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Wilfork vs Patriots, Bad to Worse? Vince reportedly cleans out his locker

Mar 24, 2014|

Dale, Michael and former Patriot Christian Fauria discuss the development in the Wilfork vs the Patriots story: Big Vince has reportedly cleaned out his Patriots locker and left the building. Is it a ploy, or is this permanent?

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There is a piece in the Boston Herald Boston Herald dot com written by Karen Kariya and one of them in my opinion truly great reporters in this town. I caring Reagan wrote a piece today the headline is sources. Vince Wilfork has already cleaned out patriots locker. Just give you way -- -- very brief reading of the first paragraph for two what Karen wrote today. Following the initial discussion between the patriots and Vince Wilfork over altering his contract. The nose tackle not only ask for his release but also made a stop in the locker room to grab his belongings before walking out of Gillette Stadium. According to sources an angry Wilfork ripped his name plate off his locker stall and cleaned out his locker. That's how big -- felt about the proceedings. Naturally time and distance can change perspective but Wilfork seemed convinced he was done in New England it goes on beyond. But that's ripped off his ripped off the Wilfork nameplate. It was really kind of at the slide because -- and -- -- again and you know I think it's a good -- to going to be reading that it -- get there -- -- Of and I give my on the you might trash bag you know we have put out my stuff in there and -- there. How much do I had zero awesome shirts they give you aware were you really want Marino's all -- how much do you have in your locker in hesitate -- in March you're taken. Why you're taking your personal pictures. Maybe some should I mean really there's really not much a brush. So -- you daughter and also -- you get probably just to do that at the end of this year in your last game and our last game wasn't home. -- -- combat the governor added actually you can do interviews is that the time most guys yes. Our locker -- because you just gather so much crap shoes that you might use them a cold weather gear. What averaged just -- if you're one of those those guys that. Proactively cleans it out every two or three weeks and you probably not left with a big massive lot to do. If you're like the majority of the guys you leave everything the very last minute and that's what -- to start dumping stuff gloves shoes. Mouth r.'s mouth pieces you know whatever you name it you've found the most importantly. It's your personal stuff mr. pitchers -- opener Lockerby kids' lives. Whatever sordid another he has he is that we know is emotional so Vince Wilfork goes in there either rips where slides. Off the nameplate. 75 Wilfork. And storms out of the facility. As he's often mosquitoes is going that's right. Do you think this is a big deal. I don't I do yeah I don't I want to because I I think he's an emotional guys he said and I think he maybe was pissed at the time. And then you calm down and I've always thought all along cooler heads are gonna prevailed they were all gonna calm down. And eventually he's gonna and a plane. Moment emitted is a -- I mean this is believed to sources says -- say that he ripped his name tag off -- nick does rip does its. But the offers that confirmed I mean that's just seeing what Karen says it has a child irritated really -- reporter okay well I. Two sources I believe that what she reports is accurate I will say this I was an equipment guy for the patriots -- be a little nervous but he put my job right now. I mean I think about the number of people who could confirm that he went in there and ripped it off or a whole lot of folks in their right now. It won't take much to narrow down Karen -- sources -- science. Yeah I don't know I just -- hole by -- to go on there and a notice to show you want to do my an employee problem you know it just seems so childish and doesn't seem like. It's -- -- to send a message this is my way of sending your message to my nameplate. Shoes in my bag of those are all things that I really want that identified me as a pitcher. No and I think that's universal way of showing that are upset. Pick my name. Off my locker. What you do now ha moral vacation -- to. Keep when -- -- -- -- -- -- a April the -- you know would be a great source for -- about this. Vince Wilfork. No better than Vince Wilfork pity that in when they went off. That it I'll tell you what I did like -- -- out my locker I mean -- -- and I don't know who resources aren't is giving you an example. I don't think it's that big deal I I just think I think he was emotional Heidi key was man I think he might still be. Sooner or later. Cooler heads prevail hasn't been released. Probably for a reason does not go to release and I don't think they're gonna really know I think it would have done it right away if they were going well it is interesting because. They continue to be involved in their names are mentioned with. A lot of these guys throughout the patriots talking a lot of free agents and soon to be free -- now reports out of Philadelphia that. I DeSean Jackson won't be on the team next year on the Eagles. Could be traded could be flat out released of the patriots have been mentioned -- -- Jackson here's a story -- I am and actually met. The New York Daily News. And companies using and here's here's the nut -- Now the daily news has learned that the jets patriots dolphins and Steelers. Are in the hunt to land veteran running back Maurice. Jones-Drew. Teams are expected to meet. With the Jones-Drew camp at league meetings this week in Orlando. Which means they -- Garrett once on. And you know will get a better necessarily -- -- just say if the patriots are in the market for Maurice Jones-Drew I don't think in another running back. I I I do if if the Garret blunt has gone -- they do. Eric I don't know that if you're down to Steven -- like a lot and chamber and Brandon Bolden. To which polls well. Brent bolster special teams pass neighboring -- third it third down back got my Kevin Faulk got it can also play -- -- like about -- every -- number one back. So you would need you need to guide me -- -- -- need to first you need to first and second down guys. And you mentioned coming imagines guys. -- and a Maurice Jones-Drew and DeSean Jackson. Some I don't just interest is just speculation. But if you if you really want to bring these guys aboard let's say Maurice Jones-Drew says you know I can't believe it Fred Taylor told me that at New England is awesome. And I can't wait I'd love to play for you guys they signed me up. And DeSean Jackson says not as wanna play I want to play with Tom Brady signed me up at some point you have to make a decision on this vote for either he's gonna have to. Except the restructuring. We're gonna have to release them. I think eventually speak -- except the restructuring. I did just. All like they've played here because they've played that he's he's -- tell -- that by the way might get sick as he was probably -- -- on on an almost daily basis anyway. He's rehabbing from an Achilles injury you go see the trainers your your -- worked on on by the training -- my guess is he's in general or was in their all time. This is funny because I heard -- summer vacationer Michael how mean shouldn't be -- -- You know what I am -- there's no you know it didn't -- ya -- a week off especially an Achilles injury when you obviously. It was probably gain some weight also -- the shed those pounds but -- -- -- thing I don't get your take on this just. Briefly a the whole Michael Vick to New York Jets. Does this help them. Or does that hurt. I think it helps them based on what they have a quarterback. And I had a rookie quarterback and you know original Smith is going to call it clutch but it don't you think -- Michael Vick right now's a better quarterback -- Smith. -- I don't know. Don't know MB I don't know if you're a patriots and at that evident and at that data that's out now -- the darkest head up keep Bill Bennett come on bring more guys again. Yeah I mean I guess I mean dear -- is probably the worst rookie cornerback I've seen in a long period of time. But I just have all the people come in to bring in the basically mentor. It's Michael Vick who. Are correct me if I'm wrong I don't think it has not is -- finish the regular season without missing a game. And has got progressively worse ever since he came back and -- five years ago. So. I just I guess I'm just trying to figure out what are they doing down there like how does that work -- what's the mentality. Out of the guys that are available. It's Michael Vick that you decide to bring in now is your starter opening days as an open competition. Is this something that. I mean you try to push geno Smith. I don't know. I've just been -- out there. This hard every down at a -- it's a jets -- -- -- -- I did it but we don't hold dumb levels retirement before -- on but. The lights on. Not that -- and at that about it.

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