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Kristina Hill, friend of Jennifer Martel: Jenna Remy texted Martel "I'm afraid my brother is going to kill you"

Mar 24, 2014|

Kristina Hill was close friends with Jennifer Martel and lived next door to her and Jared Remy. She called into Mut and Merloni and gave a heartbreaking and at times chilling interview. She stated that Jenna Remy told Martel she was afraid Jared would kill her and spoke about the involvement of the Remy family.

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Not elude ID 37 WEP you know get back to your phone calls in just a couple of minutes the story yesterday. Headline in the Boston Globe for Jared -- leniency was the rule until one lethal might not the death. I'm Jennifer Martell quoted in the story and ally in the story was a neighbor and close friend. A Jennifer in the mark felt -- Christine hill Christine hill. Joins us here on the eighteenth -- outlined Christina -- -- -- in Boston power you. I am a -- we can appreciate you calling us as we're talking about this and and giving us. A few minutes of your time now it says in the story that UN your -- boyfriend -- husband moved away when did you guys move away where you live now. I -- I won't -- on air where we live now just. The can we -- -- of that reason back they moved they'll probably about six weeks after everything happened. -- you know Jennifer -- Evidently. That short time for how well he knew it and we knew they are around sixteen. Seems like -- with her throughout this. This process of of -- Jared at this late stages of this whole thing what can you tell us aboard Jennifer's a person. Cute and perfect the he. You did this ivy kids I mean dean light bouncy enthusiastic. And girl Hewlett always happy not the I'm often dealing with. It. You know language and actually. Probably the most incredible mom I've ever seen -- So devoted. Current that me I'm dealing include Arianna every every day off -- -- are armed -- -- as. You know torturing her. -- her boss and go to -- -- -- you -- actors you. You really like crane beach and and so flat. -- walked and expect talent everywhere that sort -- I've very blocked and because everywhere and only -- more hair in a pony tail -- without -- -- -- It. And happy go lucky. Mom and an immediate Infrant. Garcia and -- you knew her as far as that this relationship with with Jarrett but was it always. Difficult -- it seemed like at the end dole did you ever see them have good times or how long have you known to them together. But I know. And so we met and the daily news and can -- we're sitting on the steps. And I who was unloading my car and -- was whispering to generally look at -- we have a dog was carried out badly me. And there are albeit in a -- and down and acting in that -- as well help. Though they've been in our lives they went to our -- dean on the undermine me. I'd be capture hammer at least -- Kimberly-Clark and Kerry went candy into the him. And route from day one in the -- caricature that guy on. Yeah and and see he would step but we get past -- not completely and that's. Acted like that oil dri kid back. And we can stop that he -- like trying to act like a god because he thought it was cool. And it wasn't until probably like march and 2013. We realize that you he was. To break out of that -- and -- wasn't just stuck to the front. You say bad violent guy Cristina would you characterize the what chip is toxic and be live next story talk about the shouting matches that you heard you mention that first day it was there at the toxicity to -- as far as you could tell between the two. Yes and then tried really really hard and she would. You know an easy easy cricket like Al. I'm pushy. She's. You know it's like what you're wanting it and she kept -- heard him speak and so. You know -- an effort to -- like you know can sense. He. And intense relationship. And and you know we all questioned life like and it was with a guy that that. That -- like twenty everyone -- her. Planet -- so -- -- it -- that ilk -- the end that that we realized that -- that it was very toxic and and and it it was unfortunately the very end that I really how how weird and hasn't. And -- -- because. With a very strong and number one men and she you know her her bigotry and thematic like apple that act like -- Are talking -- Christina hill friend and neighbor of Jennifer and Jennifer -- -- it says here in the global article that you with. Jennifer. The night before encouraged her to go to the -- and the next morning. To extend that restraining order. -- take us through that what that was like for you that conversation whether. Yes so that Tuesday night and you know her like she usually does -- watch pretty little liars in the summer Grey's Anatomy in the winter who come over. This and keep our analyst at which it is important in