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Buster Olney, ESPN: Talks Red Sox and Grady Sizemore

Mar 26, 2014|

Buster Olney joins the show to talk Grady Sizemore and Jackie Bradley Jr. and which one will win the starting role at center field. He discusses how Grady Sizemore is viewed around the league. Also, he gives his thoughts on Jon Lester’s contract talk and the addition of instant replay.

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Let's bring in buster only. ESPN baseball insider you're someplace warm -- to -- I know I'm actually Britain Connecticut it's colder than actors and on like crazy and the best numbers but I'd seen all spring OK we run through a lot of different statistics. Cincinnati. Opening day next Monday forecast 67. Degrees. All imports -- want to greet you guys coming your way. Thank you thank god the longest winter -- last it seems like forever up buster you talked about this before but. The Jackie Bradley Grady size or a situation in Bosnia what do you see this played up the the Red Sox do you start Sizemore. Don't Bradley the minor leagues do you keep Bradley on the roster -- playing out well. It's interesting because you know you can definitely argue that a lot of different ways. I had -- get a long conversation yesterday -- an executive with another team executing great play this spring and just loves what he -- and he did you know what. In that -- given his injury history you know the reds collected. It's -- all talked about may be. Putting Grady Sizemore some minor league game getting some more at bats trying to build them up. And the two decades and not. You don't know what he's he's gonna get -- you know Beagle at least get a -- that horse that Roddick Gillick brought to. Sounds familiar hours must have been listening to the top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know what I hope that it worked out I didn't hit it it doesn't then you probably no worse off than you thought you were going to be -- back in December. -- buster obviously Grady Sizemore the player that he once was everyone in the league knows who he -- managers general managers you name it players. And to see him take time off of baseball come back and signed with the Red Sox who won the World Series who lost Jacoby Ellsbury in free agency. In the way he's been playing wandering around the game and that GM or you are you hearing sort of similar you know like he got it became this this kid comes back look at the Red Sox cut. I'm no question and we we had the Red Sox and yankees. Last Thursday night and and I told them before they got to the cart literally sit the first course nice all of the other car was just out of the only in -- in the same hotel. It looked to me. The first -- work have you seen Grady Sizemore. Anyone on and on about how you think that you would -- lost timing after that much time off. But he looks great in that regard he looks like he would play the outfield. He went on and on and on the end and more I talk agree later that day I -- solid -- that -- we feel. You know they did Red Sox are certainly excited. When you look at teams like the Rangers have. It's like three quarters routine is -- I mean what a great problem to the Red Sox to have especially. Given you know what you know what they're dealing with -- in terms of -- Jacoby Ellsbury. Yeah buster we played some audio from you earlier about talking about maybe keeping. Jackie Bradley up and playing him in left field right field. I at times is it in his best interest to stay on the Major League roster if he is only going to be a platoon player. Now I think -- very interest is having data mightily to question it sort of you know what the situation on the roster could develop actually given some playing time and I know that -- Internally they talked for all the options they talked about you know if we keep Sizemore and Bradley. There we gonna get enough playing time for Bradley that we want. You know who would be to -- him move move to another position we got me excited that yesterday -- victory it was that'd put Bradley. In right field but I think generally speaking and they know that embrace it he -- and he turns twenty for an April. That he needs to play every day and I think ultimately. That's what they'll decide and I think that's -- that that the general feeling. Among the people you talk to win it still an educated guess is that the -- such a lean more towards Scott Moore because of that he's O'Grady blocked. Why it's so Ortiz is locked up with the latest hope Jon Lester his contract we gonna see that. Come across the wire soon. I think it all depends on whether or not Jon Lester pushing it across the finish line because they -- arts didn't. Their current operating philosophy I think the feeling is that there's going to be number I don't know exactly what it is. Where they're gonna say this is a comfort level. And you're gonna have to do that in the same -- that they did with Dustin Pedroia if it's gonna happen it's. Going to be as it capital dust and it's going to be because Leicester makes it happen. And you know -- he certainly has expressed that -- desire to stay and you guys and -- heard about Max -- earlier in the week. Return at a 144 million dollars from the Tigers not I gotta say in. I just I always wonder. Players in that situation if if for example the Red Sox have a hundred million dollars on the table for Jon -- point. That's how can be a difficult would Beatty turned out a crooked number like that. Well that's Raza two spells gonna ask you actually because shares returns that six year 144 million he's the same age as