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A tough day in Boston to talk sports... thoughts and prayers for the BFD

Mar 27, 2014|

We start the day on a somber note, discussing the tragedy that occurred on Beacon Street yesterday, and Bostonians response to it.

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Welcome in Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold Michael Holly's over there are buddy Greg Dickerson is here as well. And it's a good to see you Greg he was always my thing you good to be saying let's let's say something at the top the weekend because as we were working yesterday as the afternoon was going on. The events that we're going on on beacon street in Boston were transpiring. We knew and told you guys of what was going on. We really didn't happen grasp at the time of how serious it wise we didn't know really until we get off the year. That. Unfortunately what was involved yesterday was the death of two Boston firefighters. And it was. Kind of gut wrenching for everybody and those of us who. Try to make our living either by way of the spoken or written word find ourselves at a complete and total loss at times like this in the simple reason is there aren't words. It -- say. It makes it easier for anybody that makes it you know something that is more palatable there is nothing that we can say and and we are woefully on prepared for things like this but. I think we had a pretty good idea last night as if we ever forgot. With the heroes are in our society in -- the people who keep you safe. Who protect you. The first responders. And -- and fortunately got reminded of that a big way yesterday and our hearts I'm speaking for everybody here and I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds. Our hearts go out to the families involved the brotherhood. The Boston fire department all of the first responders because I know how much they hurt they hurt today as we -- Oh well you said you can find the words but you found some beautiful words right there are considered better dale I grew to a 100%. There's not a lot to say about it tragedy there is a lot to say about the people. Who lost their lives yesterday you think about. You think about the firefighters involved. You think about that mr. Walsh think about mr. Kennedy. And you see the tributes today. It's not really it's not really a surprise. When you hear. That one was described as kind of goof ball. And he had a if you were -- got a -- he was gonna marry his his nickname was -- a dork. And then it changed you just dork. You -- -- motorcycle. Loved to laugh love telling jokes. But that's just the exterior. The exterior what was -- the guy is what we saw yesterday the character. Of of wanting to help people in the same thing with -- Huge presence. And the man play like 2000 you're broadcasting -- me. But once again. That I'm not surprised to hear that that they were these people they were giving and they were full of life and selfless. Because that's what it takes to do their job. And that's what that's why I admire. -- I admired those who do that job at the highest level owner passionate about it. They're different. They're different than -- lot of us. Right thank god there are they -- that it is it is the definition of greatness where the mob mentality is to go away any. From from danger. And they are they are wired. It is more than a job it's calling it the call. You'll go toward danger they won't help people. They are not just for a lot of us it's the the pact mentality let me protect my brood but -- protect my group the opposite. Don't have to know you to protect you. You don't have to have a relationship for with them for them to understand how important it is to protect you they're special people. It and we are we are fortunate few to be in this society. Or we have lots of them. And they don't even think of it in those terms that the -- we don't understand. Those of us doing this it's silly job like this trivial jobs we don't understand. What they do and it's just it's in. I am I I always said in the aftermath now that there was only one positive. And it's you'd be hard pressed find -- but there was one. And it was a renewed respect. For the military and the first responders and police and fire and emergency medical personnel it and and you've seen it since 9/11 and thank god -- you see it even today. And and it's just an appreciation. And I remember in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing Arab member crossing the street at Fenway month or so after the after everything happened. And I was I was leading Fenway Park I was crossing the street and I stopped in the middle of the street and I shook the hand of the Boston Police officer and I just said thank you. Thank you for all you do and you see that more and more now and I think that's why it hurts so much. Because we we have such respect for those people and such admiration for who they aren't what they do. And it doesn't just -- UN Meehan Greg it touches athletes in this town. A lot of athletes have taken to Twitter to express their remorse in their sorrow. I've seen tweets overnight from people like Brad marsh and and Vince Wilfork and Jon Lester. Shane Victorino and I can go on and on a bunch of of athletes have tweeted about it. And this morning on the Dennis and Callahan morning show one of those Boston athletes called him. He happened to be a neighbor of the house that burned the brownstone on beacon street as he said he lived just few doors down from that he got. A firsthand look. At the heroism of the first responders and Tom Brady. Called the station this morning to express that admiration to Dennis and Callahan. I can't express my gratitude and thanks are not all the first responders and the people that. You know was their fight that fire -- there all night last night so I I have firsthand view of you know all the action and then it was -- Blown away by the side of bravery and good teamwork. You