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David Ortiz gets paid

Mar 24, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing David Ortiz's contract extension. The Red Sox beat writers are elated.

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I'm wondering. On this Monday morning on the 24 of march it's eighteen degrees. You thought the most interesting item was this weekend. Was it the implosion of your March Madness brackets that coincides with the demise of oh duke North Carolina Kansas and Wigginton Jabari Parker. Was at the stunning. Global peace on the evil animal that is Jerry -- At once frightening sickening and sad. Or was -- the hallelujah moment that the Red Sox made sure David happy. With a sixteen million dollar extension and by the way by my calendar and by my calculations. We -- 317. Days away from David beginning to bitch about the Red Sox picking up the options that are in this contract. You've excel wouldn't be sitting. 350 in today that he'll pick a hometown discount of fifty million for the third year after that. Went over there. You you can sit here when I was -- -- -- -- it -- I think he sure. Yet to better seat. Why you can hire the tire because of the higher up these are adjustable -- individual computer access my brakes -- like you like your little like I do with 32 -- at a critical ways it's -- it's a world it's -- Call -- -- -- there -- here -- that's that's the plan all love her marriage. Has anyone ever thought said that before allegedly killing Kirkland loading -- -- so that was the most disturbing figure in the global -- that have yet to be at Sunday as well and like most -- in the globe it's crap but it vehicle that's on the chemical and we don't want to anyway you -- -- you're worried about you all new laws are are are evidence that. Suggested that sometime on Wednesday UN Kirk left together. But only one of you came back. Topic in the pine barons and a shallow grave somewhere now -- not that kind of guys not a violent man he's not a -- -- -- Libya's violent rounds and operates behind the scene pop you know that he's lying duplicitous scored on he has it right he has other ways of disposing of the body needs as obesity and satellite now we know that. Turkey -- is the boss's favorite. But at least you know meatloaf you know meatloaf which wants -- love Taylor Hall wiping could be. Stay out of political. Owed me -- That Ashton -- dale lost a lot of weight but he still looks more like meatloaf and all. The admin. -- -- the Olympic mashed potatoes you don't care about that meet the guy capitalism may oh. Artists yet to work with -- -- -- meet the hardest yet sure yes I guess they -- play modestly below that they do that front of the -- meatloaf. Mean that would be -- -- on after future yeah no I mean your hearing that I element in play -- now -- that opens is up meatloaf mashed potatoes referenced in a comfort may Mittal ICI's. Like main course. And side no culprit that warns you Billy when mom made it just felt good it felt that home as about the -- I don't are rotating post will be macaroni and cheese I'd rather. And -- cut -- yes. The cloned meat -- equal minutes I grew well yeah there like me like should I like the boat and they had to -- it better that like -- open -- -- -- -- -- My question what was the question and you saw what -- allowed the most interest closest we are hoping he would just answer we get that it would most disturbing was the owning a -- and yes a lot of cloning them and you think -- -- -- -- decline and you know now so nobody wants the wife -- -- -- should chance again permit. What -- go quietly markers that it was legal. If I guess I -- Roughly at a Tijuana adultery stooges apparent that he the yeah on the idea that the gonorrhea and Brian welcome to tap at a pathetic this -- As a duffel bag dramatic and this -- and commit would Roman dumpster. Put the question was what was the most what. Interest interesting interest outside how I went and visited the place where William walls was X acute yes -- -- When he was put on the rag -- and a little -- Near this -- -- -- -- near this see here's a relative -- -- -- as well that would change the image yeah yeah well I yeah I had did this too because I saw the actual wind would -- -- yeah noise sounds gay lover was there with a glass doors that opened his -- others don't want anymore guys going you know their game lovers of that -- So -- -- the boarded up so actual place launch thanks rule in the actual sport we have William walls excuse to those would be my two top cop. Most interest in moments of my week and what about you cloning. Since Davidian cult -- and our economy -- -- George -- your -- George colonial -- that this might be the -- here today. Well no you think we found a way to clone and spare expense military is a good point. The real Kirk and -- would not be the collegiate that's true and now this will be able -- -- -- -- -- It's both it's got to be I want to be a good baseball reference page for the player look at the stats yes I did -- -- it -- the player and it was the agent. No surprises for Cruz and rob Bradford nick of Fargo on that must Scott Glover at -- -- no RT this is just 42. This is that they argue in my minute and since we're all cool at all Coleman and -- -- minute and these guys just lose their. And when they don't go. Around David Ortiz you -- it's like it's like -- men hand and his clones