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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Johnny Weir's dog

Mar 26, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys discussed accusations by Johnny Weir against his ex husband.

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I headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment start Grand Junction, Colorado. You never I have a bit of a cross country from California to Boston I spent the night -- current Grand Junction, Colorado a ball that was some. -- -- -- -- Alone or with some Stahl was -- -- -- and no I was I was clear as I was moving back here who buys this or spent the night in the hotel when asked what should -- -- for a nice run Colorado's a great running state. Did you find the air hard on your lungs. Yet as I that's not that try to for -- that now it's I -- it is heartwarming story president. Sorry was that this is fascinating. Grand Junction. The -- like that you watch. She's just a little conversation before -- kill you. Real charmer -- he would just get right to. -- And it'll come. Into the woods leave us a new real coach and work the head coach yeah but yeah. Yes yet -- confident. The nine year old girl was kept out of class Monday Grand Junction. Because of her support referred -- was fighting cancer. Cameron -- from the side of the big makeovers sheared off color hair and solidarity with a friend who started -- third chemotherapy to treat cancer. Porter's school cap rock academy's policy in shape that's for girls. They sent her home. They knew that they sent her home stale. But it is one. You know what this is far worse than a kid making a gun off. With his finger in getting rights to domestic gradation and loosely connected to something that's not -- this is worse this is unbelievable and should she have to stay home to or hair grows back yes let's talk about -- What are you thinking or not. Nicest girls so what's next the boys you know that -- the conversation goal among the school board directors and I don't know whether their 357 or nine. Was there anybody who said are we leap and crazy here what she did something nice to support her best friend. -- as we have a rule that you can't shake your head consistent. Distraction. Your best friend is eighty Kelly Clements she said I was really excited to have someone to support me that would be alone with people always laughing at me. I would have at least some of the go through -- all she said the -- stage four cancer don't have any sound here while we get to some here's the marketers the mom of of the -- said shaver and it. Friends the party -- and and in no matter -- -- and this is a very great little girl and we should also mark her nap and that fact that she made that decision it is a big deal the big idea. Shouldn't be spending the kids are laughing. That are helping lead the little girls eleven -- class but the girlish of the Red Bryant she has stage four cancer as the girl she's eleven Buehrle was -- a picture of his Q that would girl and kids laughing -- It's easy for guide issue of his head. Yeah yeah commercial -- The -- -- O'Connor and see the two right here it's it's it's it's is so last night. The school board got together and voted in and she's allowed back all the -- yet they saw the error of their ways I was surprised you know wig the vote was 31. I didn't even number talked excellent one voted against letting that's another school one what's that us hostage. Our little girl was I heard on the -- great -- forever great. Mary looks back in and have -- let me to play me. I wouldn't be alone. With a volley laughing at me so what would you like to say you were. It's the same thing clue he's being arrogant and it actually really in play and today and not only kidding about it and. So juxtapose that with these adults who look at the situation instead. -- I don't -- with the ball that's unbelievable they relented the Grand Junction daily sentinel right paper read that I bitterly and then I was Georgia and expert -- in -- Chicago for -- before and I have to die before back to -- emigrate to -- go -- did you doubt on -- grandchild but they have commander Frederick. A media critic it would erode our -- it was really road. The Grand Junction daily sentinel reports the board member voted no said he was worried he was so depressed that policy waivers that's incredible. On this guy -- -- does not say you'll find out that guys take him out and beat them she gotten currently smoke -- blocked on the street with a big fat -- Colorado -- pinching your head support of your best friend on Tuesday to discuss. What is gonna set the bad precedent set by if this happens again. Should I be able to do it it would get give good press -- how is this going to be anyway. A flexible. Girls should. Others. As a matter is that the hang thing -- school gang that is now the rule it out let -- rule book does not cap rock academy has