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Mar 26, 2014|

Jack talks to Dale, Holley and Mut about the Bruins unbelievable hot streak, Jerome Iginla fitting in, whether or not we'll see Seidenberg back on the ice this season and more.

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Jack Edwards brought you -- corporate power equipment lord and Taylor's men's department. In a world that dame ties are coming front and four to five Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Jack -- and artists. Jack or dale name. If it -- died. No milk shake -- yeah and it. Are -- Jack I Dylan dale happy birthday today thank you thank you you know it's the Arctic in its and a place Monday. And unnoticed which -- -- of the pie in the face at. Is that broadcasting funny you know it almost sounds like you guys on this show couple -- couple -- last week or so or there abouts were just talking about to -- again and all of us are of the opinion that the Bruins. They may not need to quote unquote. Recent injury I -- -- my mind will European. Is there a line that you would trade those three guys for -- each creature -- Galen. Elsewhere in the NHL there isn't for me -- Kane and Toews and whoever be close but yet I I like this finalized. Because as you know for instance. Where that were we Phoenix maybe -- -- that shift where he was in the attacking zone for a minute and forty hits. That's a triple shift and it's not like he which is screwed around leaning on his sticking to his plastering guy. He was laying guys out of the -- winning puck battles -- across the ice. Keeping the puck from going out of his own take and hit the move the puck I mean the guy plays such a Boston Bruins brand hockey. It's not about the records city setting are the guys like Johnny music that he's passing on the all time -- -- about w.s. And -- on getting way ahead of myself but. If the Bruins are so fortunate. As to be able to win that thing again. That's the hand off in all the questions always you know after the captain gets it. Who gets it next there's no question about it. The Jarome Iginla is -- handle -- really. By that's because it's it's always like does go to -- -- I downloaded it tried -- heart breaks along like ray -- getting -- getting the pickup passed to him by Joseph -- And I mean that that's that's always sick and -- got to the he got to the final once with with Calgary by. Seven game besides Tampa Bay yeah seventh game in the ultimate clutch and grab our you know every once in awhile NHL network shows GO four Stanley Cup final. Gillick gets filed at least four times a shift in there's no call it's like hooking holding. Interference you name it they did anything they could -- to -- -- still had an unbelievable on. When asked both you guys this Jack and dale the and in no no disrespect amok but the hockey gurus Jackie dale. But if you have some insight on this question a little listening let's open it quickly jumpin scope is there something you saw. From Jerome again or something you've seen this year. That she didn't know he had in his game in his repertoire -- has been watching for a long time but seeing him every day. I'm sure there's a wrinkle or two that can it was a revelation to. It was so much a revelation that an affirmation. Of the incredible. Consistency that the guy has and it's not about. The goals he scores because he went through a few stretches especially early on where he was not that productive in terms a goal scoring. But his work ethic and his work rate never slacks. And -- so that was it for me I think the thing for me. And and I knew from a far that he had this reputation but until you see it day in day out I didn't realize the leadership. Yeah that he brought to the table. I think he has but he he has single handedly -- The beacon of an example for -- La Lucci each this is high you're prepared to play everyday and this is what you bring to the table every night. And Milan Lucic has brought to the table almost every night this year. And started in the playoffs plastered to his credit but I think I think Jarome Iginla has -- me line this is ideal annual. That that's a really interesting idea that you bring up an and I haven't heard someone voice support for -- but if you. If you think that through much in the way that we're talking about -- the Shane the other night where we're about to change over a really young player and he's 22. But he's terrific player but he's an old school guy he's sick kind of guy that would sit around the dressing room till 4 in the morning. Listening to hockey stories and anecdotes and tendencies of players can you never know when one little nugget like that is gonna. Pay off for you maybe it's ten years down the line this used to be just. They're recurring baseball you know guys -- just stay in the clubhouse. And and Brooke was matching held. That kind of went away when these guys became walking international corporations. But it delays of old school guy and -- each definitely has a lot of battles school and in its interest -- you -- that hill which is because -- each. Has shown those little tiny things in his game that have been different this year that have given him. More productivity when the points aren't comic and and that hasn't been too often for him this year but but he's doing those little things so well we're. Quick got to -- a last year was fashionable to point out his failure to Pittsburg and -- go we're glad the Bruins in getting doubled this year. That the thought the theory is jacked that he is more comfortable when he's playing better because he's adopted the city morning with Pittsburgh there was a Russian but he got his roots down in Boston because of that. He's more comfortable do you believe that is a part of why. You've seen a better player they should be some playoff slasher Pittsburgh. It's apart. My guests though is that it's more the system and style of the two teams. -- the most top heavy team in the national like Italy it has to -- that's the way they've built franchise. And they're doing OK so far you know they wanna cup with