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Will Jon Lester's contract be hammered out by the start of the season?

Mar 26, 2014|

We discuss the ever-changing landscape for pitching contracts and whether or not Ben Cherington will fulfill his desire to have a new contract done with Jon Lester by opening day.

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Not you have to admit. When I told you about the Ortiz thing and I said you know I think he's gonna get more than one year extension. I thought he was gonna get a year plus an option that they were to say art -- to your search of form and any at a bitten. Another year option as well so I was off a little bit. Jon Lester is gonna get about a 13235. Million dollars over six years. And that's still hometown this. That's a hometown discount to -- absolutely sixers won 35 I just watched Max Scherzer turned down a buck forty. Over six years because he thinks it's gonna go north of that I've looked at the deals that Zack Greinke assigned that other guys have signed. Yeah a 130 over six years his hometown discount -- -- he's gonna get. How's it hometown discount. Because I think that if if if he was out there a free agent a year from now he's gonna get a 140 yeah. I don't know I think Max Scherzer is -- Stupid. I think that was really and that was done that he turned out if I get them free agent market. -- what you can get the Max Scherzer. I think somebody's gonna get -- you know I -- like. I -- money than -- to to spend in baseball we've seen them spending at this offseason in ways that boggled some people's minds. Yeah that'd people spend. At a guy like -- is gonna get it. But he already took away your took away one of the teams that likely would do it he plays for one of the -- -- -- -- -- and I what did you eat particularly just. Rejected the first offer. That's happened before. You're 24 million dollars for from archers that Boris on the other and said no no we didn't turn made -- a week. Give them an offer they said thanks but no thanks so Boris is already as he does. Spinning this in the way declined taking the blame off of Max Scherzer put it back and -- waiting to this final year the urgency yesterday -- I'm not would be held that you know 13035. Million dollars and hometown discount. But I would I would pay that -- for Jon Lester I heard you expressed little surprise. Win one rob Bradford said you guys today he's got to get Greinke money. Well I don't know about that. I wouldn't pay -- -- -- money. On the Boston writes would you pay Zack -- exact argument not end at an overkill. And Lester is a better out there and because I would say I would I would take. Jon Lester over Zack Greinke and it's pretty close one that Greinke really cranky older than Jon Lester a little bit. It's a little older half a year -- he's a little outspoken he's a little older than Jon Lester. What he had he's got the side. Jon Lester is -- -- We've got that ER rates slightly. Slightly lower fourth career. Jon -- but if you get the body of work if you look at everything. ER eight plus. If you still believe in wind if you wanna look at every category. In Jon Lester is -- the right there with them if not better now factor in the American League east. We're Jon Lester has pitched his entire career and then throw in the post season and I think that it went in a fight go to Jon Lester. What that's a debate is who's a better pitcher I would get out of Italy and Jon Lester doesn't mean it's a good contract for -- -- doesn't mean matching -- -- contract for Jon Lester. Guys are good ideas why I asked you does -- does it would you rate Zach Greinke Zach Greg I wouldn't pay you wouldn't aggregate of six at 115 on whatever was he signed a couple years ago. -- I would not get to have Jon Lester is asking for that Jon Lester on the Red Sox that. My hometown discount as what dale said 135 million dollars. I walk away of that for six years to be why a weigh point for -- -- The six the year EEB -- paying a -- 31. You're 36 up a can that be the first -- I'm OK I wanna sign to a five year might not -- up 3430. I -- the people say it's you're not the only person who's made the argument and and it's perfectly valid argument. But what why we are also worried about John Henry's money. Why care if they give them a six year I mean -- do you honestly and I mean you -- saying in general do you honestly think that. That you know -- six year Jon Lester is gonna hamstring this team from going forward to look at their payroll. And apparel school in north I think -- the fourth highest payroll in baseball this year for opening day. -- -- don't find -- -- -- -- Jon Lester -- money and -- the sixth year and still be able to feel very good team they -- always so worried about John Henry's money all of a sudden. Yeah -- -- that's -- -- there's no way I go six years 130 for Lester maxis for why. Well maybe you're thinking about maybe thinking about the production. If if there's a follow from production but the one