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New details in the Jared Remy case

Mar 24, 2014|

The guys discussed Sunday's Boston Globe front page story on the rap sheet of jared Remy. Everyone was stunned at the extent of his crimes over 17 year period.

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In no way. I don't know. I mean you know enable our you know and -- Taipei for an apartment deactivate you know -- sort of things yes. You know. That I encourage violence novel that I. Try to get helped form absolutely. So it's it's a complex issue and it's a complex issue that had a terrible result. A jury Ramey with Dennis and Callahan several weeks ago. 61777979. 37 I don't even know where Libyan. Other than assay as a said going into the break everything I plan on doing yesterday was about an hour later than planned on doing it. As I sat down to read the voluminous and extremely. Frightening and and shocking and stunning piece that Eric Moskowitz from the globe staff put together on Jerry -- Headline leniency was the rule until one people might. Set myself you know I don't be talking about this tomorrow on the -- so what just highlight. A couple of the things that you guys talked to do -- highlight just a couple of the items that we can probably touch on. And three magic markers later that are now and I I've gone through this thing chapter and verse and it is being on. Comprehension. That somebody -- a good jumping off point that somebody could do this many evil they news. Back to back to back over a period of I believe seventeen years. And find themselves doing so little time in jail. And having these flops having these these these things handed to him because he had the best defense money could buy. And he's on the street doing it again and clear in this article. About halfway through the there was nothing a judge could do or say that this guy. From -- probation standpoint from a -- do this again standpoint from a counseling standpoint from -- whatever. That would dissuade him from being the evil animal that he. He has yes it's 7600. Words -- take that -- -- copy -- yesterday probably highlighted below. 4500 to 7600. More island of the and you -- -- it does look -- pretty close side that suits suits look at the final words not a pilot I had to script -- but they did it I -- would agree at this -- -- -- allowing -- whatever it's amazing to me the most amazing animal story is that if you have a Jerry -- autograph in jail. You can get a got to shape your back in a full canteen he traded his father's autographs. The guys so -- achieve his back and arsenal that is -- factoid from her record. -- Eric Moskowitz volatility didn't -- how Moskowitz in changes -- -- Johnston are true but. These evil I mean that's it's simple matter of just a bad seat in evil evil man. And jails were made for guys like this is what we have jails in the civilized society you belonged in jail. Now I know that questioned the big question we heard yesterday and today and now it is. Should somebody lose his job of this and that somebody who's who's Jerry Remy I think. Yes somebody should lose his job for it would be judge Neil Walker -- I mean it is that the judges in the DA's -- Left this animal on the streets long enough to finish the job to kill Jennifer mark tells blood is on their hands. I mean obviously these are cowards and who don't speak to -- export the face did that the voters. And and don't based media and don't explain their decisions but obviously. They are are responsible here they left this monster on the street to terrorize young women and eventually murder. Jennifer Marshall so where you think they mean -- has had to explain to write us in others. Mean -- -- the faced people every day and and and know that their look in attendance and what what you do more justice. Put that what they do some very Ryan Newell must've had this of real daughter yes all right all doctors had to write all available and they know they know better than we do that this I was capable. Hurting another one why every single time -- than what time of the beast -- 81 days right idea why they skate is his dad's a baseball -- -- I don't think so I think I've Chrysler pay up Moskowitz takes great pains and so to other people he talked to about eleven in right in front because it's such a big piece but I islanders at some point. That they say it's not that he's Jerry Remy sun it's that Jerry remedies money was able to hire right somebody like attorney bella. As opposed to some. You know. -- a dealmaker Yassin and Bellamy deals but the people who made the deals with him. They know what this guy was all about they know it wasn't one slip up. Well the guy you know had a drug problem and just happened had to get clean they knew he was equal to the court. And they left them on the street they look at this record it looked at this. Attitude toward the law enforcement I mean this is this I mean the in this story we learn that -- given them most parents. Cops you know cops prosecutors -- itself off gold cup Arafat told his father and a -- Colmes Monica -- He's just a monster. He belonged in a cell. And they got lives. -- Judges and prosecutors left him on the street today they should have to look at Jennifer and mark tells parents and apologize. I couldn't agree more and I know and a skip ahead just for second in the -- it back into where we are at this particular point in the story I know at some point today. And going forward based on what I saw and read the reaction and response on Twitter this will at some point turn into a referendum as to whether Jerry -- Should still be on the year before we get to that we just say this. Whatever blame you wanna assigned to -- who -- Grammy. Were providing the finances for good attorneys for one of the case may be steroids steer what -- yeah well injury but steroids begin the money he bought mr. -- -- that as it may. Can you imagine is think about this as a parent. Did you imagine how many