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Spring Training Report: John Lackey struggles, but feels good

Mar 23, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Rob Bradford discuss John Lackey's most recent spring training start, as well as the latest with David Ortiz.

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Welcome to the wild world of sports at Disney. Yes Champion Stadium in Mickey's home is where you find us today I'm Mike -- -- joined by Red Sox senior writer inside editor. For WEEI dot com rob Bradford rob first things first that John Lackey how did you think he -- did you did the game on WEEI. He got 87 pictures I believe -- was and he got hit around a bit but he said he afterwards he told us he felt good. The allies the most important thing by the way I do like wild world of sports at a wide world of -- much better -- according to phrase I like that but John Lackey. The most important thing is number one stay healthy which she almost didn't do today got to hit it right right -- -- thigh. And number two getting the pitch count up so those -- the two most important things. But this is too straight outings here which he's been knocked around a little bit you like to see him get some momentum heading into the regular season. Get some results get some swings and misses gets -- ground balls so and the respect of getting pitches. Having health is great but I think for a guy who made it three and a half hour trip. He probably wanted a different sort today. There's also. Situation in that very eventful third inning. Where a brave leadoff hitter -- dropped the drag bunt right in the Bermuda Triangle of the infield between second base first base of the pitcher's mound. Dustin Pedroia was joking with us after the game he said -- given way to John Lackey when I saw -- comment I got the heck out of the way because I didn't -- hurt myself and. One of the best Pitt plays he'll see a pitcher make defense league it really wise and certainly the best way I've seen his brain. Because he's basically just swiping at the ball and hoping it goes right to the first basement while running away from the play it was just are extremely good -- and it also spoke to what type of fielded John Lackey is I think that's one of the underrated things about this year last year is because he dropped the weight because he became athletic -- athletic. Then he was a much better fielder I think that translated today. Have you wondering about the I believe it is now when he hits in twelve and a third innings thirteen earned runs that he's given up. I asked John Lackey about it he said c'mon man it it's spring training but I'm not worried about much right now. I'm just worried about getting in my pictures and his slider he actually thought he threw a couple of very good ones the last when he threw to Dan Uggla was hit -- sky ball home run. Both -- runs John Lackey gave up today we're kind of wind blown and very high in this. Very hitters. Friendly ballpark now let's talk about some news away from the Disney -- Robin that is. David Ortiz. There is reports that there were getting closer and closer on some contract. Talks he went -- three in a -- a minor league game on Friday he had today Saturday completely off. But before he gets back to play on Sunday anything to report. Other reports. As you said that he had a -- completely off from the US evening coming to the park at all in this kind of the calm before the storm. Do I do think it deals delegate Don and Paula -- -- gone the next couple days. And then you get to next week where -- rookies getting a lot of -- that. The relative to really get a lot of at bats so I think the great thing for David Ortiz because. This is one of the things he wanted to do right he wanted to be able to go to the regular season and feel like nothing was got to be on his mind. Certainly we've seen what the contract is done to him in the past. But I am not concerned about David Ortiz at all in terms is spring training I think that he knows what he's doing these shows last year so this week is going to be big for him and all the reg is just getting a lot more war and Jon Lester. Did Jon Lester -- nothing's imminent as far as what I'm told nothing in terms of getting a contract on but there is optimism that it eventually get done. I think that if they get to the point where is closely could leak in this season but I know the Red Sox. Are have every intention of having resolution -- -- bluster and Ortiz before the regular season starts. They don't want it to leak into the season at all. But you know I I I I just think that there is both sides. Know what they want they wanna get a deal done there's a lot of impetus for it. And also listen nobody wants to get into this season have style looming over it and certainly you don't want a closer free agency. There are back to the game real quickly Daniel Nava had another experience on the base -- I think you mentioned to make it on the way down into the field but he is leading the team this spring training. In rundown that's not a stat. You hear very often and maybe not a stat but a lot of base runners want to hear you know. Good or bad or certainly on the negative side. John Ferrell told us after the game that that rundown situation early in the game I believe it was the third inning. Shane Victorino on first base read it. The break. But Daniel -- off second base and that's why Victor Reno took off it was not a called steal but rather something that happens. And you know just. Through the course so another player reading another. Day and I think what you take out of it drags. Is that victory with try to be more aggressive on the base -- not only in that instance they get thrown out trying to steal earlier that tells me that he's feeling better and also tells you that he would he is ramping up best we're getting closer this is the guy we've been banged up throughout spring training. But now he feels the injuries either he's figured them out or they subside a little bit. And by him executing the running game is much he did. That is a sign that he really wants to push that envelope and also attract this is base -- was one of the things they wanna emphasize -- all right. -- one of the strengths of last year. And today you saw them be a little more aggressive and that's another thing this week coming up. I think you'll see more room and that's exactly what John Ferrell told us after the game. Look where we wanna be more aggressive on the base paths and we certainly spoke to Daniel -- about that. Annie said look at Daniel -- is going to be at the top of the order which he very well could be -- Hitting in front Shane Victorino that is something we have to work on down here and spring training -- how to wrap it up. From this Saturday in Disney the Braves went up by a score of six to three. The Red Sox return to jetBlue park on Sunday to take on the Tampa Bay Rays we are just about eight days away from the season opener. -- Camden yards in Baltimore. In the Red Sox begin in earnest their defense of their 2013. World Series title. For rob Bradford I'm Mike -- rally -- WEEI. Dot com.

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