WEEI>On Demand>>Boston Globe story on Jared Remy's past has many rethinking their position about his father Jerry's return to broadcasting

Boston Globe story on Jared Remy's past has many rethinking their position about his father Jerry's return to broadcasting

Mar 24, 2014|

We discuss the big topic of the day, the Boston Globe expose on the sorted history of Jared Remy, and how this has changed many people's opinions on whether or not Jerry Remy his father should return to broadcasting Red Sox games in the booth this season.

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All right if you gave it. Because of the book on. I'm gonna have. Some time off asking questions men and you know did and we conference into. More of our business model. His focus in on base who have. And his -- They make you can still the man there could be some regrets the Huertas. It's. Targets today. That's David Ortiz who was that via the press conference earlier today talking about. Is that contract extension. We give you all the details as the afternoon it's on what the plate appearance numbers are for the vesting options for 2016. What -- basically means is John Henry said late last night when he emailed out about this is that it it basically insures that he will complete his career in Red Sox you. Which is what they wanted what I think he wanted and I. I know sixteen million dollars is a whole lot of money here here's another thing Dustin Pedroia took a hometown discount. David Ortiz took a hometown discount. Jon Lester may or may not take a hometown discount but I have done -- now but I have a feeling he's going to. I think they wanted to David Ortiz come back this is why is very simple why everybody was on the same page in my opinion. Think about the replacement. For David Ortiz let's say you don't get a contract on and you do what what Fauria said. Last week. I'm just give you credit for Oprah and doctor. And -- you know. A college you loud and I don't know it does you're not. -- yet you know you might you might leave so prophetic on this and everybody else is just kind of standing in place. But if you know if you had waited on David Ortiz it's an art forget it. It's just not worth it and let him go to free agency. And and move on somebody else who's -- somebody else. That's why I think that the risk. The risk does not outweigh the rewards because if you don't want from David Ortiz. Garrett kind of power hitters out there who could who could just. Slated to his place and be that a viable designated hitter for the Red Sox they're tough to come by all of a sudden -- And how is it. -- explain how is -- hometown discount so it is physical as I said he had he got begins a raise next year to Mike -- money cable what is he getting if -- played out this content what is he getting on the open market as a free agent as he getting 1516 million dollars in more than that more than that. I -- it takes a look at when it finally dollars -- here was the guy the Yankees to sign who's like a year younger than Ortiz. Bob I -- Elster Dempster. The -- what's the catcher's name from Atlanta now he's amendment to McCann camp is a much younger Ortiz but but. You look at his numbers not as good as David Ortiz and freeagent. I think his contract starts at seventeen or eighteen million. -- used and and again just stick David Ortiz and DH spot Yankee Stadium it would probably started. 171819. Million a year now granted -- -- only the American League he could go to. So leave all the National League teams Saudi -- first base you got a limited marketplace -- you got some teams with some money to spend especially now that the TV money's coming and. -- -- -- he'd get money at Texas says how it you think David Ortiz took a hometown discount who that who the hell else. The got a 1838. Year old DH was already -- for this year what they want is what David Ortiz. It's. Yet that texture here and other people keep wanna talk about the age. As though the production has disappeared. Take a look at the OPS number in the power numbers for David Ortiz compared to some of these other guys. Yeah yeah they want the hat they they want when he brick like you set quite replace some dominant bringing -- replace them. Will give you the production he's giving you give me an idea of who it is who's out there that you did -- thinking committed to like find the net. Right and that's why I think that's what they went there in terms of OP yes. And slugging. No this note was up here today just to give you perspective of what he did last year. He's behind in the American League was behind Miguel Cabrera. -- -- That's it. That's it that's it. So -- there's teams that like that would like to have that -- there are not a lot of debate about signing him that that very interesting debate is what you think he got again. What do you think gonna get from David Ortiz this year and next year. Is it is it more -- it is more of the same -- -- it's a non story. It becomes a story if beat it's all of a sudden he just he can't do it anymore. As as one of them. Article that I read about this and I I apologize -- -- Yankee to be exact name site I've always mispronounce it mass strode Donato from mass -- dot com roll things testicle comparison about this. If so PS could go down a hundred points this year and he'd still be a good purchase. And I don't think it's gonna go down a hundred points but it could go down a hundred points and he makes the comparisons of other guys out there and I love this idea which. Quite honestly a final baffling. That you know well he's only a DH. Okay he's also the best power hitter you have forget about what position place. Tell me who you've got in your system or in your lineup who provides your batting order what this -- provides you because you don't have anybody. You don't have that person. I don't care be placed DH or catcher right field I don't care what position he plays he senior batting order every night and he's the best power hitter you have. I do wanna be at least reference this and I know that will get a lot of people want to talk about it throughout the course of the day. I don't know who Eric Moskowitz is. Reporter for the Boston Globe but after yesterday I think he's a star. Eric Moskowitz wrote the front page piece in the Boston Globe yesterday about -- -- I thought it was. Voluminous -- researched. Meticulously reported. It was so good it was so well done and I know how long it was two it took a long time to get through it. But it was a it was a jarring piece of journalists. To read. Yeah it was if you gotta. Be you've got a real. The reaction to reading it you had to have some reaction to reading. A very stroke