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Mut and Lou with Christian Fauria, Opening Segment, Boston Fire

Mar 27, 2014|

Mut and Lou are joined by Christian Fauria to discuss the tragedy of the recent fire in the Boston

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But -- ID 37 WEEI Christian Fauria. In the house today and -- off to topple Taylor will talk sports -- the -- it's gonna join its we have some thoughts. On wide ranging topics today the other big college athletes college football player that northwestern one a former union. What does that mean some react to David Ortiz who is on -- the afternoon show. That I sat in on yesterday. And so we will be talking sports at points during today show but I want to start with. A store that -- again while I was on the air yesterday you guys had done your show from ten to two. And has about 2:45 or 3 o'clock where. It started here about smoke down the back back bay and boils and street fire and it was three hours later rafter 6 o'clock. It was an -- firefighters. Lost their lives in what is being described today. Are people in and around it as one of the most aggressive buyers. That people have seen in thirty years and it starts in a basement of today browns still there a bull -- three. And ends up turning into like I can only imagine was like he backed draft. Situation. Basement. Building. Whole thing goes up in flames and two firefighters and Walsh Michael Kennedy lose their lives battling to get people out of that. You know awful day in you know we we get off the year yesterday in US and Japan to call are in. Foley's own living elect get home -- you know the kid an axiom of my wife I don't know -- -- -- 35 points to book fire. And it's just you know you just you're you're out of it right you just know I didn't hit the time it was it. Believe it it was a crime or at the time they were ruling any speculation on the idea in India and start falling you realize how big this thing wasn't really wasn't too much. Wording to some people tickets and -- ruby in no couple firefighters lost their lives and just another another tragedy that and that's you know think about the area that it was in. You know with the station right -- the court on boil some real good down all the time what they dealt with you know coming up almost a year ago. Rate they're on their own road preparing for the marathon and sixteen million. You go into the scenario where the wind I mean everybody knows the wind was like yesterday. Less than I was driving in the cover all -- I was changing lanes practical or just change lanes and obviously the wind at the plate will will now a huge role in -- just awful -- We'll see I'm like you -- liquor we left. I mean -- -- stuffed on a run and aaron's kids get out of school. You know you see it on the TV by. I'm not really pay attention to it because at the at -- but then I start to realize that they're not going to any other news. Not they're not. Staying on it they're staying on it they're supported on that report -- change the channel the same thing going on there. Not until late last night early this morning got to realize the magnitude. Others in and it happened and announced that listens to Dennis and Callahan. With this morning realizing that you know two guys that died and you're finding out and then realized okay I have a buddy who used part of a energy company. Him in Boston also then take about him this morning -- do report that like what's going on -- UK it's like offline terrible situation. But he obviously just. Start wondering -- -- -- -- -- -- control and the wind we have I am issues whispering yesterday. You know the wind was a major factor and if anyone's ever tried do you know blocked by fire -- you know that's the worst ever conditions. In this case you say it was a major factor I mean from all indications Joseph in -- talked about this admitted. This was the factor that that the first few on the scene Kennedy Walsh were among the first to. The right mentioned 33 latter fifteen and I said before the fires on -- some street and I'm. I don't but the fire house is right there label's history I was the fire yesterday was on beacon street. It's of these two firefighters -- the report get there and they go to where the base of the virus which was the basement for whatever reason they don't. They don't know yet we can get press conference today and get more body of how the fire started but the basement is where these two guys went. And the wind off the Charles in the fire combined to break open a window. And that turned that building. Into a bonfire you say the wind can be an issue. The wind was the issue yesterday and I get the feeling at that if attic was one of the guys this morning either mr. Kennedy your mr. up Paris it was all with the NC. Basic the wind wasn't that bad yesterday. There -- now they get that indicate take care of that fire. And it's a policy not issue but it's not the not a alarm blaze at an idea you think firefighter right yeah I mean you admire. What they -- all about when you think public