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Bill Belichick is miserable

Mar 26, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Bill Belichick's breakfast meeting with the Patriots media at the NFL Owners meetings. He gave as little information as possible.

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I was running late I had this double the drifts off away from my driveway the data get out hit down here. Exactly the rough once the storm out here but you know what down there on the -- an error her cleavage I -- I -- I love snow when you know literally brings -- the -- yeah in -- is pretty it and ready when you account in the and these just covered in white courier and I yeah I didn't expect CNET liquor. A slave. You know playwright horse drawn sleigh to go by and by the out of there -- there -- and gloat after work to make it home and there. I don't do that committee is always a guy that loves to McDonald's laughs I guess you could go to -- -- stay out by the elbow and ask a story map. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gone a couple of days to be in the high thirties XP days no -- battled it'll pop -- what. -- If I were in negotiations. We have our -- sleep you know. Well he's he's emphasis. Yeah. I'll wrap up -- and other. You know let me finish understand. If I were in negotiations. With our bosses. -- the afternoon drive time shell. Now you get -- a little different well that morning Apple's. I would. In no particular order be concerned about. My salary. The my control over the program. See my co host. That I don't have to interview Belichick on patriot Monday yeah wouldn't that be like the major mom in your entire contract. If you work your -- six on Mondays patriot Monday he said Kevin Graham or -- -- our boss. I'll I'll take less money just make me interview this guy please. Assault explains. That their ears just heard a couple of episodes of -- and you'll take less money at less money in okay. Doesn't would -- that's -- all -- get to talk to Pete Carroll every week Oaxaca and it's no different names on the job right I mean on there why -- definitely skull and director like a pencil pusher he's that he's in charge. GR brokers that he's a pencil pusher and get them into jobs Seattle. TB negotiate but right. But you'd interviewing Belichick -- -- will be entertaining. Well I mean at some point it's like it was truly muscular but Nancy caricature so difficult she was Belichick before Belichick -- -- everything was like Poland to. Finally just put on the -- records of what do you what your problem what -- -- upset here what that I do and she just. That's just the way she won't have a response to that -- she said she didn't like almost stupid question I've cited a fair and but it was -- the -- -- this was one you know softball cut the deals were doing I haven't with a visual artists dating you know -- -- just about the Olympics. But she was difficult moment what it means she was just difficult difficult and -- -- the process. Belichick is difficult Belichick is a jerk to the media. -- and -- but. Jerry would you -- to have been. Nice that a crappy Coke and a good coach and got the media -- that was from this and in the view -- -- mask -- about densities I don't on this in the nature of your question did you question right what. You should do you know you understand the nature but you understand everything you're the smartest guy in the -- -- and every table has a coach -- 31 other tables. And they -- holding court answered questions couldn't be more civil more conversational. And this is one guy's hand -- -- -- in the nature of your question what would be. If we had about half an hour with with bill. Topics one and two you know drop one -- job one is that -- -- sport would say in their commercials would not be Vince and and may be grunt. I mean those because I know why weren't all but the -- rights being hall at the a point. He's out the extra points -- -- all well and good but if you're a patriots beat -- you want patriot pins -- the story builds towards these store arrangements and I understand that he you know on the certain things he doesn't wanna delve into it -- numbers negotiation but. You can't give any suitable answer to a question about how the whole -- thing going to go actually. There -- four separate questions. To -- check about Vince yesterday. And four separate answers. Through the magic of audio editing we are going to compress -- breast compile all those for answers into one. More questions for answers and what do you think the total. Amount of time Belichick spent almost four questions would be. Twelve seconds three seconds -- You're given more credit. I mean less credit are really used for boasts four questions or answers a 22. When which won't be second -- take a listen. -- -- -- and I don't know the nature of course maintenance and didn't have confidence all this talk about its. Facility where. Good -- anyway. -- -- -- you -- them or anybody else that would work. -- -- I think you -- we're fine. Little. You know I mean we're talking about numbers I'd worked for nothing in the afternoon -- in. Old and at that I've had -- since -- -- out of there is bringing in Philadelphia -- we'll have an afternoon John Dennis with the crystal laden and and and getting a card. Third man and will be sorry guys you're you're -- -- get Larry -- small will be a third man and a fourth man buddies -- Dallas yet. Of the great great. The