thing about Lester. We don't know his story is inspiring story non hodgkin's lymphoma. Young player than bounces back in and clutches the World Series I guess it went in the and the coaching in the World Series and Colorado. So bad has happened to him. But one thing he's never really had to deal with is a major. Baseball injury. So you look at it. Most pitchers -- Most -- gonna have to deal with something maybe maybe he is. He's the aberration. There will be no Tommy John surgery for hand there'll be no major. You know shoulder and he groin whatever. But I think you start thinking about those things when you have a pitcher it's a long contract. And nor the thirty years -- absolutely but maybe -- hesitate. You guys your buster talked about CC sabathia today in his velocity okay well he doesn't have the same pitch number but since 2008. These are the inning totals for Jon Lester not including the playoffs and last year would put him. Up to -- almost to forty right to attend a dual 320 wait 191. -- -- let's call last year. Through 38 when you were fork in the post seasons last year. Don't I do think is important you know it go paying him a big premium for a pitcher right now on the market Wednesday -- Ricky money. In a year will be 36 and he's had filed -- six last year's over 200 innings pitched. I don't agree with Steve -- writes today. I have no evidence to base -- we haven't seen the best to Jon Lester I have no freaking clue I -- you can say. A pitcher going into his thirties now we've not seen the best of -- all the sudden become. A control pitcher out to deal with what's about the is dealing with with his pitch differently. Without apple Los -- Pastoral lease at some sort of similar to that today as well on on the show before -- I don't know -- call. -- of some guys in the refer to as. Obviously champions. Are are not -- with -- when things aren't just there this part well not short it's called -- but the fact of the matter is. Buster said same thing he said he said from about August on last year Lester figured it out. Something happened something clicked in buster talked specifically about working both sides of the plate. He has his control and and from August Bonnie looked like totally different guy and buster said I think you're seeing that same thing starting this year. Orbit but it wasn't -- -- -- are not under your buster saying -- Jon Lester has figured it out most of his career let's say the one that one year that was just to joke with 2012. We're one of the worst managers the last 75 years in baseball. Single season managers Bobby Valentine if he's in the bottom five so. You look at that -- look at the Bobby Valentine here with the Red Sox -- Jon Lester wasn't himself a lot of people. -- weren't performing like they normally do they ended part of it was. The Bobby Valentine affect. No issues we have with Jon Lester what he's done throughout his career. I didn't think 2012 with any kind of telltale sign that. He was about to lose it as a very good pitcher. -- but that's it well the latter project auto let's get a bit last year -- and -- for being honest yeah that would bring that -- on -- show to being it is just the the -- of the real. Last year. -- a caller brought up and would you would you trade will metal Brooks. And Jon Lester for Cliff Lee answered yeah. Yes I -- -- why -- you make that deal today you aren't okay aren't are only able to then. Asked me how about a -- -- today I don't care of Cliff Lee is 42 year you know he's when he's 4243. And -- will be able to pitch. I'm a huge Cliff Lee -- so. Yes I would I would I think what what those guys in and clip fleet is a good. Is a good barometer here to hear if they Jon Lester will be that guy. Here's a a misnomer it's like third in the market but yeah I delight and become -- back to your point about you know I'd never had any real major physical injuries no I don't count answer. He had no control over that. And by the way -- factory nicely from that here's the other misnomer out there that the Red Sox just final -- guys just keep everybody in on him give money. David Ortiz just keep happy -- you know pay him. Ken Rosenthal had a stat last night since all four. The Red Sox have retained only six. Of 89 free agents on multi year ago -- I think it's I think it shows an organization that's willing to say. Now we're good now it's time to move on. And and you know -- that they they they aren't handing these contracts out like candy you know what a -- the Halloween the table here they're they're pretty selective about this. And it united John Starks -- that -- seven against the rockets adult does and shot and a lot has an effect from today knows that that -- I think that's an extreme I'm not really comfortable with that because we know there are a lot of mistakes. And and that six rating nine mean a couple of just just jump up to one on the Victor Martinez another one is Adrian Beltre. Another one Johnny Damon. I -- there are I mean I don't spoken about that