late night phone calls how many times cops knocked on the door -- you imagine every time the phone rang there was little gas where you said. What has he done now I mean this is. And by the way these things just charge you think he'd -- anything other the -- read the paper like yes it probably every single weekend. He was hit people with bottles of -- people a -- he was -- girls by the -- shaken them none of that went to the slot but the worst -- and not by the middle of the exact -- -- the worst -- The bull in the -- -- bull is this the worst -- in this little pitch on clay at the Weston picking on the skinny the week. Hurting you know women mean when ticket to the park we fights someone his own -- -- it was meant it was bottles over the heads -- equipment he could beat up if you believe the the of people talking -- -- on -- -- Pedestal -- poor kid John Lloyd the skinny whatever you know fifteen weeks fifteen year old. He encourage -- the girl bashes a moment with a forty announcer and he -- Pacific as the guy it was in francs at the fifteen year old girl the red mean right and he was jealous because he thought that there's this girl like the sport Lloyd who she really didn't beats him up. There's a brain -- right and that's committing suicide depressed and never discovered that its job -- blood is on the hands of the judges and prosecutors who let him go. -- don't comedic sense you know and concur that. -- -- And Jerry Remy you know it was a full time job. Patrolling this monster do you think they are you afraid of their son yeah I do what -- I ticket gets the point where. It would have been it would have been a small. Sliver of relief -- they said he's dead or is going to prison you know. As opposed to killing well I would say that if if that were the case then why are these spent a lot of money fund to bail out parties to it but if it's at its relief they called cops Gerry called the cops. On his son which is gonna hurt a girl is in ninety set the beginning. It was. And highlighted. Likely due by January 25 -- -- of him as Daria. Swimming in the nursing home and have an island sounds fair January 25. My father's birth and the -- those -- in 1996 others to Jerry Remy called west -- police worried that his seventeen year old son. Still harassing the girl that. Jared had made some troubling phone calls. And shoved her at least once. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- May I just I I can't imagine this is true he writes what occurred -- sever -- August 2013. To my family complete surprise. I fight part I don't I don't give a complete surprise because they it's been third it was thirteen years yes again. And the SP two and four arrests of date they were incidents and number they probably thought -- in May be maybe he's full of but the huge as the daughter. -- from a -- is beautiful girl he's finally you know coming down a little the stories he beat her up -- -- should pregnant always I mean once they get pregnant he thinks they're fat -- these guys that -- -- of the worst of the worst you've ever read and why and when we talked about who's on off. And -- and obviously I'm hoping that X acute that Mac it leaves would you want Jared -- Mexican food if I do yes I do jerk that they have the death penalty. For incorrigible it's like it had no chance this is no rehabilitate on this no reforming I I'm sorry. I would offer my sympathies to Jerry Remy the -- -- but if they put him down. This society be better off -- holding a pregnant woman by the throat while you are up Serbs who ultimately leaving his hand prints and tried to shove. The mark tell all of the car when she was pregnant try and under the seat belt and rattle the car. It's it's unbelievable how desensitized. I hate to say this you become as you're reading this article and maybe these these these. They're two -- judges became desensitized as well but march of 2003. He would be charged with striking one of a man's friends closest girlfriend in the head with a bottle. Noticed it right he strikes a girl in the head with a bottle petty party that's like -- That was a good day for maybe I'm naive did you think you went to jail for that I did yeah I assume you yeah they don't do it be twenty things in -- that you go to jail for them not. With the sleaze. We have on the bench not with this -- We have in the DA's office that don't give a damn about people Jennifer on the busy making deals and get the launch to Reggie make deals and get -- -- -- -- Early on if Thursday afternoon every time these things popped up rice there -- yeah -- -- I -- humanity price or just bad people not evil evil. Just countless. Page two because because things -- now it's like you -- it justice for all of you know. All deals you'll only just in the halls of justice the only justices in the halls and there and the halls make deals and wink wink and a guy who vehement. All that lawyer and he's a good guy let him go let him go -- is this I understand that after a case or two. But after this blog transgressions one after the other after the other. Awful lines opened 6177797937. -- attorney for an -- Emanuel to the studio five rob Bradford not a thoughtful lines open race and Charles double kick it off. We'll be right back. -- if this question is inappropriate I apologize ahead of time was the basis in your estimation and from what you've been able to glean from the people you tried to get help from. A Gerri it's issues psychologically based pharmaceutical based alcohol based or a culmination of all of it. Probably a combination of all of that there were steroids involved. And learning issues that are. As a kid which developed into so confidence is she's. I really don't want what. It is you know of their operations recently -- You and we. Deals with -- differently some successful some some not. In my case not. So. You know right now he's paying the price for a -- actions in the he will be prolonged time.

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