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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, discussing Rajon Rondo as a color commentator, the NBA draft, and the epic Pacers-Heat game

Mar 27, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan of ESPN Boston joins Mut, Lou, and Christian to talk about Rajon Rondo in the booth, the rest of the Celtics losing season, and the epic battle between the Pacers and Heat.

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-- that all the BS via -- dot com every single week this time Jackie brought you likelihood of Nashua and Mike commonwealth mortgage Jacqui it's much -- Christian scenario. Well that's a good three and a half. Again it's this edition is everywhere. Around the Boston media these days Christian an addition on our show today and how well Rajon Rondo and addition to the Comcast broadcast team -- Monday night he's gonna do the first quarter of the game with Mike Gorman I you have spent more time around Ronald that I have and I'm curious. How is this going to go home is to -- be critical. Is he gonna be supportive what I did against Toronto in the first quarter based on your conversations with the mud in -- around a basketball court. You know I think you'll be analytical that's the word I would use -- mean he really is a student of the game. Key he's a student he analytic portion of basketball. -- you know you've heard it over and over again with his teammates and coaches. We -- opponents are coming down the floor and put up whenever he's called off the plane Tony's teammates where to go and what to do. So I think you'll get a lot of analytic you know it's funny having now done it myself it's not easy. And the one thing that I think it's hard to do and that they tell you do Mike Gorman who systematic. Says project don't forget to project. I'd love to -- Rondo project would you I've never heard him project. I don't think I ever have. So I'm excited to see if if you get excited about a play in and we'll hear it in his voice that's that's what I'm looking -- That's well kind of wondered -- all the years you've talked to move -- different issues that. Maybe our set and really talked about those sort of things X and -- strategies he is he got into those conversations with you in particular. Oh yeah because you almost. You almost can't help getting to those conversations with him because. That's where -- strengths -- And he really does understand the game. These Smart kid we know that that's that's clear. And I like talking to about other point -- in particular like you know -- ever back and a little stretch where he was they want the best point guard me MBA. And I would say okay we'll make what makes you better than Chris Paul he'd start rattling off. Statistics things off the dribble you know he he knows. He knows he knows of what he speaks. Jacqui it's Chris Saddam. -- think this is going to be. I think the players there -- guys on the team are gonna receive him during the broadcast -- trying to put myself whenever there's an -- I am what no way and here's our captain really our leader you know ticketed on sideline and you know maybe have a good time maybe not maybe. Do a story about some analytics but when I've -- it doesn't seem right for me as a player I had to -- the other guys feel about it. You know I don't think they care that much because for one thing it's only going to be one quarter. And then you pumpkin -- by the comments of Brad Stevens there's going to be some parameters about what they want him to say what they don't want him to -- And I would think that that would include eight could -- -- need to be given away trade secrets you know what we'd like to run that. We've you know slice or whatever and here's what we do and we run that and here's why -- running here does it -- who does well and who doesn't. So I think it was at this is gonna be a regular occurrence. I would have more concerned about it I think. I think all the guys are probably gonna get fan whatever the funny part is they did little fist pump before the game I guess it's good luck to do that the television people. And you know remember the first -- did they make. Helen just you know we look at them like what -- you -- you don't want me to fist bump them like then I'm not I didn't turn into a cheerleader just to them sit here you know. That'll be funny it's gonna it's going to be different I mean. -- -- this as a player ever done this for the Celtics for. Oh yeah I'm sure I would say that I don't really -- Don't -- I think that's what I'm not sure I mean you know Dave Allen did it and the next plan is pretty as a current plan is to get on a player. Nobody I mean -- also -- -- -- -- happening this year I mean any team can do that to meet Krejci was because they're playing so bad they need to use that. Shake things up and get some more into the. -- entertaining -- you can make it entertaining. You know Tommy has made a decision not to travel on the road he only travels selectively on the road tonight I think we can all agree he's certainly earned that right. And I think they're trying beloved figure out -- the next person is going to