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Chris Mad Dog Russo on the state of New York sports

Mar 26, 2014|

Chris Russo joined the show and discussed the state of New York sports with the guys.

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I'm thinking and a break there aren't many New York people -- walkers that we'd like in fact I mean a list in the early two. Boomer Esiason and Chris Russo Chris Russo is in charge of his own channel wish I had -- channel series sex and radio mad dog radio. He hosts the afternoon radio show mad dog unleashed our spies tell us. On March 31 crystal start posting on MLB network show called I eat eat. Which will also host the new weekday TV I just said that on march 31 opening day at 12 PM. He joins us on the AT&T all like hey -- dog how are you my friend aren't applied my favorite setup ever dawn Feinberg will find it quickly up the top Amman. New York sports fans as best as you can tell Chris which team has higher expectations. In the upcoming season the jets or the Yankees. I yankees are highlighted the Yankees are going to be good and other jet and I think is -- little perplexed on the quarterback scenario would whitbeck. And I've spent a lot five million dollars dot com we all know that you know that's not the answer. I like -- they had a good season measure for them that they'd they'd been knocked off the stop and that they and they beat the pats beat saint palm so all the raw pure jet and you cannot be annoyed about 2013. The Yankees obviously you could be annoyed about 2013. We all wondered about that Taylor and a nine million if they go over that threshold they did -- -- Idea is going to be good assortment spring training. You know I got out of the -- they got the Seattle seems to have recovered his fastball looks like he's gonna be sharp make the rotation. About the issue be a little better not just gonna be the real deal and the Red Sox are the issues that matches stock who was a disappointment I think an -- might be better. I don't have although they have -- you know Jeter's gonna bounce back an -- what he hits in spring training nobody cares Jeter's gonna play well. And it's solid lineup on the cam you guys go out Barry. -- Ron Teixeira they bounce back. Not marry at all so to get your property it got done. But the Yankees that's a tough division now I mean you guys now that's a very hard division by the idea it could be right and what I -- the Red Sox obviously going to be good. -- good the -- much better but at the Yankees have a pretty good year. You are you pick in the Yankees to win the division. I hate the Yankees. I haven't thought I probably will pick them. I know that sounds wacky I don't know what I don't -- the Red Sox had already sides always played well and they have four pretty good pitchers and I love well. I don't dog you can expect a Red Sox to be quite as good. The way -- grind it out all the games they were last year I'm not sure you can expect that again. And I know the Yankees and yankees are going to be good and I've got a good pitching staff. Do you think Jeter is going to be good in the -- forty you think you'll be fine. And it's not that he's gonna hit 350 but I think Jeter's gonna play -- point five games. IE looks good I saw him play in spring training looks lighter. I think Jeter's gonna have a 175 minutes. Scored ninety lions and when analytical. Of why he's got a great Atlanta shortstop and delivered that any academic issues now limited second base is Brian Roberts. Their bases Carrie Johnson as a major problems like there but don't have a lot of power but you dummy document and it McCain is gonna hit. Teixeira getting -- -- Bible runs. And Maine and how it started going to be pretty good if you start there and Jeter bounces back to put. Have a here's the problem though as you know -- -- -- discourse more runs in the blaster B can easily make a case that to knock a struggle a little bit depending it is struggles a bit gets hurt. But sabathia has another bad year Kuroda is old army could go -- for the Yankees pretty fast. I agree that and a double pitchers. You don't know that -- daughter bought it sabathia wins twelve depicted say it's about it was fifteen games to doctors. You know forty dotted I gotta think Yankee pitching will be. -- -- and other cutbacks at that particular camp. I've got they're not gonna take place he's gonna be there earlier if they're in a pennant race. And -- -- have a tremendous lineup I'm mini -- lineup is wait and inclusion. Chris Davis and Adam Jones before I -- has put in a small little ballpark. I mean I'm not gonna hit the tape that aren't that -- -- of the division you can make an argument guys that every team in the American League east -- or violent. Chris Russo I want to circle back to the circus and I think the jets have a playoff ready defense it may be a -- -- -- are ready running game. But I'm not sure how many teams in the National Football League could prevent or silence. A quarterback controversy but I'm almost certain the jets would not be one of those teams you see a storm on the horizon in terms of Vick and a -- be in there together. I'm I'm not sure about a storm but I think about it I think the question John is at -- Do they have a quarterback I -- you can not under any circumstances sit there and tell me if -- -- and you think you know that's the answer to position I mean. He finished a little better than he began last year and an -- they kind of kept it under control he ran a little bit little energy. You know he's he seems there's -- -- whom seem to like them but he's not he's not a big. Player. And you don't pick it always gets -- and all that said the right things this week. I get that that actually you know that's that I haven't put too much about the Jetsons in this it and we all like the way they finished. They did beat the -- they had a great second happen to kill decides to playoff games. Obviously they beat Miami Indiana knocked them out of the playoffs. They'd like -- given access to your contact -- -- over the same process again what Iraq comes back in 2015 and hot. Can -- to get an extension it is that is basically an extra year which is no big deal. You would have liked that I don't think Desean Jackson's coming here and but I think it got to be put -- good -- -- other pages that made good moves. I mean the patriots you know that's been you know Weaver's -- -- the patriots. Anyplace stayed -- quarterback would be great quarterback so they didn't really didn't rule. All week that particular weakness on their team. As did many -- that weakness and that's -- -- you know -- left it. That money -- he's bad he's a better and to -- blues injury prone enemy checked them for the last two FC title games. -- may not optically -- right to the league's good but the Revis is the best at mad dog I would kind of up against the clock here quick thoughts on Phil Jackson can he make a difference on how Long Will that tick. That's an did you the best diplomatic perspective on Jack it is secured the owner realizes. That tyranny at best but the -- salary cap and help or your cell Jack it will probably -- -- Steve parent coach. But I don't think in the long run that Phil Jackson that I plan. I did not bring LeBron botched and waited that people want to play together -- not happening -- east champion. Although as you guys same thing -- -- he's not simply have to bring in a free agents it's whether they want to play and Anthony is the issue for the next. -- always a pleasure to talk and sports -- if thanks for checking and good to hear your voice again administration at Chris Russo -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline to host the new weekday TV show high heat. On MLB network starting Monday march 31 opening day at 12 PM -- three. D&C. There's trouble from coast to coast in basketball something that came out of somebody's mouth. And a former favorites Celtic finds himself in the middle of NBA storm next.

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