I don't know where you're bullish or shall I barely strong reaction either way if you if you felt like this is not not news that -- if you felt that way but some people probably did. For me. That the two or three things that skeptic about one. How could this system breakdown like this -- over in over one that's that that's that's number one illegal custom in the commonwealth it just it just. Gives me shutters number 20. Was. I spoke too soon. On on Jerry -- and my feelings about him going back to work when he first went back to work for the existence of the story for tobacco work. It is good to have Britney back in the -- and it not think about the case now. Can't imagine. Watching Jerry Remy on a nightly basis without thinking about this story. It's haunting. It details. Are are are are so. The details are so intense and so disturbing I can't imagine. How let this go any time soon so he. What you think it's fair or not. When I see Jerry Remy when I hear Jerry Remy on the NASA broadcast. I will think of some of the things that happened enabling. It happened with this non and the third thing I thought of was. Why -- why -- the Red Sox. Well the Red Sox employing. -- red -- Even asked her even after he spent time in jail. Here's this guy would you put the World Series trophy you're not as a way out to western Massachusetts. Gets pulled over for going 92 miles an hour. Every. Every chance. He had to do something. To do something wrong he -- it time and time again. I -- and we had this discussion earlier today I don't -- taken it on the air 'cause I'll share with you guys to in and it's the single biggest problem I have here. The biggest fight Gerry Callahan and I ever had on this radio station and it was about Israel Israel could -- had to do with. Jerry's assertion. That Billy Bulger should have led the police to where Whitey Bulger was being. And and I said. Billy Bulger should never help Whitey Bulger -- But I can see where you'd have a hard time telling the police here's where my brother is here here you go all leak it to him. Because family means so much to the way I was brought up in the way my family was raised. And I think about. I have a son you guys have silence. And I think about it if my son god forbid did -- like this. When I laid my pillow my my head on the pillow at night I think about prism. Not jail prison. Big boy cedar junction prism. And I think about what happens there and then I picture my son there. Yeah I'd hire the best lawyer Eric -- I would. And I understand that that you know that seems to be callous about the victims in this and I don't mean it that way at all. I just think about if it if it's Mike it. If it's my son. And and I could help keep him from that. Probably do that. Well it's that's the thing that I thought of is it more of how long is Jerry -- -- never met by the way. Going to be able to personally continue to do what he's going to do. My acting was that okay. Initial statement. Everyone's really behind you because it's it's it's not you who committed these heinous crimes. It's her son saw -- IQ compartmentalized. In my life I go out there regular broadcast I'm fine tell funny stories you'll still like there's. How is gonna be when this actually become the trial like I don't think this ends well for -- -- All the trial won't be till next October so that part I'm thinking OK the season will be over. But there's going to be a custody battle this summer elegant bottle of the series is going to do this is just going to -- I just I personally feel like this is just gonna get worse because. Initially. I don't think before I don't think they -- general public the mass public knew. About all this and you read the last couple lines of the article it talks and wielding a knife -- -- tries intervened he's trying to stab them -- it's crazy so. I don't I don't know public sentiment. Will be as behind him. What they should or should it doesn't matter it's just the situation that he's in his guilty by association. So. I I just find it hard. For me a thousand and adopt for me to go to work and Jabil would do that everybody is different again it but I'm wondering if there's going to be. Any public. Discomfort with him doing what he's doing it I don't think it was a lose its operatives I don't think you should them does make it clear. But members jurors who know how this is gonna play out because the more news that comes out and more people we template physically not -- by the acts that were committed. It's there's going to be some backlash yeah I think you expect. Christian I think yeah I think you're right there's there's certainly will be backlash even to. Even to the custody trial if -- read these details. About all of the things that Jerry and his wife tried to do to help him. -- long believed going back to when he was 151617. Years old trying to do all these things putting him therapy private clemens' -- Don't just trying to even try to help -- -- a final hurdle yet. Even easily go back to that. The fact is there were some problems there were some breakdowns. It was a breakdown in the family and nobody wants to be their position nobody's MB it's. Of being a parent who was trying to help the kid and you cannot get through to your cater your kit. So I mean I think everybody can relate to that and you don't sit there and judge because you don't want to be that you pray that you not their position. But. The custody. I look at this and I say they want custody. Of that little girl. Why. It seems to be they'd change it -- that is not the best situation for -- -- You want custody of your of your granddaughter looking at all of looking and a mountain of evidence. That it happened. In your family. I don't I don't know that's the very best the best spot for. When I when I read the piece. I. I. When I looked at the guilty parties in my mind number one top analyst -- Grammy. I mean -- Regina. And the more you read about them the more you hate him the more you union you wished but he had gone -- to prison years and years seniors at number two was the legal system. