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Mut and Lou with Christian Fauria. Lester Contract Talk

Mar 27, 2014|

Mut, Lou, and Chris debate if the Red Sox should give Jon Lester a long-term deal before the beginning of the season.

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We are talk sports here today as well we are couple days away from Red Sox opening day in Jon Lester. Talked yesterday about his contract again later in the day aside to become a tough time turning down the Max Scherzer contract which was for big money. Detroit Tigers offered baton reports they said thanks but no excuse that deal. I don't said he is confident. That between now and opening day will be able to get something done you guys confident. That by the time lose it now what 305 or so called first pitch Red Sox and Orioles in Baltimore Monday that. Dallas has got a new deal it's got a contract extension of the ball threats Aquila. I I am I mean whatever the timetable might be on it it's gonna be this week tour after opening day -- Within the first month I think that there is an extension. Com to be made is that the key once they realized that he he he wants to stay here in that will be in spring training you know he set up the iron table. So that everybody in that ask the last question. And and and ethnic you know Kevin Gregg stepped in it was a guy. Though aren't out of the -- regret afterwards it was basically like the -- level you have here. -- you -- -- down year 2000 walloped John Ferrell comes back. You have a big year again and agree years and the John Farrell you want you associate good relationship with the public to that plane to. A factor for you. You have Gallic throw that note you so well and before -- -- We had a conversation -- -- -- comfortable year you know you know I do like that. What I like about John is that he doesn't hold back need to get my butt kicked the you don't -- baseball players we get dressed case enough this. And I don't want my coach do that. -- that John doesn't do that with. He -- 840. Million dollars a and OLE editor and I think he's just part of it is next got a fast kicks all right I want some of these you know got to throw to get this contract yeah but I do think that there's party and that wants to stay. He enjoys here successful here knows this is all buyout. He knows this team's gonna compete. Com I think again the gets. Yeah I'm closest city it's pretty much it's from the last. Really bit of news to count take care of there's really nothing else coming out of camp that can be distracting. Marketing and uses a sizable still up you guys know -- -- -- but it's not like it's solid they're making a big deal out of those guys -- fight back and -- size size seems like a pretty. You know Smart guys not you know not make it anyways and brow ridges wait too young to. Be pissed off and anybody who so that's -- after Ortiz -- -- locked up okay now okay what's next Lester 'cause. Will be done before the first game my. Mean there's some sort of -- I think that Eric they tell us that we that it was reported there was there actually isn't okay so -- and I believe that didn't -- before they don't they don't have to get it done there's no financial difference to get it done. Sunday Monday or Tuesday. But bench Eric must announce that they wanna get it done to put it behind that is that worldly and that's a good point. Because some that's something I've been saying and at the -- spirit jewelry. This week in any even you know he's thought me and I don't for better all because of ballots spears still thought it was this wealth of Babbitt there was a change in the city BA. -- -- In years past. -- Gonzales is the example that maybe this is -- reasons why the league changed it Adrian Gonzales and his final year for six and a half million dollar contract on the trade form. So they announced extension after day one so therefore the luxury tax purposes he was still considered six and a half million dollars. After day one if they did it before day one. The six year seven year 150 million dollar deal would have been all lumped together in the average annual would have been the luxury -- number what went from six after eighteen. So benefitted the Red Sox awaiting the opening day to make that announcement. Since then they have changed that and -- quietly changed that so there is no impact Jon Lester I believe is make it thirteen half but the luxury tax numbers like nine and nine yeah. Nine million bucks so we were saying well. Let him play the nine million after opening day don't give him the six year 120 America's and it's. It goes from nine million to seventeen million -- and on the luxury tax number almost -- cap Norman. That's changed so it does not matter. Would you do it now with a due to weak leader with two weeks he's going to be used ledger text of the issues that -- seem -- matter. Yes I think the answer is yes I think what they've shown is that they want to take care of their own guys. Make sure there you know -- the guys that they'd like. Are happy. Our content. And you know but neither team neither side wants to get screwed in the deal want a fair enough for both teams for both sides I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. You know is he gonna get the same -- is gonna get the same offer. You know 144 million you know for six years I don't think so well Mike I mean I don't that's about six years are -- aren't they -- we kind of over the six year deal -- me. Joked about yesterday's it'd be tough to turn down that deal. And my response was no bleep it if they haven't actually raise short. Not to take it not what -- -- -- for I would I would question the Red Sox giving him six years they have cut ever heard -- four million dollars that's of this goes back to. When athletes speak they get themselves in trouble I Jon Lester to an extent when he came out and multiple times guys said. Use the race hometown discount. It's set. And number now that commerce crept up it started -- Number started about hundred million dollar set a bar that's -- jumping off dwell on what the hole that cover to cover an hour yesterday. I work with the -- Michael Dell said he's gonna make a 130 and that's a hometown discount and I the Bugs Bunny guys. Bulge out of my head. Other numbers that the media is fluctuating numbers