these that is a fire was running out of the billionaire running and we all we all know that. Two with three minutes into the entry the basement was only made the mayday call. I'm sure they goal win and take everything serious you know -- just look at NC others is. Which is go into -- the small fire -- all the precautionary -- they'll take anything for granted -- within two with three minutes. Of entering the basement is when the mating call. Comes out to a three minutes. Yeah -- it's. There's some powerful sound I know -- we're gonna listen to. The kind of puts additional life into perspective. You know you talk about -- getting your car driving to work. Not having a clue how that -- -- and you wake up go to war today it's him what's up guys -- a good group of guys have by likes each other. -- get this called it looks like a routine just like he says and how quickly that change it's just. I don't know I had it's it's just. Scary I guess is only word -- can -- gov. That can even remotely burning any. You know any light on the subject for me and -- anybody else's food here is these guys. You know they go in Mexico called May Day leave you heard earlier like you know May -- is not some debris they really wanna say. They don't wanna -- -- saying they don't admit to a site you not to bring it down I was like yeah you don't want Mitchell hurry Russell playing a game these guys they don't wanna. They don't want the analysts say mayday in half to. Admit that the problem is bigger than they can handle the -- big guys strong guys powerful guys have a lot of pride. -- yeah that's pretty much yeah. Yeah. An angry at eight outfit that they've been okay our -- our. Arctic and assist. -- boards don't want to hear right now anything is you know it's it's. Incredible appreciation that whenever tragedies happened you look at things differently but it human nature is that that feeling sort of in time goes away. Randomly we go back to Boston Marathon eaten we costly every each and every day think in the Boston Police Department the Boston fire department for wall that they did the first responders saw. And in in time you know buy it right by October by November. You know you remembering them and then you're just you're moving on with your life. And it takes something like this we look back and say man these people what they do. You know you're Sydney -- you fire breaks out become. They're saving lives on a regular basis you know police oppresses -- saving lives in a regular basis. And and you try not to ever forget that not to ever put in the video to back your mind just sort of move on in your life but it happens. And it's times like this unfortunately when you look at -- can help with. But think those -- there each and every -- to protect us in would whichever way it is the firefighters yesterday save lives there in multiple stories today it is pointed out that because of Ed Walsh from Michael Kennedy in that basement and fighting that fire the way they did. They were able to get residents out of that building that they normally have not gotten on that building -- sound as Christians -- wanna play for a year. Got Ed Kelly who's the president of the firefighters Massachusetts and rich Paris who's the president at a local seven 18 union. A Boston firefighters came in studio with Dennis and Callahan today. Ed Kelly talking about the voices and the made days and knowing. It was a pretty serious situation yesterday as -- company. Tons of them quality of these house let some images seven that was done union hall. And we have our radios down there and when it came -- you could tell from the voices when -- remembers arrived. And I got in my car right away went down and just listen to -- radio and -- made days we know wasn't wasn't good. When you have a major right away. Those guys went in there and they have people trapped that he received a lot of people yesterday. And I just like to say that you know laugh. To fight for it is that passed save people's like just an idea into the supreme -- -- it went. From bad to worse. It was them with it was apple and wall Ed Kelly in rich Paris this morning. Joined DNC. Went on to talk about a going from. How quickly. It went bad Joey cut number two sport right -- I think -- you know speculation display because the investigation still on Golan but. Judging by how quick it went bad in we had some very experienced firefighters though Roland it. Eddie and Michael Wood to the toughest fight for as you can have -- we lost to a best five times yesterday. It went bad so quick yeah that don't -- common denominator is most likely the wind. And that win that he -- in a window and turn that thing into. A blazing inferno and and they're thirteen others who were injured in this in this place yesterday and to get there and to do with they'd do you guys talking about -- The level of commitment you have to have -- and knowing that you're gonna get up in knowing that this -- possibility every single panic like every he had. At some point wannabe firefighter and then reality sets in that this