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the judges who allowed this guy to keep perpetuating this vicious cycle. Jerry Remy was on my list. I understand that there are folks out there who now somehow wanna take the crimes of the sun and and pin them on the father. What I feel Jerry Remy is guilty of his loving his son too much. Yes I think. There there'll their a lot of there are already -- a lot of parts of the story that that blow your mind one and all it took its one judge. All all all it took is one judge to say this is ridiculous. We're gonna shut this down right now think about it. First Arab League and first chances are clearly second chances. Even third chances. May be with a compelling case. 84 chance. T customer five Regis number six in case number seven in case number eight case number nine AK number -- I'm not done yet. Audit and all it took was one of Coke rages. Sensible. Clearer hide clear headed judge to say no this dobbs right now and nobody panicked. -- blows my mind up to your point about the sun and you wanted to do what's best for kids yes there's a fine line there when it was best for kids. But what's best for your kids also was being accountable. For their behavior. And I. I don't wanna be in the situation that wanna be in the situation I like he's -- but you think about it. You're raising you're trying to raise them high character and to treat the street their family members and their friends and others. In the in the community. With respect so if I'm seeing you make misstep after misstep after misstep violent misstep. Abusing women. Up abusing drugs. Breaking the law. Bragging about your invincibility. Having no respect for law enforcement if I'm seeing you do this and I continue to support that. In my really getting and -- I love you but I'm really. Getting that message across and I'm making you a viable member of the community -- out I guess I'm being a good dad and I are good finish. I guess I kept hoping and am on a put myself and shoes thank god I'd -- hopefully you'll never have to Wear. But but I guess some thinking OK we'll get a will will fix him this time I mean god knows. The piece goes on and on about all the things they tried and all the different things in all the different methods they used and and you keep thinking -- Will fix in this time -- and and I understand completely and I heard people say you know after the second time he's on his own -- on Syria. Are for me to get there it's hard for me to get there when it's Mike kid and end. And you know people are taking me to task -- you know come on dale if you if your son was a murderer rapist -- wanna get a good lawyer yeah. Yeah I would. It's it's it's human nature to protect your own kids. But I -- I go back in just keep listener which guys are saying obviously great points on both sides but I come down to what is what will be the story. Of this season -- mobile will this come down to what am I looking at and I keep writing down how long he stays in the books. I think that is unfortunately. An issue that will become. Bigger as we go along with the. I'm actually surprised. Of his own volition that -- there. I was surprised that he want you back your okay what you're OK with that now I don't know -- I'm saying if and again -- -- trample myself but yeah -- and I'm thinking if -- if that was me. And Mike can't. I I I couldn't lot public I administer a second one TV. And -- I was surprised he wanted to come back. And I didn't have a problem when he did but I also understand based on what you're reading now what I think you're gonna -- -- out as the custody fight goes on this summer. This isn't gonna get better. I just wonder how long can he keep you. Like just personally I wonder how long he'd keep -- but it it just because of just. How much does the pressure mount with you how much does that affect you and how much you. As you know. Thinking about yourself you know having -- -- -- what what people go through hard times. Other people feel like that person should never have a good time that person should never smile they're they're never allowed to smile again they're supposed to be miserable the whole life. No he he's allowed to smile me he's pulled through a lot also but it that you put it all together. Say it just becomes a little bit too much of a distraction called that it becomes habit and that it starts to smell bad. And then we just start looking at it differently or listening to hearing him differently. And whether he says something. Funny or not funny just you take something away from that you probably shouldn't based on what's your reading. So and that's just what I'm looking at everybody has the story about this and has an opinion about this. Just editing your sisters and oh how much is gonna affect him going forward. Final thought as we go to break idea about the numbers but the lines -- for your your lineup anyway final thought about this has to do with whether or not the grammys. Tried to convince Jennifer -- to not continue with the restraining order. And I understand what that looks like. You honestly think it -- Do you honestly all there's a restraining order I'm not going near her earnings Warhol's -- prepared but I mean -- and I'm not trying to be too cynical here. He -- had a hundred restraining orders it wasn't gonna change what ultimately happened. I understand the perception if they in fact try to convince her to not go to the court not continue the restraining order the perception. But the reality he has. If he was gonna killer. That piece of paper when a stop anything. Quick break right to the calls coming up -- Sports Radio WEEI. Was I had able -- Probably lies with all of my here's what I do things differently now. Obviously with the end result that you would hope he would. You know maybe something different I don't know what I could have done different. That's Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy I believe the date was January 28 when he was on with. John Dennis and Gerry Callahan and and talking about it. Texture on the AT&T tat attacks line at 37937. Says dale please explain your love conquers all approach to gen mark tells parents. I can't. I'm just telling you. I think it's easy for all of us to say what we would've and could've and should've done and thank god. Most of us will never ever have to answer this question for our cells. And the only point -- may look I wish -- -- had gone to prison twenty years ago and was still in prison. I wish all that it happened I'm just saying from the point of view of -- parent. I understand why Jerry Remy. Did what he could do to get good legal representation for his kid and and all of them efforts that -- Phoebe apparently undertook to get him counseling and -- Cooling when he was a -- yes now he's got he's the kind of man 35 year old man yeah man. -- and -- -- -- always gonna go away to prison for a long long time if not the rest of his well well if if he did and is still budget. They did this but. -- owner Jerry -- says it right grabs and if he did it yet this is a quick out think about it. There is there is supporting your kid and there's also going above and beyond when he doesn't have a job you are. Are trying to get the job but the Red Sox the Red Sox have some questions -- -- here. Do do they need to go out Corey checks that they do background checks on. Everybody who works for them and a -- and it's just John Henry but -- his organization Tom Warner and Larry Lucchino. They had to be very disturbed and disappointed. By this laundry list who hope things that are out there so. They've got questions to answer but -- Grammy. And in his wife. Paying for gym memberships playing -- -- for apartments and cars in tanning sessions and all these things that's going above and beyond I gotta say. I say I don't think. I just don't think he should be back -- mass. -- love Jerry grammys analysis. Doesn't feel right there -- -- right to be back here of the calls we go Justin's in Springfield Europe first. They barely I'm shocked -- carry you through them not to leave my principal -- rich people. -- children export -- -- in contracts so you're seven. Just got off because the judge agreed that -- two -- in spoke to reelect -- I and I and I felt that legal system under the bus to. -- nobody at nuclear or not but not on an odd one. We're only talking about Massachusetts just -- -- wake up yes -- morning it is a corrupt system just that. You're you're you're popular cheery rug and you can get away -- I don't understand why anybody shot. -- people that their country years it's obvious what Abu. And big -- it was a despicable thing here and -- for -- the alt to break back you'll hear a great job already off the year is there. -- I mean -- -- -- Bianchi ignition and short -- Thank you. Well I I listen I've heard a lot of people expressed a lot of odd disdain in hatred for Jerry Remy over the course last. 121418. Hours. I I'm not quite willing to go quite that far no disdain. Nor hatred while -- the callers they -- -- Michigan on July users solemn yeah I did Colin brings up the whole custody battle what's again I'm still kind of wrapping my head around based on the -- You're gonna fight for the custody of this little five year old girl. And and and here we are just fighting got -- how you raised other kids so. What is going on in the other household who's who cool what's the other option. This little girl for her to raise buys it doesn't have to be -- family. I mean as they always say if the market so elegant why would you even put your head into that situation and act like you're worthy of it. Based on just past performance -- me were talking about Ortiz and him getting older and he did deserve his money look at your track record. -- don't want to be disrespectful put me it is what it is so you kind of have to what you wanna start all over again after -- kind of messed up. The first time the only thing -- and and I'm with you given his age in the in the -- of his wife I thought it was strange that they were seeking custody as well. Might might amateur psychologists take on it was you know that. They feel guilty about what happened they feel responsible now for the health and welfare of this this young daughter. That they have the financial wherewithal to insure that you know she has a -- nice life growing up open college education but that into all that stuff. Whether or not they have custody govern not. They take into all the same things in my opinion so I didn't get it either and I and I frankly still don't Carlin is up in Maine -- Carlin. Hey guys it first all want to thank you were for talking about this I think. You know -- Sports Radio we've received -- in entertainment and escape and this is one of those. Actually pretty frequent moments where you know. Life the reality in the tragedy in the in the suffering intersects with sports -- really wanna thank you for for airing this and and -- hills. Interview with -- -- who was really powerful. Almighty I wanna share with you I work for a domestic -- -- up here in the greater Portland area. And ironically -- and back from a young man's discussion group listening to this to this interview. And it is really struck me that. And so often we're we're hearing. From. So -- blame being heaped on to people who quote let this happen to themselves or allow it or. Or don't respect themselves enough and and in this instance I'm glad to hear people. Not going that way and really putting full accountability on on -- and also want to share that. Thanks so much of the time. We wanna step we just we wanna do everything we can't separate ourselves from somebody like shared revenue because. Revenue because -- -- just it's so clear that he's a monster is awfully the despicable human. And I wanna challenge each and every one of us and and maybe even especially us men. To say -- How how -- how are we similar. Injured what kind of things do we do and our own life short of murdering someone or even far shorter murdering someone as we can ask. Is -- the culpable is he viable is that judge culpable as. Is is the system liable and I wanted to say that every single one of us is culpable until every single one about Mendes says you know what. This is -- women's issues every one of our issues we all need to step up we all need to speak out and make this our issue because you know what. We -- this surface back domestic violence and sexual violence is and. Freeway well take -- that it's a good call and say it to good point on on several levels thing in the Carla thanks very callers is thinking. In so many thoughts and read the story Amy really go back and read it and have a a notepad next year in and just read some things down some thoughts. My thought was how many. -- grammys Iraq how many people are out there like this is this just -- operational breakdown in the system. Is or is this the norm you know listening Harry -- in this morning on D&C. And he kind of outline how this could happen. To the court system is over -- him and a lot of times. They'll just keep pushing these -- don't push cases through and a lot of -- alcohol related and they don't in the -- due diligence is not -- and we expected to be we think it is but does not mean you imagine. -- if you -- one of these if you're one of these women that had a relationship with with Jared Britney. And he brags about how he never gets in trouble -- doesn't Andy's got a criminal background. And and nothing happens to -- he keeps getting second and third and fourth and fifth chances and he has connections to the Red Sox in. He's doing all these things and he's going to court and they send them right back home page forty bucks and he's out. On the streets again. I imagine. How how do you have faith in the system when you know here's a guy who continues to beat it's not a -- like the system is working for. We'll take quick break Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria right back