know they really displayed so you know I've been I've lived in the back safer. You know long time and and I was one of or the carrier days so I just. I feel so badly for the -- lead the of the two firefighters that lost them in down. It went in and obviously all the men that -- associated with right -- I -- they lose then you know what they're close friend. I mean we have athletes think that -- Europe so we witnessed firsthand you know what I fighter that you realized who the real heroes are in the world and you know the people that. Work hard. Protect our lives and protect our safety and you know our freedoms that Americans certainly are fighters in Boston Police and the state troopers so. I I just wanna say thank you from the lot in my heart. Pretty well -- wasn't. Tom Brady calling it DNC this morning and it's it's one of those incidents. Which unfortunately we had one last April it kind of brought everybody together and that's what I think has to. And I just can't help but think about -- the terrible tricky going back to him. My heart bleeds for our -- Kennedy and family and friends but I just keep going back to it Walsh and I think. He has three children there's children and got back from school yesterday and apparently found out. It can have a bad anymore. And as a -- myself like I can't even imagine what what would go through a young child at that moment when he finds out that news. Yeah and you know that having people go there and having them go there and explained to his family what happened. And it's just if it is -- is a nightmare scenario. And and in this case. I think for a lot of those guys. I don't know how it is -- know how they they get through with it but you know if you -- -- a firefighter. Or policeman one of those jobs. Every day could be today. And and maybe they don't look at it like that. Maybe that I'm I'm sure that every every moment thinking OK this could be this could be my last day. They take the job knowing that can happen so we talk about the that's how secret life is how fragile life is. For a lot of us and professions that are like those. We think. Well maybe that won't be me. And those guys -- it could be amazing thing today it in my -- it in my big. Eric Eric could be today could be tomorrow if you're one of those guys who work will Walsh and Kennedy you realize. There can be another fire in the back breaker right there could be a fire in the -- and guess what. I'm not gonna think twice about running into -- -- and to help and save somebody because that's what I do that's who I am the the fire house for engine 33 of latter fifteen. Is one of the coolest buildings in the city boss. We've all walked by it. Many times you know it's in the in the area of the Fenway and and beacon street in the marathon route it's one of the coolest neatest looking buildings. I've walked by to stop on the sidewalk just to look at the architecture of it. We all know. We will never walked by that building again and not think. A firefighter Kennedy and lieutenant Walsh we will never want to -- that building again and not have their memory seared into Marbury. We wanted to take a few minutes at the top and recognize what what happened yesterday it was happening while we were on the air. And and because of you know what we were doing here as I said we really didn't know until after we got off the what the extent of -- -- nobody nobody there at that point I mean that's a lot -- fire in the back today though to me everything will go out there aren't a number of firefighters and first responders who were still in the hospital right now we're still being treated. Some of whom were burned some of whom suffered other injuries and and I know we won't forget them -- I know that. The city collectively will embrace them during their recovery is they get better and I know we will think of them. I know that the of this Celtics last night observed a moment of silence for all the people involved I know that the Bruins will do something I absolutely well I know that the Red Sox when they play their home opener a week from tomorrow will do something at Fenway Park. Because the athletes feel a connection. They feel and -- and -- talked about it this morning at the morning skate he -- and they've been put in this position now for the second straight year. I'm just trying to help people you know to squat and do our jobs if people few a couple of hours of enjoyment and smiles and and that's what they'll try to do and. In order fellas I think that's something we're gonna stay on today as it shows we get information we will share that information review and if you guys. Have any information. About. About her the Walsh family or the Kennedy family that things that we can do to help. Let us know but if if we find out information about how you can donate and and a lot of people say how can what can -- -- We'll find that out will share with you I just remember last year. The one fund. Came together so quickly. From some college -- rights are out of college and really isn't so sure it was so it was so fast and then. Everybody really got involved knew a lot of a lot of tributes lot of ways to you honor. Not only that the first responders at that time. But some of the victims. And I have no reason to believe the same thing won't happen here. Very quickly. Would give back to our little corner of the world which is more of the Toy Story of the toy -- of life and it's it's the the area that we inhabit but we wanted to take a few minutes. And it knowledge with gratitude the efforts of those who who worked so diligently yesterday and last night and continue to work in and we didn't want you to think that we were forget about churn up thinking about cheek as we deal. We'll take quick break. We'll we'll dive back into the things that we are more comfortable talking about because we know more about them and and we'll do that and when we return just couple.

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