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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: MH370 in a Black Hole?

Mar 25, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about the asinine question by a CNN host about the plane being in a black hole.

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All right headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros do precision fitness equipment so I guess we have some resolution. To Malaysia airlines flight but it probably it's probably it was -- Lebanon black hole I don't think so on an island. Not no not yet know it's a -- miles an error -- word no was markedly -- -- is part of our motion hoping -- -- -- -- that's Friday. Is it -- UC this weekend. I almost saw this week it but it isn't today is an entry won't be you -- watch I don't demand and good night and watched it the night that three hours on him if you like frozen yet. Cole that knows that it's a great -- Should watch them over frozen song helped the little girl an elevator recently to hear about let go. Song let it go yet to rights yeah like that's. I was in the car this morning driving and as a kitchen mileage athletic it was a -- -- -- after seventeen days of mystery over the fate of the missing Malaysia airlines jet Malaysia's prime minister said Monday. New analysis of satellite data as confirmed the plane went down in the southern Indian Ocean with all passengers. And crew who told you where the plane was almost on day one you said that -- O'Reilly did Alex joke about your believe it was. Indian notion you believe that I think Indian Ocean the beginning. He said the U Swanee river that you laid out. There's a Malaysian prime minister. Far from any possible. Many sites. It is -- pool. We deep sadness. And regret that I must inform you. That according. To this new big. Like every 8370. And it in the southern. Indian Ocean. Old waited one more sentence there. You looked at the microphones and check your text messages. That's that's yes many of the fairly were told in person or by telephone. Some said the Texas tonight that. Nice deep regrets we have to sue got reasonable about the -- 37 has been lost in the of those aboard survived through here in the next hour we must now accept all evidence that the plane went down in southern -- action. Did the pilot -- intentionally all anyone wants to know they are all. -- you know reasonably. Intelligent human beings knew it wasn't on some my landing strip and TED. Or. It wasn't in a black coal right yes you watch CNN and you heard the psychics maybe it might be like in heaven or something which you say. And the black coal. Lot of people have been asking about. About black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy here's -- look at this. No it says what else can you think about black -- Bermuda Triangle and then did she says -- just like the movie lost in of course. It's also -- -- also referenced in the Twilight Zone which is a very similar plot that's what people are saying I know it's preposterous but is it preposterous to think -- Well is a black holes battery ally is small black hole -- second parent Harry universally -- is -- that new track angle is often whether. And now lost is TV shows and I think. I always like things for which there's data history crunched the numbers so for me those aren't there but I think it's wonderful that the whole world is trying to help with their theories and I. Love the theories absolutely because people are trying to find answers to something that and explain right now. That's Don lemon CNN CNN host and anchor. Now and and a guest and they both think it's wonderful that people trying to help I just try adding she's trying as hard she can ought to be embarrassed to -- yes and it's 11 why don't you're trying to help -- up families of thousands are older who lost their loved ones in this. And they are trying to help I have a -- them they might have been sucked -- or black -- Europe quickly she -- that stupid question. I mean is black I -- I guess he's the -- like the anchor that's a suspect double fence he followed up with. Is it possible that landed on wall on the island cop cap scientists who yet heard that from -- cutback could happen I NN and CNN had a really populated. It would took over in. And kept side believe that's possibly that is the Mosley may actually had a psychic on. Psychics by definition are scam artist's right to since it was just see them you know wherever that Hampton beach carnivals are -- saying you know come in the -- to com or football -- get congress to -- off you're speeding ticket Florida just that I. There's -- camera. So CNN put -- scam artist on a news program and says we do you think the plain news. This helps us to brought that it's called Philly and time and CNN is gone full capital scenario -- what they're gonna do now that's -- -- again. They're ratings are up 60%. In the last twelve days or slow 60% I mean there's a reason like Jerry Springer and and put on psychics. Sure. But he people told us -- radio consultants and what I mean wanna get phone calls. Which some hosts -- all the wonderful calls filled time. A psychic and get lines -- -- people -- thing. You tell me I'm gonna get married it will be happily -- how many kids laugh my uncle why -- I mean because you get these -- rapid. You know idiots who think it's real and that's with CNN that coach you love these specificity. Of those -- Tuesday's things like. You very very generous person who cares about what other people think -- you're you better empathy for people who are less fortunate in the U. Since they started -- read. And in -- is. That it is at eighty showed that woman to. Talks that the fairways with the bad people out -- counseling with a big fingernails out there before so she heavy heavy later this huge hit show. They cover footage couple years -- at a private sit down with Phnom forget the -- -- of the aerial Castro's mob that of the daughters who were kidnapped their mom. And then that she's talking or she's yup she say now she's in heaven she misses you. Obviously it's a joke right means -- -- that's -- -- it's a living probably right thing I mean nobody takes it seriously but CNN you know Alec wildest series. You think you put on CN. And you've taken them to get the new news you -- the day. Scene and I used to amend it to be in news and respected news channel. And you say oh good -- the latest on the -- play in the missing Malaysian airliner. And and a psychic there that it might Beatles -- and ship its ace and something or it might be. -- on some landing strip in the jungle and the people are being held hostage and you have all these what you saw those family members there a mess -- Of course telling them that might be in a black called does that mean they're dead or did they come back from black coal. His work nobody knows how to work Kirkwood a plane gets sucked -- black school whose ever come back from a buckle. I am I think would tell her where it wants he was investigating global warming and went and checked out the black it's called Long Island media. That's what is right Long Island me I'd -- arguably Jody Weyers estranged husband just filed legal documents DMZ is colored. Accusing -- repeated repeatedly cheated on him -- like a -- lap -- we get this last week when you're gone according to Victor board of legal docs obtained by -- Johnny allegedly committed multiple acts of poultry including sex. The Chicago club order and sexting with a porn star. Which forced others to give -- Florida. An eighteen year old available here Barrett and -- Victor supremes prior to meeting Johnny was living life as heterosexual man struggles identity. It's his job he forced him about the -- And Johnny merit because you want to doing new reality show felt the Georgetown educated or be compelling. Story using us as for the housekeeping stuff victors -- -- forced Robbie. To return some of the guided the skater took an apartment including. -- -- -- Forty but let's -- bags when he first include 125000. Dollar sable agreed Hermes shoulder Burke in -- day. -- -- a birthday at twelve -- -- audience at twelve Chanel. And want Johnny Horton orders money don't think it's just it's a designer forcing job to return to the Japanese -- Iowa's Adam pegged as the gimbal guy but guys and and mud at the pound yeah also wants to ever support in legal fees. You know dirty -- say and that pulls out and everything. Multiple times he cheated on what the Chicago -- Butler and they -- sexting a porn star. -- -- -- -- I think we're gonna get -- -- -- -- gonna bring down this help you -- losing faith in -- you know I love -- helps his image is my favorite Olympian of all kind of crazy guy needs a -- -- only Olympics every four years yeah let's go -- some children to do they -- the games the games appears not doing it to be the guy that I went -- I got guys who do they they -- energy -- graduate -- the job back in the box. You. Expert analysts. He could do that I liked that. The would you watch that at face softer edge to the national hockey it's so bad it's Columbus whoever bad Wednesday night you know Johnny Weir's two of the game get a while watching. -- from that idea that we wanna be on one of those Billy bush shows and like. Gloria every night -- bush I never report gets well it's definitely an earlier international board utterly different the addition yeah Agassi -- army to. This true Navy SEALs couldn't ST now that you speak except. They don't have the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy that no one will no right to quietly do your work go home as headlines tried to you by AT&T.

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