a policy against shaved heads for girls. Think it's a -- thing maybe every Christmas thing. And -- boys can do it. Yeah was sure that's it seems she just got the several Whipple a one when she had a and then carved -- him -- ever -- school that's a Liggett parity and get carried on one hand -- -- to get water to hear this week. It's time to generate that that's what you. -- -- -- -- it gonna do it totally gonna bring into the Bob agreement by at Annenberg board is against -- -- -- -- -- two year old Mike and Mike he's Medimmune deal in my room. -- now -- a have a chance to great story. Johnny -- Claims is estranged husband Victor we're born off not strange a strange strange -- others that estranged husband Bradford. Estranged husband. Beat his tiny pooch. This according to legal docs obtained by teams kids he's more than once thought about it a a -- -- competence -- drug -- -- is -- We said that team up the Japanese Chin -- the family dog. Johnny says it was he is that he got team up for pet store the team is -- on this side of the bed like you Jerry. The team awaited by the bathroom door Johnny took a shower in the team followed -- all over the house wouldn't would happen if the Cali has got divorced. Who would be -- and be a fight. And higher odd I don't know how can quite be absolutely all a letter at every position that your if your way we -- way in Saint Louis. This will be sleep with one. Yes absolutely so I mean it's not hopeless when you sleep with more during the night. We're usually does have a state is that we writes yes between us he goes to bed -- -- -- about earlier right. He sleeps eats and sleeps mobile. Doesn't that curtail. Meant to -- -- -- on the style hasn't -- the -- you know that book what dog the dogs -- -- I hate of -- wrote it's like dogs watching TV they know looking at something they just don't know what the hell that is crises and Spain Euro new whenever -- like Bob -- -- -- it never gets on and he did you think he's jealous about it gets upset. The Djokovic it's ironic that -- fighting for the dog because he -- victors. Volatile and see him strike the dog with force on occasion when we were married. Right Johnny also says -- -- what you were to pick up some items team was on the bag. Was in a bag on the -- Victor Johnny claims he was crying and trying to -- way out of the bag and John is a lot more to say in the docks. He scoffs at the disclaims worth ten million denying he said he said that all who were ten men. It victors claim pictures that team. So so Johnny's got to meet -- Victor is abusing the dog yes Saddam on Johnny sighed again but all we don't know truth. I don't think so -- -- by the way if your team now do you fall to double the sparkly things on the other dresses than a business suit get a solid dog these guys are scared this is just an. Accessory for Johnny. It's like a Ferraro. Diamond he's not -- families says he's more caring about it but I rent an apartment Johnny. Driver in the bag -- you -- look cool as -- -- the animal ladies that the gambling machines available now and you know. -- -- real -- my -- yeah but she doesn't like -- she -- -- and -- we have a connection -- -- -- but she's never -- -- -- get me -- -- reminds -- finally she told Chris I'm sure that debt deleveraging -- as -- hotel in -- slight little quick vote after -- -- thought -- -- -- -- put the cold in -- I was in the like to -- enough that she was in the fat -- but I had the chain I was dressed like -- in the seventies had a couple buttons and then -- okay. And now. Had that look right that look at you like like that's a -- a TV last night. Interviewing. What Anna Kournikova. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At some inflection and everyone was as bad as the one before. It's up 42 minutes only time we don't know we'll take a break its army into -- into -- story he Sami. Well I was in sanctions in the I could cut out of their TV -- harm real quick they they surveyed a thousand American men -- an opening day coming up. Instead any celebrity he could have a hot dog with an opening day -- a ball game and now with spent the day at the ball game with a my answer is always the same. -- college of -- -- daughter Janice went and I'm happy or else what are your sources -- all guests Bill Murray. Not a good guests Mark Wahlberg. Hang out and celebrity and it's all high admitted that he -- on the number two was Jennifer Lawrence. That's not to sit the game I don't get that. -- -- big Mike Adams a breather every beyoncé at. Lol low yesterday some of that it's crazy but he's -- exactly what the whole game it didn't for Jerry -- -- which I can least understood I'd rather I think Pakistan's. To -- with anyone in the Steinfeld said in a new Monica stanza. On the it's well over nighter to your stance. Stance -- eight or through those waiting mad dog Russo and actually Dennis and Callahan.

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