be. It's not going to be -- just not going to be -- on -- it's not going to be me but you know they're gonna fill in the holes with some people just to give -- different -- It -- speaking of of -- couple days ago compared this rebuilding process this offseason to what happened at. In 2007. And what they were facing then Jackie how similar your mind do you think. These two processes are. Not at all not at all that I was surprised these sandbags -- -- -- -- should understand -- -- and -- is coming -- on -- but he -- struck gold. With Kevin Garnett. I don't see another dissatisfied. Superstar of that level. That would be willing to come here and question number two -- beginning to Kevin Garnett was not willing to come here either and factor original -- Minnesota died because he he refused to come here. But then they got they acquired Ray Allen and and that made it a little more interesting to Garnett who finally because things personal and untenable in Minnesota agreed to come. I just don't see all the stars aligning quite like that for the Celtics this time around when you when you talk what that rebuild it was done. Through traits it was done to -- traded Garnett and the trade of Ray Allen was not done to the drafting young players. It's a gauge out they'll watch it he's NCAA tournament games -- watching it throughout the season. There's always tough when you when you watch an eighteen year old kid right that maybe doesn't to a war meanwhile came is that double projections and -- -- a little bit about a -- European unit what what would what would you be looking for but it is at eighteen located. Right what Arab things in particular internment games that you would liked disliked this week. Well you'd like he played under pressure at any level any age at least I would -- you know. You can see certain guys when the moment gets bigger and bigger and bigger. They get more and more animated and you guys have hope played athletics -- you don't want talking like you know those guys are you can build those guys are almost easy to identify. But then of course you need guys with. With talent with upside room to grow we hear that a -- and you know protected waited for okay. Wiggins was unanimous number one pick and then all of a sudden he's like -- on people's sports why. Because people are saying well you know when he had you down on the ground he can't finish the job we can't close the deal he's not mean enough he doesn't have that edge. That you know a guy like bird -- -- year. As and of course that was the criticism of LeBron when he first came into the league and I'm still much that LeBron had -- the weight say a Kobe Bryant that. I don't think he started wouldn't you. It's a bill. You look at those kind of things and like indeed think that the big kids from Kansas. So much outside -- start would decide that meant so much upside. So it all depends on what you wanna gamble on each one of them is missing something you would love. What which what you gonna gamble on. Yeah they're also a young saw me and obviously gonna change they're gonna grow him right tonight -- legally drink yet. So that's right the eleven games left in the season okay. Wouldn't -- me up how I should as a fan approached these next eleven games. Todd how I watch these games they've taken out -- Rondo called the first game. Right I you know like to me it's easy because. I'd like I have like they're models this year play hard and -- I'd like to. I love basketball so -- like -- that's not anywhere at any level but I've liked. The fact that they were in gains in Indiana where -- you know which he can't win again. I like decided they beat Miami last week and I and I don't care who -- -- and who wasn't I like defected very decent a competitiveness there and I like to watch the young guys. And killing -- Linux has come so far. So far. Salinger to -- the -- that you -- -- that that there -- some fanatic something that made that the team can build on. Fiscally sound to take in the threes and if you want to call me one of the naysayers yes I -- one of the naysayers. That three point shot for the Boston Celtics this season is big gimmick it made for teams that can't score and aren't any good. And I think once spread even get -- full complement plays he'd like my -- Garrett on the won't be shooting and he thought -- just that -- -- It's it's interesting that that if they fired so many this year and it is as -- A -- do right yeah but as you get three instant. Point instead to fort soak it Stevens -- I was witness and and Brad has got his way right publicly gonna say yeah we want our guys shoot threes this is this whether she issued many threes as possibly an option. And you I'd never give O'Brien original Brian knicks Celtics coach step that he they shot three those kind of like you're gonna -- -- diamond -- said Jackie it's again. It's a gimmick for teams that don't have enough talent it's a way to make up for talent and you know a good example last night right challenger. He -- itself long -- -- he's been shooting 1820%. From that range. Previously but he kept them in the game. On the night that he could hit them and that's you know I understand