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Albert in Maine on having a son like Jared Remy

Mar 25, 2014|

Albert gave great insight into the thought process of Jerry Remy and his wife in dealing with an abusive son like Jared.

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-- -- crimes they Albert. Hey -- you know morning Albert. Well as story -- About my personal experience and put the grace of god it's an episode like Terry didn't. And one thing I'd say you know the difference between. Enabling. And helping -- but you successful enough and it's very very difficult to church. Now we don't have the means a jury did that we did everything for so. He's started. Abusing girlfriend when it barely its nature. We at the police now about it'll threatening outline. He was drinking he was -- smoking pot. He was arrested for drunk driving I mean it was a net. I would put it private school we get that special counsel link established all the role. And ultimately. You know we did a couple of things -- -- -- -- -- But the reason we did -- while was. Hey -- light sweet. A lot talk about that and the idea that hey what's being successful. -- but it turned out with a tough love. Well you know probably you've got the marriage and people at different opinion about what should be done a guy probably. Brought up -- old school locked up certain others you know a lot more well you know is just a statement saying. But you know it's really hard to hell where. You have to its outlook or not. And you can't it's it's fair play I'm sure jury that all the site that is going in the right direction. And I I don't think you can talk about cherry enabling this. I don't think that's reachable without really getting into the decision because suppose. You know suppose Sheridan. You know his spot. And they couldn't play. Jarrett is on drugs. Did not result in the papers -- that they could strike situation or were straight. Don't count Jerry paying for it jargon you're not paying for it. Any little improvement that Jerry Shalala. I would bet that -- are trying to -- reinforces. That's what parents do they try to get their kids respect. And I think that all the paperwork. This shut eye sight -- -- that their success or lack. One week we're very lucky. OK we got through and I have a rape -- But I can see how could not the other way. And I just don't think it's there. The sit in pure torture did it say he was sweeping probable that -- She didn't say -- they're forced to. Well critical some. -- incident. At the grace of god he didn't. Red -- at the -- he's done nothing. And all of this happened would they not be criticized for not doing enough yes and -- feel abandoned him just cut them off at the age of twenty. And you know month later he kills one of those girlfriends that he was abusing right. -- gets blamed about getting even counseling I think even more than he is now for not helping -- the means. Very very every time. That what first if -- -- -- rate -- -- about the kids. Declare probable peca and now the law. -- -- -- but you don't really hear about this you put up reported any treatment any drug that out there. At a very very tough thing now and I can see how air -- situations like jury what you everything including. Letting it cute little watchers luxurious lifestyle a law that progress. They saw signs of progress. Now the problem is you know you can look at invite everybody got to fight to -- the professional advice we got lucky. I -- I think. I think it's surprising. To me and -- that Remy was this devoted. There was some and I think it part of it is of Phoebe -- wife I don't know I think Jerry would be like that's -- over however that he dental school at some point -- they screw him hey Albert. Excellent phone call -- before we let you go so it turned out well for your son. It's a great -- cult led did turn out okay we have a great relationship yeah how old is he now. You went up so gainfully employed in not too bad stuff anymore. I looked night sitting visits every day helps out in the house. It's going to be there what are saying -- it's it's great. You Albert good for you. You know what these text picture before entries as this -- to dumb ass he dumb ass that's one of the smartest callers we've had to the station in the last three days.

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