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The best in the NHL, your Boston Bruins, look for lucky number 13 vs the Habs

Mar 24, 2014|

We talk Bruins as they try and extend their winning streak to 13 games tonight vs Montreal. Has the extension of this win streak put the 'peaking too soon' crown to bed? We discuss that as well.

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Take a while it's worth it for them are here to moderate our rule your fists clinched. Old -- whole. Year off now. You know. -- My -- just chatter. It's awful that I guess upload it on the drums from the ground looked like Doug Flutie. But now so forays sterilized -- little fired up can be a game two on Thursday I'm fired out -- -- as well. The eagle on board is on -- texas'. About it -- Mike Vrabel before and I. Oh -- that horrible can laugh about. Yeah we used last line -- usually mean last ones are two more now. One more excuses for it was a guy that was spot. It was -- -- actually -- -- Record. I mean just luck are what would go -- -- you know week or so ago we were sitting in here I made the bold statement do you do you guys here that I thought the Bruins were the best team in the national -- And at that time -- their record wasn't the best in the national hockey. It is now what are you guys think there are you coming over to my side and my history. I wasn't like I was you know sit on the patio I was on the tournaments. -- how how how outscored their refrigerator and I looked up. Fallujah Gordon got the -- could. -- been -- medical help yourself as an -- help myself and -- are red why. Is just a bunch of laws and again again again another impressive win right. Three unanswered three unanswered goals to go down. Listen any teams should he and greet team. We'll show used throughout the course of the season wider rate. And these -- all small little investments. That will pay big dividends throughout the playoffs. You're playing a team in Phoenix correct that one's. That was still in. Desperate for a win and they bought you because the great thing about ninety degrees but the toughest thing. You got this huge target on your back now. Everybody. That you play is using you as a measuring stick to kind of gauge where there are how how far they need to go to be at that. Level is about me just wanted to hate on you like the Montreal Canadians tonight they'd -- -- to win I don't want to say they don't wanna gauge where they are they know. Based on. Talent and based on the standings they know where they are compared to the point is no there's no comparison. That's what could this perhaps it's their -- Canadians think it's wanna knock him off. But you know what your point about the pro is the best -- -- hockey right now -- kept short right now the plan -- the best human hockey. The question for me though is to let the best team. -- they've dubbed best not playing like the best team could be a -- or not. Now I am lost in twelve games so of course they're playing like the best team now but are they actually. The best team when you get into the post season. And you start analyzing the rosters. Not just in the eastern conference for for the entire league you say the Boston Bruins are the favorite because they are the best team in Nassau. I can I answer your question by asking question -- you -- if you don't think -- hour. What's your area of biggest concern. Much -- course. Well we talked about a bit of it 11. Aspect of it on Friday. The loss of genocide number you know what the bruins' record is since Dennis Seidenberg -- probably pretty damn good. 237. And three. Sent Seidenberg -- got hurt December 27 they played the twentieth they actually lost the first two games Africa. Since Seidenberg went down. The Bruins are 237. And three. And if you if the if if you wanna skip the first two losses there I mean you think about that you know where and -- lost the first two lost the very next night lost the next on. Think about that from an -- I was guilty of it is well. I looked Pattinson -- how you can replace that you know he's such a warrior he such a work out -- so he plays all -- as big tough minutes. And think about this that day they've got a twelve game winning streak going while they're holding community auditions on the Boston blue line. Well right let's premise. Over the concern -- the concern not just extended beyond Seidenberg. Is is it sustainable in the post season and no questions nobody's gonna look at the Bruins in the regular season and say. I don't like what I see. But when you get into the get into the playoffs and I think. We all assumed they're gonna get by the first round. It's not a no brainer but you'd think with their talent level there when their first round series fiction. When you start getting into the semi finals and get into the conference finals in the in the Stanley Cup final. Does does that does that hold up against the very best teams. I -- my question view is like any sport -- all the match ups. You made may have better record but you might come across the team that just you don't. Personally match up again against well so my question -- what you would that be it through the Bruins. What team. Keep counting your strength. I think at best it would be so easy answer for everybody right now is tonight's opponent the Canadians. Because they've had issues with the in the past they did win pretty -- in the last meeting but people are gonna look at that say that's the team they better not play the Canadians. First -- I mean Canadians probably