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CSNNE's Tom E. Curran Reports From NFL Owners Meetings

Mar 25, 2014|

Tom Curran calls the show to discuss the Vince Wilfork contract situation. After texting with Vince this morning, Curran says that Vince's camp is possibly trying to put the "genie back in the lamp" and that the possibility of the Pro Bowl DT returning to the team has improved.

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On the current. CS any dot com Tommy -- I don't -- -- -- I don't expect that the we've been talking about your report overnight in the sense updated story today which -- get to and a couple of minutes ago the first time Tom. What are you -- the reporters got your hands on some info regarding the Vince Wilfork -- and as you reported I guess election to expand on it. As part of what you reported on the restructuring at the patriots we're gonna ask -- that take. Would be tied into playing time -- would also buy guarantee but he could make up to the seven half million dollars. But he was schedule make this year correct. Right and I think what we've been dealing with since he you know Rappaport. Reported that just to request this releases. A lot of speculation on my part as well if you ask me personally what exactly is the question it's a pay cut is it. And unjustified drop in salary in future years is extended so. No we bobbled that ball on premium you'll and one who ordered it really would have confirmation whether -- -- prince's party or XP you know. That this was the cakes are -- -- report -- -- he makes something up -- quote it's not a good way to stay employed. But now we go to what you feel fleshing out it was not a street pay cuts since we've won millions -- -- that are apt bigger cut. It was here it won't like it. Bring it down. New York's salary based on playing time in 2014. With PageSix and a half million for. Three games last year let's try to protect ourselves this year. And I don't know if you could open the stroke of the expansion would be. It's it's or rate compared finds acceptable. If it's 21 the term short term but I do know that that that's the basic structure that they were not. You know it's always the -- Vince right now if is to Corsica obviously feels like he's being disrespect him -- do you think it has more to do with money -- you think it's a pride respect thing with -- It's history -- It's you know. And it's a pride respect and working on a six year deal -- the one yard. Overall pick in the first round. Are having to wait until 2000 and the effect feel even though he certainly prettier or pro level from regular -- is tremendous level. And not getting paid -- he incurred a career school that period. Not getting complicated sport during that period of time and any time we -- -- -- vote. And lost his opportunity but he oil -- now we aren't that. Money and what street for years forty million dollars should -- five years forty million dollars beginning in 2000 and the notion of the patriots -- risk. Like paying him that. And -- getting injured and then they're saying hey look some of the money that he -- have an -- time. So. But I think the resolution I think it's slipped out a little bit. And I think they're trying to put the genie back in the bottle -- -- -- at this morning at six seconds what's the sense. Guess we should updated. This morning Bobo checked. That a couple times went out to protest virtually should go to our -- So we've been trying everybody and so again I went back and try to verify it was -- again I'm asking to US we will released. It's in the back I won't let the media know -- the first all -- aren't. Would like fetus to term. In five exclamation points. You know 40452. -- -- a technical note though that it -- that's exactly how many years and it ended lower. So. You know the idea politics into it checked out with parents that you were -- released and now -- saying and the -- the first time when -- talk -- you guys. So I have no doubt and a -- is report initially. Came from someplace. But I also have a pretty good suspicion now that they're trying to put the genie back in the bottle is trying to find some resolution. We have an idea now what. The upper he exists which is probably a starting point. And I think it's gotten pregnant immigrants will put on and I certainly. I don't you got to talk about portable and you know I really don't think I think that. If you look at a -- which for six billion dollars last year. Complete three games which won't sign off when they're in the seven and a half million policy. Here now we're there we were -- to a cut a Steelers fan who say in the patriot to score habits Wilfork common blood -- -- and I agree with you that. It is it's common practice in the NFL it happened throw all -- just did it throw thugs just restructured similar deal where. Okay we're gonna lower that number protect ourselves and opened the patriots are. Unfair to ask that from -- coming off the -- let me ask you the way it was asked you to believe last night in the same voice -- -- government are the holding Vince Wilfork got it. -- don't -- so Gary are you. Get controversies. That your terrorists. To get the well there -- a product well what you know -- -- that are not and it will this actually -- six months ago. You're preparing him or he's probably you know start training camp on the pew -- we're still quite -- the regular season on the PUP -- might be now for the first six weeks. Hey we do so open about