this core and now they're gonna content for another cup this year they're capable of winning it again this year. But Boston is much more roll four lines out work them crushed teams under your weight in the third period. And you know in the last three weeks that's exactly what the pros have been doing and -- has been flagged bear in that kind of march. Was the best thing you took away from the the twelve game winning streak. A different ways to win. You know whether it's a hot goalies are -- a bad first period in -- went through that extraordinary streak what was it like eight consecutive games not allowing a first period goal against a -- said the first goal game and all three games on the trip out -- does that an interesting point yeah. And that's and that's you know just whoever wherever he has the turn to lead will lead whether that's Gregory Campbell. You know get in a fight and win and it against a guy April action to be. Or you know important scoring a goal off a -- a sensational. Wheeling. Zinger of a of a centering pass or you know the studs delivering in the collection it's different ways to one. I don't think I don't think he'll win because he arrived too -- But I can't tell yet how Kevin Miller's game is grown on me -- fight game by game. And we were at the game the other night you -- their Monday I was there brick Jamie we're all just there's fans the other night. And I turned a brick after the fight with the Travis called off and I said when video of this gets around the league nobody's gonna want to on the court. With him so true. So troll I mean that was as hard. As I've seen a guy punched dolce all Andy did it twice. Travis more and it's not exactly guy wallflower a guy vis a vis a tough player. And I he was -- teammate when they were on the cup and an -- 07 he was part of that in immense grinder line that they had. And yeah for him to get dropped twice in one -- was. Pretty impressive stuff Kevin Miller's been a huge surprise that you know what he he could win seventh players coming up fast but he could win. I would you were disorder -- Miller that he's part of a conversation you asked about the the winning streak. The factory able to have this winning streak Jack and rotate defenseman on basically a nightly basis and clone has been able to mix and match payers get direct and get guys -- about a way. Not play -- crazy minutes in the last ten games at the trading deadline three games out attendees play 26 or more minutes and by the way you want. All bought one of those games dot if you would have told me to be rotating guys in and out dollar plate -- I was so. OK and able maybe a winning record for the win gold twelve and water and -- 191 whatever it is the trade deadline. How luxuries that for for -- to be able to mix and match and what kind of benefit. What have come playoff time looking at these different Perry well you know we spent a back year and when they had to pull apart cal skiing Krugman is going how well -- got no chance now has so it goes I think it was like those two -- -- Hamilton against the Rangers idea yet. Nice run all lasted an end so you know hats off to the coaching staff Bruce Cassidy in Kevin dean in Providence forget those guys ready and and hats off to -- rally for. For. So quickly developing the kind of institutional depth that by the way Pittsburgh cast as a way Pittsburgh runs its team is it's got. Its top two lines its top two sets a defenseman and everybody else is you know while I'm exaggerating your -- but a lot of the other players are just rotate. Because there are guys in Wilkes -- who are just as good or if there. Isn't production from those bottom six forwards and bottom parody. They know there are guys who are just good resemble might be a little longer download -- and and you know maybe the Bruins had would dress aperture really address it quickly it's a great luxury. It's great -- I have a two part question. John and speaking would -- but this -- he's -- part one is going to be very short of the keynote -- but the most demanding position sports. Defenseman in the national -- out -- without us. Our guys are schooled child -- everybody knows that -- -- -- and clues that will tell you about every -- and I a lot is the likelihood of Dennis Seidenberg these reports and appear on a personal productive almost called this morning -- are -- out what's the likelihood of Dennis -- return for the player. I would say zero. But I've been wrong before. And and here's why remember Jerry Rice. And and how quickly he came back from a blown ACL -- blood on the first or second week the NFL season. And made this miraculous come back any hit all his numbers. In therapy and they said you're good to go many at a non contact blowout of the same knee. In the end zone remembered items on Monday Night Football game that they use a prime time game for sure. I had the good fortune when I was working at that four letter beast in Bristol Connecticut. Two to be in the operating room when Dick Steadman the famous. ACL reconstruction pioneer is a good fortune. Yes it was it wasn't when it went Picabo Street had her reconstruction done in Vail Colorado. And and he allowed -- and people were allowed us to shoot the operation. It's amazing it's like wood shop in their but I mean just way way way more precise. Seidenberg had what's known as a patella tendon splice. ACL correction okay ACL reconstruction. And what they do is they measure the middle third. Of the patella tendon if you put your hand in your Nina -- down forward there's a little indentation where it's kind of soft until reflects your quad muscle by -- And then that tendon tightens up. That's what keeps you from fallen on your face every single time to take a step forward if if if not for the teller ten okay. They take the middle third of that which is just an enormously strong tendency. And they take a chip on your tibia the chip out of the top of the bottom of your patella which measure your kneecap. And they send that in through the bottom of your femur into the topping your tibia are at the fever being