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The Bradford Files: Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo reviews spring training, talks roster decisions

Mar 27, 2014|

Red Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo joined Rob Bradford to discuss how spring training unfolded, and how the decision-making process works when trying to decide on an Opening Day roster. Lovullo, who was charged with constructing the plan for the Sox' spring training workout schedule, reviews the bumps in the road the team faced over the last few months and how it handled them. He also takes a look inside the Red Sox' 'War Room,' where members of the decision-making portion of the club formulate a final 25-man roster.

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It's time for the Bradford finals right now phone WEEI they've done. Well welcome to another edition of the Bradford file sponsored as always by schools distinctive clothing the people who make me look so dark yet. And today. We're honored to have once again you know the baseball season upon us when we have this guest on. Troy -- off bench coach for the Boston Red Sox -- welcome to my podcast. It's always nice to be here -- thank you for having me. All right pro you're the guy. You're the guy who formulated spring training -- really invent spring training I don't wanna make it seem like that -- you invented the Red Sox spring training in mapping it out. Of saying this is what we are going to do in this is what you want to accomplish. Now as we sit here on the cusp of opening day. You look back on how you plan things and how things unfolded what's your take away. You know I think forever we should be its it is tough processes are sometime after January's last time we spoke about that I was. Leading into what goes on it's not an easy thing to organized because there's a lot of moving parts of but the bottom line is conditioned athletes. Get their minds and bodies right and get ready for spring arm get ready for opening day -- to accomplish that. Yet make adjustments along the way because our injuries you know forcing some things happen in pop up that. We can't predict and in making those adjustments yours there's a lot of things that happened that. By and large your Wii or three days away from breaking camp I think we're exactly where we need to be where some what do you make some adjustments that you looking back that you do have to make. You know. I think that we we had it there is strict inch strategic plan with summer starting pitching and make some adjustments with -- guys would come in through those early baseball games. Waller starting five were kind of feeling their way around and take some extra rest. It allows easy we predicted that we knew that was gonna happen so wasn't so much as. The challenges was Jake Peavy cutting his finger little things like that pop up every day all day. In we have discussions every day. About certain things -- what happens week we have to kind of ramp up times we have to back down on times but the bottom line is we listen to the athletes who listen to train staff make justice and for. We'll speak your training staff and no one of the adjustments I guess he would guys would have had to make was with Grady Sizemore because. No one really knew what how that was gonna -- don't even talked about little bit today. Yes played in left field -- -- don't know how good he can play center field. Com talk a little bit if you can by how how old from the coaching perspective in the planning perspective. How Sizemore changed as CU went along here. -- it's exactly what things are talking about some great points are very question. That he -- it was very predictable Grady -- played a couple of years we weren't sure exactly what was gonna happen with. With his volume and his intensity is he's ramping up so he was a day by day thing in. We get information everyday from our medical staff on him as well as all the other players and based on the criteria that we are following. We are trying to get him ready. And a good pace that wasn't -- be too burdensome so. On a daily basis we would meet. Talk it over what is our strategy wouldn't wanna do what kind of volume due on how when do we wanna back to back them when do we wanna given days off when do we wanna trying get -- three days in a row. And it was all mapped out according to the plan today but along the way you have to be ready for plan B becomes in the next -- a little bit sore. The best part about this is great is not come off of the plan in the original plan that has been set forth he's had so many good days. That we've kind of been ramping them up in a very good pace. When you look at it is like for instance Grady gets on base and he's a base -- buy you auto. Reel him back a little bit -- picked the right time to -- implement that plan. The actual games itself. When you -- you wanting to plan for the campus than the actual games start -- you get what you wanted out of the occupants itself. In terms of setting the tone in terms of of just doing what you want to do in preparation season that's where it really worked last year -- in the opening day. Correct last year I think we hit these guys pretty hard with some part concepts and thoughts and in the way we want to play the game. Once they heard and we outlined it they took it from there in the excuse the plant perfectly even took it to a new level on their own and