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Four at Four - Bitter Rival Edition

Mar 25, 2014|

We discuss four topics all stemming from bitter rivalries, sparked by the epic Bruins/Canadiens showdown on Monday night.

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We do it's ugly it's time to what. I play a -- now and try to figure out the scene that Andy's working on. I'm trying to think what she's the athletic movie this -- from now. You don't answer no I don't know policies. Not a rock band. Which apple which one was there. You could change but at at and it's changed. Fields which which -- war. -- Oakland -- a bit about what a pathetic you know -- before it's okay. Of course I like cholera. So at what we're talking about five return my rock he. Yeah. We're gonna talk about. Underdogs. Who made it or rivals. What is the young men got to be talking about arrival. Little twist on the rivalry. Last night Bruins face off for the hated Montreal Canadians the Bruins Canadians have had some major -- over the last couple years. Which individual player has been the biggest thorn in the bruins' side. OK that's great question are we talking about being taken a couple of hundred days are we talking about personality. Or they're just so good. If you just gotta like Carey Price -- really good these hard to beaten -- supporting your side I took it -- person who's that guy. Who's that guy we're Jackson get up. And he played for the -- for the Bruins want to plan for the Bruins -- -- -- is in our eyes and Florida I am hammered with knowledge whenever it. Yes yes maybe you should watch -- and it also I. Nice -- and the guy also they used to call yard sale Mike Ribeiro ribeiro anytime -- near him equipment. I call -- am. A writer. Is it right there. Now he's now that -- down and not the one that we yelling get up to it was. French name -- was in in any had to come back and say something nice about them because. Because he played for the reports. But bigger burden YouTube was warm and with deals you know no no -- -- I'll be fully thank you know -- bank and get a French name and BF Benoit Malia and -- apple I was -- But as the one does that mean if you guys -- I mean I mean of the last five years I'd say -- on that -- -- are like you're watching TV and you -- actually engage at the garden last night every time he touched the -- the entire building who enjoyed it and the minute he touched the puck they -- and any past -- -- -- He's the guy of course that's no that's when you know you've made it as an opponent when you reach that level when you can get an entire building that. -- always saying it was hammer like that it is Elena but it was. Boy got -- he -- a little about fully got maybe wasn't enough but yet another comment about him really all over and that he wound up playing for the Bruins. Stuff happens. All but a lot of a lot of -- are saying that. In terms of pain in his side. Of the floor. -- little quickly is that last five years -- a little earlier than. Sorry then pull up and slipped my mind I apologize I just couldn't couldn't slip but it in my brain pan there. Yes you are Michael the Boston Red Sox have had some big battles with teams over the years as a Red Sox fan who is the most insufferable opponent. Of the Red Sox in the last five years this is there any other answer I mean don't we all have this I don't know what you guys and torture -- It's the same. Yankees. I don't know -- -- For the last five years is not yet it's from I wasn't thinking it. Wasn't OK -- what you guys tell me. Tampa -- that's what I was thinking and start with the manager who annoys me with his -- -- right on -- right it starts with him. And then the rest of it just sort of trickles down from him but yet start to Joseph -- Yeah after the -- with the Yankees. Well the most out of the good of an individual that it is that what you meant -- OK Joseph -- an individual I don't -- -- -- they were all like the -- team all right Ralph. I was convinced you're gonna go to man. Either way I'm going Joseph -- the wind the glass up everything the quotes that thing but just -- every -- you met him you'd really like and that's about Eric I have yet so it really doesn't like it out -- -- I know that's an answer I don't know I'd actually like the guy. -- don't make me like you. Got that quality that you think like you. I -- sort like the effect Bill Belichick has on people admit they've met him. -- That -- Don't let it was to get up -- down lawfully that was one of the greatest weight and talent overthrown him and how to Jack changed his tune when -- -- is. Guys great redemption story that I -- I have I gotten better and I don't hold -- the Boston android. Three. This season the Celtics aren't tank commode and the only rivals they have -- -- the bottom four teams in the NBA. During the Big Three era the Celtics traded barbs with players like Carmelo Charlie on the waiver and my personal least favorite player in the NBA Dwyane Wade. So who -- the celtics' biggest antagonist during the Big Three. -- and I just one re ran before regular. Player how that help you lose 45 consecutive games in any leak -- get any professional team. Lose 45 game tomorrow. I'll save that rant but it gets to thirty. I got this got ending anytime you're you you. They they -- -- disband the damn