to the full phone -- Sports Radio WE yeah we talk a little bit about. The whole. David Ortiz contract situation that deal done and of course. As everybody in this these parts are doing we've talked about the Jerry Remy situation in the front page story in yesterday's Boston Globe. And -- So I feel somewhat obligated here to defend myself only to disregard. I'm not trying to justify anything Jerry -- ever did and please don't misunderstand I wish she'd gone to prison twenty years ago. The only thing I've said -- I understand how -- parent. Does everything he can do to try to help is it. And not please don't let me ever be in the situation right I do the same thing I think I would try to help my kid. Well I don't know do you think you would do the same thing I don't I mean I don't know but had a few good let's say we would Elvis. Dance. We're doing the same things. How will we feel about. I am I don't even know like I don't need until we talked about this earlier -- said. Can I jump all over you owned the I won't go crazy over this because it's it's it's hypothetical. That I don't ever want to come -- please so. I don't know what I would do. But if I would -- Feel about it. Feel a part of the story can assure you do whatever you do would any dad would do. I any mom would do when you're trying to help out and you try to do what's best because there's a bond. With your child the -- no one else can understand except. Except your wife for except your husband. Event. Your conscience. Mean these things are happening this is is gonna be haunting. The family there's a connection -- -- on. You know -- -- you think about a year ago. When you go to the hospital the birth of your child every parent has been situation -- talking. Hold that child and you think greatly. The president and the facial -- could do this should do that oh I can't wait you know -- go to the the best schools and save the world and on and on you that you -- -- you have dreams for them so you think. You think we just want them to be happy to do something did find a passion and and and be able to support themselves being independent and be happy that's what you want. I'd be good citizens. And you see this happen. To someone who -- your blood. I can imagine. -- -- imagine. So that is -- that's got to be heartbreaking and it's well. But if you're helping. We're just talking about helping on peoples there -- it Jericho are gonna jump on Jerry Remy for for being a bad parent. It's not a bad that's not the story the story is. As these things that happened. Throughout the criminal career. Of Jared -- because that was his occupational and career criminal rock the criminal career. He has been bankrolled. By his parents. And that's undeniable easy. They are you part of the story they did not do it. They didn't do it it and commit the crime. But they enabled him. I also have a hard time -- with the notion and you fertilize and I think your saying but I've -- a lot. That Jerry Remy shouldn't. Be able to make a living anymore because of what Jared -- did it mean let's be honest OK if he leaves the broadcast both. Is he gonna become a full time restaurant tour is that there how's it gonna make a living. Short of what he's doing now and in the idea that because his son did this. Respectable. Reprehensible act it Jerry Remy shouldn't be allowed to make a living and. Well not my thing is like I I'm not there yet I'm not their say you shouldn't do it. My thing with this whole situation is. What is -- gonna get too much for him to stay because that's writing its gonna come I don't know I think that's ballot eventually yeah I think it's gonna get to by the kitchen it's just gonna get ugly and I think. He's probably not gonna wanna do because. The median outlet. Is not a good enough excuse anymore. Per the people who were outraged whether it be -- what they're not whether he had nothing to do with the weather. He's a bad parent whether he should or shouldn't -- a daughter and think what you've done. My opinion that this is this is the train with one destination when it comes the dirt road he was only go on one place in the only way. He was gonna deviate from that from that destination. OK it is it's that he was going to take to help that people were going to dip them. He had a chemical imbalances and this is this just wasn't right in the head today he wasn't taken as Medicare is more importantly would make it worse by taking steroids. -- self for low self esteem attacking women being women. Everything despicable that you think about it a man. To find Jerry can't love him out of that what does the next best thing you know -- -- -- Biggest thing he helped them out he tries to make it easier for me it makes him feel better rattled now that's your point I don't know it's just one of those things work at one destination less. There was going to be a collective changed in and thought. And practice. It was gonna change so it's unfortunate that this is how what -- and but based on you read the report. A ministry you there's tons of examples like this throughout the United States what -- guide. Gets away with things and people don't heed the warnings and people complain and the filed restraining orders which really really. In order. Promise them an area scout honor -- -- second stop on the air you know. Dale you mentioned making a living for Jeremy. I don't think anybody wants to stop him from from making a living. If you look at if you just put it that way coldly that they wanna stop him from doing what he likes to do -- hard. The name. The name is clearly powerful the remaining in the grameen name allow that was part of it I don't know it was. A 100% 75% at 60% but it was part of part of the -- name well Jerry -- Jerry -- to you. You. Avoid jail time when he should've happened a long time ago. So because that name is a part of it it's it's a it's an iconic name he's in the iconic guy in this region. Do you want and -- not make money not necessarily. May -- just don't want him on the broadcast anymore. And if you look at it. Compared to another situation and that's. And you work in -- interest and I don't go there I don't want -- -- it's -- -- -- let's put it -- -- protesting. The other high profile situation was with Jimmie -- report -- Dell didn't do anything wrong. She fell in love with with the wheel -- Brooks they're together we're gonna get married. They're an item. And it's the Red Sox employing. -- debt -- the Red Sox. Out of 80%. Controlling interest of -- and so. To say that there's a loss of objectivity. That's inherent it's -- and it's not objective it is the ultimate subjective broadcast. So you can't say -- took Jimmy -- all the