the five on the tibia being awake during -- lower -- And and they use the little chips from drilling holes. And -- me and around the -- ends that are on that patella tendon OK they put that soccer in place when the -- scroll back. I ended up hole and you've now got the middle thirty your patella tendon as you knew ACL that's soccer is as strong as anything how -- The patella -- needs to crawl back. And that was Jerry rice's problem. That the patella tendon isn't strong enough and and you ask a lot of guys who go through the teller attendance place surgeries. That is the most painful and difficult part of getting the strength back and there isn't a whole lot. That won't make that. -- back other than just time. And you know yes sports medicine has come a long long long way Dennis Seidenberg is an incredibly valuable asset to the boss and brought. I don't know. If you take the risk of blowing up a guy's career I mean what if Derek and what what if he comes back in the Eastern Conference final and Derek England falls across the same need to Corey carper fell across. Tonight. And a career I'm gonna respectfully disagree with my friend Jack -- Russell -- makes. Are you ready to go if you've got a medical school response like Jack all right no no no no no he's out of my league in that regard -- gutsy people -- streets and the laid open I'm I'm gonna respectfully disagree to this extent. And Jack knows this better -- -- -- way. I'm Dennis Seidenberg is yet he has -- for. He you know in the same way Adrian Peterson is a freak in the National Football League and came back sooner than anybody expected because of that. I know when you know this to be true and now but it's public. He's working out for a while now yeah. Yeah according became nearly he's skating yeah now it's kind of out of sight out of mind nobody knows what's going on. And he's the one who told his friends on the Carolina Hurricanes. Going to be back for the playoffs. Now whether that's just the carrot dangling at the end of the stick but it's really a necessary for them to do that. Because his first ball he's gonna bust his rear end anyway and second ball if you talk about next October you got plenty of time. He doesn't plan to play in next October he plans on playing now I'm not saying in late first round of the playoffs that's not what we're discussing here at all. I think he feels that if they got a couple of rounds into this thing if they got 20 Eastern Conference final week given -- Yup and end you know there would be -- but. I. You know I'm I'm I'm gonna play the I can play the conservative card on it'll be no interest in seeing how plays are you know one thing. The guy will have to be carried away from the ice if if he thinks he's writing Neil's hit is no. That's my question might be hurts when you start talking about that surgery and who makes this decision Jack -- is it is 5050 you know the medical staff can they hold him in if he wants to go back to play advocates are like you want at that. Patella tendon is not crawl back into your jacket present medals. The -- Alex basic as well. One of that one of the great surgeons in the world Peter asks us -- the surgery so that's I mean you start with that it is that he's got. The absolute best chance. Two to make a healthy come back at whatever time he makes. We have seen in the Bruins. A very conservative approach. You know they they probably could push Bergeron. Back in. When he was coming back from the from the concussion and they were making a deeper and deeper. They didn't they the have on many occasions only guy. Back. For concern for him and not just in the concussion scenarios. They're not gonna put a player's livelihood. And career. At undue risk but -- the you know from the surgeon. To the therapist Scott -- the -- Niagara the head athletic trainer. You know I'm sure the Dirk approaching the the team. When he caller masseuse and a it is. You know I'm sure he's working on Seidenberg -- and their asking him you know do you feel really is not -- and -- an area I mean. They they are extraordinarily thorough Peter shrill and leaves no. Details. -- chance. No truth to the -- by the way that when Jack was watching the peak of street operation. No truth and I did -- once do that -- this I now believe it or not. I'm going to be able to -- Bill Belichick. In of this conversation. What you're gonna have to stay tuned to see now. -- a little four on four here in this segment Dale Arnold Michael Holley Mike and Nancy and Jack Edwards altogether here. Earlier today at the yeah owners' meetings in Orlando Florida the National Football League I guess it's the competition committee that decides these things. Other competition committee. Heard a presentation from patriots head coach Bill Belichick who was trying to sell them. On the possibility of a a rule change that he advocates. Both. In the last decade. We haven't seen a missed field goal. From -- nineteen yards that's 1100%. The group PAT percentages are in the last two decades. Had not gone below 98%. -- since six of the last nine years they've been over 99%. Last year was 99 point six or whatever was. And so we're really talking about a non competitive play. I can't imagine the fans are excited about seeing a play that's in 99%. 