number I'd be more worried about which of the sixtieth think they screwed up. The I'd be more interest in going back a lot of -- are kept yes. Where where -- date they they kept the sixth and and we'd go back and see who they work and go. He kept him well what comes Jason Varitek. While we know that that's in the free agent and -- that was not a mistake and an economic Pedroia as well -- deals may not a hometown discount -- if it doesn't create create -- got a free eating -- free agency. Bear attack is one there's one of the six I have no issues that want. Could move. Yeah but yeah but I just had his name three or four top -- around shrine of of guys Charlotte they've watched. Walk away but I I wonder if that would change to. I don't know Rosenthal gets into it. If you were changed because the rules have changed now with the draft. Before they get very excited -- OK okay go ahead. -- you wanted to Pedro Martinez wrote a book or Pedro Martinez and two Clay Buchholz. Went with with our with our compensation are are sandwiched between a first round pick. The draft doesn't work like that anymore so now you really have to be mindful of watching somebody walk you gotta have a better reason than the automatic first tropic. Texas got another one Mike lol as one. Probably -- Davis to artistic I don't think so why I know which -- -- again. They knew I knew you knew everybody else knew that they were paying for one more year than he was gonna be productive and I'm OK with that that's kind of the way you do business. Really with those guys -- those veteran guys in the same way if if if much right and Jon Lester in the sixty Europe of a contract extension isn't. While it's not going to be the Jon Lester now I'm going to be 31 but he's not that that top flight guy OK without it's kind of the the cost to doing business. I mean I've seen them pay other guys at the end of their careers who probably you know I wasn't as fired up about but it guy with no injury history -- All the mistake him if you say you're gonna pay Michael Cole. What more years. That you know he's going to be productive yet you're gonna watch Adrian Beltre -- And he continues to be productive and Texas and he was productive for you. It for a for the one year earlier he was a perfect fit for this park. He played very. Obviously equality their base that's understating. He played an exceptional third base -- -- hitting able to function in this market like a lot of guys were guys. Who were placed them weren't able to function of market. -- and Adrian Beltre. Prove that they got it here whereas Carl Crawford. And and Adrian Gonzales. Anywhere but here. You can just feel when acumen to the plate and it would appear. Anywhere but here. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line. Is 37937. On top and while -- of -- -- climate -- we sat down but if you wanna talk baseball with us were happy to do that will talk a little bit about the Red Sox because I'm telling you right now. I think the center field thing is done. They haven't said it but it's done. You and -- in -- nobody else knows exactly who's going to be the center fielder on Monday we'll talk about that we can back. I think that he would at least get aggressive fight here and offers EP continue to make progress I'm in the camp that believes. But he turned the corner of the last three months that he's gonna stay and an -- -- If he's going to stay on you know that Jon Lester. -- August I think that's in the past I think you've learned about pitching to both sides of the plate I think he's now -- in the upper Echelon of pitchers. And he'll follow up on what he did late last seat in and if that happens you're absolutely you'll get some aggressive offers. That was a bust rolling on the money list program before we came on the air talking about Jon Lester out last year. I'm just looking here when you know I'm Lester by the it wasn't bad in July -- he had he had a a hefty ERA in June was five there was an aberration seven point 62 engine. Then in July 3 point 13 August 2 point 97 September and October 2.5 seven even lower. I think busters right I think he figured something out. We have a texture here who says so so go ahead Boston give Lester number one money when he's clearly not a number one pitcher. -- -- I'm not a number one requisite number one but it is that the debate the -- debate number one person -- -- -- that -- -- number one occasion both. Is he in the for a Lander Felix Hernandez a scandal or air absolutely -- he's not he's not an ace and whatnot and -- -- I don't know wait wait wait does every everything -- -- them right. There are aces who want Verlander I mean I when I think of ace in baseball those of epic there's only a handful guys that I wouldn't pull Lester and other -- the rats are reserved for certain. People that though but though that's beyond race that is that is eighths plus plus those are rare Felix Hernandez a rare guy Justin Verlander rare got a few -- Kate Upton. Not prosecute amid