why Bret Stephens says -- Gulfport and you know with a -- is a good shooter that don't misunderstand me I just think. There are times when there are times we will make sense for him to take factory but most of the time he's taken and now it doesn't make any sense to me. Jackie one of the young coaches this year they younger coaches get an opportunity last couple years Mark Jackson and Golden State. And I thought it was a perfect marriage he wants to go up tempo he's had he's got guards there to play out with that great back court and now. I don't know publicly for the first time -- their assistant coach is being fired Brian Scalabrine got demoted apparently partner with Pete Myers and I. I just carries an NBA circles was that this murmuring that things wart is good as it looked on the outside -- Mark Jackson TV -- turned I thought pretty good coach their -- state. Well we all -- it down. This -- is having trouble there and and it's to stay out credit in my opinion. He wanted you know he wanted to look at some of the -- look at some of the numbers look at some of the trends. And mark Jackson's an old school explained it's that I think they'll just go with my government. And I think some of the assistant coaches including scout we're working very very hard. Show him some trends on their team some disturbing trends -- to change things and Marquette and really just didn't want to hear it I played the NBA I was just are you were kind of thing. And I was surprised to be honest with you -- I thought that the the bad hire when they made it. And I've been wrong he's been a good hire them. And he's got the attention of the players so I have to I have to tell myself that I was wrong on this but this doesn't surprise me one bit not one bit. Anybody that the most gal. I got problems with -- didn't. -- they'll pay Jack you would think about a last night's pacers heat game. But terrific gains terrific games the only things going on there you know I was watching it thinking. -- Paul George. -- is a disaster this is just this is -- the debt known Paul George and then in the game mattered most it was like he came alive. And he came alive on both ends of the -- and and I feel for Paul George. Because they've asked him to do way way too much on the scene -- -- -- to be their best offensive player in their MPT and also guard the best player on the other team. And play every single game and averaged almost forty minutes tonight it's too much death of one player. And I was so glad did he responded the way he did last night and again on both ends of the floor. Went right at LeBron that big GM had on the game turned around -- -- but also pick pocket LeBron in the in the backcourt. And this with the game that the page is absolutely had to have my next question absolutely that they -- were scuffling. But the pace is we're drowning and he'd won it before they got to regroup they're veterans they'll figure out away. That they they teach you were beginning I mean the -- you begin to wonder it was this whole thing memorized. I will say this they're very very lucky. That Stephen since ejection didn't cut from the game because she was their best offensive player at the time that happened and hopefully he's learned something going for it. So so moving forward the heat just the dispel that real quickly is if you're -- you a little nervous just based on the fact of how bad you've been playing big play in this month and you know having a chance to conduct the regroup against the pacers maybe get some more confidence and now you got to. Gonna have to go left licking your wounds a little bit. Right -- cushioned his slam nervousness on the heat. Because I can't keep that same line up on the floor then I you know would determine which Ray -- home with the flu and Ray Allen of course quijano is having a career -- year in terms of three point shooting he's really struggled this year. I talked to when he was in town last week and said. It's just simply a matter of not getting enough touches look at what if you're on the team with wade bosh. And the bronze stand in line Kelly and on and get to such. So that's not gonna change. And wade helped me is the biggest concern and you saw him pull up with that hamstring injury on the break I think he was gonna. Had a chance to catch back I go into the hole and he did you know had to pull up the bad -- and that's -- your biggest concern what he's done to me. It's incredible to be able to you know sit out. Long period of time week you know week at a time and then come back and trying to fit into the rotation I think that's what the turnovers are up for the heat. And I think it's like their defense -- rotations aren't as strong. And I you know their teams are shooting close to 50% against them over the this losing streak and that that's unheard of lesser teams shot 43% against the. -- great stuff is always -- the basketball the NCAA variety this weekend we'll talk to next week. All right I had a good one I injected equality SP of Boston joining us when Jackie joins us as always she -- -- friends at Toyota of Nashua and by commonwealth.

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