will be in the playoffs but that's not certain yet. If you ask me which team I would fear the -- Fear the chance that they could knock the Bruins off before they got where they wanted to go. And that's the flyers the flyers over Pittsburgh. -- I'm just saying the way they're playing the flyers are playing great Pittsburgh still floundering a lot around a little bit still have trouble. -- that they've been trying to find answers on defense they pay at its stamp maniac was good but certainly not you know as good as the guys that they lost. Com. The flyers -- the team that's playing the best in the east right now other obviously the boss. That the government fear Pittsburgh even though he swept them last year. And if it's the pain when they got they got the greatest player in the world. Absolutely they -- it and that does that mean they're talented team. And it. I don't I don't I don't think even after what we saw last year I don't think of confident saying with the penguins. Volume in all that talent but the Bruins just match up perfectly with them and they just have a number I have a number last year. But I don't know if you can look at them and say oh that's great matchup for Boston is another thing for tonight yeah. They want in Montreal. Public Chad Johnson was a goal that night. Yes he -- -- yeah okay. Who could tonight. -- record vs Montreal lately. It's -- yeah so that's absolutely another streak is on the line. And that's the big picture but a little a story within the story area -- game within the game is just seeing how to cut. I'm matches that would -- and about. Montreal makes the playoffs. If they are really good chance you're going to be playing the Bruins around one. Yes and it and there is the key so if you know that. The -- gonna try and really get after in testicles when you do get a chance to play the mean you're guarding and have some reconnaissance -- hasn't info. You have some Intel. Bro remember exactly how you think you wanna play them I mean. I this can be great game misses it and notices and again you're at twelve. Trying to get to thirteen I know your if your mentally trying to get the thirteen seems like it went -- stop. Quote -- claims that there is like virtually no talk of it. In the bruins' dressing I don't that they are they are legitimately focused on this game that probably played -- how do we you know how we play to start the game we play and and and I will say this looking at the way they played during a street name date have been singularly focused a techsters says his or her concern is they're peaking too soon. I hate that whole term yes you feel better if they'd lost three of the last ten counting you know UB -- -- -- up. I am -- that yeah you -- and that was my concern last week -- does having a long streak of my own plan for the patriots it was. It did it become. To a point. You know. Something that you were concerned -- I guess especially one on the road. And and it was nice when it was done what the streak yet not the seventy -- though there. Middle ground in 221 game winning one game yet there was. There was this. Okay where other where about that it when nobody is talking about anymore romp through addresses and what that orbit was nice -- losing still socked in the way we lost sucked because we got beat up by the Steelers. And we had some revenge were played in the AFC championship game but I've remembered that being. Just having to deal with it week in and week out was just becoming -- of some. And but the stress level didn't change in the locker room. There was no as -- talk about it now got really no it was just it was always very week to week. And but sober but I I remember every game. We got somebody's. Best. Game I mean it's it's hard not you know being a champion and becoming the next year could you get everybody's best game in pre season. Let alone during the season because everybody is using you as a as a as a measuring stick for their own team at the same with the Bruins. I mean think about this the Bruins last. Regulation loss on the road was January 9. At Los Angeles against the kings they've -- 120 and three on the road. And luck there -- the best home team in the NHL they get the best home record the NHL but on the road there killing team. Think that's a great streak in Jan -- and generally when that happens. Recently last and they lost the guerrillas for throwing out there and I think January 90. You talk about how different things were by the land compared I doubt wanting to be deployed in the Canadians game up there. But that was that took -- up short out. We're a 100% sure. I'll look it up well in the process but I'm -- near where that was I swear I -- what was -- but what it was for them what Carey Price that's that's what -- Price. There was a company called idiot yeah -- notebook -- played the Carey Price. With not -- Four for Montreal but generally you that my bad there and that and it but generally it generally talk about on January 9 and think about it. What things were like then what things -- right now January 9. Cole helps. Now I thought I'd been out here are. About march when they were still damn cold colder now. Hi today is probably lower. That it was in January and ridiculous. You might you write to -- might be. In my be warmer here today than it was then 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. I'm I guess if you're a Bruins fan. And let's be honest -- new Englander so we always worry about stuff. But if you're Bruins fan. What are you worried about it and don't