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Mark Cuban believes NFL will implode

Mar 26, 2014|

Mark Cuban's comments about the NFL got Chris Mannix really riled up. Fauria, Mannix and Merloni react to Cuban's comments.

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But the other fellows doing great and I think the TV was probably the least impact fault because like it that it was all contingent on the continued on the same -- And to your point you know maybe they won't -- Friday maybe Saturday won't be just playoffs are just weeks sixteen like they have it now. But at -- state greedy. Or if they become greedy dependent on you look at it. Then it's that's the only natural next step. But the bigger risk is the dependency on fantasy football. 761777979837. AT&T tax line is open 37937. That was Mark Cuban. Dallas Mavericks owner on The Dan Patrick Show. -- yesterday. Talking about. His recent comments about the NFL and how. Over saturation of -- ten years pigs get fat and hogs get slaughter I think what Mark Cuban -- -- to he -- pigs get fat. And -- gets slotted in the NFL is the hot button he's green with envy is the NFL trying to saturate. -- coverage out there absolutely other wanna put more games on Thursday they love Monday nights ideally decried the more games on Saturday. If they -- is it a problem for the NFL absolutely not I mean I have yet to hear one person complain to me or you're on public airwaves these radio stations. Wet becomes sloppy your which they have been they have been -- -- -- -- -- debate is -- better games on some of those on some of those Thursday -- but. If the games become ugly to watch consistently. Then that's a problem might issue dealt with Mark Cuban saying the NFL is greedy. It's like the pot calling the kettle black there it's not just Mark Cuban all collection it's all NBA owners and -- now the NBA which she is. At its most robust time in recent history they just actually clobbered the players union. In a collective bargaining agreement negotiations they're doing new TV deal and a couple of years that is going to double what their national TV deal is right now and yet their. What about these ridiculously stupid jerseys. You know I'll sleep on them under their pandering to the Spanish market with these slopes whatever jerseys. And -- sober saying within five years. They're putting ads on jerseys at a sober saying well. The MLS does it. WNBA does -- these are really struggling the NBA is not struggling so to me reminds -- -- Gordon -- line. How many shots do you need to jet ski behind. If you're an NBA owners to Mark Cuban at any NBA owner called the NFL greedy is a certain. Why this I don't think the NFL is going away. Better to be a sailor he extraneous nuts and -- I wanna see that because I think the popularity people -- and no mountain and I guess -- -- the extra playoff game I just want more football I don't care to go to eighteen games analysts say he's an issue but. I -- -- season is all probable football you know so I don't think it'll go away we we talked a -- Saturday night game. And it said. The viewership I don't think would be there as much as the other night Saturday night's. More people -- home on Thursday nights you know Saturday maybe the percentages of TVs that are wrong but as far as overall eyes. You know there in their -- watching it but that rating might up equal that the something else but -- to be very very high if your home you are gonna watch the NFL guys. Even that crap game even in the crap game. You'll have the TV on. You might had to be paid attention to leave it at spaces that maybe not getting demoted -- -- -- -- does draw you to crap games of his eyes -- you're right as you might have -- wide receiver. 91 running -- you might have that defense. And fantasy football is so popular. That that's -- I -- not solution -- -- bat that people think it's a bad thing but it's more people following. Getting to know the players union league the brand itself. I don't think it's bad that ticket -- for -- But overall -- get more interest look a lot. Mark Cuban accomplished. In some ways we want to accomplishment he's in the headline on about it he's been news and we're talking about a -- Bob Kraft talked about as well as Bob Kraft. In response to mark -- -- He's a very intelligent man I can only speak what I you know and I've been privileged to be chair of the broadcast committee. We pretty lucrative contracts going for almost another decade. We've. Doubled our income it's allowed us to have the labor peace. We just do the Thursday night package. Commission worked very hard on it. We had every media company worked very hard to get a one year deal. And the main thing they had to do was to promote Thursday night football. And we're gonna. We chose CBS because of the number one network with the most eyeballs. We have CBS scene right over there and a patriot place yeah that works out pretty good and very nice days ago Thursday. We -- we the audio addicted crack say in the audio about the 34. Of the top 35 games a top 35 programs that period. And they'll be. Moving the Big Bang theory from Thursday night which is -- number one show on