Jon Lester I mean up. Does that play into it all this -- sit there and say well I mean if match is gonna turn it down. If he's gonna get more. You know should I be what should I be doing here -- what was -- that's a huge dollars. Oh there's no question and that's why I -- -- really gonna come down to you know what exactly John make happen because you remember last time. I mean the Red Sox got that deal with Detroit because Detroit is basically -- look. You know whatever number he put me I'm going to be happy with it. Used to you know give me a respectable offer I think he's represented. Do the same once you reps and Jon Lester I think their feeling was like. -- -- I mean they they almost would have rather had gone more wood ducks and then and that's the thing I think that it comes down to John. And whether or not pushy in -- measures itself. BP looks at all other contracts then it's not gonna happen it's that important to on. In terms of where it stacks up but that's clearly what's going on insurers -- at this point and it's not gonna happen -- you know. I think he equation -- it seems it was would -- and words it is where wanna play and not gonna make a lot of money that way. I buster on an NBA guy and I find. Baseball contracts to be beyond absurd at times and I'm looking at at Leicester at 31 years old next season. Having -- 200 innings in five of the last six -- 190. In the other assuming he has another season like he had. Last year is they are really going to be that market where somebody's gonna give him six years a 140 million dollars next year from another team. I think that he would at least get aggressive fight here and offers EP continue to make progress and I'm in the camp that believes. But he turned the corner of the last three months that he's gonna stay and an -- pat. If he's going to stay on you know -- Jon Lester. Pretty August I think that's in the past I think you've learned about pitching to both sides of the plate I think he's now -- in the upper Echelon of pitchers. And he'll follow up on what he did late last -- and if that happens here. Absolutely he'll get some aggressive -- now a little stagnant -- it goes back to the church -- conversation. -- general you hear more more from teams about risk management. And about the reluctance to give. Huge steals -- 78 year deal. Think I threw that 29 to 32 range but is no more respected person in baseball it's easy to that he's the Yankees. Three starts ago the clock and an 8687. Miles per hour they don't seventy dollars for the next three years and that's what teams are afraid of and I think your keywords of your teams that are willing take. -- a big gamble that you just mentioned Chris. So -- Instant replay -- been received so far. And if he hadn't actually been received yet know how how the trial basis -- so far out of it like it they figured out. Well no that's that's been part of the problem and while everyone is saying all the right things. Because they don't have the technology in place to do it in spring training. The thing that catcher -- referred to see you know one of the most groundbreaking thing in baseball since they put the lights for night baseball. Teams have been able practiced it yet. Because they don't have the system in place -- privately. What -- hearing from teams which is different than what percent publicly is which is. Why we wish we had some time to try to at least get some -- understand that. And yet I think it would have been managers coaches are you looking at it. Finding loopholes that -- you're gonna hear this spring a lot -- stall ball. Because they're gonna use the challenge system to try to warm up pitchers. And I personally am longer about. Right and I think they should have simply said look let's get consistent and get more calls right as opposed to putting an account system. Yeah that was my biggest concern you may have a have a guy like David Price cruised in for six innings is a close play at first you'd think they got a right to know what screw it let's challenge it. That's right David Price in an amount for 203045. Seconds or try to get him out of his rhythm. And see how they rebound that's one of my fears and as you pointed out now what are talked to I don't think until. After opening days and -- to be if you put out your projections in the AL east is like a got to see it is for teams to sort of thrown up there right now and in the Toronto cut outside looking in. I agree we view and put in context all right you know I don't pretend I know exactly what I'm talking about a and the -- finishing third last spring okay. In the world here and everyone else or. I I totally agree B I think that the blue the Blue Jays are not going to be a factor in the division. I went to spring training thinking I was gonna pick the race to win the division and then I that was around the outside Turkey days. He's -- depth in the organization you know the financial depth they have. I pick them to win the division winner baton I think I had 85 win to get the race finishing second 92. A that the Yankees and the Orioles out of the playoffs 89 wins but it is going to be a dog fight I mean all of these teams Ortiz had a great spring training. The Red Sox have the Yankees have the rays have the Orioles at that certainly been augmented by -- guys in late spring training I can't wait. -- talked to buster now let me know they ESPN puts him one of those sky walks from the residence -- to the the campus there. It's called upon salmula people right now a -- buster. The at Augusta buster only ESPN baseball insider.

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