that's what made this team so dynamic clusters that. They were able to. Play at their own pace and play the way we substantive. You know this year's little bit different we were we kind of hit the ground running with some of our thoughts these guys knew the drills we wanted to do. In the package was guardian place and they knew it they knew exactly what to do so would it allowed us to do is get a little bit more creative. In dynamic inside of those concepts into little more specifically certain things in -- we haven't completely broken out all the things that we wanna do such as maybe steal bases. At the successful -- it last year or you know holding runners on a certain way. With a certain thought. And we don't want to tip our hand and we really haven't gone forward with a lot of little smaller things we have. In stores -- anything -- trickery there's it's just we're gonna go play baseball we play well we're a fundamental baseball and I think he's desert pick up where they left off. Here so now as you point now we're very close the regular season decisions at three may not make as many decisions seemingly has yet to make last year. Com but -- last year I find it fascinating the whole war room dynamic of you guys getting in Rome. And not necessarily make a decision one day but doing it and multiple times and and exchanging ideas. If you could just talk a little bit about how of that process is in and really take us inside that room what the dynamics like. Well to these -- in that it's really just seen while. These conversations happen they don't catch us by surprise because as a staff. We sit down at you know 6:37. O'clock every morning go over a lot of the things that. You probably do or. You know that than normal husband and wife for the Basra -- fans go over in there and their breakfast room of the breakfast table. And what's happened there as well is the same things happening up in the front office and in the front office having discussions about the same things we are we all are seeing the same thing so when we do get down. And out war room dynamic. We are able to move quickly. Rapidly and aggressively in all the areas that we need to and the best part about our front office is that they pay attention to that everything that we talk about everything we say. Men as the greatest listener I've ever been around and he listens everything he's the one that makes final decision as long as we're in that room given our opinion that's all we can do he respects our opinion in the formats game plan from there. Last year earlier said there was more decisions to be made if you take us through last year what that was like. Having having had to go through what for the first time with -- -- group. As you point out you can hit the ground running a little bit this year but what was last year like specially when yet that -- -- Bradley decision. Well that seem to be the one that we talked about the most and that's what's coming in my mind right now I can't remember last year. Two vividly but you know the the the field staff fought for Jackie. To -- to come in to come on board I think Ben was initially. Thinking that would be best for Jackie's development too and -- -- is we all understood that as well to go to the minor leagues but. You know we thought Jackie could help us win one game make it one game difference in New York. Get off to a good start and maybe have -- you know to start his career but we knew that it was going to be very tough proposal because young kid and it's it's a lot take on the we waited out and we thought that. Left field in New York opening day weekend was gonna be real big spot to cover a lot of ground covered Jack is an exceptional -- so. We felt like he did that he got us he won a few innings force and we we talk about winning a pitch we talk about winning. Now that we talk about winning an inning in which equates winning games and we did that and for all ten purposes we felt like we did a great job and putting the right guys out there the front office was onboard we were on board it just made really good. Decision move forward help us win. As many games as possible which is always an advantage in the -- so last year that was probably the biggest decision making process that we went through but they were great discussions all the way around. I mean you look back candidate maybe even a month in the season -- look back -- that is probably say. Oh well you know that was an entrusting process of how we get to that him that we are right about that wrong about that did you do that. Yeah I mean it's as everybody does you evaluate we've done well we haven't done well. In we don't get right all the time we know that in -- when you don't -- you you keep pushing forward and players have limitations and they they need do they grow and learn and you know maybe we didn't do the best thing at the right time for Jackie but you know we won the World Series last year a lot went right force last year Jackie was a main part of that. All right all I hope either you join us once again and and maybe who knows I'll give you the introduction marvelous -- in the give you some close. How welcome that I'm -- I'm always for look at a little bit that are not the greatest Dresser that I would welcome that you see what I've got going on so that's the best Advertising Council thank you anyway for joining us. You're welcome.

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