a lot of things going on there but you got about. But for four of five of those guys have baseball Kershaw. And then if you say. Jon Lester is not -- in their category and he's not based in the regular season mean you know once I like Felix has. And -- I Cy Young voting wall and I want our shot his career. But if you look at what would you rather would you rather have a guy like Kershaw and Verlander. Who have incredible. Have incredible regular season numbers can shut you down. Or you have an -- And not below them like Jon Lester is in the regular duties are not globe there's no doubt but I agree. In a post season. Man among boys. Look at the numbers. Is a man among boys he shut down the cardinals twice. In the postseason Clayton Kershaw when we last saw him in the playoffs was getting knocked around like some some Tripoli -- by the cardinals. I don't know I don't downgrade a guy that you pitched well the post season you get a ball the -- -- a small sample size are the same guy on the regular season. Right now he's saying he's he's still one of those rare guys. I am upgrading that downgrading -- on upgrading Leicester based on what I've seen when I've seen him do in the regular season Schilling was to ensure they are the best post season pitcher that's right. Well what buster said was aggressive five year deal -- -- -- with five -- saying if he was out as a free agent. It's one of the guys I can't remember which I asked him you know -- -- six years a 140 million dollars if he was freeagent. And and he said -- at least get an aggressive five year by the -- offer and the defied your offer we should be talking about -- that we talk about Zack Greinke in -- together. It is silly the offer we should be talking about. A year gold this march the -- by the Adam Wainwright he's probably in that Lester group's second group company's second group that right okay. Adam Wainwright at basically the same age thirty going into his year 31. Adam Wainwright last march 5 years 97 and a half million dollars. He admitted it was a hometown discount you wanna stay at Saint Louis it was a year before it can be a free agent almost the exact same spot is Lester. That's hometown discount that's a five year deal hundred million of -- wants to stick to hold down discount. What else -- 130 I look at this deal would say absolutely five and 97 and a half would be. The ultimate Jon Lester hometown discount they're so similar. In their numbers except except Adam Wainwright did. For the first time last year -- It's gonna blow your mind out of that went right he's thirty once in -- B 32 utility did for the first time in his career. He started the playoff game. An -- Jon Lester in the starting pitcher in eight playoff series with -- career playoff ERA of two point one highway -- right starting game at 2009. World Series. That is it that -- -- -- -- -- start a -- start a World Series game for the first time in his career. The first that the first time they were in the world see when he participated before reasonable to pitch out the -- and -- -- made three appearances three innings of shut out all five strike let's get let's get. -- What what -- western World Series first Paulson. It is in his first world always Adam Wainwright title -- pitch out of the bullpen at 2006 OK in the world Syria out of the bullpen and went out three innings of shut out baseball every inning so what are you know last year when he started. Their race the guy you think it's so similar to Jon Lester what they do. What all into the for a -- Arthur it has to start right now. Gave up fourteen hits in twelve innings eight runs six of them got on I get for his career is at 253 ERA guy in the post season not bad by the way. You -- about what World Series and try to judge the two. That's ridiculous. What I'm telling you -- that he's not on it filtered those are good number he's not on John masters level when it comes in the postseason yet sued over top three shy ya know issues. But it would think that that's great talent that's -- that's fine. That's -- you're you're giving more emphasis to the regular season and in Europe -- dismissing. The post season dominance. Jon Lester is brought to the table. All post season dominance helps put it back out of the regular person Lester -- but he asked for the picture wait right spin one career top five Cy Young. Up here it's Adam Wainwright who also -- and and I'm I'm on the back of the point Michael later. Adam Wainwright been pitching in the National League central when the cubs sucked in the red sucked in the -- socked in the pirates sucked. I mean let's not even the you can't even compare the two when you look at Jon Lester pitching in the American League east and Adam Wainwright pitching in the National League. Tell me what you saw -- what the numbers tell what you saw. Given the eyeball test Lester was a much better pitcher in the World Series what do you think -- when you saw him when you saw him up close like you were there to -- -- sales. -- unfortunately I sat next few -- -- it was not my choice to trust I I thought so. I get -- this -- guy -- Saint Louis acidic well it back -- data that somebody tactics really guys see that acidic he had to sit next means that you saw. In person a couple of times. Were you blown away easily on the guy who's better than Jon Lester good not great OK good not great. Doesn't match up with the regular season performance he set by the way I got a couple of things a couple of things guy's terrific number one this -- brought you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible Q. This energy monster monster commercial I hear all the time that you do. 