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NFL issues TD celebration rule change; Shane Victorino entrance song in jeopardy

Mar 25, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the NFL issuing a new rule that penalizes players for celebrating a touchdown by slam dunking the ball over the goal post. They also discuss MLB's intention to limit Shane Victorino's entrance song as he walks to the plate.

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Final hour -- and -- 937. WEEI your calls until 2 o'clock 617779. 7937. Is the phone number AT&T text line. At 379 -- 37. I'm gonna give you two. Decisions made by -- should tell you which one annoys you more which abolish or. I mentioned this during the last couple trending now throb Brad -- story WE DI -- dot com. Major League Baseball is going to limit your walk up music in 2014. One of baseball's a new and lesser known tools -- rules Pratt reports. Is a mandate that walk up music for hitters. Last no more than fifteen seconds on -- Joey can pull up Bob Marley three little birds back there but I maybe we can figure out. How long that is because. Rob says that of course this puts a series dent. Into Shane Victorino signature introductory song which became a staple. Throughout the latter half of 2013. With federally fans singing the words to begin each of the outfielders that. See how long that is. Five seconds there. My guess that's. Hopefully it's just yet the idea that her. Finalized agreement I think -- -- -- it's nineteen seconds of the run -- splits the instrumental heart. This cup that's doubtful that he should I think you'll be okay I. Arguably baseball's cracking down on the I think it's not right victory just said it disappointing to hear that look at this way there was this that. Of going into the box between pitch at a mine was like six seconds. Which one of the top five fastest they ask me why -- like I told -- wanna get in the box. And golf. So stuff they wanna change TV's good guy like me of course it's Sox. Because it's not necessary for me but it's part of Eric -- and at Fenway Park when I walked to the -- Meg absolutely disappointed fans every day because you're changing. That part of the game. It goes on to say that's part of their rhythm. I don't wanna do that because I wanna listen the whole songs because the thing it. That's been picked up on a way it happened towards the end of the year it's the only reason I've let that part of the song go up not. I don't pay attention to it. So it was a 22 clip Pratt reports we just an agreement that. He's good at the cut off from the beginning. Along that again. MLB is making it the rule fifteen seconds that the big. It's like Brad forget that Bullock voting thing is yeah is it did MLB revealed that. It's -- the -- down this is exploring right now means. It's gotta be fifteen seconds -- feel like hitters and pitchers aren't getting into the box rating hit until their song is over. It's a walk a song it's not involved in the box all right. I actually felt like there was certain situations where. Guys were get a box from the should've because their songs that way. Critic and that doesn't say here why they would do the rule the only reason like you said Izzo is a way to speed up the games I got an idea. Don't let guys step out every pitch don't let pitcher stand forever on the mound the -- Jonathan Papelbon Bud Selig. He's a human rain delay would he gets in there Hubble worry about that says the extra five seconds. Mean what is that to a that is before sect say it again is the pitchers managed hitter in the but there are other some of the hitters that -- -- -- -- -- you use show via I -- it's doing his routine when a pitchers on the mound Rachel ball. It was a pitching usually ready when pitchers are standing out there. He's in the box and a -- still got a standing in the rubber and -- in this district in Nassau -- around our look around the -- it's guys like Jeter two I agree it's more pitchers are right. But the guys who put that one foot out of the box yeah but the hand up for couple seconds every single pitch we Johnny gold does that to light right in and out does it. You -- to get himself set I guess is what slowed pitching depth lot of pitches were very fast. Not done enough for all there are there are so that's what part of -- you worked a guy like Cliff Lee. He -- all you get the signed. When you step back in the box he's already get -- hand up he's -- nodding yes and you know it all almost. I don't have my foot down yet for God's sake ceremony and have -- back -- my shoulders yet so. There's there's I understand is extremes and every category but I just look in general wanna look at it. I look more. Hitters being ready. And may be difficult not -- -- too long or there in the box rating hit. And pitch walk round mound. Dole or whatever might be. I just. People say no one it means no one never ever took too much time he did all his fidgety stuff but it was over like four seconds Japanese -- It was pretty quick it was routine that it was quick there are some guys who put the foot out digging in every single pitch but I think you're right that if -- if you're great to get out who is more guilty. The pitchers or hitters. I would say the -- I wouldn't say your hitters are out of it not guilty plea in this case they deserve -- some guys are worse than others but as a group. I assign blame on pitching and off like five seconds every at bat. Is necessarily -- anybody up there to take this week pastime anyway. And -- early -- affect the link the games at the end. I find it hard to believe. I would say if you cut out first by seconds showing you'll be okay. That -- -- you'll get to that part of rapper says the last five seconds to become awful. Not great. Yet this last three or saga the last three or four FC -- -- a little bit and get it all started reports are right -- this is not a big deal tonight seconds right underneath it. I