99 point 66%. Accurate. Personally feel that we've also made it virtually illegal block -- We can't hit the sooner we can overload we can't push we can't jump we can't land on anybody so it's it's very very difficult. To competitively play the play. The proposal is to the 25 yard line which puts. Those. -- the 85%. Range somewhere in there which we felt was in more competitive play not married to that yard run in particular. To say the general. Concept behind the proposals to make it a more competitive play then 99 point 6% thought also decide on a personal low. I think you replay rules are very -- obviously in confusing. You know of course before every game the officials come over to us and talk about. You know remind us what can you can't reviewed and at times they have to talk to each other about. It's you know four pages of -- rules on replay. All really known and I should I mean it's it's hard for me because they change. I can't imagine the fans -- won't come in the announcers don't know and it's pretty complicated system and this is simplified which I think would also be in the best interest of the game. -- is riveting as that -- -- and it's hard to believe that anyone -- would vote against anything that might have been advocated there. There is a way there is actually away you could have spice that up. In the last decade we haven't seen a missed field goal from under nineteen yards that's been a 100%. The THE percentages in the last two decades the last true. Gates have not gone below 98%. And I want to say six of the last nine years they've been over 99%. Last year 99. Point six or whatever -- Weren't really talking about a non competitive play. I can't imagine the fans are excited about seeing a play that is 99%. Not nine point 6%. Accurate. I personally feel we've also made virtually illegal to blocked kick. Which and it hit the center we can't overload we can't push came jump -- land on Mary bloody so it's very typical competitively. To play the -- The proposal is that 25 yard line which puts holds kicks and 8885%. Range somewhere in there. Which way to go is a more competitive -- Not married of that yard line in particular just say the general concept behind the proposal. Was to make them more competitive play than 99. Point 6%. I also just say on a personal look. I think the replay rules of very lanky obviously and confusing and of course. Before every game the officials come over to us and talked about remind us what can and can't be reviewed. And at times they have to talk to each other about that. Or pages of rules on replay I don't really -- I should but it's hard for me does it change -- can't imagine the fans -- -- I -- crap -- -- outskirts. Don't know wall look it's complicated system and this would simplify. Which I think would be in the best interest of -- Your honor the prosecution rest. And it's don't know. Because it wasn't presented profits. It's a little gentler version. All deliver still about it at at and right now is that parents have to delivery Jack. Richard -- of people who have made up their minds already they've made up their minds about what they want and what they don't want. So. Don't hear the entertainment value. You know while I was across the hall with Bill Smith. And recording that I felt like Bill Belichick was my Cyrano -- Berkshire. You know. I felt like he was. She was writing the poetry and all I had a are we had to do it to get the content of what we're saying is deadlocked these -- -- now. Not I know this is way way way outside the box in the first reaction to changes almost always negative. But considers considers. That all. Points after touchdown have to be from the 25 yard line and the only stipulation is that you've got to have at least two offensive players. Five or more yards behind line of scrimmage that being maybe the kicker in the hold a kind. One point free kick. Four points. For getting the ball across the goal line bypass or by Iran. -- if you're a TV executive about the role on another nine billion dollar -- whatever it is think about if the team is down by nine. And they've got the ball. You hold the audience it's not a two score game just four points. From the 25 yard line it's such a low percentage play but a lot you gotta think about it. Just think about it don't just. Just out of hand just don't say that's I don't I am thinking about has got to be more than a field goal it's got to be more worth more than if Google to 251. Play 25 yards for four points. For kick for one. Now you actually half. -- think about the you have to present the Belichick doesn't arm terrible -- -- I don't think I have to -- -- -- give it due to walked -- my home to -- -- a vacuum cleaner. They would say do it this way ability to break into the sales -- play you selling and it you idealists a four point play one shot what. Why do you have to sell at all given makes cents unity said I'm not gonna say anything here read this piece of paper. There you know take a couple of minutes guys and read this this -- what I have to saint -- -- emailed his thoughts or are because brought about. JC RT rules committee connect it makes sense doesn't what do you have to say Elvis and I felt I love the cell up and -- The trouble is they didn't accept all the things that he was talking about either -- common sense things like. No overtime in pre season how could that even be a vote right how not to say you know what overtime pre season really. Yeah it's just we're just gonna drop out but they know how to may not have cameras in the end zone. A lot on I. And I cannot have cameras and -- and Bonnie the Big -- like -- Michael they don't have anybody get this stuff when -- get bake sale at a car watch like Belichick sent. The commissioner makes the measurement -- 4040 million dollars last year yeah then I haven't. Glad it's in non profit. On from I mean hockey can only hope to enter into or like that because it -- -- Jacqueline got -- and -- -- although I will say this. The NFL is centralizing replay review which follows is what it. The nationals knocking it way that you guys are now. This you guys know -- from working at TVM TV you know make any money from TV and -- that well so when when Bob crap. Brags about of the 35 top programs last year 34 or were NFL related. Okay how do you say that. The talk about the best TV deal in sports in you don't have the money to let cameras. I think they'll have a camera in every blade of artificial turf. We will be back to work tomorrow night you bet those damn people from NBC are taken as a thank -- -- text or or what was -- -- and Texas is Jack. We're the last time. Bell's idea cannot drop out. If there elicited. Jacket sales in March records it we've got a -- much more to come in just a couple of minutes 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line. 37937. Sports Radio WB.

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