path. But. Right there in the fall and you know you would do this -- right it would be at him -- would be I'm not asking you about that pesky -- you. What do you think. About Vince right now all situated event is a question for you -- not -- -- -- was at the next table we'd go over there and ask him he's not. The coaches at the world for breakfast in its coaches breakfast and all these other 31 tables the coach's answer questions about their team. We're asking your question of your team that big huge nose guard. He's not happy right now. Are you gonna make them happy I can keep in the pulled do you want him back he wanna be that hard to replace any of these why don't you ever -- release if you. Aren't gonna let him planners contract he doesn't want to renegotiate. Lot of release in. Rex Ryan and give you. Not necessarily insightful answer a call for August nobody can answer simple answer nobody's gonna really give you the answer obviously got to make sense which uses a way to do it but he's too cool never gonna happen he sees through it. -- -- The whole process he doesn't need to do why would the people he ups on the people of the table from the media. -- -- I love it and it -- and against them and all because I Revere and love and respect Bill Belichick I'm going to grant him this they're probably in some form. A negotiation -- so he doesn't wanna say be sure until the table one way or the other so I'll grant -- get let me. Let's go to someplace that's a little safer something that's near and dear to the hearts of patriot fans all over knowing that would be the viability of gronkowski. In your offense next year. -- -- thought this would be a nice safe. Interest hell has -- all that they've got what it's got some -- this summer what -- Red Bull and don't post -- cares about the bad publicity ball and decides what happened from -- Jack about gronkowski what do we go to something safer but still very interesting. And that would be gronkowski -- -- on talking to Bill Belichick. It was -- uncomfortable -- players toward. It's -- this. Spend little or whether it's. No way -- -- I. I mean -- don't hear it. Seriously yeah. Are you seriously asking me that quit did you do any wrong I hope NC yes item after I -- as it. Perfectly. Reasonable. Relevant question. Again the use spell -- you be specific date in which Garko to be healthy know. They have a timetable. Yes is he an answer a question no -- better way to answer it though yes in a Twitter yesterday. People are outraged bowling for having -- in the balls -- quite serious. The getting attacked everywhere he's like he's like people everybody knows Belichick hasn't talked injuries oh OK I guess -- -- most valid tickets and talk about anything except Holler out rights so it all supposed to sit around their oatmeal and Billy Donovan of Florida definitely I asked him bought back. Accessible red grange again you know fifteen minutes -- a -- correct it's all about is -- -- when he talks about his favorite game of Friday press commentary let's that is there is prepared for the week -- -- -- -- football history. Even if he wanted to say nothing about ground can we know he does could not say it in a slightly more conversation. Or craft a -- doesn't say anything about the -- sexual situation other than. You know we hope we can get a deal done. Vince has been an important part of this team for nine or ten years we hope because back up about what. There's no caloric value to yet he -- conversational. Could that would -- not have said. -- is working every single today the reports are good. I have no idea what he's getting back that will take care of itself obviously we're a better football team -- gronkowski on the field when he's not hoping for the best. Not be so hard Jerry it would -- we don't. Mark Kirk no no no not in fact it's hard to do what he does it's hard going to be a very good point. That means it's almost. Against your natural human instinct. Unless it's been -- don't think he hates him or injury in people I mean well girl I mean there. -- green fly everywhere around what is the material but it might reset it doesn't make Greece problem we know he would've said the same thing to him he doesn't care. The Richmond asked that question hook that's that's brought me to be fairly agrees ever asked that question probably -- I -- -- service this morning now -- what. But it MLB that well -- indeed remarkable that the players don't go over the crossbar bill good and bad in different. Bill loyalty became affiliate respects what I heard he was struggling before he's the greatest player. Yes yes that's that's less than ever coached that's -- against bigger players on the team right idea you're gonna have to ask you have to -- guilty that players on your team. Nine you're gonna test them that aren't any picture of -- like to know. Some rough timetables -- Garko she's going to be back just public properly they'll I don't give -- -- question and to medium watch in this and I heard craft part of this -- well. Is Vince. On the negotiating. Good question puppets of the -- is there a chance to bids will be on the team next year. What are the chant that was a good answer that so that's closer but what -- what would -- to release them. I'm talking about -- dealers. Hillary doesn't distort things and that is that anyone else -- the budget in order snorted and also find laughable as. People think it's funny and cute you know that the whole of the old big show where