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Christian Fauria's letter to Mother Nature

Mar 26, 2014|

Christian Fauria is fed up with the weather we've been getting so he writes an open letter to Mother Nature and Spring.

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-- -- -- -- -- And when she's gone. Boom. Malone did not a wall of wind seasonally. -- blues singer. Beno. Sunshine and each guy. See their own way it goes to loan karaoke and here's my littlest theater don't disarm you got off to a -- we have a karaoke contest. When we do. Karaoke lipstick and this is slowed down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tweets out the people do not want to miss that person or a letter to mother nature -- -- these are handled Lou at -- Maloney the credit -- -- I've been -- since I don't wanna draw attention to -- -- -- embarrassing Christian does have one -- embarrassing Twitter -- You last week Cristian was in January I think it was January 1. And it consisted of a hash tags. And number sign. What is your I'm scared winner not scared you know I don't know how it works you've got 2000 plus -- is desperately wanting to know and your opinion. He's got a really set you know it so I was gonna civic generally teach three -- -- how to do away just don't mess it up and I got some little -- know what I'll say it Howell responded. My self esteem I don't think I can take that you the past and they'll probably -- I haven't I haven't built up thick enough skin yet some try to ease my way into it. While the did stay up -- later. Oh don't look at the actual letters children and comments about it. You a couple of cocktails on when the Providence game was on -- -- packed. The yeah the game in my crowning cotton balls it was the -- and aggression not lose to a nice glass of wine. Mean if that it -- me pissed me off will be you know WNC connection. -- -- idea. That yeah. In the second half and Iowa Christian Fauria the perpetually and Chris Christian or four. Low and a half moon. The little girls is a little up sacks. At mother nature and he has written an open letter the mother nature in spring about his upset. -- springs high nutrition Gloria and Southern California guys use besides it's the warm -- What's going on strength have you wires to cross but forgot that it brings. Sunny and warm generally know what's going on there mayor's mother nature of -- attitude maybe it's. Immediately it was deep down I'm not sure it's between you and hurt but let's first start off by sand. Thank you to bring him to take you for your overall fraudulent behavior thus far. Thank you for what we meet in the basement bone chilling wind rather than welcoming me with the sunshine into. Thank you again for -- actions -- forced me to allow other on my girlfriend Victoria secret lotion every morning it. The smell is nice but it's not quite there. And thank you again putting 87 called my two year old hazard -- and a blogger bass that I have to peel off her face. Every single morning it is very growth. If her notice saying -- a tad bit of sarcasm. Good to -- -- trying to land on pretty -- and I am wanting to ask you springs police stopped whatever is going on in your life. Letting go letting go to. Wow. There's another. -- burying her remember yeah. You wanna -- this -- at all. That he turned into here but it's just what dobbs he's going god why entries are just -- rich -- -- Are you serious right now this result. Each coal bed frame. Why he's traumatic brain what did you bring the effort Judy do. All right. Sorry I'm sorry I got it just so frustrated. All of them. On the -- Saturday. So mindful how -- you really I -- -- since you were on radio governor about your wits about what I observed you can say bitch.

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