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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: 60 Minutes on the Marathon manhunt

Mar 24, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about the 60 Minutes story on the FBI's search for the Tsnarnaev's.

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Our caller -- we get two year -- headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover 99% more than 9%. All Americans rethink possible M by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision fitness equipment what the TB days off between the golf. The NCAA. Picture revenues on and then sixty minutes last night blisters from -- in my chair opposite field -- the the I flew home from London watched. Gravity. On Nebraska. And Springsteen documentary this great idea I've outlined sucks at least Sox were never but the TV thing -- line to national. So great you know why Nebraska didn't. A win for best picture black and -- hell because it was no and neither be blacker light because it's up for the most depressing movie of all times Obama. I satellite was just ravenous gravity is -- -- gravity was excellent. But I saw the -- is meant to be seen on -- screen I'll pack but at what -- that I am a guy that guy Matt what an idiot out. I'm back to watch these other sports -- and -- that documentary via I should have been and that's. It's so emotional I love the Springsteen cuts -- the system that brought in the kitchen to. I've found that oh Cyprus for the first time in 1972. Horrible things I like that -- him finish just sit there it's. Is an excellent okay I you know -- I'm Michael liquor store you know I'd like to tennis dreams -- -- whenever I had a dream sequence I've never seen anything like like I give credit to movies was never seen -- like -- minutes and it was only that's another that is all the other Academy Award winning -- she was for too long. But. Do you think she died. In gravity grindstone as my wife watched two in the in the on the plane and then like Google and and -- all metaphor that's the big that the story is that the -- of the red clay is have them -- read this but theories that she actually died that's the after life and that's what you know people helicopters. To rescue -- I was she's on another in the right places I checked out that George -- live right. George Clinton -- think you will live when he got in the capsule. Genetically we heard that movie -- six -- to play completely -- that we just this morning you gave the ending away though didn't she did. What insane if you ask us what is left of -- don't know if she that the -- out I was a book. The book is good it's too long like all the movies. Well it's like 900 pages a -- and like. 200 pages in snapping of the book you missed the parliament did undergo a great unbelievable yeah he's got he's got -- tonight -- at the open side and they've -- I am hardcover books each and easy treatment -- -- and -- -- -- you'll very nice to everybody what did you finishes bucket that's the last of this course. Twist them finished it like senator gentle. It's like it's like a hand coming out of that -- -- yeah. I'm like in November -- -- connections are good for you good for you argued ourselves -- -- rivers hit Chris Paul and Todd and Richard and now with the -- -- Just wait a couple of minutes we ask -- the words he wanted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixty minutes piece last night was on the the manhunt here for for this -- the FBI's version yes I'd give the episode beat this segment with your boy. Scott Kelly Jack's always put it up -- I give today seat Plosser being minus a terrific I would do I didn't feel like I learned that -- -- I gotta learn more and I was very disappointed left him Ballmer noted it. But completely right in fact an FBI sketch artist was in his room. How does a B a leadership moment out of that story they had certain Douglas Stephanie -- just. Douglass talking about the -- -- moment. Was going through like a 100000. Videotapes. To see this thing. They said that was the break in the case right not according to what I want a break but why would they look for the video you know why would a guy Jeff Ballmer described well yeah bush -- should ever study by Jeff Bowman and she said. When he. Talking about Joseph -- Didn't look to his left in the first bomb went off. He did something that nobody else did not and they were looking for she made it sound like because he'd turn -- head and look at the sound of the first explosion. That was how they have got they have a sketch of -- that's already crap. And may be announced CBS maybe sixty minutes cut about but that they know that the FBI knows Jeff played a crucial role. We have -- -- -- -- by the way is engaged and expecting yet but I overreact and -- and I are expecting in July in the book is out that the two weeks. Buckled on to the south sausage. Well -- -- for once second the big debate last there was that the federal law. -- -- officials whether it's released the photos whether the capture of the suspects obviously last year and you could definitely argued that. -- In some ways caught sharp colors like I mean they're and they're aware that could knock it you know it did. But I still would defend the decision saved it's you know because they were gonna kill again right there gonna go read like Hillary yet they killed one person and -- it is sad it is tragic. And I think. John colleagues and -- friends have done a wonderful job of eulogize him and memorializing him. But their goal was to kill thousands right and if they didn't release the photos. They may have killed it's hears us -- doubt that if they didn't release the photos of the killed at least a few more -- -- slated to go to New York scared -- -- say yes there's -- and Nike Celtic color film outrage it's what happens -- -- -- like these guys stuff like that's gonna happen here's Stephanie Douglas. Part of the eureka. -- was there you Rico moment in terms of the video would put at some point somebody said hey boss have a look at this. Yes there was it was I believe or Wednesday morning and we watched a deal hundreds and hundreds of times. You can see an individual. A tall man wearing a light ball cap. Walk into the frame. He's has a backpack slung over one of his shoulders. She puts the backpack down very nonchalantly she joins the crowd. You clearly see everybody look very very definitely to the laughed like -- heard something they've seen something to you know that first class is gone off. She does not do that she does not do what everybody else in that video does she does not turn to a -- she instead just stands there. First second or two. And walks very deliberately. -- the same direction -- -- Not exactly -- a moment in my mind did you. At the same thought I did when -- FBI agents were better at 10 o'clock hours it now I I couldn't sleep that week I mean that was written to the news a -- disasters and -- -- girls -- -- at a 10 o'clock. Jenner phone next door that the elemental. Snagged yet he said it is -- totally happy -- believer ever boarding on the way in here. Yes I -- wild shoot out at Watertown right around here for thirty somewhere on route to cop cars different -- -- fly by. And then there was that naked guy that Mena reported more. That's sure it happened at least -- consider my parents not except that I was just trying to get -- but I've brought you baited.

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