'm Sandra -- stance that the commands that add or edit or written at the -- were three for twelve. Not that much but it could event but it looked like one of those hopeless situations. That turned around this is one this is one of the best run organizations. In the city and indefinitely in their in their sport. On the trek and think of another organization of professional sports what they've done a complete 180. Under same management under same ownership closest is. Up with the clippers out of they have what they have up there -- -- storm by O'Donnell story and one of the biggest boobs on here. Via an average just think about those those those cities. When those teams -- -- -- got bad ownership anything mandatory. And say you know. Well publisher brown or the prior ownership -- -- -- it's not gonna happen until somebody. So at some type and -- until somebody comes and saves the day you don't even think that they could be saved. By the -- that you were railing against for 1520. Thirty years -- protector who brings up a great point I wish apartment that was senator Fred it. The Texas -- guys the Bruins ownership had to change because of the success of the pats and Sox. There were other alternatives in town that produced a winning product and John and he cited thankfully John hit the nail on the head. All of a sudden they were looking at at the sports pie. Billion of the dollars that were being spent the market and if we wanna share of that pie. We've got to be better because the patriots are good target a bigger slice of the pie because they're successful Red Sox are winning and so the other start to turn things around their more successful. They have to -- one they have to change the red lights -- you won't quit with a year which season tickets. Just just went down to the toilet. There was one specific year where they did not give a lot of renewals. But wonder if that's the turning point for management thinking all right we're losing customers there. Was it 03. 0203. They had opening night in about thirteen thousand announced. I don't remember the art but yet so maybe read -- that time but I'd say. And text or make a point Dexter but I'm wondering did they have to change because. If if the if your motivation is money. Even with the success of the patriots even with the success of the Red Sox -- still make money. So yeah which would have to be that the competitive spirit and you if you have. Gets better competitive spirit would make you wanna keep up with the joneses but. The bottom lines aren't so why change. I think that he did field that he was losing fans to the other teams in this town yen and gold -- your attendance numbers Michael I think that was part of it. More importantly they were losing their share of the advertising dollar as well. It's not like the advertising hi there this they say well look you got three good teams and I'm gonna make the -- twice as day. -- Howell works is just a question of who gets what size of that. Where slice of that pie and I think that I think the the Bruins to their credit finally realized. We have to change if we wanna stay competitive in this town. Forget about staying competitive in the NHL that was the ultimate goal but we can't stay competitive and our own town unless -- better. And they did to that and and perhaps Jeremy Jacobs. Friend of mine texted me a minute ago he said perhaps Jeremy Jacobs had to had to be shown. That he could make more money. If they were more successful in the playoffs -- Though belied in this town was all he cares about is in have a good regular season -- to hot dogs and Beers. And and then up to worry about the playoffs the other in the after twenty some -- three years. But maybe he got convinced that hey you know a long playoff run Ecstasy -- Medium money wise makes more money for the season ticket base goes up the advertising dollars -- Bottom line goes up. And their share their now I mean their their right in the thick of it again won a Stanley Cup in a final one of the two or three best teams in the NHL today. Director in the mix again they are so you're saying it for one -- intelligent that was your goal at all that and you have to -- a ticket that can try to get a Kentucky Louisville do so we Kentucky Ole boy. Don't you grab me a message I couldn't tell what we're talking it's not a nation Kentucky -- help our. -- hate -- really all that much he did what he did -- -- Three or four years. Watching -- -- on the Calabar it was fun long term I know a lot of dialogue that actually it didn't really happen one year who's -- it did happen -- it didn't happen he's gotten sleep easier by the every year a little Wesley with don't you know what she'd get. When you have John Calipari coaching your team don't. Lots of underhanded dealings like a ton of other coaches but -- I still hold a source -- for -- you know because what do you lost yes. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. -- on board there if you're like if you'd like. I'm Dale Arnold Michael Holley is here as well Greg Dickerson is here as well. We'll get your opinion he what you think about how the Bruins managed to turn things around when we come back. 6177797937. -- telephone number one quick note as we go back to the calls because as Michael said we promised we do this. If you're on FaceBook. You can you can look up Boston firefighters local 718. On FaceBook. If you're on Twitter there on Twitter his wallet app local underscore 718. They are undertaking right now an auction. On my buddy Jack Edwards. Has auctioned off two tickets for tonight's game against the Blackhawks. Including a visit to the broadcast Booth -- -- and Jack and they are trying to raise money as part of this is the ongoing efforts in what will be more efforts. The the firefighters local itself is undertaking this so on FaceBook. Boston firefighters local 718. Or on Twitter -- local underscore seven money to get all the information you can make your bids. And you've only got until about 430 years so obviously the game is tonight so there's a way that he would that you can help out financially. Immediately to help raise them it's great. Back to calls -- to the -- we -- 6177797937. Adams on the cellphone out of Europe first. -- it does want to default on. The Bruins turn around okay well I told you earlier. And it's one ball a little extra -- possible to and so certainly money is Paramount obviously thought I. I don't discount. Competitive. All component where Jeremy Jacobs where. -- and John Henry I'll go out there in the community -- that -- together. And competitive spirit. So obviously. For the Patriot -- that's all that optics are good. I'm obviously Jeremy would go to those functions and it would become public -- a local competitor and make money -- money but all I think. Appointment. You know what might change that to -- now and and I'll I'll take it one step further because Jeremy doesn't live here. He's here a lot more than people understanding that games a lot more but he doesn't live your lives in buffalo new lives in Florida. But his son Charlie came on board here. And became you know one -- -- -- heads of the management group here Charlie lives here year round -- here with his wife and his kids. He's here that he's that guy you're talking about. Who's out in the community every day you know out of these charity events with the other owners and I think Charlie Jacobs but then take that message back to his father. Who's not living here all the time. -- I think that thought I don't think that we did I mean I think there's there's definitely some celebrities fight for the almighty dollar. A bomb but there's also that component of you know that would make it a money so in other obligations together as a board meeting don't make a good -- approach -- the public interaction when. Yeah you know and then they then they brought and also. You know we can talk about all the of the effective the other franchises. Sometimes the the obvious move is right there in front of it brought in their version of John Elway. -- -- So naturally. It's important to rally hires the right coach. -- Well in and looked me right the wrong coach first. Let's bring an Atlanta about the past but -- step that he realized he had made a mistake he was willing to say you know what -- mistake was made here. And we can fix this. There and I -- -- quickly while -- and I pride that this market appreciates when you can admit a mistake in and fix. -- -- Like -- that's absolutely because I. And radio company I don't know that's not what I've gotten -- like Eric Eric Dickerson about to open -- exactly it's -- a team. Well let me ask you this from a competitive point of view. You have to go back to the patriots 2001 Super Bowl because all of a sudden Boston was the winning city after years and years now we got a winner again. Or another -- said it was that Celtics championship. Where they're hanging a banner in Jeremy Jacobs building. And and he's saying hey I want a piece of -- I mean I think it goes back even to the patriots and Red Sox championships. I think they were in in pretty concerted rebuild mode. Before the Celtics won their title -- guys disagree. Maybe isn't that always banner recently repeat that I got to back and say hey Brett I think they Brit and up just thought. The first. We're here's my -- Senator lately. But yeah -- got pats have been doing that if your competitor. You're competitors. And that you're sharing ability. With the Celtics. And they get back in the building is a lot and it applies I -- -- just click right and atmosphere. Are all excited great regular season. Challenging post season the first round series that gradually and in the second round series with another seven gamer would quickly right. -- -- about it time and get to the point at the end when Kevin Garnett is -- pouring champagne over Greg Dickerson. -- and loving it a little too much. I don't. I think. It took it took me six years after that the lose my son laden what did you finally you know what what really creep me out that's when you closed. The -- aren't like us. Michael I would Wear contacts I put the champagne in my Dickerson you do understand where we're watching the funeral. -- we didn't affect. Stop. Was it. Public and the simple fact that Jeremy Jacobs has gotten older we've seen this with some. Ownership. Around sports guys are giving and other owners are getting into their seventies or eighties they say. You know what -- much time I have left I'm tired of my organization being like this public the -- before right -- And you may be right -- the simplest that Yunel I don't know how long