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Red Sox DH David Ortiz

Mar 26, 2014|

We check in with the newly extended David Ortiz as he prepares himself for the 2014 regular season.

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Joining us right now on the AT&T hotline as the designated hitter for your Boston Red Sox. Your World Series champion Boston Red Sox David Ortiz David it's dale Michael and -- how -- Under -- hundred or we're doing great thanks congratulations on the deal and and knowing I guess that you may end your career and Red Sox uniform. We're looking for. How important was that team. -- important but I nobody. And finish my career here in Boston. And now you're here or. And I don't. Track are great here. -- was Great Britain -- -- -- as -- Can get over combination that. -- Derek argues. Take a step by step of when you guys first started talking about an extension did that come to you and say they want it one more year did you go to them and they have like where you're just tell us how that process. Played out. Locomotive on search her for -- of the -- And there's a lot of talk in some regards but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was and -- complications and Everett was smaller you know. And four different wonderful form -- -- that. And they come out there the show from the emotion -- very luck computer learning the trigger it and they're certainly. David you said it was important to and -- at the Red Sox in this contract by which in that position. You had a year left on your deal he had a year left on this contract that would page for 2014. While as important now with a year left in the deal in your mind to get the next year. Of this deal when he's still a one year left. Well there on the free agent after this year. And from those sort of clear where it is right now. Look forward you know maturity and the Cubs that are our future secure it and and although there were about displaying grateful. I'm always curious how these things get decided on when when the baseball writers get together. There's never been a designated hitter in the hall of fame Edgar Martinez should be in the hall of fame. The you'd think that they will allow DH's into the hall of fame someday under you when that category do you think. I don't know hopefully. -- Here in order that -- toward what I normally do and teach and what I do. You know the tour enforcers and and that's what they were idea goal is -- that was a great race. And when it comes down to. Playing numbers at home and whenever you over the career. And I look at numbers -- look at what to do that in your career. -- complain about it anchor. Whatever -- cute little it is gonna kick fair and number our our corporate Orton ankle -- -- Alfred. And saying. You know personal look and there are a couple of percent. I remember. Long time ago Lee's been there and we'll try and -- with the Yankees. And remembered the bird days. Pair of Famer. Reggie Jackson. Will improve -- suicide. In a pretty close and spoken to him. And I remember him telling him hey look. One of the affair. And the Bears saying -- want to boo. And I. Because. Russell life sometimes when you're playing -- you get kind of good that -- more and what -- that so wobbly. He say myself. Are they want to -- your traditional Boston. And the one thing that I want to say -- word promise. You know boasts on conversely. The longer you limit and I mean. What could put a compliment that he -- -- could be critical. A bit. Which I understand that. No the first time that I spoke about that simple of that would matter -- result in comparable. There -- an enemy that they have that are there. It's just not be there Kubel hit a bit more practical actually. And there's there's there's a whole point did you ever have right before you choose order would be open. There are David I've ever heard you say and interviews that. You know EU said -- by the same powerful player that I was five or six years ago. Maybe not but I -- mentally stronger and no more know why why do you say that what you say that you are not the same. Got physically that you were. Five years ago. What you think they wanted to read my political dilemma in this thing you do. I mean you know there and you know army is not. It's not a secret word they wonder. When you wore when he age difference in your credit. You know but it. That's what I mean there and I mean I get the forum and I. Wore them -- try and where I wasn't just certain. You get a particular little -- who either an old friend let you in Oregon and certainly. That are being done that's why is it out an organization -- greater issues we've seen. Soul whenever they get through to this level. There -- walking to proprietor. You know for the powerful that it earned. And never work. They're veteran officials want a quick -- so. You can do based bullpen -- good hitters and Albert. Speer and go where it. Step. In our and that's do you play -- -- -- -- Markers are a little -- manager of our players get to Miller. And it would probably. So you know and I understand what we're just saying like if you're in your twenties. Sure it's easy to do things in your twenties and they -- it is in your thirties. A lot of guys don't realize that until after the fact what how did you come to that realization is there something that. That stood out he was it working out some and it's tougher to that recover from work out so it's tough for me tougher for me to you. Do the things that I used to do