being around Bruce Springsteen. They lose there might be like me being around the actual William walls yes you know before he was persecuted. And exit or -- big Koresh is an expression is -- in -- that it wasn't as handsome of the price of with the scripted -- beautiful blue guys but we all get weak in the -- around someone it's human nature of the someone that I I. -- -- long list in Ireland and cold there. Ronald Reagan we're still very weak in the I'd I'd love Springsteen to you know and I'm Tina is often issue but I like to that okay. A month old ugly wood middle -- like let's kinda his audience -- for a Friday and that's has been. It speaks. But it is amazing -- -- ever seen a group of media. People. Who get as. In -- yesterday -- As -- Worship and that. Beginning -- underweight as. Yet but no one no one turns the media on excites them wins them over like. Big -- the animal. -- man is amazing it's Justin Bieber. With a bunch teenage -- it was bad what picture likable and they still love. I don't know -- -- dog lover that well we significant nice dive melanoma and all -- met him once or twice and recognize it probably makes 8085. He's up there for Myers yesterday. Is it for Myers yesterday as the story -- fines are -- he's got that the I mean is excited to see this I was they'd Nick Faldo is I don't habits of saying like guys like nick is excite or he's got the steal the -- Lobbying for a gallon. So he's -- I'll give Brad poke your credit your ego he tries to make it empirical. Casey a lot of numbers lot of -- but he is also -- and yes and at all. You know you know so I've I've known nick for a for a long time I'd like nick he's a good man his daughter is has the same name as my daughter we go back a long long way. But when I read paragraph number three. On baseball the part of column in the Boston Globe today I've got weak in the knees. The headlines as longer balls -- extend Ortiz for 2050. You know -- -- -- -- -- were sixteen million bucks a -- number three. Ortiz could have insisted. On the twenty million dollar annual compensation he felt warranted. But instead settled again for a home out discount. Or peace of mind. Sports. We get like a gold stars Brad and lollipop that -- cutting the Red Sox a break and take in my hometown discount. Just sixteen million dollars. Not true it is not accurate he's not a free agent such things the hometown discount publisher freeagent. It's -- quid pro quo. If you. Pick less than Miguel Cabrera war I'll get the list of guys on. Nick writes who make more Prince Fielder who can't stop me when one of these when you get to someone who wasn't freeagent Josh Hamilton Prince Fielder Josh Hamilton Albert pools Jacoby Ellsbury Mark Teixeira Vernon Wells. These guys allegedly make more than Ortiz yes that's unfair that's an injustice -- and they were free. Agent -- -- all right let's just and and that's a big factor but. As a matter of these making less than any drugs makes it's a terrible contract rights and -- -- I was gonna she's got Sarkozy Contra cost to stop me when one of these isn't amnesty. Compared to Josh Hamilton Albert Pujols Reynolds burial there -- of some of the worst. Executive decisions baseball teams have ever made. Alex rod -- just 300 million dollar deal. You expected team and I guess. On the again he knows this team he knows this ownership he works with his own ship. They both. I idolize. Dave Ortiz media red -- Red Sox ownership and in between you -- ball -- of the globe which is the owners which owns the Red Sox and which. -- publishes a newspaper a newspaper which has. A regular. Tribute David Ortiz as a man. -- Henry's quote material here's Henry's quotes and silly now childish. I come. Here it is with the with this agreement we have near certainty that David Ortiz will finish his career in a Red Sox uniform. Which is something we all have wanted and we are all proud. It is difficult to describe. David's contributions to our city both on and off the field. And we are so proud. To have this ambassador our game with us as he continues on this road Cooperstown now fuel companies can get the act. That's -- do you get to -- and report. Yeah -- I don't know -- but I wasn't I don't know if -- can't we -- -- -- the -- of their -- and we only wished we could clone Dave -- that's -- that's what that's all of that is well and good. And if you want the -- to go into Cooperstown and never play another game for anybody but the bought two rats like I get that too. But it was necessary -- wasn't going to test the waters it wasn't going to push the hometown discount aside and an a year from now say I'm going to free agency I. I have a problem. One because and I liked the guy and I. Like the idea that he'll be around I don't you don't have to say things like he gave them hometown discount or cheat they've paid Prince Fielder what do you pay. It was -- if says. Henry adores him Henry is a fan boy -- Henry is a fan boy and he adores him and they weren't and Henry want to keep me. And they don't want to be happy that I wanted to be disgruntled. They know he's made them a lot of money and -- he's been great. So they said you know what we're gonna shares -- game a truck a few years ago game plaque and given a contract extension this year it's a reward I mean it's flies in the face civil. Good business practices in baseball but it's a reward its. I'm not surprised I understand where -- is coming from