broadcast because of objectivity nobody. It's objective on the Red Sox you don't want any. That's that's predict. They took our off because. Destruction. Didn't look right or whatever it is how to keep Jerry Remy on he didn't do anything wrong either. I think the difference here is that in Jenny Dell's case they re assigned here within -- and to another position she works -- in sports today -- she still has a job. How could you reassigned Jerry Remy while ball would be do I don't know in it but if my obvious point is. If he's not working on a Red Sox telecast. When you don't have a job for me and Jenny Dell's case she's not working on the Red Sox telecast anymore which he has a job. So that's the difference forming here in other words in in Johnny's case she still has her nest and -- checkered -- and job if not the same position within the company. In grammys case he's gone if if you don't want on the telecast and and I'm not saying that that's wrong I'm just saying it be if he's not on the telecast but he's gone. Yet again. Is that is that -- that's going to happen maybe but internally. Personally. I think it's gonna -- it appears to be too hard for him to handle let's assess just me and this this is just the tip of the iceberg this is one article I read -- If there's going to be. More people coming now more -- being done. Free trials trial he said what what the trial bail -- October yes this year and next October yes. We're -- baseball season. I mean this is going to be. -- I don't. I don't want to be going to Florida bar in the playoffs yes yet but it -- that your target this is doctors dentists are you -- and not hear anything and also go to Erica hey let's talk about the trial now. This is this going to be going on all summer. And I don't begrudge him whatsoever. You know for making a living but I can tell you. These these things go one way. And some some take longer than others this is guided -- one direction also and it's just you know how walking along the -- While out and look I'll say this site I knew there was a custody case coming up this summer and I thought. Not to this degree but I thought -- you know the big newspaper thing was common later in the summer when the custody case came up and handles things get ugly and personal. I didn't know about this article coming out so and -- you're gonna have it happen again. Because you have the article yesterday and you are gonna have the custody fight later on this summer assuming -- Jerry and his wife continue to contest custody of the child. It's only gonna get worse this. Yeah I mean we're we're we're talking about them because of the of the familiarity with with Jerry Remy means that an -- Are living rooms for for your nose first broadcast 1988 -- -- AME so -- giving. 26 years 26 years of just as a broadcaster. Then you factor in his time as a player. Local guy new Englander funny. Personable the -- -- -- of so we're talking about him. And how would you look I look at I look at the dynamics the particulars of what happened. With. Jerry Remy when he came to -- -- -- trying to help them out. It as often as he couldn't but still. It is as unsettling as that is the number one thing for me is. The commonwealth of masters and now US Ireland we're on the same as number one well Jerry Remy is number one. And in the common -- Massachusetts is just logo going right hand how how do you look at this. What is the method please explain it explain it to -- what is the method what is the reasoning with the logic. When that temperament. Either way -- -- Ali when they said yeah they weren't allowed to comment it's a lot. They can comment on on adjudicated cases already I mean they don't want to because they're gonna look really bad I have to answer it when this misinformation comes across your your desk in -- -- multiple judges that. Multiple -- multiple courts. You look at this. How do you -- reached the conclusion. That that was just OK that this does not command in jail time this time. Quick break back to the calls that you -- just couple minutes Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria Sports Radio WEEI. I mean the rest of us play air guitar he plays airbase that appeared to be out there isn't there -- the instrument that you could play. And it should you play any musical instruments Michael Noll bill know if it's -- what would you play. That's a great quote I'm I'm I'm. Part of me is like are out on us now to Qatar but real partners like mad -- us -- -- get up there like actually in the school and just have no war resumption of the strongest on the -- boom boom -- worked for McCartney you know kind of like just Bob your head back employed in the point McRoberts -- -- it's -- -- the public -- -- Bloomberg would make it to -- Maybe play the piano because between the that they can't see I don't know -- you can you -- you have many you have many opportunities to display year. Versatility in the piano. The -- Slater Dallas and -- criteria I'd give him all the emotional. And then you get -- of course but piano hit. These kids running around and run around which can jump up to military and leave Yemen at this stage of the state a confined area. -- it would be very -- problems. And I went back you get a solo what's -- in the -- -- again now have a glass of -- Man you don't want that particular in front man at the lead singer. Which is that. It it's -- according in the -- Monica. On the run your four blockage. 6177797937. Back detectives. Room and gently sometimes for. Poured it all goes -- Melrose Place. Yeah I don't. -- didn't go into charity what do you pointedly and it. Like you do -- I -- at seventeen times a wicked deal and it. These these multiple girlfriend. You know on it it probably got -- got at all I mean. Listen I understand completely I'm just saying I understand how -- dad can feel that way about a son I really do. All on me you know it written statement of Walt -- but don't blame my wife. The white still there ought to smacks the girl from what you like seventeen the white covered it up the white restart leader of the not -- -- that I mean. They got to -- it's incredible jump off is that what they called to the younger one you wouldn't huge -- now. If -- an -- space is sure we don't know that we don't know that I thought let's let's let's focus on your -- -- your points are well taken. There are so article they're about Jared Grammy. And let's go it affects the scored the fact we don't know. Any of the details. About his his brother and his sister. So are your connection to eat well and also how I want it address this point that you brought up or previous caller brought up about. Phoebe Grammy. Telling