franchise they should take that team away and break them up. Not anybody wants any of their talent bug out -- -- the heck out of the NB -- -- Michael Carter Williams. Give me Maryland's -- and Brian of Everett you know the guy who replaced bizarre he should turn his tractor beams -- on the Philadelphia 76ers. You wanna see full blown tank mode that's exhibit a right there 25 straight losses if you don't do it you're right but the. They did the right way. They got rid of the day they get they don't go all the wires. Here take Evan Turner they succeeded in there going what they have to show for Evan Turner Evan Turner trade. It. -- didn't Rangers. Aren't any simulator. -- Contra we haven't we had a big trade to make it work integrate -- simulators that policy later. Not that it -- that good anyway what those guys. Those guys -- lose -- -- Well are right rant is over now back to the original. Concept in question European again -- when we look at -- our biggest the biggest territory you got that the -- antagonist during debate three I don't mind. Some say oh LeBron James L but that Quinton Richardson no joking Noah that's mine -- about you know his mind. He -- up there to go away is that Dickens way is Dave. -- is that secretly dirty players from a health class golf. And he's also whiny little. And that there at their final little -- -- it says that on the greater detail on that dale dropped the talk around all the rules every time I was in the forays -- bleeped out for something and so on and usually talking about his home life and stuff. We just don't want isolated -- long but just every time you watch him he's. Did Cheney. And -- heard he's got that little Steve McNair Bristol thing where you need to know about every injury Ian. He -- not for like. Chalmers the Q what. Do overs at the great. Know -- ago when too because I hated him -- it's the guys see he's not even Celtics related though also you know what Florida -- a good player -- Egypt it's like so. And then -- really -- -- -- is really good talent you know and just the -- plays what I ashtrays at liberty I think in terms of Nolan. He has to do that that -- gets him golf he's got to be that agitator. He was Baghdad at Florida yes you and I -- how amazing is a terrific defensive player all star. I would just like through bonds. I'd take him on the team I would of -- no thanks would have I don't know if I could not and having to a group formed yet hate. Thickness that it wade played hockey player in Montreal exactly wealth that. And finally become the most hated team in the NFL our New England Patriots. There's well outside of the six states that's true absolutely literally Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott and -- Porter can't stop talking about their hatred for the pats and. Athletic. All I. Felt -- -- Soot which anti patriot player in the NFL is just the most annoying. Well let him play. He's the coach. Got nice sweater -- going to. Matt -- he's got a foot range though that well I asked that he's got a foot fetish. That kind of -- -- I don't know about that. And he likes next. That would be the one and only. Rex Ryan. We know we're better than you we don't give up. It you know ordered not. It's got to be the one thing that separates these guys for me and you look at a guy like Suggs or Ray Lewis is our enemy seem now. I they entertain me they bring something to the table you know we've -- sudden this thing. I don't think that's appropriate for his. -- I -- feel like me I don't like is there. I don't know I don't like I don't like his smug attitude but then again I don't like last attitudes are invited to see enough. The worst of the so much. And has fun with -- number I -- -- -- -- only autorads mature collector Emery spent that whole like convincing people I didn't vote for Brady for the pro blamed in the eighties. Of course -- -- for the best course. Those guys that I think Joey Porter is the answer I think he's always been an nit wit. He's never been creative in his criticism of the patriots never been funny never been anything other than -- -- -- -- great. Textures that its board of by a lot I. -- At the objects. Mahay. Got to Marshal all. Chris Carter. -- kind of locker room they can win. I wanna say it is very clearly. They hate their coach. And -- season could be over depending on how quickly they can get over this emotional devastation they suffered because the lawyer Malloy. And coach Belichick can not get they'll -- back. They have to do this on their own -- to come back and bond of the football team because they wanna win and maybe in spite of him. It locate him or you don't like witness how I act and got it yet I have to say this. I have to say -- through eleven years ago. He was right about part of it he was right war. May be two days and right after they have right after I got kind of today probably like you were -- days he was right. And today. Were -- didn't. Didn't get together or bonding together inspired him they would mattered and it talked for a few days to him or anybody else in the coaching staff. In the end. Miraculously to object and he was with a win this thing back. And the Super Bowl here. And for a year after 2 I -- not in the public at 21 game went extra Bart Scott can't wait.

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