TV. For Monday night at 8 o'clock. So they won't go against Monday Night Football again and move it back after pops policies and packaged with them is overs so. I don't I have great respect for mr. Putin. I'm not sure I agree with his conclusion. The quote from Bob Kraft was that Sunday Night Football and out of the Super Bowl most watched program in history of TV. And -- craft goes on says 34. Of the top 35 prime time programs in 2013. Where NFL games number one. That's really impressed. Number two. What the hell's the other TV should know which brought us. To our -- the conversation is it does bring our bring a fertile also -- because we said what the hell was that 35 13435. -- -- to think W a curricula can be like at HBO showtime rights Kennedy can use something you and I it's that the only deal is bachelor. You know it was a select at the final batch testing with at some crazy guy walked in the room was like -- bachelor suck this year and last but what we saw Kevin I don't want outlook came out of nowhere and a guy left. It wasn't scandals that Italy pictured on. I want -- that's not the guy to my guess is breaking bad read the breaking bad finale from last year that has to be up there. With. The top rated programs. I saw -- thinking I went straight to you the answer. I thought I dividend night that I set it out loud after a bottom because -- bottom of the football game I thought it was just went to 2013 national champs of game with Notre Dame Alabama which. Ended -- being a speaker. It was -- of about two minutes but that's about it. And so I mean the Oscars. I've come to mind. You mentioned the World Series. One of its sporting event you know it. Gained -- -- -- not a sporting event it's not solely an NBA finals game seven are great in -- let go around the room let's make -- -- -- -- he knows the -- To always get the answer the question he said it was somewhere ranked in the twenties. So what do you think to get some hands just a couple of it's not a sporting I don't know what happened in November. -- -- That would breaking back close. And now I'm two seats completely I'm lost now it's not the Oscars. November. Okay you ready -- -- -- -- just let's get a -- gets it I'll get a breakaway element ousted against sporting a veteran like the bachelor finale last February when a goalless. I have no for include now. I'm passing a tabling it that's what you did they go to Italy at a table labeled a racist about the that's good -- what's not ready table initially realized it was it was -- point to. Number two points -- -- point five point two million new viewers was the NBC. Thanksgiving Day parade. One seriously. While they're just text of the Macy's parade make a PP people. Digital are looking it up on the -- that appeared to have him but that's a that's a great as an annual thing it's always constantly in the top. Talk about things that you just put on your TV even though you're not watching them the Macy's Thanksgiving Day -- and look at it. Number one and number three. Thanksgiving Day games via the raiders cowboys. Readers -- -- was number one Packers lines three. Watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. Going I want to thanks in the day parade really. On -- -- to your television. You got your dealership -- I have kids now are you married now and so you're out of the equation okay. Base giving -- a bit limited confuses you about solar matter. -- -- euros of stops across the -- survivor of put -- play you know lead. So -- -- for me I sort of the most people like heroes it not for things to -- put the tree out. You can -- school you know young accuser Watson snoopy wait for -- o'clock -- at the end. I think in the real wealth is on TV on Thanksgiving Day football a football starts later in the day the Detroit team's always first. Right. I'd rather watch him not to re on the watch -- -- guy your age yourself okay. Don't expect surprises me. It's the last thing else that you know either this it would also gone here -- -- -- football yeah and they're all over twenty million people spoke -- for for viewership I and I guess the breaking bad it was in the fourteen million range was like a record. Offer for AMC number two by the way it was. For the Packers lines for the 1230 game. And that was this a good line that was number three who was the it was -- -- -- so raiders -- that full thirty the most viewership and the Steelers ravens to the Olympic game rivalry that was suitable -- on here. Almost thirty. So that's amazing. You don't think -- -- about the -- it's kind of like comfort viewing because most people spend Dave what Thanksgiving pretty drunk. He did a bright morning let's sit back let's watch little Woody Woodpecker in the parade in. And hang back and I'm probably missing woody woodpeckers -- on signs that are helping her critical and -- won the -- Sat 6177797937. And AT&T. And it -- a rail and hello my -- dramatic. I tower and you. AT&T Tex has opened 37937. Leo cliff Steve crying on the watch any broccoli. Is coming up next we'll talk a little Bruins hockey with Andy prickly charismatic little loading Christian foray here -- --

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