Jennifer -- Not to go to you not to go to court. Don't get the restraining order don't do this year now according to. Her friend. Cristina. Cristina who was quoted extensively in his clothes story. She was listening to the station earlier today she called in a -- -- a very powerful and heartbreaking. Interview she -- with them. Her side as if it's her friend they they were. They knew each other for almost a year and half. Live next week other she said proceed with an interview. They shared a wall according to Christine. She saw a text. From -- It said that that discouraged. That discouraged Jennifer mark though from going further. Now if you -- we should also say you're saying at least her Jerry Remy. -- -- specifically in in the statement he gave to the papered denied that was the case in the interest of fairness and that's -- that's the thing now. Christina -- as. And powerful was that interview was in he described. You know hiding grabbing Jennifer taking her into her apartment locking the door so there Arianna is there. Christina is in there Jennifer -- in there and they locked. Here -- out of the apartment and he's banging on the door me think OK while the other day he won't be able to given in and she remembered. That he had a key. -- sometimes they would watch their dogs Jennifer and Jarrett would watch Christina who dogs. Up to any any any hit the -- any oxygen barbecue that story. I mean you can see you can just think about all the things that you -- You guys read about -- -- yesterday in the -- and if you haven't read it suggest you read mastery. -- candidate -- -- it but he kept it kept calling instead she didn't want -- and that you're going on the issue went over there -- his left side with me. Yen. And I'll defend the record eighteen on the wall we share a law. We shared via -- walk and I -- -- -- -- being totally told -- the locked the door behind her and I went over. There could see what was going on -- didn't just -- I don't care if he was screaming at her when he told -- back to our place and it has locked the door behind. Do you think about all those things you -- you -- you read about this guy in the paper imagine if you're there in that situation now. All the -- guy who was trying to stop them. -- -- Flashing the night that this guy I mean the guy who tried to intercede and a couple days I was a day or two later -- -- -- we have no stopping this guy. But all of these these stories back and forth if she's telling the truth or if if this is her story. This will all be out this this all will be part of testimony. This will be a part of this -- yeah so there are a lot of -- -- don't you you're naive if you actually believe her story her story was riddled with falsehoods. Perhaps we don't know we have we have one side of the story. Secondhand. And we don't have the story of any OK so -- Remy is gonna have this side of the story. Are you -- ballots could be a little -- evident -- -- good so how do you mean you have witnesses where he yeah what do you mean how how do you decide or how do you. How do you make appear mine who's credible believable. Is scared Grammy crowd credible this Christina no credible. Are you trigger. Well in the other part of this I agree with you guys and I said I don't understand. Jerry and BB attempting to get custody of this child. Is it fair to say that we don't know what the situation -- Yes that debt. I mean I don't know I don't know anything about the Martell famine nothing. And I don't want pretend that I do -- We make judgments now based on the information we have may be the information we have is an adequate. Adequate or accurate or both yet you know made -- my my point as I. I have no idea why that the grammys are seeking custody on the surface are using county sixty years old or whatever it is why would you want custody maybe he know something that we don't know. And I don't -- I have no idea. It's just we we tend to make judgments based on the snippet we have. Yeah and that's unfortunate for both sides but. I think in this case you can lean towards. Christina he'll call and then I think and this in. Whether Jerry -- Is. Able to gain custody of this child like in whether he should or shouldn't -- is. Estimates up to him whether he deals with us or not I'm just looking at the situation from 2000 feet going okay. There's three kids that you've already raised here's what happened here -- now I wanna take another one. And you know and be responsible for that child's operated just the two -- don't really belong together. The same time I don't know what the Martell spammers like either but I know. Mean are cooperating or -- not -- both fighting for both fighting for custody right -- right aware of the child now. Foster care okay so. That's Sox are you guys yes restaurants and -- that put this this spiral girl it -- with family but just it's now a -- about it I Johnson -- very Rajon. They are you doing guys. It's a couple things that we make like me make two points but why I can't stand watching -- and -- that is to restore. One is I understand -- over the last -- and I love my -- still has to. Troops is and you know if they did something wrong and got arrested once twice three times yes I love them I'm trying to cut. But Jesus after the twentieth thirtieth fiftieth 74 time. I think there's a problem. In the problem I have is that why in God's name is -- -- -- high prices change. -- credit get this -- off again. It entirely gone according to put a high -- a turning onto it. That's enabling indicated enable them for the last 34 years that's one common the second Communist. I can't stand watch in the broadcast. Seen in India -- and -- -- the glass and about his socks and the bulk Worley and all the -- -- -- -- -- dinner turns my stomach I don't wanna hit that crap. It's like well it's a powers said the parents of the poor little girl initial woman that was killed facility this jackass giggling and laughing and so until my dot. The second thing is when you want so. It didn't end Howard did a man everybody field and I'm ensuring. I learned that time from Dennis shackled definitely an apple. It was in ritual I liked it and I enjoy it because we know doctor shopping crucial missed. The Jerry let me shtick has come to win and it's tore all I like I don't like it is time to change it up just like Comcast and in the Celtics changed up with a -- on the floor what they did it kind. You need a little routine and yeah maybe it's not recklessly but -- -- -- the other by the sixth. Children have a problem -- actually at all -- -- declares sounds like you had a problem with Grammy before long I hit a story came out. I think sector for the last 