what was. The fourth quarter programs sort of and it and you've never finished horrible there. Firmer than they were Paul -- and run fat girl he was on his way out simply happen and he told a certain standard. You know you're nervous you know so -- a little bit of a bit of that sort of bowl -- what you are apartment to apartment on. And but look into -- through years you know just get to where. I. -- -- What you -- down later. You go to view of watching more then when you are green and his status. You know -- and it it and I don't article from last march and now more or used to when I first period. So the so called the nation with a -- season you do you know that I. Some might say you have that picture. You by different commitment to this morning. Things went actually credited to what he's accomplished this season. And helped me out some people put -- -- From Boca. But. And and in another regulatory and I can be able to work on my duplicate. I work are where the public I guess we -- -- We're together we're originally from you don't you of these Saturday and we we have -- who you are on the I work a lot of would say that there were a lot of -- the things that record. The long -- I'm not gonna hurt you know what. And especially now that I appreciate that about 28. Thought that more conservative when it comes down to 222. Different things there to work with. Hey David you said you are -- colleague rob Bradford a couple weeks ago I hope this team gets the point where they sign -- a couple of studs middle of the order guys at some point where things. Change -- did you mean that your concern this lineup this year doesn't have. On off power -- middle the order studs around you to protect to an -- lineup is that why you meant by that. I don't know America. Let -- returner late wilt. Which are creatures well. Postseason this year with -- Pedroia it was sold on we will -- Certainly hurt guys it would produce you know. Player of the same time if you look -- movie. You know you look. Did the deal was completed and every day you know -- that you you do work to make a bowl. Financial reasons -- that he related well. They went out there and I would rather -- -- years where you could come in order to undo this sort of that's why they did you know there are going to be here. I remember that about that we are here. -- -- that I've -- little what was the band ever -- this certainly did that. You -- saying and egged. Pretty much myself. Got. How to guarantee you -- number. In pounder react. Hubert you have a plan and I also -- -- -- very come -- you know and and who -- conversation about. That both teams probably get -- These postseason and in the clear they weren't out there and gathered and walk a clear we I mean we love. -- and I -- -- And and those who. You can count when it 35 homer to them and now that are in. Superior combined you know and those guys in the regular -- what you want to continuing jumped and he's supported. We're just going low grade. That we were able to lighten -- on me -- him and and we're very careful look at it and -- -- -- -- every word what I what I was based company that every scene that one coupons on the players. In the middle -- -- -- that. You've won what for the next sort of you're. When this team started a year ago today in and you were thinking about the start of the season and coming off the season before. I doubt that you -- World Series championship at the end of the road. What happened during the year that made that possible. -- of what. And now we've been world sort of very week we played good at picking. We have garnered. It out in the branch. Being -- The first and just invaded their call from our manager a -- there saying well okay. Coaching. Ridiculous everybody was it was I think a couple years and and that you'll see something that our. No I wouldn't feel right to. I like it to be that here buyer who -- I don't think you can get -- -- you know there was those magical there worry everybody. He worked as a group and I was last year it was one of those years that. You lose. No negativity to a number wrong hair trigger it was a group effort -- -- the good but they're very difficult but. I would manager there's enough albeit it would. You know making sure that we were just focused and very well. You -- editors last year they -- mutual. Through -- and then going out of the bat. That you feel like the same thing is happening right now. Just look at them like they were able to work as it is and -- -- that I -- I'll let -- -- two days -- so and so and and that's announcer that I can -- you're not. The tournament of the season but people will -- It was over so. David we appreciate time congratulations again on the extension I'm looking forward to the start of the season next week I know you guys are probably sick of spring training by now -- Yeah -- -- -- and got along those but it is charities that are. Make sure -- finish tomorrow strong and because look at it. -- David thanks for the time we appreciate our forum daycare and that is Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz. And down. Felt like he's got confident and -- -- like call me sit in the house when QBs get that contract. There's one more year another year on top of the year with a vesting year club option. Here at the -- 56. -- -- The American here for a long -- 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T tech's minus 37937. Dale Arnold Michael -- Mike Komansky. 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