is what you deal with and most of us choose. A different path and say that's a little too rough for me -- well -- sets. That's not something I wanna do my life line in these guys. They do every day. -- and you looking you know Michael Kennedy 33 from Hyde Park you know there -- combat vets served deny racked. You know not married. On but the mother you know the mother of firefighter knowing that if you'd probably live with that every day when your son. You -- chooses that profession you know this it was a marine she lived and that while he was over in Iraq you know for those years. And to get that word in noted to have as fellow -- -- drive up and these guys are all what DC today. Serve that call. -- lieutenant -- Walsh a 43 years old West Roxbury. You know wife three children all on the age of ten again the mother of a firefighter -- the wife of a firefighter rather. Knowing the dangers each and every day. You know in the biggest nightmare their biggest nightmare. Was heaven though at these two individuals. Come up to you know it come to that house and give them and tell them the news. More from this morning Ed Kelly Richard parents describing. On the scene in what you know what they saw when they got to the scene of that fire. Yes. Eddie I wanna visit Methodists. Some of them seriously burnt. You know we can understand. It down himself tendon in it's it's tough it's -- story -- them to get to the darkened building you know gonna O'Malley -- you have to go down around a long walk and we have a deputy in the back of the building we have a deputy in front of the building. We we had a team in the back in the team in front guys are in the back also got -- guy and I was there when chief American. Chief Jones and other -- phrase when it exploded they went down a flight status and were in the front of the building and there's also guys in the back in her and also. So the guys that thirteen guys when they heard rescuing them some years but also guys in different parts of the flaw. It was just subcommittee and I probably have haven't seen them. On that would have an -- in -- thirty years. That. On -- on the on the beef X thirty years and admits that yesterday's -- something he's never seen before these guys have seen. Odyssey fires on it was -- a weekly basis monthly basis they go on calls and he's saying he's never seen it before. If that blood and everything was yes he had never did something that back quickly too bad that it's such a hurry but Beckett gets -- surprises me is just. You know you know duke the alarm goes out. Trucks are common and first man and does what first grouping does life. Are they all kind of know what the other team is doing mean how does how does that work so -- -- thirteen gets -- first. I don't they know addicted to contain the situation in the next letter comes an area because in the of the my friends who were. We're firefighters there was toggle wanted to be that first engineer and they want behalf claimed to would they wanna be the first ones in. They won that one. -- -- that's you know exactly what their minds and think about that mindset. You know it's it's so easy to say either second or third. One in didn't notice you were -- let -- take -- has auditors that it just I acknowledge some gold on I need to be there. Now and that's the mentality that -- you admire the most amazing. I just can't imagine. The of the families like Lewis talk about try to think about those conversations that they had. Not Ed Kelly rich parents again today talking about giving out credit to. Giving credit to the chiefs as part of what happened yesterday it was time. And in you know I just wanted to give credit to chief Fleming and she fan and she passing. You know as it where there -- -- -- as we wanna run in -- we knew we was right there I was in the back -- -- in mice aren't they said that she Fleming let's just going grab them. But you don't wanna have with building commitments when he got site. So the way. We followed a story yesterday it wasn't until after 6 o'clock. The found out the two firefighters that lost their lives it wasn't until. Even later than that. That you found out that Michael Kennedy. Barely get out pretty quickly and it's if -- they issued CPR but he was pronounced dead. And Walsh was there in that building until 7:30 or 8 o'clock these could not physically get to him and it. When they'd we're able to get him at about 8 o'clock last night it was his Brothers it was his Brothers and his -- -- that the guys from his house. Engine 33 latter fifteen who went in got him and carried him out and sort of for misuse of the pictures today in the papers. Four -- line of carrying. And Walsh out of that building and I cannot imagine as a as a brother -- someone who -- spot fires for years. You don't you walking into by you know what in a -- walk needed to pick up your dad brother that's what you're walking in that building to do. Yet -- from from recovery to rescue me from a from a rescue to recovery. And you know it's there's always dubious comparisons to this have a situation in