didn't have it sounds to -- for the most part I mean just kind of started to double team did it. And finally did it whatever but the big -- -- -- I lost that one of -- like it's taken off I don't remember. Once in November remember Maria at the at bat was an opening and doubled since they crank that up predominantly. On the big leagues. So mean it was just. You want a song didn't fifties -- to witness on the deal one. Feel -- seconds out if you want -- blessed for. -- -- that such a big deal -- this one keen bland -- went on national radio today. The head of NFL officiating aide said that next year. Spiking a ball over the goal posts will be a penalty. Like you score -- touchdown you're Jimmy Graham and you spiked the ball over the goal post wrote. One. I don't caution came -- with fifteen yards or whatever by our estimates on sport like in now dunking the ball over the goal post beat Tony Gonzales. Staple they touched down. Is a fifteen yard penalty. -- we do and really ridiculous NFL though it probably wanna get it you know just whatever out of -- one song it would and 56 a big deal. The -- and everybody. But not be in Iowa the spike ball at what. What they'd just come out and say that when you score touched on its mandatory the just hand the ball to the rafters -- say. Just go to the silence is what do we just come and say that that girl with you don't. Know celebrated at all just hand the ball the -- you don't it's a penalty. That's what they want fine but I -- spike the ball what does that have to it was a missile game down. Well I think if I remember correctly sullen I think it was Jimmy Graham maybe try to spike the ball and ended the goal posts I do and it delayed the game a little bit. We grabbed Dario grab the gold -- a very good point -- about a toting it solidly down Tony Gonzales would Duckett. And never really pulled out of the goalposts -- -- and hang on the rim type thing. So you wanna do that if you make the rule if you do it and it causes it out game -- then it's fifteen minute you know affinity you aren't in six games. That's that's that's a -- attack. Ads that are headed. But I like the dunking at this I hear that I -- really late all the problems that are. Italy the NFL -- draw penalties Tommy current talk before a lack every player on important plays. Head injuries work ethic and keep constant. -- forever the league doesn't care but they hate -- wanna add eighteen games the schedule. Would -- the football that's that's organ donors have a good point. Mean you -- and it lasted that evidence that it wears like a really it would dump it football's now we got to bring them. Throughout the year and reset -- -- -- -- that's opinions. That's opinions but well done -- Rights and that's not sit well the so fine if you affect the goal post that's the penalty if you don't get what 99% of the time is affected by don't. Well one private -- again change the rule. -- the game down whose previous best touchdown celebration of -- it was a rainy months fake moon the Packers fans there but that was -- classic. Well forget now go back to watch. Any given Sunday. Like dated some of those ridiculous. Touchdown celebrations afterward that the league used to -- you do you guys to do like fake knocking each other down and get back up. ET shelf or icky woods and -- would be and it's yet to the end zone guys do suitable shelf Lynette -- that doesn't exist anymore. In the NFL. Thought I don't like either one of those but that the ducking at the goal post the one -- -- He affected goalposts line but if you if you if you don't let the guys celebrate the way you want us -- about being. Derogatory to. 6177797937. Your phone number AT&T text line 379237. All circle back toward a -- victory of port up in your calls. Victory goes missing another game today is an issue with this side yes 22 at bats. No John Ferrell came out said Jackie Bradley junior criticized north of this this morning -- either war. One Douby -- roster the other guy Walton. Well I would speculate that a Shane Victorino has couple setbacks here. He might start the year on the DL indicate apple Jackie Bradley junior. It Grady Sizemore. On the roster of start the year beating go down that road today and afterwards he called victory on day to day but. You talked about his lack of at bats he's now heard again has won the battle a well into -- and here at spring training. He's always had a couple new media issues of injuries wanna let him. Rest for a couple weeks to bring him up the middle of April. And let Bradley junior and Sizemore on the roster and rotate those guys with films Inaba it has dropped open. Due to start the quality issue with with with Vick would be you have to be the truth fifteen day DL because he's participated in big league games in spring. You know in the case of Craig Breslow who has yet to -- a big league game in his this week is in the pitching in minor league games for the sole purpose of if he is not ready you can retro him right all the back to -- point third and have available say April 7 the rate whatever that they might be. So you can actually -- one week DL type of stint because you can -- -- in any games in the Major League Baseball games spring training. Vick -- to be a -- fifteen day DO. The question is is that it's it's spring training soul. Every single nick it's not like he's been held out for 345 days -- every single nick in brews whenever bruise that might be of feeling it might be takes out of spring training game. Is it serious enough to put money fifteen day DL. I'm not so sure it is you know it I guess the possibility. If that's case the apple opened probably it would make the team. But I still go back to the Grady Sizemore. And if they don't think. -- -- -- We said this awhile ago -- -- -- Point out affected if Grady Sizemore is ready you'll be your center field a -- he's a better option and in Jacqui now Lott had to. Those weeks ago a lot of legal right