them and late prime minister and -- -- on the couch and I was playing. On the floor and he -- -- here at mr. Geithner crazy as Garrett started coroner Irwin or certainly. Over and over and over and kept saying you know don't answer it still -- That -- answered -- he extreme profanity batter in England you don't go to other people's houses to watch TV like. If you -- what you want to hear and things like that and though. I am. -- told him to just pull up that but he kept it kept calling and said she didn't want Arianna you're going on. She went over there in his left side with me and them and the and the thirteen on the wall we shared a law. We shared via -- -- -- and I had to -- eighteen story holograms are locked the door behind her and I went over. There to see what was going on. We can't just -- how scary -- he was bringing her when he told it brought back to our place in the dead locked the door behind and down. And she used to being around me. Torrent that the year OK so we forgot that they -- that they -- -- the end -- -- great as these two of the dog house floor. And down and so he went back to his -- against Scott that they -- -- to my place and comfort. In my screen mean. Yeah lenient and been called the cops and I'm. And they came over and wreckage here I am in chief and me me me me -- -- -- -- -- For about you earned. And die in the -- me when I woke up I I got traction here you know from here on the court -- this time it's gonna be. And now she. Paul Donnelly and her racquet that the current -- it would -- had a really -- trailer it that your children all of that and he said. That. That he had termed. Spoke with CB I mean that morning all and that she asked. Or -- told that to me that that. It out and said he not care extend the restraining order in exchange. He -- will -- take -- apartment Healy from Garrett and and then certain mr. Kirk. Said that they had at that she has apartment he that he beat the apartment from. Did you see other text messages. Cristina between the the -- family and Jennifer about the incidents. -- -- Who spent the night and boom in the N center nightly on Wednesday night on luck to fourteen. -- work around Garrett has kept it. Com -- at some point which she should leave them on Wednesday morning announcer when. When she went that it entered treatment that are going to carry it. That was that was from Jenna -- His brother racist -- rather. So did you and no -- RD try to convince Jennifer shall. At the she was gonna do. -- and then leave you spent the day it in farms which is Angeline and I'm from my I didn't mean on him and and general when -- can kind of get -- mind about what they're thinking that have happened and while you're there on TD incessantly called. -- on the phone for the whole -- come into -- on. TV Eric that morning in the car we had our Dunkin' Donuts and lecturing -- copy and -- eating our -- and down and talking about. About how he wanted to be with a guy that was gonna make her a better person. Talking about her ex boyfriend from her and her personal lives and he probably meet him speak. Breaking up with ten men and talking about the future and will -- earlier we're gonna -- And down and then on by the end of our China German farm after the -- that he has with CB. He. He -- for C dropped silicon process teacher and synthetic feel bad for calling the cops and Garrett after only. You're not a -- calmer head like a politician called them. Already died -- need to return her back home so she could wash your blog. -- the defected he no longer had the key to the house is that something that she physical can't know probably isn't of the key Kinchen and always is still look. A feeling of fear him with that news. There was the feeling this year and I didn't I didn't read that I'm not into it because like I -- ten conduct that are ultimately that. You'd think she couldn't properly handled the whole world -- You know. She she she made it elation actually he had things under control it. He cared then and elegant. Should approach more and I am I getting for that week and I think picking up at bat that the -- that -- that he was she was. At least they are have the freedom completely the decision he needed to make him. You know I can only tell you what I think -- I I think that I think she was influenced. By TV because. Because. We went. Talking to wonder about her leaving gear shift in the ilk. In the morning an hour later in Atlanta -- 180 and now. After my observation. In. Sushi just -- reason that the influences was so highly he's just feel feel bad for Jerry for all the years we -- looming in the story you also talked about how she. Couldn't provide Ferrari Alex she'd like to win in the -- helped her out financially was -- fear of anything is that what she reversed course so quickly. I mean I can't tell you exactly why are you that. On