I've got left do in this but like the wind before before we give it all up here. Walters in Watertown it Walter. Yeah all right and Walter. I you know I think they should use. Are out of where we're at. There -- that stuck with. You know they are younger like. Pressure on you know each horse shot they gave it what it -- it. And they brought it aren't that ultimately great leader called it well. Odd you know she saw all these I I I get a lot of the younger guys. When -- -- there -- opportunities. In our troops in the Corey. Hill like shot. You know I think they start flourished under. -- the song that better leadership at -- already. Joke or is. Well I I do think that Peter surely. Like bench Harrington has talked about endeavored to put together a area on drafting and and player development machine. It would not just allow them to win a championship that would make them competitive on a yearly basis. I think all those franchises have done that it's different basketball and hockey because you don't have minor league -- basketball football in a minor league operations. If its fury and the -- I don't and better does not -- out you know and and sell. You have minor league operations in baseball and hockey news and you start to develop your players at that level. You know what's what's interesting is that and in this is what it's funny that you that you hit on that point. Because a while ago and I said I have had attention this relates to the tension ahead in the how to that it necessarily can you talk about scouting and development. It is bringing the players and he's done a really good job at that but. Apart the part where you can be critical. And in the draft -- scouting operation is at the very top -- get two of his top choices. Where you think those series he's drafting him in franchise player position. And it'd become franchise players for the Bruins. Number five Phil Kessel yup. And then at number two. Tyler Sagan and my question for you always. There you can you can help us out here. Dale because. -- Dickerson what we know we know the whole. What I -- -- transformative. Player can do for basketball team but look at that draft hockey that he gets a little different. Well let's look at Sidney Crosby that you -- yeah but you look at there is by the way not this coming draft but the draft after that they think there's yet another Crosby but you're already yes extremely -- I literally had a retirement David yes he's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sagan and and and hall at the top of the draft and their numbers are are fine. But you look at different Edmonton's. No yup. -- I want it and they had the first overall pick like three years in a -- terrible. I mean they -- that the draft lottery in the NHL literally three years in a row and they just. They can't get it always did in in in this is something that Celtics expect that whole management quest but also I get it back to you guys maybe get. -- something that we're talking about and -- Celtics fans we all look at the Celtics now what the no lose lose lose and -- said today after before signing off pay go lakers. What the lakers to win to help the celtics' draft position. But. You look at in hockey you look at hall in Sagan and I remember the way those guys were described before they came into the league. They're good players both of them. What they're not. Franchise and -- Sidney Crosby could you make the argument. You tell me what you think but. To make the argument that Jeff Skinner the best is the best player and a draft. He is like eight or -- Draft probably now you don't think -- is better than Sagan. No no no I don't know I don't. I I understand the point it's not a it's not an invalid question but. With hesitation it's a market texture here Cisco Mondale Jacobs don't give a rat's ass about this team this run is -- You know you can win a championship out -- I'll give you that. You don't win a championship back in a final two years later. Right now the leading team in the National Hockey League the year after that. You don't put together that run by. -- a championship out of the blue I'll give it can be -- Clark -- Florida mormons couple time manager and it you know it can happen Tampa Bay Lightning win a Stanley Cup championship. You don't put together this kind of streak like 6177797937. This telephone number AT&T text line 37937. We're talking Bruins and Blackhawks among other things well let's baseball and football into the mix as well. Our number two Dale Arnold Michael -- Greg Dickerson altogether here on radio Thursday afternoon. Doing the things that we do here which is talking to sports and and all that we've -- little bit about the Chicago Blackhawks in Boston Bruins tonight at TD garden. Baseball and football are also in the mix will get work tomorrow I imagine that. They'll have a little media availability. Maybe middle of the afternoon tomorrow down in Fort Myers. And they will tell you then that Grady Sizemore will be via opening day starter on Monday in Baltimore by the way. If you look at the weather forecast for Baltimore Monday believe it. I hope. 71. And I say uttered sixty earlier in the I had heard 71 at one point now maybe coach and it'll change. Up fact of the matter is I think Sizemore Libya. Will be named as the opening day center fielder