everything -- that was just. Pulled -- charming he blows off a picture with 31 other coaches. A picture photograph or you can stand there yeah in smile with Tom Coughlin and -- -- Pete Carroll. Mean you'd be kind of an honor I would think pick a picture -- one of 32 very exclusive club -- -- -- senators are most revered you're considered by many as the best to dean. And you are doing one what was he'd wondered this food. Would you guess he was -- alone our promoters look at you real communal autograph and -- probably aren't adding to guard -- sports elaborate -- days he was part of eternal right. He was in the hotel on May be on the if you had to guess -- is playing golf. Are you surprised to date the breakfast for God's sake I'll be on -- that's required you get five he's missed that before hasn't been as analyzing as SC like fifty grand to miss that. You know what that it works who should skip it. Yeah it was a splash mountain through us. But. -- -- -- -- -- the break through in the morning right the picture was in the morgue photographs in the morning I picture him in his room -- and -- -- open. Watching TV you know probably would Linda. Just eaten breakfast and servers are old enough and it bothered sport anytime they can't be bothered. I would think could be in on -- but he can't be bothered and that's fine you wanna be you'd think about it be it think about that when people. You know who cover him in the hole in the old Jerry Ford nation -- neck race in the polo and a finger at media scrutiny and a family. He's ill and rebelling against that I want what we don't need it might not to see what happens he has done this so long and so well and so discipline. That everybody covering him on a regular basis and in fact people who don't government regular basis but cover him from time to time. Not only expect but endorse this kind of behavior was a Florio on CS and and -- talking about -- participation in this photograph. To have a complete and total disdain for the things that go along with having that job I mean this is part of what you're expected to do if you're gonna make seven million dollars. A year and if Bill Belichick doesn't like that part of the job then. He should quit and he should go coach high school lacrosse and he'll get the money to goes along with it now have the obligations on his time away from the field. That go along with coaching and obscure sport part of what he's paid forced participate. In the overall. Publicity and the promotion of the sport and and he needs to do what's expected of him and I know he may have that street where he doesn't want to do the things expected to do. But that's part of what he's getting paid to do and they're -- guys that would love to do all the things she doesn't like to do and they do it for a lot less money than he does it. Perfectly. Logical but this isn't a guy that Estes hit every single day in front of Belichick press got the setting an extreme answer and it's not really what it paid six him -- -- it until it was so hard to address crap -- the craft as part is what is artist -- thing winning is part of the job. Now -- part of bill Belichick's -- take a picture guess part of bill Belichick's salary is to show up post game today at which he graduates of Donnie does exactly sought immediate repair but it -- part of the job it's a very small part obviously coaching the team and winning is showing up that picture part job. Always -- It is absolutely not you know yesterday I got -- another sex site right it was the most Bill Belichick -- -- we -- -- ER do you think definitely the American Steve and he would Rex Ryan but it's not part of it's that bad individually he should do it to grow -- in the sixties you should do that at the other guys are being nice guy but he doesn't that -- that that is he should quit. Because of that that picture I don't I don't think the price liberal and -- sort of everything from Charleston, West Virginia. It's relates estrogen does it's not a house like a barn units that combines a detective -- -- like it's like the yellow flags flowers have been quite a little -- this. Why are now. If you had the balls to actually ask him a tough question. An uncomfortable question forget gronkowski timetable for the up rights for replay for all the other in all. Album that's out there not a few actually gains -- -- -- who asked the great Bill Belichick you know what. -- -- Said the patriots and all supply injury reports in imagine how nerve nervous and sweaty palm. The guy if he's a local guy who who thought it was OK to ask bill that question was before it. Yeah this bill McCullough knows he was disinvited to be -- -- -- -- -- -- the bowel and fitness that he didn't get to go -- to. When it was Chris price whose -- about them burger joint to Orlando error handle the crowd on -- rockets at L went to buffalo wild -- from the guy who passed above. It was a Brandon Spikes or was it to -- both important rather have. -- all oval. Somebody I had it was a -- but somebody had the balls to ask Bill Belichick beat tough question and incisive questions about to leaves. Our insistence that the patriots from time to time falsify their injury reports listen to this expanse of cancer are camera. I agree with that they'll answer the question at least in the extreme degree would actually had to order -- audio it's a never need it do you at least answer that question. Was expansive but he answered. It never. That must have private. Functions