its. They're not opium on its. Opium -- -- -- good record go in somebody else would -- dangling seven and a half million dollars in 2000 what you salary or. -- -- -- -- -- But right now why would you release someone. Who could still -- very valuable part of your team. If you come -- with the -- intact. I don't think they're holding them hostage if it was rockets. And you hope you're doing cartwheels jumping jacks and Paris sailing I think is normal but it's. Brought -- current Comcast is joining us one more follow up it that the salary cap your comments very. Is your -- the patriots want to get this done sooner rather than later to sort of set their books opera could distract got a little bit. I think it could take a little while it would probably. In terms of salary capital to weather and a half 1000007. And a half million dollar of that. Use. Salary so what they would like to do most most likely and again we're just getting drips and drabs of information on what are we offers are. Would you -- that salary. Into guarantees signing bonus in future years that he could probably drop or two million dollars three and a half million dollar this year. And nutrients that money into future years and spread them. The money that -- moving over the course for a contract so he never gonna save. Reform all. I don't think it is -- DeSean Jackson offers. Or interest looming that would make. And need for them to clear space to get ten million dollars where a player in here I don't don't normally get to celebrate most of what I think will happen now with the structurally it's so while computers where -- answering you I don't think this salary cap urgency right now. Our -- is that we must salary cap if there is in the interest in one more Maurice Jones-Drew and I'm just gonna curious your thoughts. On the report that made the pats are interest in him he -- it. The audio clips of stirred up the information last night that they did not inquire about it there's more interest has been expressed its spot that they don't like him it's just that. And I -- So that was I think you've got to see it is -- -- The patriots get their name affixed to different players perhaps by agents who are trying to. Draw some interest and one could. Iowa followers. If the patriots call vote we usually Putin just don't tell anybody would quickly called you. So can -- their name attached to somebody they're probably working on it in its more. Hey these teams are interest in the patriots. At these meetings this weekend not only chance to talk to craft the Belichick Tom but some league stuff going on as well there's a lot of buzz about the potential rule changes I'm curious the list that. They you've seen and and the guys you've talked to what to you is if somebody's on the NFL beat what do you think it's the most important thing they accomplish. From the rules and regulations on the field this week in what has to get down. I think some of the senseless. Players that certainly impact the patriots I think in the -- Murkowski instance. You know they're gonna look a little bit more. Closely at the idea you know what is with the tribes without you later on in terms of -- -- it wasn't just our coast exports it was -- Keller. It was. Packers Randle caught. Suffered little injuries where guys went lower basically -- -- secret gronkowski. While we're right on the borderline of defense -- not a science books in terms of where he wasn't stress clinic that has some merit our. I'm not only extra point but I think it's great it's been approached I also think it will be excellent and I don't think -- happen. But so we talk about the notion of making everything and be able to reach -- -- people Belichick -- likable that morning at the coaches breakfast. But look I think -- apple will fall. Who should two -- to judgment call and risk timeout. And I understand that judgment call and it's in the judgment of the nuclear official sort of hold. We're still wouldn't pass interference. -- then. I understood the risk illustrate let's put it up there. -- I think they'll be cute too seriously don't get how fortunate we saw in the Carolina game and then the next week the Redskins game. Which could have easily been rectified as well -- for central office in New York which actually in. The New York rewards approved. Within the last hour or Wallace -- perhaps should go recruit strike or. While it -- radius if it's approved. New York. -- garlic. Patriots Libyan border on not all patriots for a what patriot proposals will be voted on tomorrow. So. -- you get a New York centralize its report -- Is going on. In addition to reaching a roll up on a defense where you are now these also are -- it was an act. Two reasons check out CS entity dot com Toms has updated story about he brightening skies of Vince Wilfork and Lou alluded to that segment last -- on Comcast where. Gary asked if the patriots are holding Wilfork hostage that if you -- in reverse is a still shot they're using. We're Tom actually looks like a hostage himself but honestly out of a talk with cut away. And -- and I notice you look like the hostage in the headline is tank way patriots holding Wilfork hostage and on the fact. Looks like that where -- -- odd Todd thank you it is always doctor Robert Leonard helping us out gave me on the phone here today we appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. OK we -- logo that is that Tommy current joining.

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