tell me guys get hurt -- every team in the league has that issue you know every team says all of this I'd heard about guy gets her. Here's -- here's what -- -- about you worried about becoming complacent. The -- -- about you have to have established. An edge this team so every week it is gets a little sharper and you've become a little bit better but there is a tendency. Too kind to be okay with just the status quo like this is okay like we're doing. You can see my point you can always get a little better you don't know what that level Liz. Like -- I don't critique jet they like it twice as good -- like it's so much better while the playoffs start. We might go well we we -- there are good and in early march. Look at -- now. Complacency will not factor -- OK because what happened last year and because new veteran leadership regular outlet but not knowing that. -- complacency could how could -- -- let's say if they win it. Four games to two over Chicago you're playing like this right now. Hey we won the damn thing last year and the cold -- do it right now of we're the best team in hockey yet -- get too complacent complacency factoring in there. What you lost. You lost the Stanley Cup final in six games and it should have been a game seven that's what you think -- Him we had a lead in the last couple minutes of game six that should have been -- which had been playing game seven in Chicago. I think there's a mission to get back there and and to seal the deal so I don't things. Everything that they needed everything that they need -- battery life question what happened last year got a really it's pretty much setting up just -- it wanted -- set -- I was telling Michael dissent before we came on the air in the office -- give Michael the statistic earlier in the day. Zdeno char his first year with a Boston Bruins its first year here was a minus 21 for the year. In the seven seasons since then. He's been plus 160 was which is the best in the national hockey and what was the difference between year one in those other seven years Michael and my man uncle day. Dave Lewis was the head coach year. Disease -- season. Minus 21. Cloud shows up instills a different system. Much better defensive system much more responsible in their own and from that time until today best plus minus in the national hockey. The what you tell me is. Something. Management can make a mistake. -- all breaker no role. And say all right. We have the wrong guy. And now we're gonna put it. We're gonna open up all of them but to -- now. Yeah I we're all right up and they are great bridge premier pass that plate in a ten dollars thirteen dollars but the right. It could happen like it could happen not to Whitman -- not. I don't let's they are true population yet want it. -- -- -- To the Stanley Cup where were you already have marks would -- coaches. -- with everything he's accomplished. In. He makes her words -- -- gets to the final remain. Yeah -- picked it -- I am not -- way to look at it UN audit these are. But it kept it there again we put out put them up there. Well I mean. The guy down in Foxborough is already won three Super Bowl championships and has Banda what three others right -- -- -- put it. And I think that's fair I mean John Ferrell hasn't had the opportunity he's only been here one year and you know you go one for one you go one for one. And Bret Stephens. I don't know where he is yet but he certainly not that category I think it's fair that that if if close Julian got the Bruins to the Stanley Cup final you'd say he's just behind ballot check in the current coaching -- the. And it's part of being acquired coached ever get. That critical that Boston sports coaching mr. Well you go back that I I said this earlier album while I said earlier this whole perception and reality thing. The perception of -- Julian is so far removed from the reality. I don't and I don't know that's the perception. The perception is that he's a partial or maybe people people might -- interview not a fan of his appeared. Are you don't know what it right or you don't know -- that's true or you don't agree with something that he's done. You might accomplish over I would -- for me it's. Cold Julian you always wanted to know a little bit more -- I wonder. -- I don't think we we know him enough. Only the push is just like how delicate and an unknown in some ways. I mean -- you do see him occasionally rip and guys even on the bench but I can tell you -- behind the scenes behind closed doors. He's not what people think he has he's not one of those -- let's just keep everybody happy c'mon boys let's all you know let's all be happy I mean he he rips guys when they need. I'd love this. Quote Julian drinking game and Kristin you may want to play. Game Thursday and well I don't know surgery minimum I don't know -- -- with the when they go to Claude Julian closeup of Julian. It is very easy -- it's usually not a talent and a great. Colorful language. From Claude Julian so when you get the magic words. We usually one's pretty easy to figure out that way I am not saying fire truck like that there -- reports there. -- -- -- monitor the Montreal. Game was recently. -- thought he scored. They reviewed it. They took the goal way it was a big along review on it was against -- I do remember the play member who was theaters. Canada -- there was so nice of America. It's it explains so my medical very very -- -- X rays and yeah I. Caught at. That point here you don't make.

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