what we -- this down -- spree hitting it surprised I'd be surprised it happened it makes no sense but I understand. As a -- since Estonia makes sense but I understand John Henry and Tom Werner. They don't look at him as a ball player that applicant is -- they look at him as an icon as a god. So they're gonna make him if he had never complained about it he'd never met -- it wouldn't happen it would never so they gave him and whatever fifteen and two because he was upset about a contract that doesn't exist and in what he said his agency get this done what are they gonna do they know what we want him to. -- -- -- -- And then you get the media know you know what happened. Pigs if things started poorly in April may it's they see that skews the they didn't make Davis. Didn't reward the -- that didn't take care of the guys who who. On the in the world -- so the quality with that they want David to be happy in the for David to be happy all the people round David. Have to be happy and they I guess in their mind it's a worthwhile invest if. I'm happy you're happy I'm happy if if mama's not happy nobody's -- in the right way to your point. They would not have done this. And David not have the squeaky wheel syndrome going on to what David knew that they don't do that right to show that dress up like a cheap fiddle. Bad precedent I mean I realized that bunch include soldiers now like. But Breuer Napoli but. If there was an oddly enough the guy comes along who can be Andrew Bogut -- a couple of years. He might be looking at the scent that's how I get paid that's what you get paid you squeak -- you you and you go to the media you know. Find your friends in the media he's hoping to be an example quite like this again it is -- usual given who he is what these little question and it's it's hard what it is see happening again but but -- -- -- next up is Jon Lester. Will soon find out if Lester obliges. The way Ortiz did it Ortiz. As in these please give it everything will be in the fourth straight as yet there obliges yet could have. He could have insisted on twenty million dollars. Instead settled again for a hometown discount for the peace of mind. If you insist on twenty what happened that god got 28. You don't think they would assume no deal idol and now all I'm unaware that what point does says and I know you weren't aren't looking -- David would just gonna wait on this. Probably 25 members imagine being another over it might be at a big bone. Football player coming off Achilles injury yeah imagine being in that situation what do you think would happen in the Q would get. Sail for home -- and supplies to get it would get peace of mind some general managers and owners would say com we love you. We think you're an icon. -- -- We got actually able to run but we have a business here that we've got to pay attention to so this is our offer if you go somewhere else and get something more. Beat my guess -- it -- the last shot if you like if not that's fine -- and what to fans think and other close at peace Jim we are happy are they happy with the wave Belichick and Kraft have row on the patriots. I don't know as -- that formula it realizes salary cap realist it's a different game. Injuries and different but. David Ortiz is six years old and we'll. It's well for at least leave. By David to count him yes and next write about him keeping up this pace at forty -- once it happens all the time where's the precedent for that. I will -- was really good news late third largest U presidency Boston's really could not Clemens -- -- we've -- Thomas was really good as late thirties that's the only two players are confined at the Barbara that they actually. That was in this in the post sort of -- drug -- Sarah just said -- he starred -- thirty years which you know was when -- was home -- -- ball against the wall that was listening to the -- -- and Bob -- -- prince and a radio -- was in his prime -- and -- example was -- process -- years ago in the political 120 -- Right -- who was a freak athlete. In the drug testing era. It's not happened as it has its Ortiz that is so yeah. So could happen if it's not a chance probably not point that while what's gonna happen if it doesn't have a few breaks down. Com BR -- he is just -- by no means nothing he has to 435. This spring. All 57 with two strikeouts for 35. How much we've gotten if you hit in the spring three for 354 for 35 LP relate. Sixteen for 35 and you know what I hit at three home runs which we get. -- At 4045 the -- The Red Sox have done the right thing from a business standpoint. And draw the line in the sand to David you were being compensated this year for fifteen million dollars if all goes well we will be happy to sit down with you. At the all star break or whenever and pound out another extension. But had gone Ent and had David come out of the box and and continues to do what he's doing now. How would they have said sure we'll jump in for this amount of money you set at what point would 1000125 million make the walk away at what point had they not signed him. And and intended to when they looked at -- down performance and say you know what we did the right thing. I think in their minds they want him even then they don't ever want to Libya stain on this -- where it's like. -- used to mop promo right on the team and well they don't want it to not and well with David Ortiz they want him to be here. No hug and isn't