sometime tomorrow as it should be. They've got some some cuts they got to make chain victory knows help is a concern. If Victor Reno had to start the season on the DL perhaps you know Jackie Bradley junior delays his return to Pawtucket but that's -- probably -- -- They keep saying he's gonna be ready -- Don and Betty absolutely ready to go on Monday. For Sizemore you look at it. And I still think. -- -- -- It's too good to be -- you look at -- charities say it wouldn't short look and it's. Levee and not a native new Englander but to become one. Always negative you actually worried -- -- Jarrett and -- and -- because I got lucky. He has been he's been very -- the garlic it's effective they did everything. It makes it sound like he didn't have anything to do is he's not fallen into all World Series did have a lot to do with it but think about it even. When you put it on your your computer program mr. -- still there you know and take karma. Last year and did their projections. -- kept spitting out. -- -- I don't think -- got -- 97 -- the actual Red Sox got I don't surprise surprise let me read such as -- about you think about all. All of the moves when they let him. Make the moves that he lied to me. -- -- -- they give me give -- -- manager and you probably saved me from myself in that situation a look at higher -- way. Leo got them feel Wanda Wanda movement on so. Maybe that would have been great for Bobby Valentine was a disaster. Or. He makes his first one whispers trades. Truly. As a general manager we get to meet the call he -- for John Ferrell. That works out and think about the guys picked up that particular might carpet second option victory you know. Picking up Stephen Drew. All of these guys doing -- All worked out it still. Wanna make it sound like he'd just locked -- -- all of them are they are -- not done the research they had -- -- and even by grant you that this team performed even better than they expected. They didn't bring these guys dirty expectation every other they're not expecting you would power a forty plus they are expecting -- -- Rivera to do what he did as governor got. I'm not gonna say he. Lucked into the talent or he didn't look into the evaluation. Of performance of all of those guys at the same time there are some luck involved with that. I think -- -- you we are it was a very good -- look at his look at his record what it is. A strike outs so to walk ratio of strikeouts to walks ratio over his career means that. I had a dynamic at historically dynamic strike up Richard you look at it. But it never been a closer like this bullet. And and I'll use the as the example this year let's say because of circumstances and injury would be the issue. That all of a sudden Edward mohicans up closing for your Red Sox this year and is like -- does a great job. Out today lucked into it or did they say you know what medically he had an issue last year. That did some -- his number this is what they've said about it in affected his delivery it inflated his numbers we think he's helping now we think we can keep him healthy. We're gonna bring him in get him back to what it was before. And -- performs to that level late in the locked into that they did their research they they did the things they had to do to make that decision then got the player command here. I I I understand what you say that you know coach he ended up being their third closer last year you'd make Casey was their fourth closer didn't -- because of injury it and and they had to keep bringing guys into that spot -- guys got hurt. I'd say it's to their credit. That we've got enough depth okay the first one got hurt we bring in a second one okay the second and got hurt we we've got a third okay the third when it gets heart -- it's yours now and that they had a guy there who could deal. Terry we're luck plays into television group is great. Grady Sizemore anybody can see his talent when he felt. Anybody any you know you you watched you watch baseball 20072008. Saw Grady Sizemore doing this thing. Terrific player. The luck is not signing him to wait 750000. Dollar contract with incentives that's very fortunate to. -- is. He's a -- Mobile at the start the season did you ever crawl but what are available to everybody but no I'm I'm talk about right now he's going to be reasonable darn -- you are starting center fielder did you come. No way nobody would tell that it now. But that's not -- that's -- Grady Sizemore credit how hard he's obviously worked my point was Grady Sizemore was available to everybody in this offseason. There was there were thirty teams who could have had Grady Sizemore one signed him. I -- locked and if Grady Sizemore worked out and -- and it locked into this. He did the research he did the medical's they date they talk to their doctors they talk to their trainers we get this guy help that we can keep him helping -- we deal. We got a real a real fine -- and double take that chance. That's good. -- it's it's a good thing but if what if Grady Sizemore plays well and as your starting center fielder and let's just say June. That's -- it's hard work on the part of Grady Sizemore. But it is pure luck and and by the way what I say -- about something. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Every single team that wins a championship in any sport past -- have a lot of luck along the -- You you stay healthier than the other guys do or write or you know the other guys have a key injury to a key guy at the key time. Time that part I don't mind the idea though we edit that the text earlier who said you know this is the the Bruins have lucked into the no sorry they didn't like -- anything. -- you know they they put a good management team and play at a hardware has -- has. Where does luck play into it for you in it whether it's the Bruins or or that Red Sox you think there was any luck involved last year. Absolutely there were some luck involved and it's OK to say that that there was some. And that to me that the whole operation was built to unlock our biggest went to Fenway Park to sit out. Well I don't know. Let's see what happens today. John Carroll's whatever had a hard time saying locking baseball fans 160. Two games playoffs. I mean that that's that's a pretty credit problems saying -- can be involved in a in a single game or even in a series. The best team in in the American League the entire here. Are they lucky that your fourth closer ended up being is almost what the article are those from baseball like let's -- it's like if you're good fortune that the best guy. Was the guy you had even thought of I do you know he thought OK Joel Hanrahan is going to be the guy. No he's not get them out of here -- -- barely no no thanks. How about. Is now. As all of our nose to two dollars and setup guy but -- nearly -- -- material. -- in -- can do it. -- concluded Joyce we have totally Stewart a coach he's going to be one of the best closers -- -- mean. In the last twenty years. I think that's a little lucky and if it is good win you have both I think they have both. Really our -- picky I agree with you and it really thoughtful and they have and they have great resources. They have a man there's a method to everything that they do. But last year. There was some some -- that game and to a -- -- -- -- so here's here's the question. Is that is their whole. -- sustainable. Can they do in 2014. You look at the 2014 Red Sox and saying. 197 games last year and they kind of cruised through the playoffs if you look back at it yeah it did cruise through. They want the American League east by six games. And they haven't lost a little bit off Jacoby Ellsbury now they replaced -- -- pay a version of himself what what what I thought Johnny golf yes we bought -- very might grow up today. Albert was drafted these -- ticket become. Grady Sizemore. In his prime you'd be happy with that. You'd be thrilled -- very -- very in 2011. Was Grady Sizemore. And his average season. And it was -- operational year for for Jacoby Ellsbury. Was the normal year when Grady Sizemore -- If you could even 80% of -- gonna get the same thing or is it. Art or people still have a hard time -- How well everything worked out for the masters is everything well and ran out what made that team so much fun last with the -- -- Yeah I think Michael's wrong. I hear that a lot and it paid everything worked out. You lost Clay Buchholz your second best picture for like three straight months your second baseman your. De facto captain was playing with a busted up wrist that was that made him a shadow of his former self. And yet he got it out and finished out the season. They overcame a lot they didn't it it wasn't like everybody just performed an unbelievable levels and look what happened here and coaches -- but. I think there was more. Luck and fortune. Lot of what they got out of that baseball team last year -- misfortune I understand. You gotta have guys go down buckles is gone it's is that for three months but don't what they were more things. -- were were lucky that happened to this team last year but got the -- World Series I can you sit here and expect them to have. -- -- held a number -- last year fifteen come from. High winds only about -- that pass hit hard earned runs guy eyes if you look at the numbers they're not as outlandish as yet thank. One run games that were 21 and 21. You know it was not a a a let's sprinkle this team with pixie dust kind of of year. Just at a bunch of guys who played well not outlandish leeway. Yes I think they can absolutely repeated again because they didn't when he thinks so outlandish you to -- never gonna happen. And I think what was outlandish. Not losing three games in a row. And more than three -- -- the entire younger good. That's just good but it could -- do you think that that's something that you repeat. Repeat that. Like it I don't care what it around like -- -- -- -- of a five game losing it happens it happens it happens to good teams. Two great teams great team Lester Patrick and I'm not taken that we're from dale in war. If you look at across the board they were great. It was not lock it or not it was not. Pixie dust it was they were better than everybody else I don't think there's and the -- saying it was a combination of the two Q you mentioned a one run games. What was their record in being down -- two or more after the seventh and it. It wasn't 21 and -- your twenty and 21 I guess I'm looking at that way I don't think it was his outlandish as -- think it is there was a couple of examples late in the year that stick in our memories. I don't think it was quite as dramatic as