it was if he's healthy. If he performs it was a long shot he's exceeded expectations with everybody. But they should be used a plan for Grady Sizemore. And it nothing that affects it at all. None of the nothing no player no nothing. Should affect that player. In other words if he's not ready if they feel like. He does need a month you know in AAA. And get more at bats and to have a better idea signal on his own schedule continue this plan. If if if Victor Reno and sucked -- DL McGrady shouldn't be the option it should be somebody else. Whoever that player might be a price -- I don't even know but if you. In a discussion with Grady Sizemore if this organization ever feels like they are rushing him. That he should not be on this team. Everything in stride you know at three games that are out now this Tuesday Wednesday Thursday -- gonna play three more games general I if there's an. It it's a scintilla of a setback okay. That they should sit him down but he gets the next Monday. And he says he's healthy ready to go complain opening day center field. But he should be the guy. If if he's healthy now and I trust the medical staff you know a year ago yet the Ellsberg was always an issue with the medical staff but overall last year but did a pretty good job managing their pitchers. And I I give them credit for that. So I trust them I trust the guys equity and got to work with Sizemore Cleveland is now here right went -- saw him of all the reasons they brought him here. What did direct these. He's -- Cleveland he's from he's here -- -- he knew him from Cleveland. Now he sought is basically their work in them before now is the first time he'd work and that's why -- signed here Rick Jamison assistant trainer Cleveland is arbitrator. In Boston but -- directs another got to keep an eye on where he's going to be located. You know why if if direct a local guy and he's gonna be kind of -- can be easier for Grady Sizemore to see him. You know -- the target than being Pataki teases you report links are there so wherever directors that's for greater size was probably going to be. The -- of meeting him was the one they were convinced him to come here he liked what he says those Rick Jamison was the -- -- assistant trader Cleveland you when I was there yeah. And now -- head trader over here in Boston so he's known for a long time as close as well as barrel as wrong as the most sort of low. This way I was concerned that Grady was running out of time that he was showing that he was playing that there was no setbacks. That he can play now five out of six games is still no setbacks. Tonight ticket to the next level OK you'll be shown she can play five or six days. Now we got to change your course of action now we're gonna watch the player. Now is the player ready. You know physically he's ready but he is the player ready if the missing two years. So this is up this is -- that the bills those guys as far as -- the eyes on him at this point. That is what I feel is reading -- feels he's -- that -- The news ready if they Felix another 507580. At bats for guys missed two years is beneficial shall we do give him. He's good to -- it's stay the rest of the year and beat that guy whether it's in senator left right whoever might beat. If that's the best course of action you do that. -- but your faults or 61777979. B 370 is the phone -- got -- till 2 o'clock odd -- is down on the cape pay deal. Look what summit. And it -- about the goal post I just want it now call it should we go out here look at Hewitt and -- -- honor. He got. It but oh. -- called. The practical approach and a doctor. Write about but little. While the celebration and not the ball well like. Hewlett. -- Try to. -- -- later. -- they are getting tired. Yeah. And all. Off. At. The top. Are -- on let. It -- and again. In the -- -- the operation. And it. You know and partner. And all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sort it all -- that got so locked up the and it won't. Some. Guys that aren't you know that it. It will help protect -- appreciate on the open on -- few years ago or. And I -- the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think there's a line -- edit the line. All I will be popping your opposition you know -- we scored a touchdown. And do at some sort of generation toward the sideline and -- and Goodell wants to provoke it sportsmanship I LC were -- the football. -- Crosses that line -- celebrating with your teammates crosses that line and he tried to get rid of that spiking the football some cases right on the field -- the maybe it is because of that deal that he thinks. It's tied into off the field play I would all the field issues I would just that's ridiculous. And I. I like the creativity on these guys used to show and for the guys that Gator old school hit the ball to the official you like that to you like that the mix of home. But to lose point or just where -- a week away from them just saying Hannibal deficient the people. You're suspended six games I shell of the Boston talk about the same thing that a shot. He. I'm calling in regard to the north bluntly after that don't bring them back and I'd just like to know -- the no talking does that extend to lay ups doesn't extend to jump shots you know the giants like -- Do the ball pointing total current yup you know I'd I'd just like your take on. I don't have a deep -- -- and all the I would roll this layoffs finger rolls fade aways are all legal. I do think that this probably stems from exactly what Joseph negates it last year where. It was a dunk and to go -- move in the -- call time and at the readjusted. The debt stems from I think is basically do not touch the goalposts. -- be my -- 61777. Nights have been 937 is your phone number AT&T excellent. It's 379837. Year calls up until Michael -- 2 o'clock -- his Catholic -- we dale. A Christian in the house Sports Radio WEEI.

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