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It's O -- came out I talked my dad and explain it to my dad. Love the folks energy monster made some great upgrade -- dies every -- almost got a couple of hell I'd like your favorite -- like -- -- out. How does that -- -- and -- -- a dialogue with that battle report website check out today in my energy monster -- -- like you're. How about the garage I wanna try to treat it provided a at all. They'll take area they'll take carry it out. Like all over here let's get typical of you guys keep in Bedford taking. All right guys we almost have to pry you away from -- advertisers to talk about sports. That's exactly right all right keep it about time you get by the -- keep a -- says that the bill like all throughout their because a mutt and his parents across from wheat could be. Is that it as a row fluorescent medicinal purposes -- RJ Michael Coleman is awful. Well I'd like you used to match in the Red Sox Lester right now. Okay looks like locals might be on the verge of really. Becoming a lights out guy yeah. And went with Lester and I don't know what people are so concerned about. How much threats such -- paying them they cannot afford it. You know. They can. 21000001. Five years out like six -- thing. But it seems like it's legal in that this season with Grady. Sizemore leading off and with the rotation like we got. In with Lester locked up. I'm really liking our chances. I AM I think Grady Sizemore is your opening day center fielder your leadoff -- I think I think this competition is Ole -- OB AH Obama. Are you guys understand why I do understand why he's got the job in the guys of the matter is still slaughter all star -- rather good I mean in Grady Sizemore great player he felt. But you understand why dies in war and Jackie Bradley can't be on the roster together and get. On the way it's currently set up. An excellent sexual -- -- place with. I I think you have two guys who are expendable. And I don't understand why we don't talk about like they are expendable one album is in my car. Another one is -- go. I do you have to have you have to have those guys in your roster crossing just release them. But if you if you wanna have Grady Sizemore around. As your everyday center fielder beam me you have and you have Jackie Bradley junior in the minors that's what I wanted to in -- you wanna preserve them right. I wanna -- I want him to play every day. I I don't wanna work here playing twice a week. Three times -- -- -- -- lucky I want him playing every single day every day so that that that 173 average I'm looking at right now improves he gets more balanced talking about Sizemore. Want to -- I want Sizemore is that what you wanna do with them. He's gonna play like. Six days out of 75 days out of seven and I don't want Jackie Bradley junior to be a guy who gets to play one or twice once or twice a week. I don't think that helps him at all. It doesn't help them all that much but it doesn't help the team. When you take Sizemore in center field. And you hood what are you doing you're still hung up on this planet victory there was no matter what we -- Daniel lava it's Saturday or -- -- one of those guys once or twice a week real good about it yet why not in center field I think I feel better with both guys it's Saturday Jackie Bradley -- like dale said. Not playing every -- Now I've got the solution all the snatching victory don't start the year on the DL the 22 at bats in the pre season scratched again today it's got to be ready by Monday. And it is already dealing with a side issue it is -- dangers in the past. DL victory don't start the year -- -- give me your your dream okay that's Jackie Bradley Peter Grady Sizemore because I would do because. Helping victory you know you still have to do you still have to look out for him. Guess he's been banged up so you got 88 plus. Talk like this guy out here for sort out what got a plus to render us got a plus defender in right field and Shane Victorino. Got a plus defender in senator. And Grady Sizemore and when you take those guys out that the strength of your team distributed teams that you take those guys -- you wanna talk to me about Daniel novel. Big in center field and who know sort of right. Stop it how much. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. Dale Arnold Michael Holley Mike -- Nancy better known as much. -- -- Himself the looks it all other contracts then it's not gonna happen if that's important film. In terms of where he stacks up -- that's clearly what's going on insurance at this point and it's not gonna happen here you know. I think -- equation -- it seems it was with -- and words. Where wanna play and I'm gonna make a lot of money that way. -- early on earlier in the program on on my atlas program between now. -- I don't he was on old -- after 12 o'clock I think a little before twelve. 'cause I was listening to earlier on kept talking about what he thinks in -- and I think he feels pretty strongly that. Lester probably going to be back here. Under some sort of an extension. I certainly feel that he's going to be back. Now the question is what what constitutes the hometown discount and the problem is you're using that phrase. With folks who are up they're trying to make a real living. And you're talking about a man make -- a 130 million dollars and it just pisses them off. The the phrase makes the Matt. Because there's an -- that's some discount and and that's the one of the cycle lot. Lavandera for how to get a -- only makes people mad to complain about it. And if you talk about it incessantly. And that's the Segway to you we got David Ortiz coming up at 3 o'clock how -- David Ortiz will join us at some point at 3 o'clock hour you know we -- day in landline for -- I -- so we done that I hope so and I just hope -- -- all rob Bradford self other landline last. Particularly they're. Not paying David thanks thanks. At least let him wanna route there to wait well actually up could be the body you know now I chosen Providence -- I don't. I don't know who's going to be back but I don't but it still Alia back sobs oh yeah. What about going to be used book the big old -- in my opinion. All right with the -- I don't understand how anyone could compare when it rains on lesser. But he brought the fact that Adam Wainwright gets hurt every season. I I don't think that's totally fair to be honest with the I'm just I'm looking at his numbers here starts. Working backwards -- the one year weary wary only have the twenty starts but yet 33 last year 34 to lead the major leagues the year before that. He had twentieth 2008 but he at 32 the year before that. I think we over played a little bit of it but he gets her at all to join this a full year tell -- -- it is the full year with the -- -- missed one year but. Thank you but you can call here you -- -- getting injured all the time that's a gross over exaggeration right when a guy misses one year and it comes back in the next year. Get a sub four ERA the National League the year after surgery than last year nineteen and I with a 294 made 34 starts. But he met that the full year. Part of two years had to go to the bullpen. Because one of those because the one of those -- and you wanna compare that Jon Lester who doesn't -- time ever. He's made thirty starts and seven the last eight seasons out of it. But that's a pretty good number GO. Almost -- aren't -- there. It'll know that I know let's think about that the Europeans -- weight rating Adam Wainwright like he's going of the DL every other week that's not true. It is important to -- that all season. Well that was an -- -- a long time ago. That's three years that they couldn't count on the guys and you look at it and -- -- look it up -- and there's never been that you're he couldn't come on the guy and he's got the postseason dominance. And he just kicked out of -- right behind -- here. And then you factor -- that he doesn't have a elites against superior competition and it up and up fourteen race every year. You and are on the same page on this on the competition. That Adam Wainwright faced in the National League central let's be honest is inferior. And if if Adam Wainwright had his numbers. What the Red Sox. This is so we have enough if peace plan for the Red Sox not the cardinals he's playing in the American League not the National League. Is 97 million I get to boost of about 1520 million dollars so Adam Wainwright the -- you're probably will be looking at a 150 million. Anybody he'd -- eating get the free agency he took the hometown discount it -- one year got the extension at the same time this year -- Jon Lester. Last year. And took on a million bucks I do what I think or gotten similar money to Jon Lester they're both free agents. -- the same agent if -- credited free agency this past season the way Lester will next year. Well we talked about went right get the same type of money Jon Lester -- guys creating at any site for 500 then it Jon Lester want to septic and hometown discount. It's five and a hundred around that governor Linda -- -- -- -- -- the differences I'd at least I am only speaking for myself from I disagree with the I think I think -- is a better pitcher at an animal in. He has. I think they're so similar Lester gets a slight edge then or say they have they have at their low