sports and you know sports they always kind of make it into. Just the family it is the brotherhood. And I always said you know when house plane that you know what. The close you did it is in a family to brotherhood because in a brotherhood. That respect -- earned. You don't just automatically get that trust you don't you don't just you know just walked into the building and say hey we trust you you're our guy. Like this is kind of the way it's set up. Become part of this group you earn it they trust you you're dealing with wives so negative impact as there is a lot greater. And and just like -- that is that brotherhood that. All of us would love to be a part of but I don't know all the sort -- the balls. Do what they do we don't know I don't know if my selling my belt this thing you know you. You wanna compare to sports as we know right like that but it's it's not a team needs now because when I think about. What you're doing is -- first Duffy having guys have worked together for ten years writes that relationship is stronger guys not leave after three years wherever it is a new guys. A coming in -- walking on them. In sports you you're relying on their got to do his job to win a game. The right into energy big goal and it is an in this you rely on someone to do their job. Your life's on the line his life on the your buddies like is on the line. So there's there's even more demand has figured this is what you need to do -- -- you trust these people with your lives this truly is a brotherhood. -- as John yeah I mean I think that if if you played only -- we went to work. And be picked he had put it. Don't have to lift lace it up issues yeah money I don't. I mean I certainly don't go to work plan on getting killed but I also know that it's not worth -- -- about. That if I just going in you know if you can't be safe be good news kind of like how we kind of rationalize like you know just hoped it. I hoped it. We saw -- glorified. I hope that. If only everyone holds it to get to balloon family at the end of the tool but it's a contact sport in in. We all know getting into reason I'm writing and and sometimes. The red double bites you in the -- You know I think that -- -- myself right when you went when you get that called eagle fire the last thing on your mind as you know you. You might not return the first thought is ready to go there save lives you know I think it may be easier as you get older it hitting you if you start thinking about that. Maybe this tunnel walk away right and there's your mindset that young might not return from the soreness maybe when the -- and walk away a plea subs walk away secular shaky about it. But these kids these guys here. We did it's the last in the mind to think about saving lives this is what -- this is what they wanna do this with -- doubled that life to. It's it's a tragic story and we're gonna play for you later on the show. Some of Tom Brady Tom Brady live right extort the bad the Boston Herald today. Page eleven if you look right to know that page that -- west the photographer got an amazing picture. And it's Tom Brady in a winter coat in a winter hat. As a neighbor to what went on yesterday. Watching the fire -- just sit there like anybody else what is a neighbor watching it noble cut its base. Held the entire story later in the show we're gonna play for you some of on Tom Brady who called in to on a talk about this as a Callahan today for the break a couple of updates from Boston fired all the press conference. As we speak in David Wade passing along some what they had to say says that they are not ruling anything in or out on the cause yet. Of this deadly fire. Admitting it was an extraordinary event that happened in that basement the wind came off the Charles River. Was more than we were used to actually blew the helmets off. Also on the firefighters like they got out of the truck and that the wind was blowing helmets off. They're gonna put together great team of chiefs not involved. With yesterday's -- to look closely at the response to Boston fire with a press conference that will bring you. What the details of the become available. Certainly play for it later on the show. Some of Tom Brady who joined DNC earlier today 61777979837. Is the phone number can text us. On the AT&T tax line at 379. ED three several come back and it's a Red Sox issues including. Jon Lester contract conversation came up yesterday -- continue Alito opening day but -- -- -- euphoria in the house Sports Radio WE yeah. I want. That are street covered and I beat it. People know that all companies get out of the building. It is sad day for the city of Boston last two heroes here today makes me proud to be near the city of Boston. After watching the way that. I have also goes out to the families of these two firefighters in the entire firefighting community in the city of Boston in the homo to Massachusetts. It's unfortunately. Takes a tragedy for us to appreciate. The work that. The men and women of the blessed by the problems.

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