that bank and looked up to. Grammy is saying and she considered tedium of actually here. English be on duplicate that their -- mr. McConnell says. We live with and I think. And she really can look at them you know her her formal rule and and that's sort of the parents and -- -- -- and you know look at -- formally. I -- news isn't gonna ask you something he contends that the ailing economy. Was that any talk about that the night before where you you had Jennifer there in your apartment Christina was that was up the only time she sought refuge next or would you. They're potentially. Up. Not where it normally am a mile an -- back -- -- It was a completely ate dinner together. Sport Akron the week she was over at my house every day. She stopped and say hi tech and son. With. He wouldn't be at godmother. -- -- -- and -- high harmonica on when he got home from work. We both are your side. I mean I had a -- that we wait right up there today and and to her and she was over at my house. At least for our ability and that I'm in. They -- see it. You know I know -- of news overseas shows and violent history that. Did you ever show signs that you know well while -- where you -- you had a dream the night before then. The outcome of it did you see that injured -- -- are thrilled that she's in our current car I'm all right. And saw him he -- be scary. It. I I again I -- spot with Hitler he accurately capture the oil thirteen year old filly whenever he didn't get promptly hit the way you like. He would go on the tire it. And fell at a highly associated -- with the fact that it is so used to getting delay in the late in the adult version. A tantrum if he sees no Iranians are. Time that's reference and in in the globe we were getting all of -- my husband and me. And and then our son. -- -- -- Over a new hot dog -- -- programmer but apparently the cart -- -- Down somehow we started talking about. I'm gay marriage ban -- And I were just talking about how we don't think get scared that anyone should be deprived -- equal rights. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There he about it like looking at a handy -- that scene until the end using. Terrible homophobic order. -- I have -- parent and -- said. Well like -- like is it really if they feel like that a guy ever hit on him and he is through internal -- in the -- All and he he sit him this friend of his baca he -- out at work a lot and they'll get them done -- -- -- -- In you'd tell that story that you'd is written about here we scared that night for her when he starts yelling about that stuff Christine. I I was then and so we we we can't get that display earned. -- -- -- the situation because while and when you're leading to go to adopt -- block it out and sell out at lake. Because Jen and I know we're like mama's belly and the car in gear the car parking lot screen and me. Seem like get over here -- seen in these calling her a bit. And and -- -- and get in the car but now and he didn't Sheila our analysts and he. Went in the car it scared and I was very scared and we followed them elderly the park and -- my hand on unwritten lines. And and they got out at the park and making totally blind so I don't know definitely talked him down her lack. -- totally fine and and I and then after that if you know I get put in the back of the mind me. -- much it did Jennifer -- oath of Jerry's kind of past you know as far as violence with ex girlfriends. Little -- twisted so. Kerry -- you know what happened at Tiffany your back. Is that it was a crazy person she was -- -- pregnant and that and it what was told to us by from both of them so I'm. That I'm picking the -- being peace to attack carried on the regular beat that. And and then I'm. And then the incident with the Ryan -- explain to -- as. I I don't know if you let your -- -- -- -- well but people told. I heard him he told me that Brian hack attack. Term care and and self defense he broke her nose and -- -- he would in jail for the 88. As well to attract. The Christina we appreciate you calling our show is we're talking about this earlier ticket a few minutes I can't imagine. What it's been like for you and and and thank you for for giving us more formation about the story and we thank you for taking a few minutes. We're all here. Christine hill joining us here on the program Christina quoted. Pretty extensively today and yesterday in the Boston Globe story. Which details a a long and troubled past and history for. Jared Graham and some of the court systems that. Let him down by continuously letting him out and not. 81 days in jail time was it for. 74 to run ins with police over the course of thirteen fourteen years 6177797937. Is your phone number can text us on the AT&T texts like at 37937. Here it to Michael -- to. On Sports Radio W yeah.

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