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Boston firemen Ed Kelly and Rich Paris on an awful day in Boston

Mar 27, 2014|

The guys were joined in studio by Ed Kelly and Rich Paris who discussed a harrowing day in Boston.

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Welcome back my friends say yes sad day in the city of Boston and as I said earlier we are a big city but it doesn't feel like that today -- bit feels like -- small town where everybody sharing in their. Sadness and -- -- small mosaic of Hyde Park in Jamaica Plain and back day in West Roxbury. We are pleased and thankful to have joining us here in the studio. Ed Kelly the president of the firefighters union of Massachusetts and rich Paris the president. -- local 718 union the Boston firefighters. Good morning gentlemen and certainly our condolences to UN everybody you were present this morning thank you so much and thanks I guess that's the nightmare of nightmare scenarios. Yesterday when did you realize is bad had gone to worse because that particular station house 33. Answers probably more fires more calls than any other in the city or close to any other when did you realize that that what might be routine. Brownstone fire was something much much worse well. Is a busy company comes up and oil and -- house let us seventeen to seven that was done union hall. And we have all radio -- there and when it came and you could tell from the voices when the crew members arrived. And I got in my car right away went down and just listen to radio and -- and made -- we know wasn't wasn't good. Is when you have a major right away. Those guys went in there and they have people trapped that he received a lot of people yesterday. And I just like to say that you know life. The two fife right is that past saved peoples like just an idea -- to the supreme sack of it. Went from bad to worse very very quickly I've read a lot of accounts and I think you guys agree with the same thing this was a confluence of all the worst -- she could possibly have. Most first and foremost would be the wind coming off the Charles which has spent like a brick oven. Right -- I think that I am you know speculation display because the investigation still on Golan but. Judge him by how quick it went bad and we had some very experienced firefighters and -- Roland it. Eddie and Michael -- to the toughest fight for as you can have that we lost to a best five times yesterday. It went bad so quick yeah that the -- common denominator is most likely the wind. I don't know if John knows this but were Eddie and Michael the only two in the basement or were there others that got out and they didn't and we're well. I can't specifically speak to that but I know that I talked to my lieutenant on the engine seven them commit about ten seconds behind engine 33. And it right according to procedure. 33 being first and went to receive the final two in the basement -- seven went to the floor above cut file -- off. And within a matter of seconds and -- -- before that line up current rule so. What the way we operate we have an office on a pipe -- I demand and a pop opera on the engine. So it would make sense that they would two of them at that point the -- Meehan had not. Transitioned into the building yet they can't speak to that I can tell you affirmatively but given that the time frame -- would talk about would make sense that he was to catch in the hydrant. At the time. The that the -- -- of -- saying I need more water correct. That was about it -- be ready and -- -- -- we were probably be -- being in the -- the officer and he was -- lieutenant yard -- And he was also a firefighter in that house on -- fifteen from odious. And so as probably any call for the water. In -- handle the -- days but I you know I was listening to them when I was driving in as respondent to the -- So I was only it to bits of Pietrus tell those Michael already but my guess is it was indeed you know -- keeps you in charge when. Other guys including the thirteen were injured when they trying to get in the basement ordered not you can't code in there even a good -- there -- and they made heroic attempts to try to get to any Michael. They know. Did they were -- extremely heavy fire at one point they pushed three but we call big -- to a half -- lines which is a heavy. -- -- -- Into the fire and in the ego driven back about three times and in we've -- that was an at a point where we're at thirteen five tries -- however yesterday. The majority of which were -- -- -- It was that the chiefs and judge which is is you know. The -- set a very tough job yesterday in got to commend chief in who's in charge of the fire chief Fleming that was in charge of the rescue operation. In chief -- that -- that was in charge of operations. They have very difficult decisions to make and they do so much heavy fire at we have guys get in front of data pulled back a little bit. -- focus on some water and it try to document Donald it to get back in the inning got such an extent that the building was compromised. In an island in a way to work the building thirteen injured are they okay. Eddie -- wanna visit Methodists. Some of them seriously burnt. You know we can understand. Down in the south end and it it's it's tough it's full story brick them to get to the marketability don't get an -- you have to go down around a long walk and we have a deputy in the back of the building we have a deputy in front of the building. We we had a team in the back in the team in front guys are in the back also got hurt -- -- and I was there when chief American. Chief Jones and other favorite is when it exploded they went down a flight status and were in the front of the building and there's also guys in the back in her and also. So the guys that thirteen guys when they heard rescuing them some years but also guys in different parts of the