from the coach not this is public this is always a good dinner dinner cruise or something. -- Billick silence and -- what goes on those mid may and bonds with a glove. That is near does yeah yeah it's got arrested to -- question was thrown into that upon Allah give us. It's alligator food -- what I wanted to see go to those things does -- blow off all those things. What's worked for it if you can't spend it. -- 61077979837. Chris mad dog Russo will join us the seven across our soft on or off or not -- lost -- -- Five I'm a little notes as 25 of the early. -- it will -- public and they aren't as good as -- I come off I am a big advocate David -- that's the actually -- signatures on the blog about it -- stand there I am so sick of taken heat or you guys not what we go to break up time. -- -- Look back crap beat me up after the show just can you get the break on time I thought you get the break contact and -- utility it's about. Well there's a -- -- got a -- brought this upon -- -- that writer in -- we met with the with our boss after the show the program director and I thought it was going to be and I. Music of the viewed -- -- -- so much but it was all right it was all our. Well yeah because he yelled at me you can -- -- you said you got to get the break yeah I was really scared me maybe he's -- Brady you. No I think well that the grouping is now Whitman has. About to get ray -- dirty originally dale and -- gap on and of -- goes I think everyone's going to be walking on eggshells from minute hand people between them -- -- -- you better be eight million regiment -- your next on the death list and I take. They're big on the so yeah. The the boss has -- the boss is going to be. A little more diplomatic around us that used to be I think we should change his nickname from Ayatollah to sedan he had a definite strike Saddam Hussein. Added up list that's right -- that was Richard Nixon all means that if Obama has had a little list and order an enemy's list. But I honestly. The last two days of this -- Monday. I thought Remy was was good this was gonna stay right through this and weather the storm. I don't think so anymore really I don't think -- -- and you know works in TV. The finger. The -- tied up and they're gonna. I and I know John Henry is standing by voter confidence in my vote of confidence put out and mammoths and the do it like today. Don't you think that if the public sees remain -- sway Bryant. Via the as long as the in in the going to be more developments. That there eventually gonna say this isn't good for the brand yes there's John Henry. It's great to have you back Ayatollah you know all this nonsense additions to the it's a terrible thing. Really glad yeah. I. That might get re played in a month. Or right right right that's fine now and it's all well and good but -- no actually gone we begin with all due respect that you Boston Globe the Boston Red Sox all the Red Sox Nation. Is not behind Grammy and this by the way. Is why I don't wanna do. This relieved a macho than anything new one of the sun can be set of them commenting on the -- -- the custody situation kind of resolved itself -- got resolved yesterday but all the Red Sox Nation is not behind -- and the reason this thing -- have legs. From Sunday night to Monday Tuesday and now like guest on Wednesday and maybe the rest of the week is because. Our poll indicates. 51%. To 49%. It is split right down the middle as to whether -- should stay in the nest and -- Or leave the nest and 51 before and I. -- should stay in you do too but here's the problem you know the -- There will be more revelations it will be more to this story and I don't see how any new revelation. Favors rent I don't see any revelation reports well all right -- and yet he doesn't get any better know what happens we say -- that you know he's not. Mean we gonna find out that he you know threatened his son with -- -- up the credit cards should not the money or. They'll lose in the generated whatever do it though thus putting me it's what I did we find out tonight right up I don't know what can come out of this -- -- we -- -- that would look good. For -- good point yeah there will be any additional. Positive I will say though is the story in Osaka -- every day it is not going to be stories so might not be for market through so we did this poll again in three weeks and nothing happens. It would be 7030. This should -- yet I think you're right now out Ohio let's especially when nothing is as big as it seems to try and pray that certainly applies here but that you -- or comments or that story comes again will be 5050 again it'll sway toward -- switch and -- -- -- -- me that he's good at weathering the storm included. When he talked to us openings -- yesterday and you and I agreed that it I mean better than we expected at handling all the questions we asked all the questions -- not wants. He says I can't believe you're actually asked me that question six. -- 777979837. Chris mad dog Russo will check in with us in the 7 o'clock hour. We'll check in on all things new York and a bunch of different New York questions for. When we come back. The Celtics god bless them. Have adjusted their mind set. I'm not suggesting that they are decided to tank every one of their final whatever it is and twelve games. But they've adjusted their mindset and public's -- what that is all about and your phone calls as well.

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