numbers because of inferior competition. If you're looking at ERA in wins in a look at an innings pitched me that you can't I don't -- is larger pitching those innings the caller tried to take. Wait right out to be yeah I'd injury case clearly -- put through the numbers that's not true. I he makes 3334 starts six last seven years. Has two -- plus strikeouts 403 the last four years. So ERA is the number where like it is and played Adelaide right center Adam went -- only made thirty plus starts three years in life. So it's not six of the last seven years I mean. In in 2005 he missed the whole year basically 2006 he only pitched limited because of the same injury. And then sent see Kim come back in 2007. Started 32 games 203433. That's it that's for history -- 2012 B 32 -- shoot 34 yeah. But I mean it's it's not six the last seven years he's only done it four times and is three times in his life. But he started thirty or more games. Patrick and Leonard Patrick I don't. Yeah I got a call them on Bob Bradley union that. I think the key to him -- back you gotta get him as many as possible. So he should stop on the -- talking keypad and we know it's only matter time -- -- -- breaks. Then you bring them up -- -- be ready and that toll could -- -- like that. I I I I don't wanna sit here you know wait for the -- where Grady Sizemore breaks it out of your -- -- for the day that he breaks dale. And not put. How how do you how do you approach the situation with them. Like -- you know what you're not waiting for the inevitable injury. But you know because of the injury history. Micro fracture surgery are both knees. That you have to be very careful with them Michael I said do you week so there's still maintain a eight it contending. Yeah I don't want this. I don't want this to be Rocco Baldelli 2.0. You know where where you play him today but that he can't play for the next three days and any -- two games games and wrote that he can't play for the next week. And I said you go if that's where we're at with great size morneau. It's got to be Smart about it is a much but he is a better player of the Rocco Baldelli in Ali was healthy. And you know if you can get it can get Grady Sizemore back. As easy as a regular player. Not to be 700 about certain 650 bet you can get back as a regular player. You take that gift and you try to you try to keep him -- entire season now as a main playing them six out of seven. By the sometimes five out of seven made a -- report or -- placed three in a row take today off placed three in a row play six out of seven in that regard. Book but the difference is I don't want Jackie Bradley junior -- to be the guy goes into center field when he's not there. I -- and now we're talking about starting players. And that's the most important thing you know you gotta have this who were going to be. On our best day we're gonna have Grady Sizemore leading off Victor Reno second Pedroia third Ortiz for a novelist. But so that's that's that's very important I think part of Sizemore is figuring out. What the contingency of what that contained what the backup plan is what the rest plan is very important. -- you're starting lineup. But the backups are using -- on himself this much over baca spoke with this player with -- more you absolutely have to have. A plan for him and for his -- Any do you get a shot in this very noble and go to other area of debt and I'm Bob look at what I did I -- slowdown -- -- even if you're out and out Bernama. No I'm not down on novel as a center -- game I think I can live with. And it's not going to be a regular thing it's not like okay Daniel YouTube that center field for the next week. Because you know Brady's -- -- Rocco Baldelli here if that if that happened bring Jackie Bradley junior backup. But I don't think that's what you're dealing with Eric for game. I'm OK -- -- -- victory no it is on the DL because he's gonna become very important as the year goes on so start the year with Jackie Bradley junior and Sizemore on the roster. Flexibly -- to play carpenter left for game have Bradley Jeter is center of the day sized Reza play -- -- victory now comes back. He assumes that role because to your point. Sizemore if besides -- way. Change is the offense that takes so much pressure across the middle of this order to score. 800 plus runs again this year much -- the office and the defense let me apologize to -- 'cause I got my numbers wrong and he was right -- I was -- stared at baseball reference like always gusts -- -- was right. I was wrong. Adam Wainwright has made thirty starts. Each of the last four years and five of the last six it's not six out of the last seven but but -- was lot closer to be in right and I. -- -- -- -- Right who are valid photo makes it happen at some of my wife -- they say he's definitely. That's never happened before that if they hurt he handled it with such class to what he had both farms up in the air. -- And things.

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