flaw. It was just subcommittee and I probably have haven't seen them. On that would have an -- Cleo -- -- thirty years I mean just the idea that you know they couldn't recover lieutenant -- body until 730 youngsters. I would guess demonstrates what kind of Fargo was for me talking over almost five dollars it was hot and in you know I just wanted to give credit to chief Fleming and she fan and she passing. You know -- it where there -- fight Fred as we wanna run in -- we knew we was right there I was in the back alleyway and mice aren't they said that she Fleming which is going grab them. But you don't wanna have with building come in on twenty guys it sure is. Is nine alarms unusual and then what translates from nine to whatever to make it a general alarm. And and -- funny piece of equipment are we talking about. Well and in Boston you know and a general. It's kind of depends only lot in Boston we -- what they call generally know what we have -- an island is basically a general. And it's not. The usual -- right usually were pretty successful. Get to a fire in in in under four minutes we have good staffing that we get water on -- 99. Out of hundred firefighters never get out of the room -- large bright and who we usually we win we have a pretty good successfully stop by. I think yesterday's five with given the winds and you know obviously and a little bit of heads out on us and it is gone gone analysts. I guess as both of you are in transit and listing on the radios you hear it go from whatever started out -- what sort of one -- two. But does the speed with which the alarms accelerate from to afford 68 to tell you something absolutely yeah -- -- with bad. You know. Yesterday's fire was -- pretty rapid transmission alarms. But it -- you you can all the -- Richie mention you can almost hear him people's voice yeah you know we're we're we're conditioned to become in chaos. And while we when you. When you hear. Some excitement and urgency. In in the bosses voices because usually bosses -- the only voices you -- right. You know little different you you know that there's a lot Colonia and that that kind of put a sense of urgency and into us to get down. We all agreed that it was so we're watching the news or -- and it's a fire in on these guys will handle it. It didn't seem like had the potential potential to be a catastrophe. Did you guys know that when he first heard that it could be. When I was respond and I heard May Day and it it was a quick -- they just arrived and made big human right away in answering. It looked bad it sounded bad when I showed him as so small you know you could see the street they went. Were we -- there's problems and deputy Finn showed up at the same time and I give them a lot of credit -- a lot of pressure on he's got civilians or firefighters and a build them and his son was working -- -- -- -- May Day while he's he's part of -- Is his -- one of the ones in the it would nice increases to me -- favor. Make sure everybody in the practice safe and special in my son and I think you know is -- it was it was working that -- so it's pretty suffered thirty chief. To be in and make sure is kids to be dispassionately there are guys ever made -- May Day call and and what does that mean. The May Day is time and I was involved army training. In what has made is when a -- -- in trouble. It could be lost trapped. I'm hurt whatever. In in in its reflection I never had to -- May Day. Thankful thank god in when you do -- May Day. You know UV you -- nervous you use sing -- it's not a good sign. I suppose every fiber of the firefighters bawdy and being when they're outside and they here and made it from inside. Once to be in there with them and be as you point out the deputies and achieve -- tennis and all that had to keep those guys from doing what they. Instinctively wanted to do and going to get their Brothers. Well in. You know you asked about same -- right I mean. With the last thing you wanna do was call me. Zimmer is gonna pick on who really -- of itself also made you -- so so not dug out -- you know very few -- meetings but. When you hear someone like I told you how tough Michael yet anyway and Eddie was about six foot four. Built like you know the big tough kid Michael was a cross it not he was a combat marine. You know two very very tough kids and to hear that there were -- -- you know. Most of game shows like saying anyone can kill mr. Greg doesn't get any tougher than any Walsh and Mike Kennedy. I think it's a question. Our guys. Would run through a brick wall to get Brothers that called me today. And they did that yesterday they burn themselves they did everything they could to get to them. And and that's -- the -- jobs get very very -- sometimes. And they had very difficult decisions to make. And that's why you know you said took till 730. The unity Gaudio because at some point in -- decision that this was no law on the -- -- recovery and they weren't gonna commitment other people's lives in in -- You know. War -- to be notified which. Mean in my next question on a day like today and it might like last night you could easily make the point that there's no tougher job in the world than being a firefighter. Layer on top of that the job that YouTube had to do yesterday and I think it makes a little tougher you had the unenviable task. Of notifying the next of kin can you share with us whatever you think is appropriate about how that process went yesterday. Well I can tell you that I am no we we we both went to. Andy Wallace's. House. Notify his wife in west Rockford in West Roxbury area in the and I stayed where it would a's wife a -- and wanted to notify missed Kennedy. And his mother yes Michael's -- -- in. Eddie's wife is is -- very strong go and strong woman and them her strengths. Gave us strength and gave us comfort. And you know you Eddie's little boy Z is old was was so brave. And and strong it's testimony to who anyone's. And you know that help -- how. How the process go if you don't mind sharing it and and was she aware are our firefighters wives aware. When something like yesterday happens that they are on the edge of this seat or they sort of in the dark until somebody knocks on the door or the phone rings -- In this Danish cell phones. You know media -- who. See that's why Eddie and I were at the fight and we here we have to get to these. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- -- you know that when they it is a bad fight of people are fools who ringing off the hook what's up who was it you know and it's it's hot so that's one thing that we. We wanna make sure his -- emit any and I were McCarron we called it Neil's wife which amount maybe it was a matter. And you know why you call me and we don't wanna say it over the phone we wanna be in front of rupture and when I approach you know I'm Michael's mom. She summit step out of -- and she's in front of the house and I you know she who -- was bad and our. Stores they have had a -- never been any and -- -- is a long time and Kevin Kelly and and it's hard but this is it you know what with the wife you know Eddie's wife is very strong but when you have to tell mother that she lost disarm moods you know this is something that. There's gonna wanna go against. This is -- who had just returned from -- fought in Iraq and down all these things great kid I was -- the night before I was when Michael and IP footprint conventions in town and that's just shows you that the failed policies from. They were involved in this Berne convention. Helping people that get current not firefighters -- civilians and he's very heavily. The convention was over there the night before and you know it's just them. As we do. How do you know we hear reports this morning it's not suspicious. Well I you know -- not an investigative like that we you know they're pretty ugly there now and where and when and they would via within minutes. There you know our arson squad responds in the second alarm. It or to anything that the chief requesting a type aspersions they can say within the -- channel adult and -- it's not a Yost squawk and stats -- in honour all back room and you know -- with the justice squad last night. And they they seem pretty colonial is an ongoing investigation it is nothing's going towards any type of accelerant to all and any type of reason you know it wasn't a building under construction wasn't. There was nothing out of the -- there was no reason wasn't in the -- is you know. And when do they say definitively that it I don't know I -- I it'll take him weeks we've won it before they -- -- I'm sure. Cross every. Teamed on every item -- than Imus and -- and this is that this is a day with. Five mile an hour wind gusts this happen it's probably a while I'll fight you write about -- regularly engine -- he was found lacks a pair of killer out there 1520 minutes. You talked about the brotherhood and the and the you know every fiber wants to go win there and get their Brothers out. Now that what has happened has happened as best you could explain how to as the BFD close ranks and embrace these two families. Publicist were going forward. Well what does this brother sisterhood to a we have will be watched a fairly fluent as long as paralyzed from. And we'll continue doing that will make sure this image taken care of will watch over him that's who we do we have to -- the one we live in a home in a while we work with. And you know on Michael and -- -- we're gonna make sure. And nothing happens to them and they're well taken care of him you know I just wanna say wanting -- We will very strong Captain America on Boston's strong and all the agencies worked together this is just a block on the other side for us today. And am I just -- like thank everybody yesterday's at the Boston Police -- it's EMS and state police and and the nurses and doctors at the hospital that worked on a thirteen guys and that's who brother plays for his past. It was just bus to strike continued yesterday with the bus to fight apartment and I know they will with the families and middle support to finish the rest elect. This is a discussion we've been having this morning for the first hour and 45 minutes and and we're -- certainly operating in the dark because we are not firefighters. But what's the mindset of a Boston firefighter when he goes to work. Do you expect the worst and hope for the best do you get saw a lot of lulled into some sense of nothing bad is going to happen the -- to tell me what the mindset is when these guys report. You know GIA I mean I think that if if you played only -- we went to work. And be picked he had put -- Don't like to -- lace up issues and money I don't. I mean I certainly don't go to work plan on getting killed but I also know that it's not worth while read about. Didn't fight is going in you know if you can't be safe be good -- kind of like how we chatted rationalize like you know I just hoped it. And I hoped it. We saw well we're not -- -- I hope that. If only everyone holds it to get to balloon family at the end of the tool but it's a contact sport in in. We all -- getting into reason I'm writing and and sometimes the red -- bites you in the ass. And Kelly rich Paris thank you for what you do thank you for sharing your story with us today I think it really. Elaborated and shed some light on what happened yesterday and what's going to happen going forward. And it was a very difficult day and night for you that is probably not going to be much she's -- oral the next week or to be as well. Thank you for taking some time today and again thank you for reading the Boston firefighters do for us thank you as a Callahan will continue after this thank you.

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