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Tom Brady's eyewitness account of the fire

Mar 27, 2014|

Tom Brady called in to give thanks to the Boston Fire Department and offered his condolences to the fireman who lost their lives.

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Speaking go. Home Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how are you. Morton I thought it was up point at what you said this morning on any you speak for most of us it's it's something we kind of take for granted all the firefighters are there but when you witnessed something like. We witnessed on the news and certainly you witnessed up close and personal you have a new found in profound appreciation for what these guys do for us. Yeah I do and right I. You know just. I can't express my grad student tanks and not all the first responders and the people that. You know we're -- -- that fire her you know all night last night so I I have firsthand view of you know all the action and then in -- Blown away by the side of bravery and the teamwork that's. You know they really displayed so you know I've -- I've lived in the back safer. You know long time and and -- one of or the scarier days so I guess I feel so badly for the -- -- as the of the two firefighters outlaw them. In down. It went in and obviously all the men that were associated with fight that I guess they lose then you know what they're close friend. I mean we have athletes think there -- Europe so when you witnessed firsthand you know what I fighter that you realized who the real heroes are in the world and you know the people that. Work hard. Protect our lives and protect our safety and you know our freedoms that Americans certainly the firefighters and -- and police and the state troopers so. I I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hey Tom we had a Ed Kelly and rich Paris firefighters in the studio and they talked about the fact listening on the scanner thicket here. Just by the tone of the voice of the bosses who were generally the only ones who speak on the radio that this was something different -- -- from a visual standpoint from an eyeball test standpoint. From your vantage point as you're watching this unfold did you sense that this was something more than just a fire in an apartment building. Yeah I I would them I was in my my bedroom and now I'm about four doors down from there so. My wife and you know at. My daughter written about my life you know look you know look outside there's a fire and I looked up the front of our house in defeat of blame. And then kind of went back in my room and then went back about two minutes later -- -- -- -- at that point -- -- Gone to the back part of the house than into. From my tactic at the you know kind of went with erupt again at that point all that fire and didn't work you know coming down the street and you start. You know I was watching pearl -- along time. And then you know -- one what I. I -- pretty. No big explosion a -- that a lot of firemen were coming out of the building and we're really got hurt yeah. I -- I felt so badly for them that our lack whenever. In jeopardy at all you know thanks those men and great men and you group who were there fight that fire for a but I mean I was. A very intent they have weather and wind didn't he just can't imagine all those things that really happened. You're how quickly those things can get out of control. You know -- But in new found respect for nature and what it's all about and those conditions for those men. Watched them try to put out a fired freezing conditions and all the different element to this deal or no way to prepare for things like that. They get you know they gave everything they had me. You know a few completely the ultimate price and -- respect in the area. You'll love and admiration of what they do it you know -- that. Is it part in the work. You imagine -- infield on the go you or your family or endangerment how did you know as I'm watching on TV -- they -- If -- or anywhere near there and be -- you know kids and the wife and make a run for -- that you you kind of knew that it wasn't gonna spread to -- place. Well no we I -- I left I hate it -- once thought what I thought the you all the fire fighter you know. It's not a Howell. You know I I almost looked at you know we gotta go yeah them and we went. Just down the street to arm. You know our -- -- the man. A few hours later watched all the news and I just and I came back a few hours later and are the kind of fuel -- arm in. Arm. There's just -- cup scene and in. You know it was just -- I I wondered what it's like now I drove by it fog this morning and it was. Still the trucks were still there and I think you were still small it was still smoldering what's it like in your newborn now -- I just left some I'm driving down the football stadium but I just. I get left. In other third the other street -- blocked off for another got a lot of things investigation. Of port debacle but it. You know -- this state the win which was just. So strong lap it up on my roof -- market releasing a lot of little boulevard and especially. I think we're probably going to put it. -- you know have our like our output and our neighbors in their basement got flooded. Rednecks are -- -- are you all that out of them you can think of how. You know much stronger at an event that is when you realize that you know a lot of good things could you know -- -- -- The audio and and you got to think about you know what it is obvious paralyzes what most. It -- most important. You know the firemen who who risk their allies that you know that I just can't say enough respect -- the drive by -- Fire station in the back they aren't. On -- for -- third and oil and in your drive. Are driven by a fire station thousand that are already here in the back say -- that was the group that was closest to the action and then. There were the first -- in the building so. You know I guess I can't there aren't we thank them enough and understand the tragedy that are they are comfort. I was reaction I -- -- first us a picture -- -- I guess them and just walking around yesterday. That's gonna be the worst possible conditions for those guys given the win given the temperature given there's no rain nothing I mean yours and right next film. You could see that there right across and could CL a brutal lives for those guys. Yeah I was up on the you know -- -- -- and I mean literally assists but you know fort Gordon over psychic he'd explain coming up that probably. And I just. -- -- -- It -- spread so quickly that the wind it changed direction and hurt you know something like that I mean it was hard to even fight the fire from beacon street because. The wind was blowing so hard court. -- -- from the river that. There -- displayed. The water. You know they couldn't get inside the building that -- the water from a peek inside street the water which are covered back into the street you can fight it from that side. You know they hit the fight it from the back Alley there -- -- blow dryer than it was you know it. It's an awful lot of old buildings there -- -- in the back -- and and you know these. Should you kind of professional these guys are it's such a small they -- It's such a big fire that was you know that. With with the wind and delicate continue to reach into the fire by. You know those those firemen are are you know very much thought at all they in my family and you know what -- them we what do. You know could've been a very Arum. You know. A very tragic day or not only you know how through them in the neighborhood. A lot of it is you know people -- they kept everybody -- -- you know really -- where you know I can't thank them enough. -- I'll let you go with this I don't know the mansion this because I have two daughters but I'm wondering do Betty and John. Ever aspired to be firefighters -- they play with fire trucks is that something -- interest didn't. Yeah I might myself and you know what I got him home last night you know it's our problem back about 7:38 o'clock court I could. Figure out that things where you know under control and he. You wanted to go on the fire truck classmates had told electorate and elegant and very negative like that but it. You know it is an incredible. It's it's such a selfless profession. And you know those men who choose that -- calling -- life it's. -- You know it something that is in your partner your soul or not you know what you wanna be when you grow up and I just there are very grateful -- for their. Tom thanks for the phone call appreciate your thoughts and your the your insights as to what happened yesterday what they mean in the big picture we'll talk to down the road. Thank god Victor Tom Brady with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- will take a break more your phone calls next with Dennis and Callahan.

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