23 years of -- -- and apparently want to hear this from a ton of people. You don't know what I do as much as a lot to watch the game I'd listen to on the radio but I can't stand and salute him Smart doctrine that up. Chris -- activists and means that we Josh got about a half a I have ever brought in just figures that absolutely listen in the hall of fame broadcaster Joseph Castiglione. In the future hall of Famer Dave Albright. I I understand completely if if you sit and watch the game and and -- -- uncomfortable given the back story -- you know now and I. I'm not try and talk anybody out of how they feel about the stuff -- is. You feel what you feel. I hurt people's and the radio station I won't watch the Red Sox games if if he's there. Have a hard time believing that I know they say it and I know they feel that I know they mean when they say it. So the Red Sox are playing the Yankees and and -- that I wanna see it but I'm not gonna watch goes well the good news -- the Red Sox and yankees games probably probably on national T oriental bats good point that also. Previous caller said if you wanna do it that way on the volume in. And and put on the radio station but I really way but I think -- -- I think -- and you said this earlier figure you're spot on with this. Something. Something has to happen. There there will be -- statement. As dubious statement from Nesta -- way. I don't come out and say we are either committed to Jerry Remy the entire season -- Which we pray for his family in that tragedy and we support Jerry. During this difficult time. War. We decided to go on a different direction I think they have to I think they have to stay a step up and say something so. But that timing is gonna is gonna make people at least wonder. Based on what I've read my understanding is that Jerry is off this week. I think the 25 through the 28 that that had been scheduled prior to this. Now I don't know if that's because of the custody here I don't know what's involved and am not. But people are gonna look at and -- all the newspaper article came out Sunday and that he's off the following week and they may or may not be related. Supposedly have from what I've read he was going to be off this week anyway I don't know -- -- when the article was coming out. You know what article was coming out because he gave a statement to the to the globe. -- you know didn't give an interview but gave this statement so he knew something was coming. Not a game a summary of what they were working on game context look at this is. This is the story. This is something that has been said about you how do you respond to it. I'm sure they did not give him a a copy of the of this story. They didn't tell him okay this is how it starts and it says this -- says that. Now it in the appropriate times where he would have to comment this is true or this is untrue they probably told him about it though he didn't know. Of the depth of it. -- we didn't know how long August -- probably had to be surprised by. How long in how thorough was he -- the game yesterday. On -- And I got to think he would -- -- by the time he got to the ball park into the game I mean would you think. Somebody told him about it I I got to believe Alia that he would have read it at that point our -- in Connecticut hey Mike. They were probably like with them. I think it is if it weren't applauding you sit here you can -- Our children so long on Bartlett then Theres a really. New englanders to him. What is every minute all. I think you very much a regular guy. And I think that you -- -- -- have been quick as many parents aren't. He'll win the monster that was -- You know you wouldn't get. If you've made a -- wrong choice it and a combat situation -- pick individual. You know in the article ran out doctors said. Chemical balance couldn't help right wrong. Had trouble understanding you don't emotion. And then pleaded guilty to. I'm sure would have been prepared to handle that -- -- -- it and -- my direct Toledo. And I'm in that situation I think it's it's something that. It is a nightmare for for any parents -- what how do you handle that they diagnose did you write everything you said -- is accurate so then then what he'd. That being said. I look at it -- -- questions. Let's take one that maybe aren't many -- is shared was going through and -- -- that you know what you heard that it no more money you know more lawyers more cars were gym membership not been called off. -- -- And that area. Don't back out and inevitably because of how sick he was acquitted he wasn't -- to eat what he goes back out. In a word on the world war picnic at all actually attack -- Where he finds himself in different but similar situation. We had a girlfriend and -- Our -- and looking at very Grammy. And saying -- and her finger and saying you're terrible spot in years gone and now look what happened. It's a good point whether he had had purchased high priced attorneys are not yes you get that you get the sense that that there was an inevitable conclusion to this thing. And unfortunately. Jennifer -- pay that ultimate price. Out of something earlier dale we were talking who's the publisher of Boston. John Henry he's he owns the paper and so. I thought I thought this and I think I still think. Tough but I think get a little bit less when John Henry took over the Boston Globe -- the oh here we go. Here we ego this is this is power this is a -- move to. To manage the news to promote the product the Red Sox. And Tuesday and to shut down. Some of the people shut down some voices that he doesn't like that you Dan Shaughnessy some other things. Did you ever did you ever -- imagine. There's John Henry Henry Boston Globe publisher. Would allow a story like this to run in the Boston Globe that makes whether he realizes or not he's -- Smart -- advocate does realize. Makes his franchise look bad too. It makes one. One of -- -- favorites one of the Red Sox one of. They efforts makes him -- -- don't think that would happy -- for those people who questioned whether the globe could be objective about their game with their coverage of the Red Sox going forward. This story would kind of fly in the face of that wouldn't it. I mean front page Sunday globe huge story couldn't have been more voluminous -- reported in researched. Was pretty it when it's such an impressive piece to begin -- I think you got -- probably stop asking the questions about whether they can be objective or not because they were pretty objective this time. Quick break right back to the call we will talk cocky I promise coming up in just a little bit Sports Radio WEEI. If.

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