as everybody portrays it to my memory stinks but all I remember last year is. She's esteem came back again they did it again they were down six in the seventh inning and they wanna again that's my everlasting memory of this team from two -- Thirteen and up and I'll tell you. A -- unlucky situation I love this you know Peter Gammons. I think Peter Gammons has keys to every every ballpark in America you think that great. -- -- -- -- Gammons has keys to every ball -- -- -- -- if you want to an executive washing out there until 2 o'clock that morning at 3 o'clock it's not just one ago. Go to Miami you wanna go to. I wanna go to Chicago and just on both parts of Wrigley this year. US cellular field whatever the product like Ireland has gone Aaron this I have my help my field of dreams moment that -- Peter Gammons. I told me in spring training so he he's he's always excited to talk properties well. So he's. Tell me about the story the -- this this conversation that would Max Scherzer. It -- to kind of pulled him aside insurers -- wanted to talk about. The ALCS. And his match up -- Zander Bogart's. Believe it this kid what do I mean -- brought them these pictures I'm thinking he's unkempt or he's gonna be fooled by this pitched. And all who will swing at this nobody lays off that pitch at -- and he laid off and Bogart's just looks at a lot of veteran -- product. Yet this -- -- is going on or not so -- goes back to Bogart. Says you know Max Scherzer was really -- about. And a changeup into her -- was really amazed starting with the splitter he had acute or amuse amaze accurately off. And you know what -- saying. If. All. It was locked. I didn't see. I thought with -- before me audit in it was a ball. If things like that broke out about Bogart Bogart. -- -- very conservative here. There's going to be the first guy since Fred meant to be the American league of. I will work out as something that talented guy but things like that happened during the season if they'd get it just so white no one's -- from here on out. Is this the new Ellis Hobbs open. Who. Yeah I'm not Ellis Hobbs but we saw down. There Ed at Fort Myers. Thought Tony Clark there now the president of the the players union. And he said to this day people still come up to them whether it's in New York or Boston. And they talk about the ALCS from 2004. The ball in right field. How it was -- it turned into a ground rule double because of that hadn't been a ground rule double. That changes everything. That's a -- -- at okay that's lock the breaks -- the greatest example around here in terms of that. He's in football with the patriots and the tuck rule that tuck rule was locked that they called the the way that they did without the talk roll you've got no suitable 2000. Up Brian's on the -- On hey Brian -- you don't stay ready to ought to -- Why -- I am I glad. I had that -- -- do that still essar that I use one out then I wanted to spank you and minority set opened up the show. On the 25 year veteran of the blocks and played about -- thank me thank you. It nominee oh it would delivered those very act I'm -- it -- it is. Your ideas on how you wanted to you guys maybe -- -- -- it seem like on the you know I'm quite quite respectable on. Yeah you know I I heard the two fellows who -- -- here this morning with the NC. And they were remarkable. The way they talked about it and they were the guys who were responsible for -- for literally going to Ed -- his house and needing to his wife and going to Michael Kennedy's house to his mother's house and telling her. -- I had. I am I'm not even intelligent enough to ask legitimate questions I all I all I know is that you guys are there. To do what you do because none of us can do that ms. Michaels said. You guys are programmed differently than we are you rushing in when the rest of us to be Russian hack out. And for that we just say thanks we appreciate you guys and we certainly appreciate the two fallen Brothers yesterday. Yeah I mean that this brilliant -- forty years ago. Excuse me all choked up there yeah. Forty years ago beyond that in a bit at the -- might -- back -- more to do the now it it's a brotherhood. In. You know -- Tom Brady says that it W calling you know dislike. Donna Walsh inspired by the Kennedy. The article that shows a work in the -- why are there by. They chose to go to on the oil and street one of the biggest 5000 city. They're also wanted to at Mac companies so these guys not only do they go on thousand Iraqis here they also to. Hundreds hundreds about the training this material. Brian I I I truly don't -- you guys do what I -- I really don't I am sorry about should the loss of your dad as well. The thing that stuck out to me this morning and and I apologize I don't remember the names. Of the two men who were in here this morning with the NC. But John said to one of -- says he says how lit Powell play out. The support that that the firefighters will have but for these families for at Walsh's wife and three children and and Michael Kennedy's mom and he said we will take care of them -- ever. He said we will take care of them as long as I'm alive and -- said that's what we deal and it's people like Brian and people like them that. Make that possible right back to the calls.

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