we don't know if numbers are actually change. Right I mean media speculated five years and a hundred now it's five in 130 whatever it is so visited the media speculation both the numbers. You have have really changed. All of it -- I wonder what the hell -- -- -- that -- be perfectly honest with you I mean you know six years -- 140 -- -- 24 year and you don't see Internet down it's. Who would would eagle or you're gonna -- you gonna be 3030 when the same age is Jon Lester while that that seems like offer you'd jump ball. And I wonder if action is a turning down that offer. That a raises Joseph lest his eyebrows and opens -- well. If you -- gala more than maybe I think -- gotten gala but should it matter if he's admitted publicly what's that hometown discount -- they -- -- -- that that Max -- caught traction matter. The jobless to hometown discount to me I don't think you're -- do with the money average annual I think it's two years that you maybe a take five -- six. That that's. That's what I believe that the that's weird you start getting it or six years 1445. Years -- one -- the same number. Winner -- vesting if he gets to order innings pitched underneath it's you get a six year but that's kind of where I think it would. Well I think Google want to wanting -- I -- -- 5105. At the very beginning. I'll stick with that number may be creep up to about 110. Ego -- have a limit right. Heard yeah I like thirty is way over the limit our effort jobless while we still it's early you know. Spending John Henry's money it is is money I agree but there's you know if the if if you wanna -- 21 votes now. It -- seven those differences on my money but you gotta have a limit somewhere. He would you want Jon Lester back here for one dollar. Like twenty millions okay twenty -- a gateway to -- point three too much when he forced too much and eventually say we'll only know the million get it done. But you've got to set a limit somewhere. It is that there's no limit. Well given what he wants to -- -- three you want to when he took an extra million okay would do that really wants point four you don't give 2.3 you'll get another million who cares. West Point five point six army went to today and at some point it's got it and yet but it -- figure on its mechanical anymore because it goes. Back to what not to get him in trouble last year but is -- guys to contracts that may be. They could never live up to was called Crawford ever going to be 820 million dollar a year player now on they paid it to -- a free agent so it's different. But they paid a tool they -- their overpaying about like the player I'm sure they love Jon Lester bishop love Jon Lester the -- went on the playoffs last year was pretty awesome. But it shouldn't overshadow that what -- got them back to being. Put them in contention. Was freed themselves of contracts that were bad contracts Gonzales a great player. -- thrown into a deal to get rid of a couple of contracts that weren't very good I heard Basra what you guys yesterday's talking about velocity for CC sabathia. The same reaction that if Rory did like that that's -- pick it up with Jon Lester and a six theories 36 years old. He's now throw it in the low ninety's. The same pitcher insistently -- -- an 8990 I I don't pay and and that sixty to find out. The day and if -- -- people for using you know Max -- as our artists are died in all this. I don't think it's the Detroit Detroit they don't want this issue going on for opening sees no greatest don't want it -- don't scherzer you Ellis I think every guy should get as much money as possible for as long as possible. And its ticket to the man being the owners. As many times as you can. But at one point you just go from. Looking egregiously collectors I don't. Know it's just like it I mean I know -- I live between being green he would go all right ethnic east Portman wizard. And and I don't think Lester you don't. Has that you know at this point I think. Everything he's done. There's been exactly who he should be doing. He's he's working out there's lots of communication between both sides know once you Catherine perhaps nothing's been tabled. You know we used tabled yesterday -- -- you know this conversation for years it it's been tabled a great what does that mean I was gonna be on the table. This is get it done if you want the word by the goal and real World Series. You know yet -- so easy it is. I've ever post season when the whole thing was -- was art at the time that Barbara Walters overtake number wanna -- that I would extend David Ortiz for a year. And number two journalists just made a lot of money. No in mainly because of the medically buckles that. Obama the year before Saturday nine innings the 29 starts -- went out there last year and DB 32 starts dictating doing you don't want. You can sit there and say well. Here's a guy can now relying on -- now turn the table and now you know health wise I can count on him to move forward an -- this staff. -- just couldn't do so you looked at -- and wait before in the post it note this is your anchor. You know Lackey next year could pitch for 500 grant at that he's a free agent was she would they do with them. You know Felix too -- a starting peavy will be gone it's a lot of money coming up the books you get a lot of young arms that are coming up to the system. Like young -- could be paying 500000 dollars to. So financially this team is in good shape. If if you think that 20/20 one is too much money for Jon -- passing -- that's a huge giveaway because during good spot but he's got to can make your staff. That has to be had -- promising given 26 point seven million dollars -- weak point four point five. But you gotta look at who was gonna anchor this step it can't be all young kids with the money come off their books. -- if you want the player. It's just not salary cap league if you want the play you keep the player it's twenty to 2.2 million to get the point to bring a player back because. You look at the future and say I might get three more great years at a Lester -- -- as noble is still much staff like sabathia. You may not be an ace. Is you -- a five did you -- best pitcher. That's technology to passed along the still a benefit do last New Year's -- he's not performing at a Harlem.

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