and and making speeches on the field -- I'm doing that he's old and gray yeah. -- -- Another publicity -- the first time since the -- -- they've -- guys still just because. You know -- is it based its allies in the face of all they have done to get to this point now it's not a -- -- individual it's -- liar in the -- but it's the first time they deviated from that landed -- -- I think -- -- the rationalizations is -- is different he's special. But -- Pedroia special. And we just took a way to figure it is a big -- special in. What a -- said -- I'm underpaid and in the year two. Isn't. I think they would have gone the last second. Again it's different with Ortiz for some reason that quote. And of that is he is -- grumbled that reasonable -- just jealous that -- guy who owns the Boston Globe is not bizarre. Ortiz and a reads like it and yet that's the owner. I mean the -- this slick. Read an old book the general manager talking about a minute and I took a serious case of this. If there was a long distance weapons. -- tonight at -- at -- -- that's the system middle midway or toward the end of but nick part of -- on baseball on the globe today if Ortiz have decided to play it out. And go after a twenty million dollar payday for 2050 have been successful if he had another good year let's stop right here. I don't care what you tell me about David's confidence I don't care what you tell me about the V 110 of 1% easily athlete. David Ortiz won this extension got beat up because of security because David Ortiz above and be on everybody else. Is unsure whether he can do it did last year. This year much less the year after that although he never wanted. To play you know. In -- never wanted to be free -- even in his prime years right even you know in his younger years he always wants security. And you know what you do when you want security in my hometown discount make a at least doing here. Don't get the money to save of course as opposed to play in and out move in the whole family move and everything I mean guys made he'll make with this 103 the what's the number I'm more about what with -- New plants true with the dealer although I talked to start all got to play another 31 million so we end up with a 14050. Million on the field. If he'd gone elsewhere like Ellsbury are like Prince Fielder what would be of rob writes that the Yankees could have come and with a two year he has he is a year this year which he did last year the keys to commit with a two year offer between 3540. You know what you do is say I love -- good luck and you can say -- stripes will make you look -- doesn't. That makes sense for you it probably doesn't make sense for them I just can't exit this thing off he'd done that they had signed him in -- he's made an offer the Red Sox and at a comparable offer that's good point but it won't let you know the kind of guy who would state as he likes the familiarity wants to be here. So he wouldn't you know go off on Wednesday. You insulted me woody and go elsewhere for the same money -- you stand here. It's it's just. As you point and just not the way the cherry and under chatter in the top women have done business. But I guess like the Bobby Valentine deal -- got over ruled on yes that's a good point it's out of Bobby Valentine deal probably look at this NC and that there you know. Since their guy yet their their pet there they're there -- I inherited him and -- say if he breaks down. And they point nick part of ports are guys who of the teams. The DH is on other teams and other public -- for a whole onions and well that's how teams -- DH now they don't do with two years in forty militant owns right. The coaches are generally guys that you know first base and third fields can choose Jim to call it a one year deal right by currently in bucks that tells exempting -- -- some of those teams. Make a decision we're Google it again in limited player and and -- minimum DH and I go out there and eight top dollar question is how many teams -- really going to be fair about three would do. To be in the mix the -- OK okay fine after this year two or three other names may pay the angels are off the board the presidents the odd dollars they're stuck forever broken down DH's so they're no tech demo and I guess I mean. The Rangers I don't know. I don't remember those epic of a first round pick because he would be offered arbitration rights even bruise in his prime saw enough I mean I know. No no. Yankees. I mean the only -- -- or his agent or his friends in the media the only team you can you who's in that situation. As the Yankees. Our best 61777979. The 37. Everything I had planned. For Sunday for yesterday. Got delayed by about an hour. And you think about it you'll know why that is -- opened the newspaper looked at it said that I can't do this next I got to sit down and read this. In a story that was at once frightening. And sickening and sad. We have learned detail upon deep -- chapter upon first and and beyond the nature of what Jerry Remy did. The volume. The number of instances in which this guy did horrific things and absolutely skated is absolutely positively. My -- Will deal with that will open a -- lines and talk with you. Our legal eagle Harry Manuel joined us at 8 o'clock. Rob Bradford once he's done -- telling David Bentley will join us at 905. CD NC and there is back we'll be back.

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