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David Ortiz inks an extension with the Sox, have we heard the last of Ortiz talking about his contract?

Mar 24, 2014|

Dale, Michael and Christian Fauria discuss the new extension for Sox slugger David Ortiz, how he'll likely finish his career with the Red Sox, and how this should be the last time anyone hears a peep from David about his contract.

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This is where we've gotten to. We've got to just before the -- cracked open Christian Fauria says. Like to write an open letter to spring to spring Actel argue that your ex if you come from you know what I want writes I wanna right. A whole other topic I actually just throw its so called today. It's freezing. Outside it's not like. It's not immediately. You we seek it out you look outside it's sunny well okay you're gonna have -- no it's -- it winds -- by hand to freeze the -- gloves no -- the world light jacket because they -- Spring start last week right last Thursday it was first there's sparked what is -- Does it feel like for Indian yet it's going to snow on Wednesday. Don't tell me how is maybe the -- marine is doing a good job right now -- it -- opened letters brings. Complaining spring is to another base during his Wichita State that's let's bring it -- -- mail her these are for people -- I picked team hasn't lost and yeah -- well all that throw it up a I I stand by Dan Bartlett selection and her. -- -- I've got adult time over to his target modeled after I was do -- -- comic doing in the bracket you know little towns and writer. At the station and he's like your last week's announcement low low. If you wanted to like not out both your teams are playing in the final and an attempt to game out Kansas Wichita State all Kansas Spinal Tap a good picture -- -- Yeah me already I'm. Michael successfully did to -- bush from pat. Development to report what reports have confidence out there. Thereabouts. David Ortiz signed a new contract and as I act when we were talking about this on Friday. I thought that what they were gonna get him with a one year extension plus an option year. They did give an option year but in between there's a vesting option now they what they gave me is a year next year guaranteed sixteen million. A vesting option based on plate appearances for 2016. And then a club option for 2017. And look we talked about it on Friday there's a whole bunch folks you guys included -- don't the patient on this site. Don't know. I NT to -- now I say it causes you to pause just dissect it just based on how he was doing -- bring. I realize he's you know either some quotes from him talking about spring training. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I thought that was on like I just kind of get hold of that move but not -- based on how we was doing it it would release cause you know Red Sox think about just a little bit. But you know after everything's been said and done I'm just happy it's done. I'm happy it's over with it gives you you know he's in the minds that now or OK I'm gonna I'm gonna retire red -- which is a great feeling. You know what Christian and -- I think he would have more to think about it they have less money. So -- the Red Sox are -- let's say they -- myriad. Like a mid market team. Or even a small market let's say the Cleve land or Kansas City. Where it although you know Cleveland last year was competitive made the playoffs. But when it comes to tough decisions for older players. Sometimes they have to make those decisions and it's it to Batman though those guys are not ending their careers. With the Indians whether it was a Manny Ramirez or Jim Thome or Albert -- that generally the Cleveland Indians will take about this -- Those guys the Red Sox even if you have some questions about David Ortiz is going to be this year or next year. You have so much money. It's you know you can afford to. Take chances maybe not the right way to -- -- but you can afford to make a risky a somewhat risky. Financial decision I think everybody was on board with this deal I think this is something that. John Henry wanted Tom Warner Larry Lucchino John Ferrell and bench -- I don't think it was a case of upper management. Ownership saying to Ben hey Ben I know you wanna let David Ortiz walked which are not because he didn't want David Ortiz to one. Here's the problem too is that is that it's it's the terms that we use when you talk about hometown discount. And you're talking about sixteen million dollars they seem sort of mutually exclusive he kept talking about a discount when you're talking about more money than any of us will ever see in our lifetime. You know -- gets next year. What Mike Napoli guests that's what they've done they've given them a -- to Mike Napoli money think about that for a minute. And I understand Napoli with free -- coming in which which figure casts a bigger shadow when Boston Red Sox history. Give me. So next year he gets the same money Mike Napoli gets yet that's a hometown discount it is. It's a hometown discount based on his production. Based on what he's capable of doing and I think only I think only drawback guys is. We're Christian mentioned on on Friday. And that. You look at his age -- into windows it start to tail off. So it's a hometown discount based on what we saw David Ortiz do last year regular season post season. It's a hometown discount discount based on what we think he's gonna do. 2014 but let's say 2014 turns into a 265. 337 on base. You know 455. For sixty slugging. Those -- out that bill slugging numbers would be lower than his last here in Minnesota where he slept 500. So. If he does that this year are still thinking that sixty million dollars in hometown discount. Yeah and and I I do think that there's a combination going on here you're not just paying for future production. Why are also paying for past production mean you do when Tom Brady signs a new contract with the patriots he's not -- match is paying him. What you think he's gonna do in the future you're paying him for Tom Brady and that's based on what he's done in the past. David Ortiz and I know that perception becomes reality for many of your round Europe -- Even Ortiz is one of the greatest players in the history of the Boston Red Sox. He has had a huge part in bringing three World Series championships the Boston including being MVP of the third. He is one of the great hitters in the history of the team. And the idea I'd somebody on Twitter last -- let me ought to given him a gold watch. And and I all yup because that 681 batting average in the World Series and the MVP in the World Series or gotten up to keep getting it done right it's -- Japanese. All 52 wouldn't bring try and all that. The suit hears of messed up thing out for me okay so now of this the contract -- he set where. I instantly try to figure out now when we watch -- okay palaces production I am going to be focused in on his production. And you know whether I think there's a drop off or not whether I think the comments about spring. Were little premature because you probably need that spring and then I'm like okay ways like. I was the -- again it's that I didn't need camp I needed like three days -- camp on older player you kind of know to do you know the offense. You don't need all that extra running and hitting it sets for the younger guys. In a precinct in -- late last year of of it when you're with the patriots. That you look your stats. It's all I had I had no -- catches in that in that pre season game that exhibition game. It didn't matter and it also demanded because there are other guys who would go out and catch you know ten passes for hundred some odd yards and they were cut the next day so. It's it's very tricky looking act spring training. Summer camp numbers in any sport just because of who played against and they're really an OT says it -- to prepare for his forum. There's no there's there's nothing going on in those games there's no. You know -- want to what do what do you would you play for there's no intensity. And the games so I mean what's what's between was at which top state. It was a Kansas game a plane a -- -- -- just kind of dragon on my men my belt and are now so -- -- back regular those teams blowback for this time -- and because bass -- for ever so you can go back to you Al Watson the Red Sox games are not Ortiz goes on bases loaded. My guy. Just hit a home run added almost forgotten where it's he walks out and he's got and he's out so even at a Mike -- What does that mean. Nothing it doesn't really mean. They got rid of them made it -- anything nobody else what you don't like it we it will mean something they have. If if he has 82009. Like season. In the beginning he really struggled that year it to 32009. Like season then we look back and say we're this conference we didn't see this coming. Then you can go back Fauria and say I totally I totally had a bad spring but you know he's you're saying. You didn't pay attention to the numbers at the stats -- know somebody who did I know somebody who paid attention to every move that you -- Courage I know somebody who. Charlie Charlie I talked -- -- on yielded all of that mean -- I -- I just present us yeah you're right. Right so over -- Ortiz out of the commanders OK so if you go by -- is is this article and in the and he's -- dot com that talks about. His production and other players. -- that he's in the what they were able to Purdue's. So it talks about -- the likelihood. On that mobile they hit you know multiple home -- -- -- early 24 players who hit point five more home runs this season from age 38 on. Is -- to baseball reference dot com. The number drops to AT from the age 39 on anti seven from forty -- though. All lead to Red Sox players have ever done so and altar and offered Tim Williams did it three times hitting thirty home runs. At age 3830. At age 39 at 29 age 41. Point Perasa but the majority of his career with the -- -- -- when he spotted 38 in 1980s so. When I read that I go okay. This is how it's -- measure up bright immunities that this is the category put David Ortiz right -- and Paul Williams type halting a lot of pressure to last year yeah. See except they don't wanna put DH is in the in the hall of fame for some reason and which is wrong in my opinion he should be in the hall. -- -- there -- -- DH is who belong in the hall payment he's one of the two and Edgar Martinez's the other. Yeah I agree with that at the I think the only the only issue for him won't be the position. Will be. That New York Times article. Think he was on the list in 2003 that article came out 2009. But I didn't think that will stop them from being in the hall of fame because David Ortiz. As such he. I don't know it is like he had personal report where all of these reporters around the country. These these baseball writers but they -- You can imagine David Ortiz during the World Series and actually look at feminist after a World Series did not come up. If if if Alex Frederick. Alex Rodriguez is doing that the World Series. And he's hitting 688. It you cannot get them out. So hot eat two or three or maybe a dozen or two reporters would say only days hitting 688 but you know. There was that playing in 2003. With David Ortiz doesn't come up because they like these of the -- let -- let people -- -- -- and implement. And let's get one thing straight too because in this town especially. Perception becomes real Bob Kraft was standing on the sidelines Syracuse with a stop watch timing Tebucky Jones doesn't matter if it's true or not. It has become reality because somebody said it wants a wrote a become reality. David Ortiz winding complained about his contract this off season. Didn't. He didn't and I know people wanna turn it into that because he has in the past. He didn't this time he didn't whine and complain about it -- -- text after text and tweet after tweet I'm so sick of is whining and complaining. Didn't we talked about he was asked about it any answer. Our bodies of the media he would ask. I mean I -- my foray -- the guy who could answer question when asked it would be you know. Yeah but I would say anything of I think -- -- -- results of the problem is that at least that he answered the question it's that he was on. Slug no exit its -- of football and baseball two different worlds was IC dot Furl or NASA an all time talking to zero off flight. It's like were at a bar you'll -- professional coach Rex Ryan. The Beatles -- you don't -- coaches around your doing that. Bret Stephens I think is extremely open with what's going on with the Celtics nobody in football -- You need to perfect the art of say some that would -- say anything so when Michael -- -- by hey make you give -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Michael Ryder junkie I. -- -- -- -- If you're if you're walking around the patriots locker room trying to get some -- it's the putting your -- on one day somebody who aren't like that documents to execute him assortment pull over. All the little ball. And we need seeds on the little blown he'd be searching for noticed -- -- Of the -- Come along at. And -- that he did it. -- to Michael for free to start till we get -- wanted to get him in there you know get a dollar. Will take a break when we come back we'll talk about the the front page story in yesterday's Boston Globe Cambodia's. We'll get to that as well we'll talk about the Bruins and their twelve game win streak you guys are still you're still alive. But Thursday night's game when you -- the Bruins get it done tonight they'll be looking to tie the franchise record when you're the. On third and are restored there. Looks fired towards the excited what does this all the delicate and what the fifth. I'm yelling out or opt out public I don't wanna fight to break out now wanna be that guy run the glass like you -- in the glass that like it's somebody you're totally beat that guy. The same guy that likes to go to wrestling matches -- -- -- there's a funny thing. You have tickets that I. Pop up and really not the collapse. We're we're American athletes you're knows Wrigley. Whether there'll be no glass close to with a quick break -- it to -- Jerry Remy in what you read yesterday in the globe here on Sports Radio WB. --

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